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Shampoo your guinea pigs 4x a year at least and use any anti dandruff shampoo (has anti-fungal properties), or use Davis Miconazole. Lather up and let it soak in for 5 minutes and rinse out. Make sure you cover every single part of your guinea pig including the face, around the eyes, ears and nose SHAMPOO - First of all wash the guinea pig the medicated anti dandruff shampoo Put a small towel in the sink to prevent slipping and use lukewarm water, lather them up real good and let the shampoo sit for 2 minutes and then rinse. You must wash the face and ears also Ear infection. Guinea pigs get ear infections just like we do. They are extremely painful and can disturb the lining of the ear if left untreated. In saying this, they are not common but one of the possible signs to look for is a head tilt or rubbing at one of the ears. More commonly guinea pigs tend to get a build up of oils and skin cells in.

The best preventative for a guinea pig suffering from an ear infection is to isolate them to prevent the illness from spreading to other guinea pigs in the cage. Set up a temporary cage using a large cardboard box or a transportable enclosure. Line the base of the cage with towels and provide hay, pellets, and water. At the same time as treatment - you need to comletely clean the guinea pig hutch/cage. Using vinegar and water is completely fine or a cleaning agent, but the important issue is that you sun dry the cage, which will kill any remaining fungal spores

There are two common ailments that guinea pigs ears are prone to. One is ear mites and the other is excessive waxing. The symptoms are head shaking and increased scratching of the ear. The treatment for both conditions is with Tea Tree eardrops or conventional eardrops formulated to treat canker in dogs and cats I've treated plenty of rescue pigs' ears with the fungus creme. Just sparingly apply it on the outside edge of the ear and rub it all in. I do it a few times a day for a week or so. Scaly, gunky stuff deeper in the ear probably means mites, though 1-48 of 115 results for guinea pig mite treatment Price and other details may vary based on size and color Natural Ear Cleaner for Dogs, Cats, Kitten, Puppy - Gentle Cleansing Ear Wash Solution Mite Infection & Yeast Treatment for Pets - Drying, Healing Medicinal Ear Cleaning Drops Made in US

Medicate your guinea pig. Give your guinea pig any antifungal medication prescribed by your vet at the correct dosages and times. Usually, medication is administered orally. Liquid medications are typically given via a syringe A complete ovariohysterectomy can be performed by your exotics vet on your guinea pig to prevent uterine and ovarian diseases, just as it would in a dog or cat. This can be done after the guinea pig is 6 months old Fungal infections often start on the face as areas of patchy, itchy hair loss. There may be multiple sites, on the back and limbs, especially in warm weather. Harkness and Wagner describe the lesions as oviod, hairless, scaling sore spots with crusts or scabs over raised areas. In guinea pigs, the tufts of hair may be stuck together by a. This usually comes as a topical cream, a shampoo, or oral medicine. It is also possible to treat mild fungal infections using coconut oil. If your guinea pig is suffering from mites or lice, both can be treated with shampoos specially formulated to remove guinea pig parasites. If these do not work, your vet may recommend an oral medicine Amazon.com: guinea pig fungal treatment. Skip to main content.us. Hello Select your address All.

Treatment is a five- to six-week course of an oral antifungal medicine. If there are only one or two bald patches, or limited nonspreading spots of skin that appear red and flaky, they can usually be treated by applying an antifungal topical ointment that has been recommended by your veterinarian. The course of treatment generally lasts 7-10 days Treatment, which is not usually successful in guinea pigs with advanced disease, can include glucose injections at the animal hospital, propylene glycol by mouth, nutritional supplements, and (for pregnant animals) emergency cesarean delivery One such treatment is that which prevents infection. Guinea pigs are required to receive mite prevention treatment, given by the vet every three months. There is also a treatment called Fido's Free Itch concentrate. Fido's Free Itch concentrate is used to treat the walking dandruff mite Fungal skin infection. A condition where the skin can grow thick crusts of fungus. It can be in the ears and the rectum as well as the body. It usually starts as a bad case of dandruff and is transferable to other guinea pigs. Treating a fungal skin infection can last up to four weeks or more. Wood often harbours fungal spores so the use of a. Papaya ointment is well known for its relief of fungal infection pain. This is great because it means that it's trusted and has helped many guinea pigs before yours. This hopefully will ease your anxiety as you can rest knowing you're using effective treatment plans to cure your pet. A Combination of Coconut Oil And Betadin

The all natural Piggies Choice Hay Racks are available finally! https://amzn.to/3iYcPHPAs well as the new Piggies Choice Space House colors https://amzn.to/3.. Following this, a vet would want to use either an antiseptic or antibiotic ear wash to remove any build-up and discharge that's present in the ear. The All Important After-care. Once your guinea pig has received the necessary treatment for an ear infection, they would need lots of TLC during their recovery Nystatin. Oral and topical antifungal agent -- used primarily to treat oral or intestinal Candida infections. Oral Dosage: no dose is listed for guinea pigs in Carpenter's Formulary. However, dosages for other species are listed. Depending on species, dosage varies from 22,000 Units/kg/day to 500,000 IU/kg twice daily The ears will need to be cleaned before applying a treatment, and the vet can show you how to safely do that. Most over-the-counter treatments contain pyrethrins in a preparation that's too strong for guinea pigs, although not for cats

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  2. ation - 0.2% enilconazole, bleach for hard surfaces. Further reading Kraemer et al (2013) Clinical signs, therapy and zoonotic risk of pet guinea pigs with dermatophytosis
  3. How To Check My Guinea Pigs' Ears. Hold your guinea pig on your lap, and gently lift up one ear at a time. All your guinea pigs' ears should be free from crust and white marks. If there are any white marks then this could indicate a fungal infection, and your guinea pig will need to see a vet
  4. Drinking preferences in rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus (VT47.11) Skin problems are one of the most common reasons why guinea pigs require veterinary treatment; they have very sensitive skin and are prone to fungal and parasitic problems. Guinea pigs originate from Peru, where the climate is warm and dry. Fungal skin infection is

Ringworm in guinea pigs can be diagnosed by appropriate clinical signs and/or a fungal culture. All guinea pigs living together should be treated if one of their cage-mates has lesions. There are several different types of treatment available including washes, ointments and oral preparations A blog about Guinea pigs and their adventures. Tabs. Agent reports; Contribute; Meet the Agents! Rainbow Bridge; Veggies! Saturday, September 5, 2009. Treating Fungal Ear Infection. You will all be glad to know my ear is a lot better now in fact me just has some peeling skin (not the same as scurf this is old damaged skin being pushed off by. Efinaconazole 10 % solution is a new triazole antifungal agent developed for the topical treatment of fungal infections of the nails. The current study examined the effect of intratympanic application of efinaconazole 10 % solution in the guinea pig ear. Sixteen male Hartley guinea pigs (weight 501- Beenie and the ear fungus! What a delightful title that one is! I'm happy to report that Miss Beenie and her crusty ear are doing much better. After the ear didn't respond to the mite treatment last monday, I did a bit more research and decided that it looked most like a fungal infection. I had a bit of anti fungal cream left over in our.

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Chow, E et al. 'Total ear canal ablation and lateral bulla osteotomy for treatment of otitis externa and media in a rabbit', Journal Of The American Veterinary Medical Association, 2011. 239, 2, pp. 228-23 Risk factors for human dermatophytosis are young guinea pigs and recent acquisition of a new guinea pig. When treating ringworm in guinea pigs, environmental treatment should also be recommended to the owners, with special attention given to the bedding and clothing of people in contact with infected or carrier animals It is primarily caused by fungus and can make your guinea pig feel tremendous pain. (please read here why do Guinea pig cry) You also have to be careful since this infection can spread even in humans. Here are the specific steps that you should take in treating ringworms in guinea pigs: Step #1. Treatment by veterinarian #1.1 Recognize symptom A fungal culture can be started on the crusting from the ears (takes a few days to develop) and an ear swab can be performed on any exudate in the ear canal. Keep in mind that both of these are transmissible to other GP's, so Ginger may well come down with the same symptoms If you're confident it's fungal mange rather than mange mites you can use fungal dips to treat your pet, in which you hold the guinea pig and gently dip it into the special substance (containing ivermectin), keeping the head above water at all times. The head will need treatment too but instead of submersion this area can be treated by.

Ear Cleaning for Guinea Pigs. Cleaning guinea pig ears is not a glamourous task, but your piggles depend on you. As with humans, guinea pigs can get buildup on their ears, and it's annoying to them. Remember, never put anything inside your guinea pigs' ear canals. For cleaning, you need some cotton swabs and mineral oil. While you're. The guinea pig which introduced the infection will also need to be taken to the vet for treatment. If you have any other animals in the household that could have caught the infection, it would be a good idea to talk to your vet about the proper steps to take to prevent the infection spreading further You can get 1% topical ivermectin for small animals over the counter. To use it, you need to weigh your guinea pig and then use the dose chart to determine the dose. Measure the dose of ivermectin with a syringe and then apply that amount topically right behind the guinea pig's ears. This is an easy and safe treatment for mites

It is possible your guinea pig is experiencing a skin or fungal infection which could be causing the scabbing and hair loss. External parasites such as fleas and lice may also cause similar symptoms, so looking for bits of dark debris on the body or actual parasites may alert you to this which can be treated with a guinea-pig safe topical Guinea pigs have very sensitive skin (hence their use in cosmetic testing) and are prone to fungal and parasitic problems. Fungal skin problems are particularly common here in the UK. Guinea pigs are originally from Peru where the climate is warm and dry. Here, there is always moisture in the air - cold and damp in the winter, and hot and humid. The major differential in those cases is dermatophytosis, which should be ruled out with a fungal culture. Barbering in guinea pigs (when guinea pigs chew each other's hair) is often associated with a lack of fiber in the diet, and with stress or overcrowding. Occasionally ear chewing will also be seen The two common guinea pig fur mites are Trixacarus caviae (sarcoptic mange mite) and Chirodiscoides caviae. Chirodiscoides caviae mites may cause mild to no clinical signs at all. Trixacarus caviae mites can cause extreme clinical signs because they cause extreme itchiness. Affected skin will get thick, yellowish, and crusty, with hair loss and secondary bacterial skin infection Blastomycosis is a Systemic Fungal infection Affecting Dogs and Cats. Bloat - The Mother of All Emergencies. Bloat: First Aid. Bloody Nose (Epistaxis) in Dogs and Cats. Bones are Unsafe for Your Dog, No Bones about It. Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome in Flat-Faced Dogs

The typical treatment for ring worm is for guinea pigs to be given a course of oral anti-fungal medication which can last anything from 5 to 6 weeks. However, if there are just a few patches, these can also be treated with an anti-fungal ointment which a vet would prescribe. The ointment would need to be applied to the bald patches over the. Guinea pigs, like many other exotic pets, are prone to eye problems.There are a variety of diseases and issues that can affect the health of your guinea pig's eyes but some of these problems are seen more commonly than others. By familiarizing yourself with some of the possibilities, you'll be better prepared to deal with an eye problem that your guinea pig may have in the future Treatment to defeat mites on Guinea Pigs. Fur mites can be handled with some organic spot-on product like Amerta quite good. These products will clogge their respiratory system and the mites will die. This kills not their ova so you have to repeat it after some days. This is more effortful but less detrimental for your cavy Dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) in young guinea pigs is a fairly common condition that we see at my clinic. External parasites (mites, lice and occasionally fleas) are usually the cause, but occasionally ringworm (a fungal infection), nutritional causes (Vitamin C deficiency), barbering by a cage-mate, and even bacterial infection are the.

Ringworm. A fungal disease commonly found around the base of the ear and flanks. This is an uncommon condition in pigs but where it does exist it is of little economic significance (www.thepigsite.com).It is caused by a Dermatophyte fungus causing gradually increasing circular areas of light to dark brown discoloration behind the ears and on the back and flanks The average life expectancy of a guinea pig is 5 to 7 years. So if you decide to adopt, make sure you are there for the long haul! While rare, some guinea pigs have even lived over 10 years. Others have genetic predispositions or illnesses that shorten their lives. Feed the right foods and learn all you can about proper care. See a vet promptly. Top Rated Best Ringworm Treatment For Guinea Pigs Of 2021. Ring Out - Ringworm & Fungus Control. Treatment and Prevention for Cats, Dogs. Vet Recommended Medicated Ringworm Shampoo for Dogs & Puppy (16 Oz/473 ml). Make. 1. Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs & Cats - Treats Yeast

So, before you decide to have a guinea pig at home, make sure to be familiar with these 7 skin diseases a guinea pig may have. Bumble Foot. Bumble foot is similar to blisters on our feet. Bumble foot in guinea pigs is a condition in which a guinea pig's footpad become inflamed. Moreover it also develop sores or even becomes overgrown Our Guinea pig case was a 2‐year‐old male with concurrent otitis externa. Under general anaesthesia, after shaving and scrubbing the area, with the animal in lateral recumbency, an incision along the length of the inner surface of the ear was made to drain the haematoma (Fig. 1A). Fluid, blood clots and fibrin adhesions were removed, and transfixing mattress sutures were placed parallel to. While it may seem logical to bathe a guinea pig with parasites, bathing a guinea pig with mites can cause them to burrow deeper, increase irritation, and make treatment more difficult. Unless a medicated shampoo is prescribed by your exotic vet, hold off on bathing a guinea pig suffering from mites until the little demons are under control and your guinea pig is feeling more comfortable Ringworms on rabbit skin. This rabbit skin problem can affect any part of the body, i.e., it will invades keratinized structures or stratum corneum [] including your rabbit's hair, nails, or skin.. The circular lesions, which characterizes dermatophytosis are common on the nose, ears, feet, and eyelids but can spread to any other part of the body including the toenail bed The guinea pig's skin problem will be because of lice, mites, bacteria or fungus. This may in turn become a multiple problem, because of course bacteria are present in the environment which cause no problem to a healthy animal but are opportunistic is it is ill. So a pig with mange (caused by mites) will develop sore patches which will become.

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Some of the most common fungal problems in guinea pigs are known under the common name 'mange' (also known as mycosis). Mycosis is very painful for guinea pigs, and they'll exhibit symptoms such as hair loss, scratching, hot skin, and a gritty substance on their body and face Guinea pigs in damp cold Britain are particularly prone to fungal problems. Symptoms are bare patches of hair, sometimes with scaly, crusty or reddening skin.There will be scurf and dead skin. If you give a gentle tug at the hair, it will fall out - unlike mange. There is visible scurf and dead skin Affected guinea pigs will frequently exhibit no other clinical signs but may become septicemic, with lesions affecting the heart, lungs, kidney, and skin. 20 The most effective treatment for cervical lymphadenitis is complete surgical excision of the affected lymph nodes, followed by appropriate antibiotic therapy based on culture and. Effect of intratympanic application of efinaconazole 10 % solution in the guinea pig Kazuya Arakawa, Kazuhiro Nomura, Hidetoshi Oshima, Yohei Honkura , Ryoukichi Ikeda , Hiroshi Hidaka, Tetsuaki Kawase , Yukio Kator

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Nystatin is a topical antifungal agent. Its wide spectrum of action and low cost make it a treatment of choice. Though it is safe for external ear use, no study has proven its safety in cases of tympanic membrane perforation (TMP). We aim to test the safety of Nystatin when applied directly to the middle ear of a Guinea Pig model. We performed an experimental study with 18 Hartley Guinea Pigs. Guinea pigs placed outside or inside a pressure chamber and exposed to 49.2 cm H2O overpressure continuously for 24 h immediately after blockage of the endolymphatic duct showed no significant difference in the magnitude of endolymphatic hydrops when compared to controls, although there was a slight indication of a volume decrease in the outside-treatment group and an increase in the inside.

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  1. Lulu's ear - 5 days later. These are some photos of Lulu's ear that I took yesterday. You can see how much the fungal infection has cleared up since we first got her. And that was only 5 days worth of treatment. All I did was bath her in Malaseb, used a bit of betadine on the ear for the first day or so - it didn't seem to be responding to that.
  2. Treatment: lavage ear canal(s); in severe cases of torticollis, head tilt, it may be necessary to prop the guinea pig in between rolled towels to maintain normal posture; antibiotics, analgesia, anxiolytics if vestibular signs/seizures, surgery. Prognosis: good for otitis externa; guarded for media/interna
  3. Abscess treatment for guinea pigs should be done by a vet, especially since guinea pigs are sensitive to many treatment options. Fortunately, even general vets have experience with abscesses and should be able to help your guinea pig. Surgically draining the abscess is a common choice for veterinarians since it can be done on most abscesses.

1. Obtain medication from your vet. If the abscess is infected, it will be treated first with antimicrobial medication to eliminate any bacteria, fungus, or other microbial agents in the wound. These medications usually are delivered by mouth. Baytril and Bactrim are the most common antibiotics given to guinea pigs Although quinolones, including ofloxacin, have been shown to cause arthropathy in immature animals after systemic administration, young growing guinea pigs dosed in the middle ear with 0.3% ofloxacin otic solution for one month showed no systemic effects, quinolone-induced lesions, erosions of the cartilage in weight-bearing joints, or other. While Banixx® is a powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial agent, it is also extremely tissue-friendly and clinically proven harmless around the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, and has proven to be particularly effective at eliminating dog ear infections, dog hot spots, itchy skin yeast infections and dog or cat ringworm Guinea pigs are highly susceptible to different diseases and disorders, which can be cured with timely actions. With proper care and precautionary measures, you can even avoid these diseases also. Guinea pigs can be allergic to allergens, suffer bacterial and fungal infections. Parasites quickly attack them like fleas and ticks

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  1. Compared to the rabbit, much less is known about the digestive mechanisms of the guinea pig. The guinea pig is is most closely related to another South American rodent, the chinchilla. The guinea pig is a monogastric herbivorous rodent with a large, thin-walled sacculated cecum. The cecum is 15-20.
  2. ed the effect of intratympanic application of efinaconazole 10 % solution in the guinea pig ear. Sixteen male Hartley guinea pigs (weight 501-620 g) were divided into 3 groups to be treated with efinaconazole 10 % solution, gentamicin.
  3. Guinea pig as well. Our Guinea pig case was a 2-year-old male with concurrent otitis externa. Under general anaesthesia, after shaving and scrub-bing the area, with the animal in lateral recumbency, an incision along the length of the inner surface of the ear was made to drain the haematoma (Fig. 1 A). F luid, blood clots and fibrin adhesion

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Ringworm isn't quite what it sounds like in regards to guinea pigs—it's not a parasitic worm, but a fungal infection. The infection is fairly common in guinea pigs, so learn more about the symptoms and treatment from a Waterloo veterinarian below. Causes. Ringworm in guinea pigs is caused by a particular family of fungus Guinea Pigs can contract a number of parasites including mange mites, ringworm, lice and ear mites. It is important that owners are familiar with the signs and symptoms, opting to treat the issue early and seek Veterinary assistance if in doubt. Some parasitic infestations are transferable to humans also known as a zoonotic disease Some guinea pigs even start fitting due to the itchiness. Mites may be seen under the microscope after skin scrapings are taken, and treatment may be topical or injected. Fleas and lice can also affect guinea pigs, and treatment is simple and effective, using sprays or baths. Fungal infections. Itchiness and patchy hair loss in guinea pigs may.

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  1. The infected guinea pig/s must be isolated from other guinea pigs to prevent spreading of fungal spores. Spores can be spread through direct contact with another guinea pig or through the passing of hair follicles. The infected guinea pig will need to be placed in an enclosure that can be easily sterilised/cleaned
  2. Certain Fungal infections can be contagious (Spooky showing no signs but Mummy is ready to treat him if necessary) Infections can also be passed from Guinea Pig to human and presumably vice versa mainly RingWorm (Daddy was worried that his athletes foot may have caused my ear problem, stupid human if he had stuck his toe in my ear me would have.
  3. The clinical signs associated with dermatophytosis in guinea-pigs vary. Lesions often begin with circumscribed or coalescing oval to patchy areas of non-pruritic scaling and alopecia, usually affecting the nose (Fig. 10.3), ears and face. However, in advanced cases lesions may spread to involve the neck, limbs and body

Selamectin (Revolutionâ, Strongholdâ, Zoetis): in rabbits for the treatment of ear mites 6 or 18 mg/kg twice, 28 days apart. 12 For Cheyletiella at 6.2-20.0 mg/kg q 2-4 weeks x 1-3 11 or one dose of 12 mg/kg 13. Guinea pigs: 12 mg/kg Soak and wash all the guinea pig's accessories and its cage in a fungicide or diluted bleach solution. Replace bedding with fresh stock. Fungal spores tend to stick to wood so remove any pieces of wood from the cage. You can also use an anti-fungal shampoo to give your cavy a warm bath

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This is likely to be a fungal infection (also see the section about mites, above) and needs urgent treatment as the condition is very itchy and causes deep distress to affected guinea pigs. As ringworm is also a fungal infection, you need to take suitable precautions to make sure it is not passed to any other animals or humans, including yourself Guinea pigs require exogenous vitamin C. Clinical signs: subcutaneous and joint hemorrhages, anorexia, poor hair coat, weight loss, lethargy, arthralgia, and nasal discharge. Always suspect hypovitaminosis C in any sick guinea pig. Treatment: Vitamin C, 100 mg/guinea pig, IM or SC, daily (in hospital

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Keeping your guinea pigs in a dirty cage for a long time can cause both mental and physical problems. The accumulation of urine and feces on their bedding can make the cage smell horrible and give rise to fungal infections. The guinea pigs are likely to catch a urinary tract infection and they will not feel like eating or drinking anything Baytril For Guinea Pigs Side Effects And Drug Interactions. Generally, Baytril is safe and produces minimal side effects in guinea pigs when given at the appropriate dosage. Milder side effects include dehydration and a loss of appetite. Be sure to provide your guinea pig with plenty of water while she's on Baytril

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The only way to diagnose ringworm in guinea pigs is doing a fungal culture where you collect hairs and put them on a culture medium. It can take 10-14 days to get a result, though most positives show up within the first week. In any case where I have any doubts at all about it being mites, I will recommend a fungal culture since it's. Note: A guinea pig with itching and skin issues may be suffering from mites or a fungal infection. Bathing a guinea pig with mites can cause these little pests to burrow deeper, increasing irritation and making them harder to treat This is an inner ear disorder thought to be caused by a buildup of fluid and changing pressure in the ear. It can cause episodes of vertigo along with ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and hearing loss Mange in Guinea Pigs is caused by a parasite that is similar to the scabies parasite in people. It is seen more often in households that have several pigs. This disease occurs in other animals also, including dogs and cats. Cause Mange is caused by a parasite know as Sarcoptes. It is transmitted by direc

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  2. A Kitchener, Ontario family is dealing with a household outbreak of ringworm, likely contracted from a new pet guinea pig.Ringworm is a fungal infection cause by a few different types of fungi. Some ringworm fungi are able to infect both people and animals, and those can be spread in households from direct contact with an infected person or pet
  3. Clotrimazole is used in the treatment of various skin conditions such as ringworm and other susceptible fungal infections. Availability: Clotrimazole cream is a non-prescription (OTC) medication. How this product should be used: The usual dose is to apply a thin layer to the affected area twice a day for 14 days
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Treatment: anti-fungal treatments, immune stimulations, surgery ( if needed) Treatment: caused by ear infection-antibiotic is used Cause by ear mites-removed with an approved pesticide A guinea pig came into the clinic with abnormal breathing patterns, nasal discharge, a loss of appetite and has had some weight loss.. Guinea Pig Ringworm. Guinea Pig Ringworm is a Fungal Infection which often starts on the face as areas of patchy, itchy hair loss. This is not always limited to the face and can start anywhere on the body. There may even be multiple sites on the body. Other common areas are the back and limbs Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C and can be a very serious illness in guinea pigs. Signs of scurvy: A rough coat, swollen feet, ulcers and being off their food. They may also have diarrhoea. How to prevent scurvy: Guinea pigs need 10-50mg of Vitamin C daily from their diet

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The guinea pig herd has had an outbreak of fur mites. This post explains how they were diagnosed, the treatment for guinea pig mites, and photos of the ordeal. Publisher Profile. Watch the Happy Cavy Webcams. highlighting the fun and serious moments of caring for guinea pigs Typically, the vet will prescribe a treatment for the piggie that could include oral medication or topical treatment that needs to be applied to the guinea pig's fur and skin. The treatment can last upwards of 6 weeks, depending on how severe the skin infection might be. If a guinea pig has dry skin, it can lead to skin fungus if left untreated Guinea Pigs are gnawing animals so some material (e.g. wood) should be supplied to help keep their teeth worn down. Water Fresh, clean, still human quality drinking water should be available at all times. Guinea Pigs readily accept gravity-fed nipple-feed water bottles or will drink from flat bowls Abscesses in Guinea Pigs. An abscess is a localized collection of pus in a cavity formed by the disintegration of cells. Abscesses form when infectious agents (bacteria, fungi, parasites) or foreign bodies (like splinters) lodge in tissue and cause a persistent inflammatory response. Abscesses are typically filled with a creamy material called.

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Guinea pigs do fine as solitary pets as long as they have plenty of love and attention. Often 2 male guinea pigs that have been raised since babies together will get along. Be aware that 2 females may be more likely to fight as they can be territorial. Guinea pigs go into their first heat at 3-7 months 99% of reviewers recommend this product. 4.9 / 5. Write a Review. You've Already Reviewed This Item. Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone. Works Great ! Saves $$. By MichelleO on Jun 25, 2021. Found this product by internet search and reading reviews almost 20 years ago and I cannot say enough good things about it Gorgeous Guineas have a range of aromatherapy products specifically for guinea pig skincare. Their Melts are extremely effective on fungal conditions and gentle on the guinea pig's skin. Inside the ears should be clean. Ears can be washed with the lather from Gorgeous Guineas shampoo at their monthly bath. Dirty ears will attract mites

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