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Check out our selection & order now. Free UK delivery on eligible orders Compare Prices before Shopping Online. Get the Best Deals at Product Shopper. Find and Compare Products from Leading Brands and Retailers at Product Shoppe About 48 hours before whelping, the progesterone level drops to the 2 ng/ml range and within about 24 hours of whelping, thelevel drops to the 1 ng/ml range. This can help determine the proper timing of a c-section, especially if the progesterone levelor LH level were not used to determine the ovulation date. By correctly determining the whelping time, it can prevent puppiesfrom being taken by c-section too early and thereby decreasing their chance of survival

Progesterone levels should be tested every two to three days once the dog is three to five days into heat. Progesterone levels are usually less than 1.0 ng/ml before the LH spike, rising to 3 to 4 ng/ml the day following the LH spike. When the progesterone level rises to 5 ng/ml, ovulation occurs In the dog, the progesterone level will remain high for about 60 days whether or not the dog is bred, and whether or not she is pregnant. About 48 hours before whelping, the progesterone level drops to the 2 ng/ml range and within about 24 hours of whelping, the level drops to the 1 ng/ml range Monitoring serial progesterone levels for impending labor is problematic because in-house kits enabling rapid results are inherently inaccurate between 2 and 5 ng/mL Whelping occurs after the progesterone level falls to <2 ng/ml. A drop in rectal temperature to <99 to 100 degrees F may be detected 10 to 14 hours later. The onset of recognizable labor follows in 10 to 24 hours. Canine labor can be divided into 3 stages

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We know the progesterone level at the time of ovulation. However, at the time of breeding, there is no ideal level. When fertility is optimal, progesterone values might be around 10, 30,.. progesterone levels are around 5-8 ng/mL. Canine eggs cannot be fertilized immediately after ovulation because they need another 2 days to mature, and by that time the progesterone levels usually average 10 ng/mL or above. Other methods used to monitor the estrous cycle to optimize the time of breeding in the bitc Progesterone levels are baseline prior to the LH surge; increase to 1.5 to 2.0 around the time of the LH surge and increase to >5 ng/ml by the peak fertile and often are >10 to 15 ng/ml by the end of the fertile period. The time of the LH surge can be closely estimated from the initial rise in progesterone levels. Accuracy is related to the testing interval To time c-section or whelping, test progesterone starting 58 - 60 days after first breeding (average gestation 63 days). A drop in progesterone to < 2 ng/mL indicates whelping will occur within 24 - 36 hours. Determination of progesterone is very important in the Canine reproductive cycle in deciding when to breed or when to do a C-section Using progesterone is also a very helpful tool in predicting when to expect whelping or planning an elective c-section. Progesterone levels are generally <2.0 nanograms per milliliter at the time..

Please invest in progesterone numbers so you have the best chance to get a litter! You can usually wait to do the first progesterone number on the 8th day. Do not stop testing until you've reached a number over 5. Below 1.0 ng/ml - no ovarian activity - ACTION: Test every 3 or 4 day Most dogs will give birth 65 days from ovulation. If ovulation timing was done with progesterone levels, it is important to not let your dog go more than 1 to 2 days beyond due date without consulting with a veterinarian. If timing wasn't done, most dogs will whelp 63 days plus or minus 5 days from breeding (between 58 and 68 days)

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In the beginning of your dog's cycle, progesterone levels are relatively low at less than 2ng/ml. This is the baseline. To determine your dog's baseline, their first progesterone level is measurable on days 5 to 6 of their cycle. As your bitch enters estrus, progesterone levels rise above 2ng/ml The first rise of progesterone above 2 ng/ml correlates with the day of the LH surge. Subsequently, ovulation occurs 24-48 hours after the LH surge and an additional 1-3 days are required for the eggs to mature in the uterus prior to fertilization. Thus, a bitch should begin breeding 2-4 days after the progesterone rises over 2 ng/ml The progesterone level at the time of LH surge is usually about 2-3 ng/ml. The progesterone will rise to about 5-8 ng/ml at the time of ovulation. Canine eggs are not ready to be fertilized at the.. Progesterone is baseline prior to the LH surge, begins to rise at the time of the LH surge and by time the bitch ovulates is in the 4-8 ng/ml range and by time the bitch is in her peak fertile period the progesterone is > 20 ng/ml and often in the 30-40 ng /ml range

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Progesterone levels drop in the bitch 24-48 hours before whelping. (This is actually what causes the temperature drop.) The disadvantage is that the use of the test wells for this is not as well established- there is some variation between bitches Before the LH surge, progesterone is < 1 ng/ml. On the day of the LH surge, progesterone rises to 1.5 to 2.0 ng/ml and thereafter continues to rise during diestrus or pregnancy. By identifying this initial rise in progesterone, the day of the LH surge can be estimated and insemination performed during the period of peak fertility The blood progesterone level is the number one way to accurately determine the optimum timing of copulation. In dogs, the ovaries start releasing progesterone 48 hours prior to ovulation. Ovulation is associated with a rapid increase in blood progesterone. This can be measured by taking serial blood samples from the bitch by the veterinarian As the progesterone level increases, lutenizing hormone (LH) is released from the pituitary gland, triggering the release of eggs from the follicles. When progesterone reaches 5.0 to 10.0 nanograms (a measure of one billionth of a gram) per milliliter of blood, a bitch is ovulating, Dr. Smith says Once you start to see the level at: 2.0 to 2.9 ng/ml = breed in 4 to 5 days. 3.0 to 3.9 ng/ml = breed in 3 to 4 days. 4.0 to 8 .0 ng/ml = breed today or tomorrow - this is where the LH Surge Occurs. Over 8.0 ng/ml with no white sells - then the bitch has ovulated. When you hit the level above 4.0 ng/mL this is day 1 of ovulation

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The bitch had tested negative for antibodies against canine brucellosis at the time of breeding. On presentation, she had a low body temperature, was restless, and had milk leaking from engorged mammary glands. Serum progesterone concentration, measured with an in-house ELISA kit, was less than 1 ng/ml. Ultrasound revealed eight viable fetuses p 526. p 18. Normal puberty can occur at 6-24 months. Larger dogs tend to reach puberty at an older age than smaller dogs. First estrus tends to be irregular. Do not base fertility on what happens during the first heat. Split heats are common during the first estrus. The bitch bleeds, stops bleeding and then returns to heat around 6 weeks later

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LH-peak may also be estimated by observing serum progesterone levels that achieve 2-3ng/ml and continue to rise thereafter [3,8]. Shortly after this period, vaginal cytology may be used to diagnose the onset of diestrus, occurring approximately 51-60 days before whelping [4] The Top 5 Dog Progesterone Machines - The Ultimate Canine Progesterone Testing Machine Buyers Guide. More and more people are taking the plunge and doing their canine progesterone testing at home. Home progesterone testing for dogs can save you a ton of time and money (Check out our savings calculator), but there is a learning curve and it can be a challenge to figure out which analyzer is.

For instance, if a bitch is held for an aggressive stud dog and forced to mate starting 3 - 5 days before the LH surge, the interval from first mating to whelping may be as long as 69 - 70 days. And, in rare instances where a bitch is still fertile 9 or 10 days after the LH surge and is bred then, the interval from mating to whelping can be as. The Reproductive Dog Breeding Cycle Can Be Tricky! It can vary from one cycle (or heat) every 18 months (this is typical of some of the giant breeds) to one every 4 months. The average bitch will cycle approximately every 6 months and an individual bitch will tend to conform to her own unique repeating pattern throughout her fertile years The Next Generation® Quick Check™ Canine Progesterone kit can also be used to accurately determine the right time for a Cesarean section. About 24 hours before normal whelping, progesterone levels drop back to low baseline levels, the test result changes from white (C4) to bright blue (C1). By daily testing just before the expecte

levels before the LH surge and then begins to rise around the time of the LH surge. LH calculated from the rise in progesterone detected by a series of progesterone tests. Whelping date may also be estimated by gauging the first day of diestrous, either problems of shipping either the bitch or the stud dog. Planning these type breeding This stage ends when progesterone levels fall to less than 1 ng/ml just prior to whelping in the pregnant bitch or approximately 2 months after ovulation in the nonpregnant bitch. Anestrus: (average duration = 4-4.5 months) The beginning of this stage is marked by the drop in serum progesterone levels to less than 1 ng/ml The level will reach about 5.0 the day of ovulation and should be in the 8.0 to 12.0 range when the eggs are fully mature. Because progesterone continues to rise (verses a quick surge) it can be done every two to three days in most cases. This type of ovulation timing is used for many reasonsfresh chilled and frozen breeding, infertility. Progesterone . Progesterone's initial rise occurs concomitantly with the LH surge. At that time, baseline progesterone levels (<1.5ng/ml) rise to 1.5-2.0 ng/ml. After the initial rise, progesterone continues to rise and may reach levels of 10-15 ng/ml by the end of the fertile period

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A value of 1.88 ng/ml was detected in one dog, but the other five dogs showed P levels of 2 ng/ml or higher. The P level on the day before ovulation was 0.8-1.56 ng/ml, 1.12 ng/ml on average. Assuming that ovulation occurred two days after the LH peak in the 11 experimental dogs, the P level was 2.12-4.06 ng/ml, 2.78 ng/ml on average In fact, in dogs, foxes and wolves, levels of progesterone start to climb around the time of the LH peak (the brain's signal to initiate ovulation). The sites where eggs will be released (antral follicles) from the ovaries actually start to change prior to ovulation and develop small amounts of luteal (Latin word for yellow) tissue

Blood progesterone levels are used when there is no other available information. They are very accurate, but take us 24 hours to get an answer. • Rectal Temperature Readings . You will need to plot your bitch's temperature on a chart. Normal temperature is 37.5 - 38.5 centigrade. 12 - 24 hours prior to whelping this drops significantly. The beginning progesterone levels are typically less than 1.0 ng/ml until the day before the LH surge. The day of the LH spike, serum progesterone concentrations are 2-3 ng/ml; the day following the LH surge, the serum progesterone concentration is 3-4 ng/ml. Ovulation occurs at a progesterone level of 5 ng/ml. Timing of breedin Research has proven that ovulation occurs when the blood progesterone levels of the bitch reach a certain level. This implies the correct date to mate. The first progesterone blood test is conducted at approximately day 8 of the season. Results of the first test provide an indication of the dates for following progesterone blood tests

When there is a small litter, the pups don't produce enough cortisol collectively to initiate labor in their mother. In these cases, progesterone levels can't be used to estimate due date. For this reason, we need to know her due date based on progesterone timing at the time of breeding and intervene before it is too late to save pups The level of progesterone needs to stay elevated to sustain a pregnancy, not only does it fall to the end of a pregnancy it also triggers whelping. By monitoring the progesterone hormone during pregnancy a warning of a premature fall in progesterone indicates the time for you to request your veterinary surgeon to intervene immediately to keep. 6. Breeding the bitch on days 3 and 5 (or 4 and 6) after the LH surge ensures the maximum conception rate and largest litter sizes. If only one breeding is possible, do it on day 5 or 6 after the LH surge. See our Canine Breeding Options handout for more information. 7. Gestation lasts 65 +/- 1 day from the LH surge (63 +/- 1 day from. Ovulation occurs at a progesterone level of 5 ng/ml. Timing of breeding . The aim is to identify when the progesterone level reaches 2.5 ng/ml so the mating schedule can be set up, or the veterinarian and owner of the male dog can be notified that they should be prepared to collect and ship a semen sample or to pinpoint the optimum time for.

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  1. e when to breed our bitches. It also deter
  2. g is the most crucial aspect of a successful breeding. In order to successfully time ovulation, you must: Know when your bitch has come into season (Day 1 of the cycle) Test for progesterone levels beginning on Day 5 or 6; Test LH levels (if necessary
  3. ent. Along with all these symptoms, it's not unusual for the pregnant dog to have a brown,watery.
  4. If previous breeding history is unknown, begin progesterone testing 4-6 days after the onset of heat. If the levels of progesterone are baseline, then the dog should be retested every 3-4 days until a level of progesterone is detected that is consistent with the onset of the LH peak. Call the stud owner as soon as the bitch is showing signs.
  5. Progesterone levels. The ideal progesterone level for mating within 1-3 days is 19-31 nmol/L or 5.97-9.75 ng/mL, readings within this range indicate that ovulation has recently occurred. If your female's progesterone reading is 32-64 nmol/L or 10.06-20.13 ng/mL the eggs have matured and mating should occur within 2 days for optimal fertility
  6. Have your vet measure progesterone levels again. About one to two days before the end of your dog's pregnancy, its progesterone levels will drop back down. When the progesterone drops to a certain level, it will be time to perform the C-section. Before the scheduled C-section date, take your dog to your vet so they can measure its.
  7. g breedings. The test is reported as a numeric result, usually ng/dl. Combined with observing the behavor of the dog and bitch, vaginal cytology, ovulation can be pinpointed with great accuracy in most bitches

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  1. It is worth noting that Progesterone levels continue to increase for two to three weeks after ovulation, reaching 10 to 80 ng/ml. This level remains for about 60 days regardless of whether the dog is bred or not. Progesterone levels drop to 2 ng/ml about 48 hours before whelping, dropping to 1 ng/ml about 24 hours before whelping
  2. The progesterone level will remain at this level for about 60 days whether or not the dog is bred, and whether or not she is pregnant. About 48 hours before whelping, the progesterone level drops to the 2 ng/ml range and within about 24 hours of whelping, the level drops t
  3. Progesterone tests are not species specific, so can be run in human labs, dog labs, horse labs. The biggest mistake people make in running progesterone tests is they stop before the progesterone goes above five nanograms. The day the progesterone goes above five nanograms is the day of ovulation. The whole world revolves around five nanograms
  4. Progesterone levels in the bitch begin to rise about 2 days before ovulation. Serum progesterone is <1.0 ng/ml when bitches are not in heat and during most of proestrus. Values increase rapidly to >1.0 ng/ml about 2 days before ovulation. Serum progesterone is 4-10 ng/ml when bitches are ovulating
  5. If progesterone is not monitored through to the point of its increase (suggesting ovulation), breeders may miss the prime time for breeding the bitch. Best practices are to get a baseline level before the LH surge, and to continue monitoring until ovulation is confirmed with a progesterone level of greater than 5 to 8 ng/ml
  6. g, expect your first appointment to include a digital vaginal exam, vaginal cytology and a blood draw for progesterone levels

However, if the progesterone level is very low (< 3 ng/ml), abortion could be have been caused by an early luteal disorder. Serological testing for bovine and canine brucellosis, canine herpesvirus, chlamydiosis, toxoplasmosis, distemper (septicaemia), Q fever, etc Breeding (no. of days) 0-2 nmol/L Baseline concentration, too early to estimate ovulation Not applicable 3-6 nmol/L Minimum of 2 days before ovulation is expected. Results of 3-4 nmol/L may persist for a week or longer before increasing Earliest estimated window for breeding is from 4-6 days, but could be longer 7-12 nmol/L Minimum of 1 day befor Rather than wait until a specific level is reached, we evaluate the baseline, first rise, and rate of rise to determine ovulation. In general, values less than 1.0 are baseline, and increases to 1.5-2.5 are consistent with an initial rise, but this can vary greatly. Many bitches have progesterone levels that go up and down before completely rising It is an excellent idea to work out a contract with the owner of the stud dog before breeding takes place. The agreement concerning stud fees should be in writing and clearly state all obligations and circumstances. The contract should be signed by all parties to the transaction, and each signer should receive a copy England, Gary C.W. Dog Breeding, whelping and Puppy Care Published 2013 by Wiley-Blackell. ISBN: 978--470-67313-3; Catherine-Mary Howard MACantab VetMB MRCVS; ROYAL CANIN® 3. BULLY KING.

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www.canineprogesterone.co Basic Canine Breeding Management - Well Bred Veterinary Services, PLLC · April 29, 2020 at 6:36 am . At baseline, her progesterone level is very low - close to 0 ng/mL. As her ovaries are getting ready to ovulate, the progesterone level slowly starts to rise Sample Collection Avoid serum-separator tubes. There is recognition that concentrations of progesterone in canine serum are lowered with the use of serum-separator tubes, with suspicion that progesterone is absorbed by the gel material. This effect is worsened with prolonged holding of the sample in the separator tube after centrifugation Before an anticipated breeding, female dogs and cats should be in optimal body condition to improve conception rate and whelping outcome. A commercial diet adequate for all life stages is optimal. Adequate coital contact to induce ovulation should be confirmed by measuring progesterone levels in the queen 1-2 weeks after breeding Progesterone testing is used to determine when a bitch ovulates and thus when to breed. A repro-ductive hormone, progesterone increases in the bloodstream just before ovulation. As the proges-terone level increases, lutenizing hormone (LH) is released from the pituitary gland, triggering the release of eggs from the follicles

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Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) Test for Ovarian Remnant Syndrome, Cryptorchidism and Determination of Spayed/Castrated vs. Intact Ovarian remnant syndrome testing consists of AMH and progesterone testing on a single sample. A positive AMH test is consistent with the presence of an ovarian remnant, but a negative AMH test does not rule out the presence of a remnant. The progesterone level is. The progesterone test is your best friend. First, let's review the basics. Prior to coming in season (estrus), serum progesterone levels in the bitch are low, less than 2ng (ng=nanograms). As the cycle continues, progesterone levels slowly climb to a level of 5ng, upon which ovulation occurs. The ovulation date can be as early as day 7 and as. Failure to maintain a pregnancy. Timing the breeding: The timing of the breeding, based on progesterone levels (bred 2 to 3 days post-ovulation depending on semen type used), was just right. Most veterinarians recommend breeding 2 days after ovulation with fresh and fresh chilled shipped semen and 3 days with frozen semen The first test should take place on the 7th or 8th day, a reading of 2 is the LH peak and then in 2-4 days ovulation occurs when progesterone levels reach 5.0. The levels of progesterone level rise is not the same in all dogs, therefore a single test done cannot accurately predict when the breeding should take place

Earliiest estimating breeding 4 - 6 days but could be longer (re test needed) 7 - 12 nmol/L Minimum 1 day before ovulation. Estimated window for breeding 3 - 5 days but could be longer ( re test recommended) 13 - 18 nmol/L Ovulation impending or just occurred. Estimated breeding window 2 - 4 days 19 - 31 nmol/L Ovulation recently occurred During the last phase, diestrus, female dogs again become resistant to breeding by males.Vaginal discharges diminish, and the vulva begins to slowly shrink in size. The uterus enlarges due to stimulation by progesterone. Progesterone levels increase during the first half of diestrus, then slowly decline. In dogs that are not pregnant, diestrus usually lasts for about 2 months Progesterone levels are not species specific, which means that the test can be run in almost any veterinary lab, or in even human labs. Results should also be available in less than 24 hours, which is important when working in a tight timeframe for breeding. A canine's progesterone levels can be tested every two to three days starting about. Breeding a female dog back-to-back is something that dog breeders may be interested about, but there may be several concerns. these hormones help prepare the womb for the developing puppies and will continue to be produced until shortly before whelping. If, high progesterone levels inhibit the ability of the muscles in the wall of the. Progesterone is secreted from the ovaries and is the hormone that maintains pregnancy. Progesterone is present in very small amounts before ovulation. Just before ovulation the progesterone rises above a baseline to greater than 2 nanograms and continues during the pregnancy phase of a dog's heat cycle. This phase is called diestrus

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  1. The level was 0.36ng. Tested again 2 days later, and it was 0.58ng. Tested the third time 2 days later (Monday) and it was 5.05ng. We got the test results on Tuesday, and AI'd her on Wednesday, March 5th. It's my understanding the eggs are released when the progesterone level hits 5ng and they become fertile about 48 hours after that
  2. During pregnancy progesterone is present at high levels to maintain fetus viability. Progesterone is highe st at 30 - 60 ng/mL around day 25. It declines very slowly until about 3 days prepartum. When progesterone falls to less than 2 ng/mL (C2) about 24 hours before birth, then a lung surfactant necessary for breathing is released. Whelping.
  3. When your dog is expecting puppies it is a thrilling, worrying, watching-every-movement-because-it-might-mean-something sort of time. Most of us know, especially those of us who have given birth ourselves, that as the due date approaches the dam will begin to feel restless, uncomfortable, hungry frequently for smaller meals, and often a little too warm

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The hormone progesterone is present at high levels throughout gestation (pregnancy). Just before whelping, serum progesterone concentrations fall precipitously. Progesterone is a hormone that increases the body temperature set point, so when this decrease in hormone concentration occurs, body temperature shows a transient decrease At this time, the level of progesterone will rise to 1 to 2 ng/ml. On the following day (one day before ovulation), the progesterone level will be 2 to 4 ng/ml. On the day of ovulation, the progesterone will be 4 to 10 ng/ml. After ovulation, the progesterone levels rapidly rise and can be anywhere between 15 to 90 ng/ml

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  1. Premate testing/Progesterone test (or sometimes as a popular brand, being offered by a company, is called Idexx, this is ALSO sometimes known as Idexx testing) is a very helpful and effective tool in helping ensure a pregnancy. For a bitch that is being brought a LONG way to the dog in terms of miles, (and few stud dog owners will go the.
  2. Ovulation occurs two days after the LH surge when progesterone levels are between 8 - 9 ng/ml and the only reliable method of predicting ovulation in your bitch is a progesterone blood test. After ovulation it takes approximately 48 hours for eggs to mature before they can be fertilised, so although the best time to mate is two days after.
  3. During the last trimester, serum progesterone concentrations decrease to 4-16 ng/ml before dropping below 2 ng/ml approximately one day before parturition. Monitoring of serum progesterone levels can be performed weekly if the levels are 20-50 ng/ml or daily if they are 5-10 ng/ml
  4. ation, diet, progesterone levels, C-sections, whelping help, removal of dew claws and much, much more

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  1. LH levels surge just when progesterone levels are starting to rise. This surge may remain less than 24 hours up to 48 hours, depending on the dog. Progesterone levels rise progressively as LH surges. Progesterone starts on a baseline level just before the LH surges. Once the LH rises to its highest level, progesterone begins to rise
  2. In dogs, a typical pregnancy averages 63 days; delivery can occur anywhere between 58 and 72 days, though. If you have confirmed your dog's pregnancy with a veterinarian and she has gone past day 63, there is not necessarily any reason to be concerned. First-time mothers, older mothers or small litters may slow the whelping process
  3. know the facts before breeding your dog important reading! getting started as a responsible breeder correlation of serum progesterone levels with reproductive events and actions. a check list for breeding your dog use of supplemental progesterone in management of canine pregnanc
  4. This can be especially helpful in bitches who failed to hold to a previous mating, and for ones which have to travel a significant distance to the stud dog. The level of progesterone drops below a certain level 24 to 48 hours before whelping and so also gives us an idea when to expect the bitch to give birth

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The progesterone level will stay and MUST stay elevated for about 62 days. When this level drops below 5.0ng, labor should begin and whelp will occur within about 12 hours. In some bitches, they prematurely drop their progesterone level prior to 62 days and this will cause them to abort the pups Researchers are still fine-tuning how we should interpret and use progesterone levels to breed most successfully but my experience and reading have taught me to look for two things before breeding: progesterone level between 4 and 10 ng/ml (6 and 31.4 nmol/l) to indicate likely ovulatio

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Failure to maintain a pregnancy Timing the breeding:The timing of the breeding, based on progesterone levels (bred 2 to 3 days post-ovulation depending on semen type used), was just right. Most veterinarians recommend breeding 2 days after ovulation with fresh and fresh chilled shipped semen and 3 days with frozen semen Eurolyser's canine Progesterone VET test kit was specifically designed for veterinarians and dog breeders, who want to monitor progesterone levels in female dogs in order to determine the perfect time to breed. See all the options for the Cube Vet professional Canine and Equine testing system! YouTube. Eurolyser Diagnostica Progesterone levels performed by our labs are required for your girl to qualify. What is involved in pregnancy monitoring? Day 25 after ovulation - we recommend an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy followed by a CBC and numeric progesterone level for maintaining the pregnancy and to establish a baseline

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Progesterone levels vary. It is the pattern of the progesterone rise that helps us determine the right time to breed. Progesterone drops abruptly right before whelping and is responsible for the female's drop in temperature 12-24 hours before whelping. Is it better to let my dogs breed naturally, or to do artificial insemination (AI) Dog Reproduction (The Heat Cycle) Signs of Heat. The first sign of a female (dam) coming into season is often swelling of the vulva. This swelling can occur a week before bleeding, or the day before. Other signs of heat are behavioral changes; your dam may start to hump other dams, or pups or even your leg. She may also begin to lick herself. The progesterone will be ~ 2 ng/ml at the time of the LH peak. In theory (not all bitches read the book) ovulation should occur 2 days later and ideal breeding is ~2-3 days after ovulation. Bitches typically ovulate somewhere between 4 -10 ng/ml There is another unique canine feature. Every other mammal ovulates and immediately starts producing progesterone. In the dog, the progesterone goes up right before she ovulates. And this is convenient because progesterone is easy to measure. In the dog, we want to start insemination about two days after the progesterone begins to rise Progesterone hormone rises just prior to ovulation and continues to increase to levels above 5 ng/ml during the pregnancy then will decrease just prior to whelping. This hormone is essential for the maintenance of the pregnancy because it is required in high levels to suppress the hypothalamus from producing gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH)

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