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The main Chinese-style motifs used by Western artists, craftsmen and designers when creating Chinoiserie decorations, included images (either copied from Chinese goods or dreamt up by the designer) from at least ten categories, including: (1) Chinese men and women, dressed in Chinese costumes and hats; (2) Chinese faces, typically with pig. Chinoiserie is a Western style of decorative art that drew upon Chinese motifs and techniques. The style was used widely throughout European art, furniture, and architecture during the 17th and 18th centuries, reaching its height from 1750 to 1765. Chinoiserie was often used in conjunction with the Baroque and Rococo decorative styles that.

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Jun 28, 2020 - Explore Emile de Bruijn's board Chinoiserie designs & motifs, followed by 151 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about chinoiserie, chinoiserie design, art Chinoiserie evokes Chinese motifs, but it embraces Western techniques in art, furniture making and architecture. It harmonizes stark abstract sculptures, paintings, furnishings and accessories with an intricate decorative style that's ornamental and metaphorical Chinoiserie, with its light, airy landscapes and fantastic illustrations of dragons and phoenixes against intricate pagodas, mountain ranges and running streams was the perfect complement to rococo's new aesthetic. At the same time, the chinoiserie style had transcended illustrations to influence forms of architecture and furniture construction Fascinated by the seemingly exotic motifs and rich finishes, European makers quickly incorporated the look into their own designs, creating what became known as chinoiserie—a partially.

Chinoiserie at its finest is a westernized version of exotic eastern motifs. This Asian scenic toile pattern embodies this ideal for a new generation, created with whimsy, clean color, and western aplomb Later wallpaper with chinoiserie motifs became accessible to the middle class when it could be printed and thus produced in a range of grades and prices. The patterns on Chinoiserie wallpaper are similar to the pagodas, floral designs, and exotic imaginary scenes found on chinoiserie furniture and porcelain

Chinoiserie Motif fabrics colored in silver, pewter and natural with Chinese Figures, Natural Landscapes, Dragons and Phoenixes and Pagodas. Prints and woven patterns for professional decorating. Gold Chinoiserie Fabrics. Chinoiserie Motif fabrics colored in gold, tan and bronze with Chinese Figures, Natural Landscapes, Dragons and Phoenixes. Feb 10, 2019 - Explore Nancy Wilden's board Chinoiserie motifs on Pinterest. See more ideas about chinoiserie motifs, chinoiserie, chinoiserie wallpaper

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They began to produce their own versions of Asian artifacts, and chinoiserie, a word with French origins, was born. Chinoiserie works generally stick to the four common motifs of foo dogs, nature scenes, dragons, and pagodas. Chinoiserie furniture is often lacquered and features bamboo elements. Ginger jars are also popular chinoiserie pieces. Chinese wallpapers and the chinoiserie style. The first Chinese wallpapers appeared for sale in London in the late 17th century. These hand-painted papers, and the chinoiserie (use of Chinese motifs and techniques) decorative styles they inspired, sparked a fashion that lasted more than a century. Most of the great houses of Europe had at least. Using these motifs is a must for Chinoiserie chic decorating! My Picks to Recreate this Look: *This post contains affiliate links.* Image and design via Mark D. Sikes No. 2 Add Rich Texture. An important decorating component of the Chinoiserie interior that is easy to overlook, is the use of rich texture. From the high polish of a lacquered.

Chinoiserie motifs have a natural luxury and elegance thanks to its Rococo roots. A good example of chinoiserie wallpaper design depicting a lighthearted garden scene with birds. (Photo credit: Etsy) A good example of chinoiserie wallpaper design with pagoda motifs. (Photo credit: Wayfair Chinoiserie definition is - a style in art (as in decoration) reflecting Chinese qualities or motifs; also : an object or decoration in this style. Did you know

Chinoiserie Furniture & Decor | China Furniture Online. Often associated with elaborate decoration and stylized subject matter, Chinoiserie first became popular in 17th century western Europe. Aesthetically focused on the ornate, our Chinoiserie furniture blends French Rococo elements with fantasized Chinese imagery Chinoiserie is a western European style of decorative art originating in the 17th century. Today, Chinoiserie design motifs can be seen in everything from wallpaper, upholstery, fine china, ceramics, and even furniture Chinoiserie motif. Probably dates to the second quarter of 18th century based on similar examples in Archer 1997).Angelica Knoll, 18CV60, c. 1650 - 1770. Bowl fragments painted in Chinoiserie-style landscape motif. Two Friends Site, 18CH308, Work yard and Trash Midden Associated with Small Farm, 1740-1780

Designers Colin and Justin show you how to transform your living space into an oasis using East Asian inspired elements Antique brass hardware punctuates the chinoiserie motif on the outside. Period Homes, Inc. Save Photo. The striking overscale pattern of this DeGournay wallpaper is hand painted on silk. The colors are the perfect backdrop for the double-faced secretary in black and red. In an otherwise very traditional dining room, the scale of the wallpaper. Chinoiserie, 17th- and 18th-century Western style of interior design, furniture, pottery, textiles, and garden design that represents fanciful European interpretations of Chinese styles.In the first decades of the 17th century, English and Italian and, later, other craftsmen began to draw freely on decorative forms found on cabinets, porcelain vessels, and embroideries imported from China

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  1. Chinoiserie is a European decorative style that imitates the art and design of China, Japan and other Asian countries. Dating back to the mid-18th century, and the rise in trade between Europe and East Asia, the style has been bringing an air of luxury and exoticism to interiors for centuries through everything from wallpaper and fabric to ceramics
  2. Chinoiserie style stencil with peacock, bird of paradise with blossom and full blown blooms 2 sheet stencil The beautiful Peacock Bird and Blossom Stencil is a fantastic 2 sheet stencil with an exotic peacock and bird of paradise motifs and full blown roses and blossom sprays
  3. Chinoiserie is a broad classification of both traditional Chinese and the more modern European interpretation. It also made its way into furniture as was first interpreted by cabinet makers such as Thomas Chippendale; subsequently, the term Chinese Chippendale. I adore the nature motifs in chinoiserie but find the depictions of.
  4. 1. Chinoiserie was once the most coveted fashion of the aristocracy. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Europeans became fascinated with Asian cultures and traditions. They loved to imitate or evoke Asian motifs in Western art, architecture, landscaping, furniture, and fashion. China seemed a mysterious, far-away place and the lack of first.
  5. The Chinoiserie motifs reflect the tea party's joyous color and pattern-filled event, from the table to the china to the guests themselves. Happy 150 Year Anniversary to Alice and Lewis Carroll! What I Saw at the Tea Party, 40×16 on frescoed canvas with gold leaf
  6. Add some chinoiserie style to your bathroom by making these two-tone bas relief decorative hand soaps. This intermediate projects uses melt-and-pour soap and an inexpensive silicone mold. If you're all about chinoiserie and grandmillennial style, then you need to make these peony-scented decorative soaps
  7. Chinoiserie Wallpaper. Full of curling vines and depictions of Asian country life, hang Chinoiserie Wallpaper for a touch of the orient. Full of long-lasting tradition, experience handcrafted high-quality wallcoverings celebrating the Chinese motifs and techniques in Western art

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  1. If you love chinoiserie decor, furnishings with motifs inspired by Chinese art, you're in good company—the style was beloved by many European monarchs in the 18th century, including King Louis.
  2. A Berlin KPM porcelain vase with Chinoiserie motifs Model no. 574 with original lid. Decorated throughout with delicate stylised flowers in gold on an ochre coloured ground, the neck and lid with Chinoiserie swag motifs. Blue sceptre mark, red imperial orb mark, impressed marks P and 1 (to vase and lid), pink triangle mark. H 30 cm. C. 1890 - 1900
  3. A Meissen porcelain plate with Chinoiserie motifs Painted in the centre with a depiction of a bearded older man carrying a child piggyback and leading another by the hand. Blue crossed swords mark, blue dot in the basal ring. With slight glaze wear, primarily around the edges. D 22.4 cm. Ca. 1735, décor attributed to Adam Friedrich von.
  4. Chinoiserie has been a popular home decorating style a few centuries ago and it looks like it's back. Chinoiserie is largely influenced by all things Chinese and is all about incorporating these designs and motifs into the western world. People used to go crazy over this in the 17th century. But.
  5. g trees, idyllic landscapes, and noble personages are skillfully hand-painted on raised gesso over this uniquely elongated chest. Perfect for the dining room, living room, or bedroom. The polished brass pulls and decorative hinges are symmetrically fitted, reflecting the Chinese ideal of unity and balance
  6. Chinoiserie elements in this room include the brass pulls on the sideboard, Asian landscape motif in the wallpaper and faux bamboo trim on the table. Design by Madcap Cottage. Madcap Cottage Show.
  7. 71831 Chinoiserie Royale Platinum by Schumacher. Our Price: $201.60. 9059002 Pinara Fans Mineral by Fabricut. Our Price: $103.60. PS3066-001 Parc Oriental Blue Orchid by Scalamandre. Our Price: $126.00. 9129801 Dorian Spray by Fabricut. Our Price: $52.00. 7496303 Priya Persimmon by Stroheim

It's Finished! Here is part 4 of this dresser makeover. In this video I add the final touches to this dresser using Chalk Paint and Clear Wax. Join me as I a.. 'A passion for Chinese motifs - chinoiserie - preceded and paved the way.' 'In the first quarter of the century chinoiserie was a popular style, exemplified by the pearl and diamond pagoda-shaped earrings of the 1820s shown in Plates IIIa and IIIb. Chinoiserie definition, a style of ornamentation current chiefly in the 18th century in Europe, characterized by intricate patterns and an extensive use of motifs identified as Chinese. See more

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  1. Brendan and Kristan Kelly wished to create a house with interiors that respected their family heirlooms while honoring their love of the chinoiserie style, a European imitation of Chinese motifs.
  2. Chinoiserie. SHEEN wahz REE. Western imitation, generally inaccurate, of Oriental art and motifs, Chinese-style or Chinese-like decorative motif: gay, picturesque, imaginative, occidental versions of oriental design. Particularly popular during in the Louis XV period (Rococo) in France and the 18th century English styles
  3. Roostery Cloth Dinner Napkins, Pagoda Chinoiserie Blue White Vintage Cloud Toile Landscape Willow and Print, Linen-Cotton Canvas Dinner Napkins, 20in x 20in, Set of 2 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 $29.00 $ 29 . 0
  4. Chinoiserie Gift Wrap - Chinese Motifs and Designs. $ 26.00. Chinoiserie Gift Wrap - Chinese Motifs and Designs quantity. Add to cart. SKU: DP035 Categories: Best Sellers, Custom Gift Wrap, Decorative Bookends, JOSIL Paperie Stationery Collection. Description
  5. Timeless East Asian Motifs Chinoiserie Peacock Paradise Garden Duvet Cover Set $ 34.80 - $ 118.80. Hand painted paradise garden with exotic birds are timeless and eye-catching bedding set. Asian inspired peacock bedding is a gorgeous addition to any bedroom
  6. 4A set of unused needlework canvases, each with a design of exotic flowers and Chinoiserie motifs drawn in black, one with some painted coloured detail--25 x 32in.(63.5 x 81cm.), each inscribed A TRAME TAPESTRY BY EVERSHED OF LONDON W1, 20th century (9
  7. Chinoiserie Ceramic Bowl, Flower Motif. Up to 75% Off Items ending in .97 or .99 are final sale and cannot be cancelled or returned. Be the first to Write a Review Q & A. No longer available. Only available online Ship this item Schedule Your Delivery Date at Checkout This item is only available for shipping

Dec 24, 2013 - Chinoiserie Scenery Motif Oval Mirror. Exotic oriental gold highlighted scenery carved in Chinoiserie motif. Matte black finish. Chinoiserie wall decor China Furniture Online Chinoiserie Wall Mirror, Hand Painted Chinese Scenery Motif 37 Inches Round Mirror Black Lacquer Finish 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 $488.00 $ 488 . 0 Designs include Porcelain Floral, an artfully handtufted cut pile rug inspired by blue and white Chinoiserie motifs in antique Chinese porcelain, Water Garden, a tone-on-tone handhooked loop pile rug with handtufted cut pile stylized flower petals in viscose, and Island Lattice, which features a white trellis motif on an azure blue background A pair of crewelwork curtains, chainstitched in coloured wools with Chinoiserie motifs including exotic birds, flowers and insects and figures by pavilions--82 x 50in.(208 x 127cm.), late 19th/early 20th century (2 Making My Chinoiserie Style Lamp ~ Step 1. Beside the lamp and the napkins, I needed: white paint to cover the lamp ~ I used Rescue Restore in Blessed from A Makers' Studio ~ my favorite chalk paint. I wrapped the painter's tape around the top of the lamp mechanism and around the cord

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Pattern : Chinoiserie. Les Chinoises (Gold) is a beautiful print by Motif featuring a gold and blue Chinoiserie design. This wallpaper is not prepasted. Les Chinoises (Gold), by Motif, Souleiado Collection Rococo (/ r ə ˈ k oʊ k oʊ /, also US: / ˌ r oʊ k ə ˈ k oʊ /), less commonly Roccoco or Late Baroque, is an exceptionally ornamental and theatrical style of architecture, art and decoration which combines asymmetry, scrolling curves, gilding, white and pastel colors, sculpted molding, and trompe-l'œil frescoes to create surprise and the illusion of motion and drama Created from bamboo, this stand is in a pagoda motif shape. It has an open top for umbrella storage and a lower shelf for placing shoes. Both the back and bottom shelf are in a woven wicker fiber and painted in a glossy black. This chinoiserie umbrella stand will look great in any room, whether it's next to a George Smith sofa, or on a covered. This tureen is light blue and white with a chinoiserie floral design. It is unmarked, shows. Very good. 10W x 7D x 8H (appx)

Chinoiserie definition: a style of decorative or fine art based on imitations of Chinese motifs | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example chinoiserie: translation. chinoiserie [shēn wä zə rē′, shēnwä′zə rē; ] Fr [shēn wä zə rē′, shēnwä′zə rē; ] F Chinoiserie Motifs. Eastern Accents. New Home Designs. Best Vibrators. Toile De Fleurs Performance Fabric. Shop the Toile De Fleurs Performance Fabric at Perigold, home to the design world's best furnishings for every style and space. Plus, enjoy free delivery on most items. slmallen. Dining room. Linen Duvet Chinoiserie Wallpaper Shop Chinoiserie Wallpaper Patterns. Chinoiserie wallpaper brings an Asian mystique to décor. These cultured wallpaper motifs include toiles, bamboo, and feng-shui wall accents Chinoiserie Mural with aqua-blue background & birds in colorful flowering trees and Chippendale fence motif. Price: Register for Pricing. Palazzo Green Cheerful chinoiserie with colorful birds, tropical bromeliads and blooming trees

His Royal Pavilion at Brighton was an exotic mixture of Indian domes and arches on the outside and Chinoiserie within. The Prince's passion for all things Chinese created interiors of oriental splendour, lavish with real or simulated bamboo furniture and carved Chinese figures, set against Chinese-style wall paintings, and lit by Chinese lanterns Oriental Fabric & Chinoiserie Fabric. 1-800-590-5844 or. Shop Oriental Fabric online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with Oriental Fabric samples available, quick shipping and unsurpassed customer service. Oriental Fabrics capture scenes of the orient, their culture, their architecture and their natural beauty An entryway is the perfect spot for experimenting with chinoiserie. It adds elegance and character without defining the style of your entire home. Keep it simple with a stunning wallpaper motif above an entry table. This home uses sleek silvers and grays to help the pale design stand out Get the look of sophisticated, refined chinoiserie or toile for the fraction of the cost of wallpaper! With these beautifully designed wall stencils, you can create that Pinterest-worthy upscale chinoiserie dining room that you've dreamed about. These beautiful patterns are created by stencil designer Janna Makaeva

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Chinoiserie ceramics range from ginger jars, decorative plates, vases/planter bowls and canisters. The most celebrated of them are the blue and white pieces. The vintage ones can get pretty expensive (of course) and many people collect them so if you see a good one you love, grab it fast before someone else gets it Reclaiming chinoiserie: from the East to the East End. Z He and Alex Peffly's townhouse is filled with secondhand Victorian chinoiserie. The look may be retro, but this London home teems with. Assorted symbols in Chinese art and history. Many of the elements that are used in Chinese art do not fall conveniently into any one neat category. This assortment of art motifs and symbols covers all sorts of traditions and customs from China's rich cultural heritage. For other lists on animals, birds, nature, flowers, fruit click on the list. Popular chinoiserie oriental toile, elegant,classic, traditional & timeless, perfect addition to refresh / update home decor, either as accents or as the center piece for a complete room makeover Wonderful woven featuring Asian Dragon Tiger Motif in tones of blue creating a far east oriental home decor theme. Suitable for upholstery

Coral and White Chinoiserie Large Dragon Vase. Chic and sophisticated, our Coral and White Ceramic Collection features handpainted oriental art motifs in vibrant shades of red. Prevalent during the Ming Dynasty, the low temperature ceramic glaze pigment yields a stunning rouge hue.. Fill this timeless blue and white planter with small trees or oversized plants. Our Blue and White Planter is crafted of porcelain and features a traditional chinoiserie motif that layers well with our Blue & White Vases. Blue & White Chinoiserie Planter features: Elegant as a planter or as an accentOutdoor-saf This Chinoiserie Wallpaper Is Temporary, Affordable, and Basically a Dream Come True. designed in 12-foot-by-10-foot motifs, which can be custom-sized to fit any sized wall. Starting at $12. The chic woodland motifs featured in the removable wallpaper enhances nurseries, living rooms and bedrooms. For sophisticated bird Chinoiserie wallpaper, oversized cranes are available to bring life to your dining room or entryway

Chinoiserie is the name for Western interpretations of Asian art. Originally born out of the China trade in the 17th & 18th centuries, chinoiserie is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Our chinoiserie designs reflect our love of bright colors and fun patterns (of course! Measures 6 x 3 1/2 x 5, In excellent condition,Mottahedeh Monteith Chinoiserie Style Bowl,The bowl is decorated with a female figure and a variety of floral motifs, The mark on the bottom reads, Vista Alegre Portugal Mottahedeh,Lightning fast delivery,Wholesale Price,Best prices,Price Comparison Made Simple,Free Shipping & Officially Licensed Online Shop By the 19th century, however, chinoiserie fell out of vogue, in part due to the First Opium War between China and Britain, in part due to the rise of other exotic aesthetics such as.

swell Motifs Premium designs to make your monogram stand out from the crowd. (Most designs may have have 1, 2, or 3 letters inside. Contact us if you wish to add or omit.) Adelaide Arlington Laurel Belle Bough Chinoiserie Monkey (Large) Cordelia Delilah Egrets Ethnic Flowers Glory Nelson Paige 2 Running Dog Spring ha This thesis explores the implications of chinoiserie, or Western creations of Chinese-style decorative arts, upon an eighteenth century colonial American audience. Chinese products such as tea, porcelain, and silk, and goods such as furniture and wallpaper displaying Chinese motifs of distant exotic lands, had become popular commodities in Europe by the eighteenth century more Vintage classic blue and white Chinoiserie ginger jar with a landscape motif. Made of porcelain. Hand painted in classic blue and white. The white has a blue tinge to it. less. J & M Antiques Bradenton, FL. Ask the seller. Details Close Open. Dimensions 6ʺW × 6ʺD × 6.5ʺH Styles Chinoiserie found: Oxford Art Online, consulted, May 5, 2009: Chinoiserie (term derived from 'chinois' (Fr.: Chinese) denoting a type of European art dominated by Chinese or pseudo-Chinese ornamental motifs. The term is most often applied to decorative arts produced from the second half of the 17th century to the early 19th, when trading contacts between Europe and East Asia were at their height.

18th Century Delft Blue & White Faience Pottery Plate Chinoiserie Motif. Black Tulip Antiques, Ltd. $195. Browse Similar. Chinoiserie Chinese Laquer Wooden Sewing Box With Secret Panel Antique Georgian c1820. Top Banana Antiques Mall. $1,300. Browse Similar A hand-painted bamboo and floral motif gives this ceramic jewelry box heirloom appeal. Rimmed in real gold, it makes a thoughtful gift as well as a stunning tabletop accent. Made of stoneware. Hand painted with a cobalt blue-and-white motif. Box and lid have hand-painted gold rims Chinoiserie & Asian Pillows. Aloriam Pillows offers a wide range of chinoiserie and Asian throw pillow covers to help you add an oriental flair to your home decor! Standard pillow cover sizes are available for inserts sized: 12x18, 12x24, 14x20, 16x26, 16x16, 18x18, 20x20, 22x22, 24x24 to 26x26 (Euro sham). Additional custom sizes are available.

The Chinoiserie Garden fabrics really caught my eye. I especially enjoyed rotating and fussy-cutting the striped fabrics in the collection to fit in the applique motifs and borders of my quilt Chinoiserie Tile Arguably the finest remaining example of Neo-Palladian architecture in Londo %50SUMMERSALE Full Perm Chinoiserie Porcelain Ceramic China Motifs Egyptian Style Close Lid Decor Vase Pot Pottery Zoom. Details Features Contents Reviews (4) Details. FULL PERM MESH 1LI: Please set your LoD factor to 4+ to view this at best resolution (instructions inside

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A Louis XIV chinoiserie Boulle cabinet on a later stand late 17th/early 18th century, the remounted panels 19th century. Estimate. 200,000 - 300,000 USD all the panels mounted with 19th century lacquered paper decorated with chinoiserie motifs incorporating birds,. Jul 7, 2018 - Looking for an Antique Oriental Chinoiserie Ceramic Plate in the Honc pattern by The Royal Sphinx Factory Petrus Regout & Co Maastricht ,Holland? Measures approximately 9 in diameter. Very good antique condition, some crazing, discoloration, scratches and wear. The usual bubbles and marks ar

This transparent Motif Background - Jingdezhen, Blue And White Pottery, Chinese Dragon, Motif, Porcelain, Chinoiserie, Ceramic Art, Blue, Chawan png image is uploaded by Teamgcyj for personal projects or designs chinoiserie - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. characterized by intricate patterns and an extensive use of motifs identified as Chinese. Fine Art an object decorated in this style or an example of this style: The clock was an interesting chinoiserie The current Chinoiserie birds and flowers design consists of 97 Chinoiserie designs which can be hand painted on a variety of 32 standard coloured silk wallpaper backgrounds and various custom williamsburg backgrounds. The Chinoiserie designs create a warm, unique and elegant effect for your favorite room, and can be customized in various. CHINOISERIE CHIFFONIER. Products Chests. 8135-51 CHINOISERIE CHIFFONIER W 56 D 17 H 37 Rosewood Chiffonier with Antique Gold Gilding and Black Chinoiserie Motif In Stock. Add To Wish List. Print Page. Download Hi Res Image chinoiserie — NOUN 1) the use of Chinese motifs and techniques in Western art, furniture, and architecture. 2) objects or decorations in this style. ORIGIN French, from chinois Chinese English terms dictionary. chinoiserie — [shēn wä zə rē′, shēnwä′zə rē; ] Fr [, shēnwȧz rē′] n. [Fr < Chinois, CHINESE + erie, ERY] 1. an.

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Wallpaper in the Chinoiserie Style, with a Picture Frame as its Central Motif, Painted to House Picasso's 'L'enfant au pigeon' . 1932. Rex Whistler (1905-1944) Alternative names Reginald John Whistler; Rex John Whistler; Reginald. Printed cotton linen tablecloth, pale blue with chinoiserie motifs, 100x140cm. Condition is very good. Made in USA. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. eBay Marketplaces GmbH (of Helvetiastraße15-17, 3005, Bern, Switzerland) is authorised by the FCA to conduct credit broking for a restricted range of finance providers. We may receive.

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Define chinoiserie. chinoiserie synonyms, chinoiserie pronunciation, chinoiserie translation, English dictionary definition of chinoiserie. n. 1. A style in art reflecting Chinese influence through use of elaborate decoration and intricate patterns. For this one, we were inspired by Chinoiserie and used Eastern motifs but interpreted them. Size. Small (8 x 9.6 in) Add to cart. View size guide. Delivery. Express by July 3. Standard between July 3. Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. Secure Payments 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn more Change up the color themes or add pop to a simple sofa or bed by piling up the mix and match of these cushions in a multiple of colors, imagery and patterns. Material: High quality faux leather and filled with Recron™ filler. Brand: Shaakh. Printing : Both side printed. Size: 16″ x 16″

Black Lacquer Chinoiserie Scenery Motif Chest | ChinaYunnan Motif Chinoiserie Blue - Blue and white,PatternChinoiserie Scenery Design Cabinet | Chinoiserie furniturePanel with Chinoiserie motifs | British | The MetChinoiserie Blue Hardwood Tile in 2020 | ChinoiserieChinoiserie Table with Lacquered Floral Bird Motif For