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The most effective way to get rid of Indian Mynas is to reduce attractions that might encourage Indian Mynas to visit an area. Clear away food scraps after eating outdoors, remove uneaten pet food, cover bins, etc. 2. Block holes / areas where Mynas might roost or nest Having spent some time researching the trap, I think the trap would be ideal for large numbers of birds. But as I only had two birds to kill, at this stage it wasn't the best option. Nevertheless, for those of you with say 10 or more birds to kill here is the supplier information: Myna Magnet Australia PO Box 62 Mitchell ACT 2911 Phone: 02-6242734

Limit the available sources of food. If you see mynah birds in your yard, immediately remove any bird feeders and stop leaving bird seed out. Additionally, you should begin feeding your pets inside as mynahs are opportunistic and will make use of almost any available source of nutrition Plant a shrubby layer wherever possible (and this is great for our small native birds), block holes in rooves where they may breed and ensure that they don't have access to pet food or rubbish bins. If they are perching on your decking you can also try various methods outlined in the next FAQ How to kill an indian myna he he he - make the mine collapse..... tassie style no seriously, im fed up with indian myna birds crapping on the back patio and eating the dog food - have taken the dog food away - in the hope she will eat the myna birds to no effect. is there a simple way to bait them without poison, like the ole paracetamol in. Removing pet food and covering compost bins will deter both mynas and miners. Attract more native birds by offering water in bird baths, building myna-proof nesting boxes (PDF 443KB) and planting locally native trees and shrubs - the most deterring habitat is dense tree canopies and thick shrubbery

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  1. Jackie Fowler is the Volunteer Coordinator with the Indian Myna Project. In this video, Jackie discusses and demonstrates the use of traps to catching Indian..
  2. Mynah birds have long been coveted for their beautiful plumage and their penchant for mimicry. In the mynah bird family, the Hill Mynah - the Greater Indian Hill Mynah and the Java Hill Mynah - are the most common species of mynah kept as pets
  3. Mynah Bird Facts. These birds have been close to civilisation throughout history. So, it's no surprise that they're found in literature! If you're interested in poetry, read 'The Indian Myna', written by C. J. Dennis in 1935. Mynah Bird Temperament. The mynah bird is an intelligent pet
  4. The Indian myna bird was introduced to Australia in the 1860's. In the 1860s the Indian myna was deliberately introduced into Melbourne's market gardens to keep down insects. But Mr Williams said it was the way the Indian myna aggressively pushed nesting native animals from tree hollows that was having the most impact
  5. The common myna (also called Indian myna) is an introduced bird species that is now well established in many cities and towns in Eastern Australia. There is concern that common mynas have a negative impact on native birds through competition for food, nesting sites and territories and because of this concern, community groups and local councils.
  6. Trapping Tips & Hints Footage of Birds working the trap.If you can catch and keep a Caller Bird your trapping will improve but the main rule is do not let th..
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Indian Mynas are a recognised pest - they gazump native birds out of their nests. Talk to your council, some local councils provide Myna traps for loan or rental. They are territorial, so odds are the ones you see in your yard are the same ones each time. Once you catch and destroy them, the issue is dealt with A report from the Australian show A Current Affair, showing recent successes in controlling invasive Indian Mynas in the Canberra area. More people need to s.. posted 2013-Jan-11, 10:13 am AEST. Make one of PeeGee's Myna Traps (Google). Easy to build, and very effective, where there are lots of birds. When they get caught in the trap, kill all but one of the birds, by breaking their necks (it has to be fast and humane, according to the RSPCA). Put the trap back into place There are a few tricks to catching the Indian Myna bird and the CVCIA Myna team are happy to help out and discuss these techniques with you. Basically, you will need a trap, we can loan you one or you can build your own for less than $20 (see the Build a Trap page) and then the choice of bait (Minced Beef - Lucky Dog Minis seems to be the best as Mynas like red), trap management and whether. OK so this is another Indian Myna Bird Trap Version six.Drop door then funnel capture over two days.Build it TRAP EM!The ACT reduced the Indian Myna from the..

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The Indian myna. Wollongong City Council will train people in how best to dispose of Indian myna birds, as part of a new program to control the Illawarra's avian enemy No 1.The council receives more complaints about Indian mynas than any other bird, with about 180 calls in the past 18 months.Intelligent and aggressive.. Indian Myna Control Project Stop the Invasion Trapping alone will not keep the Indian Myna under control Mynas thrive where there is easy access to food: • Seed for native birds will attract Indian Mynas and they will quickly dominate your garden. If you see Mynas at your bird feeder or in your garden, stop putting out birdseed immediately The Methods of Euthanasia SOP (PDF, 288k) describes the general use of carbon dioxide as a method; the Trapping of Pest Birds SOP (PDF, 227k) has further specific information on the method for use with birds in traps, and it also provides advice on trapping The Indian myna bird was introduced to Australia in the 1860's.(Flickr: OZinOH)In the 1860s the Indian myna was deliberately introduced into Melbourne's market gardens to keep down insects How do you get rid of Indian Myna Birds? To get rid of Indian Mynah birds on your property: Arrange for us to provide a free quote to remove the nests from the roof and secure any entry points to prevent nesting in your home. Remove all food sources including bird seed and pet food from around the outside of the home

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Buy a baby mynah bird. The easiest way to socialize a mynah bird is to buy it as a chick. Ideally, this means purchasing a 6-8 week old bird. Mynah birds begin speaking at three to four months and tend to quit learning new words once they reach two years of age Myna birds. The myna (also known as Indian, Calcutta or house myna) is a medium-sized (25-26 centimetres head to tail) but heavily built bird with mainly brown plumage. It has a dark brown to black head with a bright yellow patch behind the eye, and a yellow bill, legs and feet. The wing patch, under-tail covets and tail tip are white Place the containment chamber with the trapped birds in anear-airtight bag or box, connect a grey water hose / pipe from the car exhaust pipe into the bag / box and run the cold car for a minute or so. The birds should be unconscious within 10-15 seconds and dead within 30-40 seconds

Set the trap close to where birds already feed, or where birds overlook from vantage points such as powerlines or trees. Place the trap where there is minimal traffic from people and animals, such as behind a shed or carport. The best bait for Indian mynas is dry red coloured cat food We had Indian Mynah birds, 0867DA4C-CFB6-41D3-9F52-666FBE99747D.jpeg which are my least favourite birds, many years ago come take over the area to the detriment of the native birds for several years until these guys, F7BD8F31-A2AD-4530-B3EC-36857E9A6287.jpeg Noisy Miners, came along and drove them out several years ago. They are also territorial and a bit aggressive but other native birds have. Australian Noisy Miners, Yellow Throated Miners, and Black Eared Miner Birds are completely different to Indian Mynas. They are all natives, although the Noisy Miners are aggressive. I find that they chase away the Indian Mynas. As natives they belong here. I do not chase them away. the only ones I chase away are the Shanes ( Cockatoos Not much help, but Currawongs love Indian Myna chicks. But how to attract currawongs? I used to have a problem with Indian Myna's, but have a cat and have changed my garden over the years to all native grevilleas. The cat is too fat and lazy to climb the trees, so all parrots and native birds are 99% safe

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Indian Myna Birds As you well know the Aussie myna is a grey colour and the Indian is kinda black in colour.There,s a bloke in Nelsons Bay NSW who makes Indian Myna traps for around $90.You could ask the Port Stephens Examiner for his contact number HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN INDIAN MYNA TRAP Peter Green from the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group designed the Pee Gee's Myna trap specifically for Indian (Common) Mynas and Starlings. Clarence Valley Conservation in Users of these traps must commit to the humane treatment and euthanasia of captured birds Years ago an Indian Myna speared my cat in the eye and I would hate it if the same happened to Misha. Naturally she looks up at the bird because of the screeching as it dive bombs. I would get rid of the Myna's nest if I could find it, but it is too well hidden. I'm thinking it might be best to rig something to scare the bird off

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At home, I began to enjoy the beautiful songs and the haughty parade of the proud Indian myna in my backyard. Myna numbers grew from 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 over a few years and I enjoyed their presence. But when I put a feeder in to hopefully encourage rainbow lorrikeets and parrots, the mynas attacked any other birds and took the food Website. www.justcommodores.com.au. Members Ride. 100 series Toyota Landcruiser V8 monster. what about this. Canberra Indian Myna Action Group Inc. a humain way to take care of a pest animal. i am the god of britany spears womanizer on just dance on the wii . Nov 2, 2010 The Noisy Miner Manorina melanocephala is a predominantly grey nectar-feeding bird indigenous to Australia. That's one in the photo above. The Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis) — also known as the Indian Mynah or Common Myna — is an introduced species and is a chocolate-brown bird with a black head. This page is meant only to help you see the differences in their appearance, but I have. Common Myna, Bangkok, Thailand. Beautiful and belligerent, the Common Myna is one of the world's most successful bird species. They are super-competitors, one of only three birds on the list of One Hundred of the World's Worst Invasive Alien Species.The Common Indian Myna website is quite voluble on the length and breadth of this bird's depredations: they damage fruit and grain crops. Indian Mynas prefer open grassy areas. so planting a variety of local native plants with small flowers, seeds and pods will encourage a diverse range of small native birds into your garden and discourage the Indian Myna. 6. Install nest boxes Nest boxes with Indian Myna-proof baffles can provide a safe breeding place fo

Corina Gardner. Link to Page 1: Protocols for the hand-raising and rehabilitation of mynas. Stage wise care and feeding instructions for the chicks 0-2 week old chicks. New born mynas are born totally pink, featherless, blind and completely helpless A mynah bird is an exotic pet that is a member of the starling family. Their name can be spelled in a few different ways, including myna bird.You might even see people spell it as mina bird or maina bird (English name), although that is uncommon. These birds are also called common mynahs or Indian mynahs, because they are native to India, Africa, and Southeast Asia Trapped Indian Mynas are to be disposed of in a reasonable period (within two days), rather than kept captive for days on end. If decoy birds are used in traps, they and any trapped birds are to have access to adequate food, clean water, shelter and shade. Traps are to be checked morning and evening. The birds are not to be treated cruelly or.

Myna fightback. The common Indian myna bird is fast becoming Australia's number one feral enemy! In autumn, mynas start to aggregate in large flocks - providing the perfect opportunity to trial a. INDIAN MYNA TRAPPING TIPS from successful trappers! # 1 HOT TIP - It is important to the whole program that you don't let the Indian Myna birds see you attend to the trap! Especially when there are trapped Indian Mynas letting out their alarm call. Indian Mynas are extremely intelligent and are learning to avoid the traps

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The common myna or Indian myna (Acridotheres tristis), sometimes spelled mynah, is a member of the family Sturnidae (starlings and mynas) native to Asia. An omnivorous open woodland bird with a strong territorial instinct, the common myna has adapted extremely well to urban environments.. The range of the common myna is increasing at such a rapid rate that in 2000 the IUCN Species Survival. The most common bird in the US is the Hill Mynah, which has various subspecies, i.e. Indian Hill Mynah, Java Mynah, etc. Their average life span is 12 to 25 years. Young birds are easier to tame, learn to talk better and adapt readily to new environments and situations

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The Indian Myna (sometimes spelt mynah) is an invasive species and it is aggressive and very territorial. The bird will attack and evict other birds and kill the young and use the nest to rear their own young. The most effective method of controlling the spread of the Indian Myna is trapping them. Backyard traps have proven to be very effective. Mynah birds, known for their incredible ability to mimic human speech, are illegal except for the species hill mynah and Rothchild's mynah. What do we call myna in English? The common myna or Indian myna (Acridotheres tristis), sometimes spelled mynah, is a member of the family Sturnidae (starlings and mynas) native to Asia He is now working on attracting more birds in the neighbourhood to his home so he can remove them as well. The Myna X is the right tool for the job where removing Indian Mynas and Starlings is the objective. Production continues however you will need to check with Garry on 0438198460 regarding availability Myna bird needs major trap effort. Invader: The pest myna is to be knocked off its perch. They are the bird scourge of urban Australia, but a successful Wollongong City Council program is teaching. Breeding and ecology. The common myna is a native of India, east and west Pakistan and Burma. It was introduced to many Pacific lands, including New Zealand, usually to combat invertebrate pests. Mynas are large, conspicuous passerines. A shiny black head and shoulder plumage merges into vinous brown for the remainder of the body and a large.

It has a yellow bill, legs and bare eye skin. In flight it shows large white wing patches. It is a member of the starling family and is also known as the Common Myna or Indian Myna. Not to be confused with the native noisy miner (manorina melanocephala) which is predominantly grey in colour. It is an offence to trap or kill native birds North Sydney Council to offer locals tips on how to catch and kill Indian myna bird pests. A SYDNEY council has likened noisy Indian myna birds to rats and mice and has started a program teaching. Indian Myna birds pose a threat to the long term survival of many of our native birds and animals and are considered as a concern for biodiversity at a global level. They commonly compete with native birds and animals that nest in tree hollows, impacting on the lifecycle of native species that depend on these areas for breeding and habitat

Myna Bird Facts. Prey. Insects, other small animals including crustaceans, rodents and fish. Fun Fact. For a nice price, the mynah bird makes a good pet. Estimated Population Size. Depends on the species. The population of the common mynah, Acridotheres tristis is unknown, but it is abundant in its range, and its population is increasing. On. The Indian Myna is an aggressive, territorial and highly successful scavenger and are now often the most common bird in cities and towns along the east coast of Australia. They take over nesting hollows from native birds, possums and gliders after harassing and evicting them. They also kill the chicks of other birds or destroy eggs and build. The Common Myna or Indian Myna also sometimes spelled Mynah, is a member of the starling family. It is a species of bird native to Asia with its initial home range spanning from Iran, Pakistan, India and Kazakhstan to Malaysia and China. An omnivorous open woodland bird with a strong territorial instinct, the Myna has adapted extremely well to urban environments Council has Indian Myna traps available for loan to interested community members. These traps catch the pest birds unharmed, and are designed to exclude native bird species. How to start Indian Myna trapping on your property. Book a ticket to take part in a training session and learn how to trap and control Indian Mynas on your property

Mynah birds are prone to hemochromatosis, which is a condition where the liver collects too much iron and results in toxic levels. As a result, Mynah birds must be fed an appropriate diet and have regular veterinary care to stay healthy. With proper veterinary care and nutrition, Mynah birds can live up to 25 years I don't believe we'll ever exterminate them - it's just a matter of controlling them. What I've noticed at my place is, when the myna birds come in, the native birds move out to the fringe of the bush, but when the mynas are dealt with, the native birds are back in the yard within a week

YARRA Ranges residents could be asked to trap and kill Indian myna birds as part of the council's efforts to cull the pests. The council is considering running a similar initiative to Cardinia. It has a yellow bill, legs and bare eye skin. In flight it shows large white wing patches. The Common Myna is a member of the starling family and is also known as the Indian Myna or Indian Mynah. The Common Myna is sometimes confused with the slightly larger (24 cm - 29 cm) Noisy Miner , Manorina melanocephala Trapping an Indian myna - classified a pest bird by the NSW Department of Primary Industries for depleting food stocks and nesting hollows - can be easier said than done. Dr Andrea Griffin, a lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Newcastle who has spent a decade studying the birds, said the species displays a. Indian Myna's (Highly invasive bird species) in South Africa is a concern as their footprint is spreading each year. Myna's are not tolerant towards other similar sized birds and poses a far bigger threat to our varied bird species than feral cats. Myna's will destroy native birds nests and eggs and are stronger and more intelligent than most. The common myna or Indian myna (Acridotheres tristis), sometimes spelled mynah, is a member of the family Sturnidae (starlings and mynas ) native to Asia. An omnivorous open woodland bird with a strong territorial instinct, the common myna has adapted extremely well to urban environments

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Indian Myna Birds shall be euthanized daily, using only the methods outlined below. 7. Any non-target species caught in traps (not Indian Mynas) must be released immediately. 8. If Indian Mynas are not caught within 1 week, move the trap to another location. 9. Always wear gloves-long sleeves and wash your hands after handling the trap or birds An air rifle would do it, if that's permissible where you live (it is in the UK for use with feral pigeons and rats) and I believe its not illegal to shoot myna birds in Australia. However, if you live in a city or a built up area, it may not be possible to use an air rifle because of danger to other residents and pets Posts. 47. Bread soaked in any kind of booze gets 'em drunk enough that they can't escape the dog. Trouble is you'll wipe out native birds as well. A bloke at work insists un-cooked rice swells up in their gut and makes them explode, agian, you kill natives as well as mynas. 18th August 2007, 10:27 PM #29

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  1. Indian Myna birds are a medium sized bird, commonly found with a yellow beak and eye patch, and the body is brown and is closely associated with human habitation. In the evening, large groups of Indian Mynas gather in communal roosts, mainly in the non-breeding season, in roof voids, bridges, and large trees, and numbers can reach up to several.
  2. er/mynah bird chicks have access to. From trying to get water down their throats (don't do it!) to feeding them entirely the wrong sort of food. Lots of human food will kill.
  3. Caring for orphan birds can be a challenge. You won't always succeed no matter how hard you love the little critters. Baby mynahs need a soft diet that is high in protein, but not so high in iron. Mynahs have an iron-storage condition that will e..
  4. Indian myna birds have been labelled as a prohibited pest animal by the ACT government, in a move environmentalists have said will provide better protection to native species. The declaration will.
  5. Mynah birds eat a variety of foods and have relatively short digestive tracts when compared with other parrots. Mynah birds are not seed-eaters in the wild and are omnivorous. Provide your mynah bird with bite-sized pieces of food. Mynah birds are very sensitive to iron levels in their food; therefore, they must be offered pelleted food that is low in iron and certain fruits and vegetables.
  6. Mynah birds come from the Sturnidae or starling family of birds. A softbill species, this bird is native to Africa, India, southeast Asia, and Indonesia. It has been widely introduced and now lives in most of the world in the wild. In ancient Greece, the mynah bird was an aristocractic pet
  7. Birds eat a variety of foods including seeds, pellets, grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Mynah will eat periodically throughout the day and will create a mess around their eating areas. Most birds will also want to vocalize their presence so be prepared for chirping, squawking, and in some cases talking
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  1. Common Myna are one of the worlds most invasive species. If they are introduced into an ecosystem they cause havoc ( yes they do, don't try and defend them 'cos they are pretty little birds). The best thing Aussies can do is to kill the lot ( along with cats, dogs, foxes and all other introduced animals ) and then try and restore what they've lost
  2. 1. Getting rid of the bird's food and water may send them on their way. Secure your trashcan lids carefully and cover up your compost pits. A lot of birds, like pigeons and sparrows, will eat basically anything. Keeping a tidy yard and home will go a long way to sending them on their way
  3. Mynah is the name of several types of birds of the zarzoor (starling) type which are native to India, Burma and other parts of Asia. These birds feed on plants, insects and worms. Al-Mawsoo'ah al-Arabiyyah al-'Aalamiyyah. It is permissible to eat this kind of bird because there is nothing to indicate that it is haraam
  4. Heard a bird in distress this morning and out the back on the grass I seen our female Australian Magpie with an Indian Mynah pinned down on the grass. The Magpie was holding the Indian Mynah down with her foot and pecking it around the back of the head and shoulders with the Indian Mynah shrieking in distress
  5. The Indian Myna Birds Are Taking Over. tylersmayhem 27 October 2008. 27 October 2008. 36. I'm a relatively new resident of Flynn, and one of the many draws of our property was the abundance of wildlife, including many beautiful native birds. From the day we first saw our property, there were rainbow lorrikeets, king parrots, rosella's.
  6. There's many methods of bird control. Find out which is best for you - call 07 3349 8572 or request a Brisbane bird control quote now. Here are a few of the main bird offenders: Indian Myna. Introduced in the 1860s from southeast Asia, the Indian Myna is a scavenger usually found in streets, parks and rubbish dumps

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Common or Indian mynas are native to India and southern Asia. They are popular birds in their source countries as crop pest control agents and as symbols of undying love associated with their habit of pairing for life 1. Indian myna taken by Andrew Tatnell. The native noisy miner taken by Lip KeeYap Indian mynas are highly invasive birds that can rapidly colonise new areas. First (incursions to prevent 1860s, mynas are now found along the east coast of Australia from Victoria to Queensland. Indian mynas are highly aggressive and pose a. threat to wildlife, particularly birds, by competing for food and nesting resources Disposal of Birds Gassing the birds with Carbon Dioxide within the large bag provided is the best method of bird disposal. It is humane and is approved by the RSPCA. Alternatively Car exhaust (Carbon Monoxide) can be used but only from an engine which is COLD. I believe you can also hire the Myna traps from Kennards hire Indian Myna Birds Indian (or Common) Mynas are medium sized brown birds with a black head and yellow feet, eye-patch and bill. They occur naturally in open woodlands from Afghanistan through India to Indochina, and were introduced into Australia in 1862 to control insects in Melbourne market gardens and then Sydney, and from there they were.

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  1. The most popular pet mynah species are the Greater Indian Hill mynah and the Java Hill mynah. Java Hill mynah's are the larger of the two and are notable for having a clearer, more human-like voice. On the other-hand Greater Indian Hill mynahs are known to be easier to handle. Mynah's do well on their own, but a pair is also acceptable
  2. Common Indian myna birds have been sighted in Darwin for the first time. It was a common or Indian myna bird, something not seen in the city before. Alarm bells started ringing, the airport.
  3. The Common Myna is brown with a black head. It has a yellow bill, legs and bare eye skin. In flight it shows large white wing patches. The Common Myna is a member of the starling family and is also known as the Indian Myna or Indian Mynah. Habitat. The Common Myna is closely associated with human habitation
  4. The Tiger kill a lot of people in my village of Bowalawatta. That night at about midnight, there was a knock on the door. Nobody answered. Nobody said anything. We knew that it might be the Tiger. Every night we put the Myna bird in a cage. We covered the cage with a black cloth, so that the myna bird could not see. But, the myna bird could talk
  5. PeeGee's Myna & Starling Trap Plans Canberra Indian Myna Action Group www.indianmynaactiongroup.org.au President Bill Handke Email handke@grapevine.net.au Not for Commercial use. Traps are not to be built and sold for commercial purpose unless approval is gained from the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group
  6. Indian Mynas can kill small mammals and remove sugar gliders from tree hollows (NSW DPI, undated; Perry, 2008). out-compete natives for shelter and any food sources. out-breed our native birds, often nesting three times a year with up to 6 chicks each time
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The Common Myna or Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis), sometimes spelled Mynah, is a member of the family Sturnidae Myna bird- native to Asia. An omnivorous open woodland bird with a strong territorial instinct, the Myna has adapted extremely well to urban environments here in Australia and continues to spread They are successful because they feed mainly on food scraps and are good at thieving food from pet bowls, rubbish bins etc. I had only native birds on my property for 20 years until a neighbour installed a chook pen. Now Indian Mynas are in plague.. Acridotheres tristis. Indian Myna birds were first brought into Australia from India around 1862 for the control of insect pests in market gardens in Melbourne, and later in North Queensland to control insects in sugar cane. The birds were found to be unsuccessful in reducing insect pests and soon colonised many urban areas who would like to participate in the Indian Myna bird trapping program. The aim of trapping is to reduce the Indian Myna population, thereby reducing the threat to native birds and animals. Trap design Traps are designed to exploit Myna behaviour. One example is the double-chambered wire trap that is suitable for use in backyards and gardens The noisy miner is particularly feisty and infamous for its extreme communal aggression.(Supplied: La Trobe University)A trapping program in Canberra for the Indian myna, which forces native birds.

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  1. Trapping Matters How to get a trap (Download How to get a trap instructions (PDF, 12Kb). People in Canberra / Queanbeyan region. If you are in the Canberra / Queanbeyan region and are interested in assisting in the CIMAG Indian Myna Control Program you can either build a trap — the very effective PeeGee trap — from the plans on this website, or obtain an already-built trap
  2. The beauty of the PeeGee & Myna Magnet traps is they are non-lethal so if you trap a native you can easily release it. If you trap a bird and you are not certain it is an Indian Myna, please phone Laura or Kevin on 0456 472 177 and we will be more than happy to advise
  3. The Indian Myna Log on to www.birdsinbackyards.net and find out what you can do to help with the conservation of native birds in your backyard. The Indian Myna is native to India and Southern China. It was introduced into Australia in 1862 to control insect pests in Melbourne market gardens. In 1883 it was taken to North Queensland, where i
  4. Step 3. Treat any currently popular hangouts with a liquid bird repellent. Combine 2 tbsp. white glue, 2 tbsp. garlic powder, 2 tbsp. ground pepper and 2 qts. water. Mix until well blended and drench any leaf litter or shrubbery that seems favored by the catbirds, as this is where they are most likely to forage for food
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The Indian Myna (Common Myna) is a chocolate brown bird, about 12cm tall, with a black head and neck. A striking yellow beak, eye patch, feet and legs are also distinguishing features. The Common Myna is sometimes confused with the Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala). The Noisy Miner is slightly larger (24cm - 29cm) than the Common Myna and. Reporting. If you think you have seen an Indian myna, report it immediately to Biosecurity Tasmania on 03 6165 3777 or by email to: invasivespecies@dpipwe.tas.gov.au. Useful reporting information includes numbers, location and what the bird was doing at the time of the sighting The Natural History and Captive Care of the Hill Myna (Myna Bird, Indian Hill Myna), Gracula religiosa - Part 2 from former Bronx Zoo Zoologist Frank Indiviglio and the experts at That Fish Place - That Pet Place and ThatPetPlace.com Great Myna is a lesser known species of Indian Myna bird, only found in Northeast India. The white-vented myna is larger than other species of mynas and a very beautiful bird from the starling family, few more species of starling bird found in India also include Chestnut winged starling, Collared myna and golden crested myna. Click To Comment Indian Mynas have been spotted in nearly every locality and town in the Clarence Valley. Sightings are being mapped by the CVCIA Myna team and where ever possible traps are provided for that site. Indian Mynas are a serious threat to our native birds and mammals, particularly those which are tree hollow dependant

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