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Using one or all of the above, all your big file-sending needs on Android should be addressed. The ability to actually send large files through Gmail via Google Drive is particularly handy, and it's a bit of a mystery why Google hasn't integrated this feature into the Android version yet To compress your audio file, choose where you've saved the file on your SD card or the External SD card. Choose the file where you have your audio files, and check the box to the right of it. If you tap on the name of the file, the app is only going to play the audio Send large audio files from iPhone to Android Tick the checkbox next to each large audio file you intend to share. Unfold the Device menu on the top ribbon and choose the target Android phone. You may need: How to send large photos from iPhone to Android/iPhone via AirDrop I won't argue that, but if you're interested in trying it out for yourself, here's the best way to do it on your Android phone. RELATED: Voice Messaging Is the Best Chat Feature You're Probably Not Using. Now, there are a variety of ways to send someone a voice recording: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other popular chat platforms Attaching an audio message to SMS on a Verizon-branded LG G3. Select the recording you want to attach to the message, and then tap the paperclip button to the right of the play button. The..

Ever want to send a large music file or video to a friend but couldn't because the file size exceeded the maximum file size limit? Here's a simple tip for g.. Step 1. Enter the Photos App on your Android phone. Step 2. Select the video you want and then proceed to More > Share or you can directly click the Share button and then choose the wanted videos Pushbullet is one of the most convenient ways to send large files, but you need a subscription to unlock its full potential. You can access Pushbullet from the system sharing menu in any app, or..

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  1. 9. Courier a Hard Drive. If you have lots of large files to send then filling up a hard drive and sending it off with a courier is an effective way to transfer files. Physically sending a large volume of files via a courier is often much faster than attempting to upload those files through a broadband connection
  2. Click and drag the audio file into your email window. Doing so will place it in your email as an attachment once you release the mouse. You can also click the paperclip icon and then select your audio file in the resulting pop-up window. 1
  3. If you want to send your subscribers an audio file larger than 1 MB, you will have to do this via a link. You can send that link via an SMS message. Begin by logging in to your SimpleTexting dashboard and starting a new campaign. Make sure you select SMS as the type
  4. If you are using an Android smartphone and want to send large files then go to play store and install an app called WhatsTools: Share File Via IM. This third party app will allow sharing large files on WhatsApp
  5. If you can't send large audio files on WhatsApp, follow the below guide to compress audio files using Audacity. Step 1: Head on to download Audacity software over your existing system. Once the interface loads, tap on the File from the menu followed by Open and proceed with opting for the file you wish to compress

Click on the New message button, add the email address of the receiver and subject. Then click on the attach button and select the audio you want to share from your computer or One drive. The outlook's maximum size limit is 20MB. If the audio file is too large to embed directly, you can upload it to OneDrive in advance Download and install Android File Transfer on your computer. Open Android File Transfer. The next time that you connect your phone, it opens automatically. Unlock your phone. With a USB cable, connect your phone to your computer. On your phone, tap the Charging this device via USB notification. Under Use USB for, select File Transfer Tap the Send button 15. The audio file is already attached to the message so you need to enter only the recipient's e-mail address and the message subject. Open the message on your computer and save the attached audio file in the prepared file in the computer's file system. You would need to check the transferred files and edit them if needed We Transfer And Send Large Files - Large File Transfer For Free. Transfer large files for free using our File Transfer Tool. In the digital age, collaborating with other musicians has never been easier. Artists have the ability to work with other artists from across the globe, creating and sharing music with ease. However, anyone that has tried to share music files online has likely faced a.

Send Large Files Using Send Anywhere App As per the name, Send Anywhere allows you to send large files directly between two devices without the need to register an account. For 1:1 direct transfer, the app needs to be installed on both devices Compression reduces file sizes, which is very useful when trying to email large files such as . WAVs or . MP3 files. Read on to learn how it's done. How to compress audio files for email. Compressed audio files are usually between 128kbps and 320 kbps, or between a third and a tenth the size of the same file when it's uncompressed. Smaller.

The users who would like to send an email of large video files from any mobile device, they can use the Filemail app. This app allows users to share pictures, music files, videos, and other files from any Android device via email. The app will automatically guide you on how to attach a video to an email and send it to others How To Send AUDIO/MUSIC Files on Facebook Messenger! (2020) (Working)==----==Check out my other videos!Minecraft BEDWARS but its LAGGING! *HIGH PING* (Asia)h.. You can send large files via email by creating a shareable link to a file or folder stored in Dropbox. In Dropbox, hover over a file or folder that you want to send via email and click Share when it appears. If a link hasn't already been created, click Create Link on the Can Edit or Can View option depending on what access you want to share The easiest and fastest way to send large files through Gmail is by using Google Drive. You have the option to compose a message and attach the Google file that way or go into Google Drive to share the original file directly with the recipient. Platforms iPhone and iPad macOS Android Web How to send large videos through text on android. I've got one of the best apps for you, and it will really help you a lot with sending large videos or files from your android smartphone through your email address. It's so easy and simple. So here comes the fourth method I've for you guys, and that is the Filemail application for android. 4

This article will let you know about how you can send large files on WhatsApp that are 1 GB or even more and you don't have to bother about the file size limit again. Yes, it is possible to as there is an app available for Android which allows the user to send huge files which can be video, audio, PDF, and many more To overcome the email file size limit, you can use cloud storage services to send large files. There are many file hosting sites and file sharing sites available on the internet to host and share large files. With these file sharing sites, you can easily send a very large file To send and share large audio files privately, there are some excellent free options. Via the providers Fidbak.audio, Swan, Send.mu and Soundcloud you can upload a limited number of files for free and listen to them via a web player. All 3 Companies offer the service to download the files or send them to other people via a private link

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Android - Sending audio-file with MMS. Ask Question Asked 10 years, 4 months ago. Active 8 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 3k times 3 Im using the following code to send audio-files through email, dropbox +++.. This is not giving me the option to send the same file through MMS.. Anyone know how to attach it to a MMS and let the user send if he/she. Send Anywhere: Easy, quick, and unlimited file sharing. Features. • Transfer any file type without altering the original. • All you need is a one-time 6-digit key for an easy file transfer. • Wi-Fi Direct: transfer without using data or the Internet. • Share files to multi-people at once via a link As the name signifies, the app will tell you how to send large video files from Android. The app can upload 50 GB of the files at once and can create a link for 1 TB. The app uses the Wi-Fi technology for file sharing, and hence it is fast and efficient in transferring files from one device to another i have found this code HttpURLConnection to Send image , audio and video files with parameter may (String or Json String) Android and it works perfectly with video, images and audio. But when i se.. Step 2: Sending a Photo or Video File. Once you've got the app installed, open it and scroll down to reveal a list of all the videos and photos you have stored on your device. Tap the file that you'd like to send and a checkmark will appear. From here, you can tap other files if you'd like to send more than just one

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In the Recording section, head over to audio recording which you want to share and tap on the More icon (three dot icon). From the menu, select Share. This will open a quick dialog box showing you. The benefits of sending large files through cloud storage . At the end of the day, sending large files through cloud storage is the safest and most cost-effective way to go. Cloud storage has far more benefits than other methods, including: Ease-of-use. You can send large files through an email invitation or a direct link 11 quick ways to clear space on an overstuffed Android phone Zap cached app files in a single tap, clear the Downloads folder, delete unneeded offline maps, take charge of music downloads, and more Firstly, you should upload the massive large images that you want to send, to Google Drive. Step 1. Insert files using Drive. Click Compose button with your Gmail to create a new message. Click the Insert files using Drive option (the image like a triangle). Step 2. Send large photos via Gmail with Google Drive So you've plugged your USB to micro USB cable into your computer and Android phone and are ready to start downloading files. Staring intently at your screen, you wait for a drive, a window — something, anything — where you can drag-and-drop your files, but it just doesn't come. Well, chances are, you are missing one simple yet critical but step. Here's how to transfer files to your.

In order to use our large file transfer tool, you need to select the documents or folders to send and then fill the form that matches to the tool you chose. 1. Select files. Click on start to select the files and documents to be sent or drag and drop them anywhere directly on the interface. 2 No need to download any video converting apps ,just go to what's app and click on send documents , it will show the option for videos click on the video which you want to send, the video with original size will be sen

Part 2. 3 Ways to Send Large Video Files from Android #1. WeTransfer. WeTransfer is one of the most straightforward services you can use to send large video files from Android. The only requirement is the email of the recipient. It allows you to transfer up to 2GB video for the free account Tap File. This is the red circle with a white paper icon in it. You can send documents, audio files, images, and videos using the File option. Tap on the document you want to send. Find the document you want to send in your device's folders, and tap on it to send it to your contact

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  1. Reduce the size of an image. If you're sending large image files you can automatically resize them to reduce their file size. Attach the images to your email message. Click File > Info. Under the Image Attachments section, select Resize large images when I send this message. Return to your message, and click Send
  2. To share a file as large as 500MB, go to the Send page at Bitwarden's site and click the Create a New Send button. Enter a name for the file you want to share, then attach the file.
  3. A Smart Android Transfer for Doing between Android and Computers. Transfer files between Android and computer, including contacts, photos, music, SMS, and more. Manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc. Transfer iTunes to Android (vice versa). Manage your Android device on a computer. Fully compatible with.
  4. If your file recipient is not nearby or has a non-Apple device, the best way is to choose a service for big file transfer. Send Large Video Files From Android. Alternative to AirDrop in the Android operating system is Bluetooth. But you may face different issues if you want to transfer really large files between two Android devices nearby
  5. You can automatically resize large image files in MS Outlook. Click the toggle button to the left of the Resize large images when I send this message to have Outlook automatically resize your image files. Note: The image files are resized when you click the Send button. So, in the example above you still wouldn't be able to add the additional.
  6. There are plenty of ways to transfer large files between Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, including AirDrop, Google Photos, Bluetooth transfer, and third-party programs

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There's a lot you can do with Send to. For example, you can customize the Send to menu, or you can add items to it.You can even add your OneDrive, to easily drop files in the cloud.. The point is, if you're a File Explorer veteran, then the Send to menu should be old hat, and if you tend to steer clear of the File Explorer, then now you know all about it Download and install Android File Transfer on your Mac. Connect your Android to your Windows PC using a USB cable. If you are given a selection of connection options, select Transfer Files (MTP). Select the music files from your computer. Drag the files into the Music folder on your Android device in Android File Transfer How to send large files from iOS devices to Android or PC. Just a few years ago, sending large files from iOS devices to Android or Windows computers was a very difficult task. Today, however, it's not a problem anymore, as networking protocols have since come a long way. There are different apps that will help you easily transfer large files Here you will find a Sync Now option, tap on it to start transferring files from Android to Android. Part 4. Best Way to Transfer Large Files from Android to Android Phone. With the methods above, you can easily transfer many Android files from one device to another. But you have to admit that, they all have some disadvantages

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  1. Also read: How to Use Your Android Smartphone in Hindi With Google Assistant. Behold, the Google Drive. Google's cloud storage comes to the ultimate rescue in this ordeal. Google allows you to store your data, in the form of audio files, video files or any other document type on its servers through Google Drive
  2. can i send a mp3 file in a text message using a samsung captivate? i am wanting to know if you/i can send a mp3 file through a text message. when ever i try it says file is to large or something along those lines. Questions. 6.2K. 2
  3. 2. Unlock your Android device, pull down the drop-down screen and tap the Notification bar > Transfer Files. 3. After the computer recognizes your Android device, open This PC/My Computer and double click your Android device to open it. Then navigate to the folder that contains videos and select the videos you wish to transfer
  4. Transfer files to a computer. When you connect your phone to a computer by USB cab l e, open the computer's Downloads folder to find the files that are on your phone. Learn how to move files be tween your computer and your phone
  5. The best way to transfer files between your PC and Android is to send them over a shared wireless network. You can use many apps for this, such as WiFi File Transfer on Android and Air Transfer on.
  6. Run the File manager on iPhone, tap on the More button and choose WiFi Transfer from the pop-up menu, see below screenshot. Slide the toggle to on in the WiFi Transfer screen, so you will get an iPhone file wireless transfer address. Connect your Android phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone. Then launch the internet browser on the.
  7. 8 essential Android to iOS file-transfer tips Here are eight ways Android and iPhone/iOS users can share files with each other, including online and off-line services, apps, and storage products

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1). Open Gmail and with your credentials. 2). Click on Compose button and the new window will be opened to send new message. 3). You can notice the Google Drive option just beside the Attach files. 4). When you place the mouse pointer on that, then you can see the 'Insert files using Drive' option. 5) Send the files by e-mail. Transferring audio files by syncing data to iTunes. In order to sync audio files recorded via Voice Memos to iTunes, make sure this option is set up in iTunes. To set up the Voice Memos syncing, do the following: Connect the iPhone to the computer and open the iTunes app. Tap the iPhone button 1 in the iTunes menu. The file will be downloaded to the device before it is opened. Now you can simply locate the file on your device and move it to another folder of your choice using the Send a Copy option. Method 3: Transfer Files from Android to iPad with Email You can also simply use Email to transfer files from Android to iPad Do as follows to share files with Viber. 1. Tap on Plus icon in the conversation page, and select Send File. 2. Browse and select the file you want to share. 3. Tap on the file and it will be sent to the contact immediately. Note: Sharing photos/videos with Viber is easy and quick. The problem, however, is that it requires stable Wi-Fi.

On iPhone, tap on Continue on the Move from Android screen, and you can get a code. Step 4. Type the code to your Android phone and you can see the Transfer Data Screen. Step 5. Choose the files you like to transfer to iPhone on your Android device then click Next to start the automatic transferring Paste the Google Drive file link into the Web address field. Select OK to finish. This will insert the link into your email message. Select Send to finish. All the recipient needs to do is click the link to download the file from your shared Google Drive file. Using this approach, it doesn't matter how large the file is WhatsApp is a popular communication software and one of the most excellent sharing platforms for media files in our daily life, and people use WhatsApp to send files to their friends and family. But how to send large files through WhatsApp is alwa..

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To send large file attachments from Yahoo, you have to yahoo and compose a new email. Click on the down arrow key near to the attachment (paperclip) button and select Share from Dropbox. Free Dropbox account is offering 2GB of spaceSelect your file and attach with the email, and you can send the email Tap Record Audio. Tap the red circle to begin recording and the red square to stop recording. Select the Dropbox folder where you'd like to store your audio file. Tap Upload. Note: The Dropbox mobile app for Windows 10 in S mode or Android devices do not currently support audio capture. How to upload other types of files. Open the Dropbox. Way 3 - Send iPhone Videos to Android via Cloud. When it comes to send large-sized videos from iPhone to Android, the cloud service is a nice option. They are used for more than just data back-up. Majority of them enables you to hassle-free share videos from iPhone to Android without the annoying hardware limitations Simply follow the steps below to send files in Messenger 2020. Install Messenger Lite on your Android phone. Open the app and log in with your Facebook account. Now open the desired conversation or chat. You can also search for the person to whom you want to send a file. Tap the + button at the bottom left and choose the File option Select the image file from the app and tap on the Send button. Why do You need to Send Image as Document? Officially, WhatsApp allows to send media file size up to 16 MB. So, you can send photos, videos, and audio up to 16 MB. But, it compresses every video and image. Even the media file is under the maximum file size limit

This lesson shows you how to design your app to send large files to another device using Android Beam file transfer. To send files, you request permission to use NFC and external storage, test to ensure your device supports NFC, and provide URIs to Android Beam file transfer. The Android Beam file transfer feature has the following requirements. With Google Drive, you can access and open files anywhere. You can also share files or documents with your friends using the share link feature on Google Drive. How To Send Large Videos Through Text On Android. Sending videos is relatively easy now, whether it's small or too large. But make sure you have a good network Best Android file transfer apps. Lenovo SHAREit. Send Anywhere. Zapya. Xender. Best Android file transfer apps. Lenovo SHAREit. SHAREit is a lightweight application that supports mobile devices and desktops powered by the Android or Windows OS. It can transfer files of all types from mobile to PC or vice versa quickly

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Use these steps to send large files via Gmail on your Android device: When composing the email, select the attachment icon (the paperclip), and select Insert from Drive . Browse or search for the file you want to send through Gmail from Google Drive. Choose Select. Repeat the first two steps to add more files When we have to transfer large files from one Android device to another, we may consider the most commonly used ways; Bluetooth, Cloud Services or Infrared. However, even the latest Bluetooth version 4.0 has a maximum data transfer speed of 25 Mbit/s, which sure takes a considerable period when the transfer file is in Gigabytes To send audio clips through Google's stock messenger app, just follow these easy steps. Under Settings , give Android messages permission to use your microphone. Open up a conversation

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Since the Activity displays the list of available files in a ListView, when the user clicks a file name the system calls the method onItemClick(), in which you can get the selected file. When using an intent to send a file's URI from one app to another, you must be careful to get a URI that other apps can read WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Share large files up to 2GB for free The Gmail file size limit can be quite frustrating. As Gmail refuses to send emails with more than 25MB of attachments, it's hard to send large presentations, images or videos. However, there's a workaround. In this article, I'll show you how to bypass the current Gmail attachment limit and send as many big files as you want Click Edit, Open, choose the file to compress and click OK. Click Project Rate and choose a lower value. Click the drop-down arrow next to the name of the audio file and select Split Stereo Track, select Mono by clicking on the drop-down next to the two tracks. Select flat parts on the waveform and hit the delete key to remove silences on the file

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And the good news is, indeed you can share files larger than 16 MB on WhatsApp. Note: The following method only works with the iOS version of WhatsApp (sender). The receiver, on the other hand, might be using WhatsApp on any platform (iOS, Android, Windows). Send large photos, music & videos via WhatsAp There are plenty of ways to transfer files between a Windows computer and an Android phone. A USB cable is probably the simplest. Plug the phone in, wait a few seconds for device detection, and. After compressing the video files, you can upload videos to YouTube or Google drive or you can directly attach to an email. You can also create an archive of this compressed video file by following step 4. 4. Send Zip file. When you create an archive of any file, it will compress the original file size The Best Ways to Transfer Large Files. It can sometimes be difficult to transfer large files via email. Your email client, the recipient's email client, or both of your email clients may reject large file attachments. This can be stressful - especially if you have to send a large attachment under a tight deadline HttpMultipart requests are used to send heavy data or files like audio and video to the server. Android Volley gives you a very faster and optimized environment to send heavy data or files to the server. Here I post an image file selected from the gallery. Using Restful API. Here, I am going to use the below API URL to upload the file/image

Superbeam. Make large file transfer easily with Superbeam. Superbeam operates over WiFi and allows you to send files and even entire folders between Android devices in an instant. You can easily pair devices to share instantly using QR codes or NFC, and it will also work with your notebook as well. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux How to Move Files From an Android Device to an SD Card . The accumulation of apps, files, photos, and updates on smartphones and tablets consumes system resources, which results in slower operation. One way to free up space and improve the performance of your Android device is to transfer files to an SD card Gadget Hacks. Attaching files to an email is way more convenient than trying to link people to third-party file transfers. Unfortunately, the standard 25MB limit is far too small to send some files, like large videos or multiple audio files. But you can circumvent that issue with a service called Attachments.me, and send up to 100MB in one email 2. JumboMail - Send Large Files Up to 5 GB for Free. JumboMail is currently the fastest growing cloud-based file transfer service in the world. What makes JumboMail stand out from all other large file sharing services is its unique online media gallery for viewing shared files on the download page Here's a step-by-step account of how users can share large files using WhatsApp: Step 1: Open Google Drive. Step 2: Tap on the Plus icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Step 3: Tap on Upload File > Tap on the Open option. Step 4: Once the file has been uploaded you will see the file on the top in the Google Drive app

Send files and folders directly from your desktop or integrate it into your applications. Windows, Mac, Linux & Unix! Filemail Outlook Addin. Our addin lets you send large files directly from Outlook. It's fast, secure and very easy to use. Outlook 2013/2016/2019 supported. Filemail iPhone/iPad App The DropSend application was designed to allow users to send large files and avoid email attachment size restrictions. You can manage your Storage, access your inbox, upload files, or send them to others all from the convenience of your Android or iOS device. Try It For Free Devices using Verizon Messages (Messages+) can send files up to 100 MB. The maximum file size that can be sent from an email to a device as a Mult-Media Messageis 3 MB. Larger files can be sent via email to email. If a device sends a file to a device with a lower file size limit the file is reduced to a file size acceptable by the receiving device Being an Android user and having friends who are in the Apple ecosystem does not need to be a pain. You can easily send high-quality videos to iPhone users, so don't feel handicapped without access to iMessage. Sending high-resolution videos to iOS users is easy with this fast video-sharing method Click the Attach files icon at the bottom of the New Message form. (It looks like a paper clip.) The File Upload window appears: To open the File Upload window, click the Attach Files icon. Navigate to the folder where your attachment file is located. Make sure the file size is less than 25 MB

You can use File Explorer to transfer photos Windows to Phone. When you attach your phone, look for your phone under This PC > Select required files in your computer > CTRL+C to copy > Go to the target folder in your phone and CTRL+V Do let me know if you require any further help on this. Will be glad to help you Step 2. Send and receive files via Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct is usually implemented in the Share or Action menu on Android phones, same place you choose Bluetooth, Email and other options to send files. You can select photos, videos from the Gallery app, then tap Share > Wi-Fi Direct, then select a Wi-Fi Direct connected device to share the. Connect your Android and PC to the same WLAN network. Visit airmore.net on your browser, where a QR code will be loaded. Tap Scan to connect and scan the code on the computer screen. After successful connection, choose the corresponding tab, select the files and click Download. With a steady internet connection, the transfer. Worry no more because there are ways to send a file in Messenger using your Android phone or iPhone. Method 2: Use Dropbox to Send Files in Messenger. Another method to send files in Messenger is to use Dropbox. It's a free file hosting service where you can store and share your files across multiple devices, along with syncing capabilities

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Just listen to the audio file to find whether you are satisfied with the output. Step 4Split voice memos into different clips. If the voice memos are still too large to send, you can also click the Clip menu to divide the audio file into different clips. Set the start point and end point to trim the voice memo with 20MB or less Transcribing long audio files using a Google Cloud Storage file These samples use a Cloud Storage bucket to store the raw audio input for the long-running transcription process. For an example of a typical longrunningrecognize operation response, see the Speech-to-Text basics documentation Send large files and avoid those bounce backs Figuring out how to email large files while avoiding bounce backs and clogging up your recipient's inbox is not an easy task. Whether it's a presentation full of images, a video file or a huge end of year report, sending your large documents online can be problematic Allows audio removal if requested, which reduces file size even further. Can convert a video into an audio-only MP3 file if needed. Cons: Sometimes difficult to delete new video files from the app. The feature of sending video to the user through SMS does not always work. 2. Resize Vide

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7. Your files will now be transferred from the internal storage to the SD card. Transfer Apps from Android Internal Storage to SD card. If your device is running an older Android operating system, you can choose to transfer apps to the SD card. However, only some apps are compatible with an SD card instead of internal memory The only way to send the large videos is by converting them to smaller formats and then sharing. Today, we are going to solve this problem for all the users of WhatsApp, be it for Android, iOS, and Windows. For that, you will just need a basic video conversion app. Method 1 Using Android: Send Videos Larger than 16 MB on WhatsAp In our ultra mobile and wireless world, it seems somewhat 'low-tech' to have to physically connect your Android device to a PC in order to transfer files. The good news: there are many ways to transfer files wirelessly, and you can do it whether your Android and PC are connected to the same WI-FI network or not With Box, you can send all types of large files from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, whether it runs on iOS or Android. The recipient can preview, edit, comment, send, or download the files on any device, too — even if they don't have a Box account. Keep it secure

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Android devices can easily connect to a computer via USB. In the best case scenarios, the process is as simple as dragging and dropping files between windows. Sometimes, there's a little extra work to do in getting your computer to recognise the tablet. Read on for our step-by-step guide to moving files to an Android device over USB. N.B Select the files you want to transfer to computer by selecting the items from the menu and marking them in the right window. Then click on 'Export.'. Step 3. Transfer files from Android tablet to computer. You will have to choose a location on your computer to save the transferred Android tablet files. Click on 'OK' after setting the target. ☆ Transfer files with flash speed Imagine sending your party video to friends in Seconds! The highest speed can reach 40Mb/s. ☆ Send Large Files without limitation (Original Size) Xender file transfer Sharing photos, music, videos, apps, documents and any other file types of Unlimited file Size. ☆ Free Network and Data Connectio Open WhatsApp, and find the person you want to send the message to. Press the icon that looks like a paperclip in the top right hand corner to open a new menu. From this menu, you can share a number of different file types. (Such as; audio files, contacts and videos.) Tap on the option that is relevant to the file type you want to send, and you. Only audio, image or a video files can be transferred to the recipient. There is no provision to share any other file from the Android file system like a Word or a PDF document

Windows. Mac. Find the file you want to compress. Find the file you want to compress. Right-click on it and select Send To. Two-finger click / Control + click on the file. Choose Compressed. Step 3: Click the Audio icon on the lower right corner. Set MP3 as the output audio format. Step 4: To adjust audio quality and file size, you can click the gear Settings icon. Here you can adjust audio sample rate, channel, bitrate and encoder. Then click OK to save changes. Step 5: Click Convert to convert from MP4 to MP3 online. You can. To attach the file when you send e-mail on my Phone, follow the steps below: 1. From the standby screen, tap App. 2. Select Email. 3. Select Create mail icon. 4. Select Attach. 5. Choose the folder where the desired file is located. You can then select the file you wish to add Step 2: Launch the software and plug the Android device you wanted to transfer files from into your computer using a standard USB cable. Step 3: Next, click the green Backup button within the main.