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2007 Jeep JK 5.7L LX Hemi 545RFE CA Emissions Legal 2007 - 2011 Jeep JK Hemi engine swap. Every Wrangler owner loves their Jeep but wants more power under the hood. Sadly, the JK ships from the factory with a 3.8L V6 making 202 horsepower and 237 lb.-ft. of torque [KBB] - numbers lower than many compact cars The 5.7L Hemi crate engine is perfect for swapping into a 2007 to 2011 Wrangler JK. Introduced in 2003, the GEN lll Hemi was well received by the market and recognized as one of the 10 best by Ward Magazine. The original block needed to be redesigned early in the production cycle, accommodating the technological advantage of VVT

Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 14, 2017. Hello Jeeper's. I decided to improve my 2007 Jeep performance by adding either an Mercedes or an BMW 3.0 diesel engine. So i am looking at a swap - conversion over the stock 2.8 engine. I've seen some conversions over the web but i am still looking to get the best solution There have been two different guys in the local jeep group swap in caravan 3.8's to replace the Jeep ones. From what was said as long as the 3.8 is from a 2007 or newer the block is the same, then you just have to swap front covers, intakes and pretty well all of the external parts lol. G What Swaps to Avoid with a Jeep. 1. Dodge V10. While the Viper motors sound is fantastic, it under-delivers and is fairly expensive, too. 2. Cadillac North Star V8. Like the Dodge swap, they under-deliver and are prone to overheating. 3. Cummins 5.9 Diesel Cheap Jeep Power: 5 Budget-Friendly Engine Swaps. January 10, 2018; Story By Ali Mansour; Since the first Willys flatfender rolled off the assembly line in 1941 to the current day Wrangler, the thirst for more power under the hood has always been there

Hemi Swap Video. Engine Specifications Table. 3.9L Cummins 4BT. 6.2L Hellcat. 5.0L Coyote. 5.0L Windsor. 6.2L LS3. 5.7L Hemi. Even before the JL Wrangler was out in the wild, people wondered why there still wasn't a V8 option for Jeep Contact 828-675-8789 ext. 205 for more Information. After Hours call Jesse Robertson at 828-773-5728. or fill out this form. HEMI Conversion. Request Form. 2007-2011 Transmission Upgrade. Required for all 2007-2011 Wrangler JK HEMI Conversions. 5-45RFE Automatic Transmission for 2007-2011 Wrangler JK + $2,000.00. Click to expand

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  2. s Turbo diesel engine conversion installations and do-it-yourself kits for the JL, JT, JK, and TJ platform. Bruiser also builds a full line of luxury off-road vehicles including the Super Cab, JK Crew, and Overlander
  3. The Mopar HEMI is a popular engine for a swap, possibly due to the company connection to the Jeep or the simply cool status that only the hemi carries. Just because a hemi is available in a Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn't make it an easy swap. Swapping one of these engines isn't particularly cheap and can provide its own challenges. Do your.
  4. 2007 Jeep Wrangler JKU 3.8L crate motor engine Swap after spinning a bearing. Replaced Power Steering Bo
  5. Customers who wish to install an AEV Snorkel Kit on their JK Wrangler with a 5.7L or 6.4L AEV HEMI V8 Engine Conversion should also purchase an AEV HEMI Air Box Kit. The HEMI Air Box Kit is a direct replacement for the open element air filter system that is supplied with the HEMI Builder Kit, allowing for a clean and simple installation of the.
  6. Jeep Speed Shop owns a 2008 JK with an LS and a 2011 Jeep JK with a Hemi. While the Chevy swap left us wanting to pull our hair out (it needed a lot of tuning and transmission work), the Mopar was comparatively simple. Are you ready for raw, unadulterated Hemi power? The Hemi conversion is by far the best V8 swap for the Wrangler JK
  7. One Jeep, Two Jeep - A Tale for the 1%: A Funny Jeep Book, Adult Children's Book, Parody $12.95 Engine Computer Programmed Plug&Play 2000 Jeep Cherokee 56041667AD 4.0L MT PC

With over 350 Jeep Wrangler HEMI Swaps completed we know 392 JK conversions & have performed more Jeep HEMI conversions than almost any other shop. The most knowledgeable & trusted in the Jeep industry. Factory serviceability & reliability In this video I replace the engine in a 2007 Jeep Wrangler with a 3.8 liter engine#jeepwrangler #enginereplacement #1970chevelle39 Jeep YJ Wrangler. One of the most enjoyable Jeeps to work with today is the Jeep YJ Wrangler, as built from 1987 to 1995. The generous YJ engine bay allows for a comfortable, clean fit for GM Small Block V6, V8 and even Big Block V8 engines Replacing 280,000 mile Jeep 3.8 with a caravan 3.8 Kooks Full Exhaust Systems now available for the 2007+ Jeep Wrangler JK with an LS Swap! View our Long Tube Headers, Y-Pipes, and Cat Back online now! https:..

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The Prodigy turbo system is a whole lot less in regards to what you can expect to pay when considering a Jeep Hemi Conversion. Prodigy Performance offers our complete Turbo Kit for about $7,000. Figure $1,200 - $1,500 if you hire a professional to install your kit. Installing a Hemi or LS engine will set you back anywhere from $24,000. Has anyone tried to put a small V8 into their Jeep? LawrenceR; May 20, 2020; Replies 10 Views 2,267. Jul 30, 2020. BAKNBLK. Hemi 6.4L 475hp swaps - where is the data? outatime7; Sep 11, 2019; Replies 8 JL Wrangler Engine Swap - V8 LS3 Crate Engine. SKT; Feb 1, 2018; 3 4 5. Replies 61 Views 37,691. Nov 18, 2019. stickshifter. Ferrari F160.

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500 HP - 470ft/lb. Available for: 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU. 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU. 2020+ Jeep Gladiator JT. Shop Hemi. 6.2L Hellcat V8. Available upgrades for Redeye, Demon, and Hellephant engine available. 1000hp Hellcat upgrade also available I hope the diesel swap would be a very similar price to a hemi swap, which is a lot less than 30k. Also, AEV seem to have a good number of customers for the hemi swap. Think of the same torque with 30mpg highway. -Dan. I just looked up a long block, List price is $6,850.00 with a $3,500.00 core

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We are the nation's leading provider of rebuilt engines. Get a free quote! No Upfront Core Fees Engine Swap. I Have A 1993 Jeep Wrangler With A 2.5l 4 Cylinder Engine And A Manual Tranmission. I Need To Replace The Engine. 2007 Jeep Wrangler Engine Rough. On My 2007 Jk Jeep Wrangler V6 3.8 Liter. I Put New Plugs On Gapped Right, New Wires, Did The Fuel System Cleaning All To It. When I Did..

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It is a wrangler 2007 jeep 2wd sahara 3.8 engine. 99 jeep wrangler: with a 4.0l engine and an ax+15 tranny..swap..bolt. i have a 99 jeep wrangler tj with a 4.0l engine and an ax+15 tranny. what other manual trannies can i swap into this jeep (like the nv3550..or the newer 6 spd). Fits: 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK & JK Unlimited. Details If you are thinking about putting a HEMI in your Jeep Wrangler JK, you need to seriously consider this kit. Engine functions as stock, can be serviced and diagnosed by any Chrysler/Jeep dealer. No measure motor mounts index off holes in frame Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2007 Jeep Wrangler Engine from AutoZone. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right price 2007-2018. Jeep Wrangler JK Showcase. 1997-2006. Jeep Wrangler TJ Showcase. 1987-1995. Jeep Wrangler YJ Showcase. 1945-1986. and some did, but for most this type of swap was cost-prohibitive. These days, the current JL-edition Wrangler thankfully gives its buyers (at least those seeking an automatic transmission) the ability to re-take that.

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The swap couldn't be easier with AEV's complete kits that include everything you need, except for the engine and transmission, for a factory like engine swap. Recommended Products ATK Engines Replacement 2.5L I-4 Engine for 98-02 Jeep Wrangler TJ & Cherokee X This would be the perfect vehicle to either rebuild/replace the Mercedes engine, or do a HEMI / LS or 4BT swap on. It could also be parted out for the Rubicon parts on it. Here is a video of the Mercedes Diesel engine running in the Jeep, just after it started for the first time. The camera makes it sound louder than it is The 2007 Jeep Wrangler has 8 problems reported for engine failure. Average repair cost is $4,440 at 63,600 miles Both the 3.3 & 3.8L engines are traditional pushrod style engines and have cast iron blocks with aluminum cylinder heads. Chrysler originally used these engines for their minivans and later installed in some other vehicles including the Jeep Wrangler engine from 2007-2011. 2011 was the last year this motor was produced

147 Posts. #2 · Jan 26, 2018. DuxDweller said: Gents: My 3.7 blew a head gasket. Jeep is in good condition with a ton of recently replaced parts (suspension, tires, brakes, etc.) Looks like I can pick up a salvage engine (70k miles) for around $1200. Any idea what the labor cost should be to swap them Jeep Wrangler 2007, Engine Coolant Radiator by Sherman®. Restore the OEM-specified cooling ability and be sure that your engine runs optimally and is protected from possible overheating and damage. Trust Sherman and get a durable... Factory original quality at less cost Direct fit replacement. $112.36 - $271.18 NuTech Remanufactured Long Block Engine DA31. $. 1674. 99. + $ 285.00 Refundable Core Deposit. Part # DA31. SKU # 561302. Year Warranty. Check if this fits your Jeep Wrangler

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I just want to mention something. Ya'll keep talking 3.6 swap to a jeep that has an inline 6 or 4cyl. He has a 2006 if im not mistaken, and that is a TJ/LJ. It would be much more expensive to do this swap. You would be better off finding a low mileage motor of the same ilk or rebuilding the current one Buy this 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Sport Utility 4D at a savings of $3,915 compared to dealer retailer pricing. Read all about the specs, see detailed photos and videos and a vehicle history report. Swap Motors - buying and selling cars made simple I thought you were implying that you would replace your Commander's engine down the road with another engine. I was only suggesting using a newer version of the 4.7L for your XK - which should be a pretty straight forward swap; I didn't see anything that said your were planning on getting rid of your XK. A 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 4-Door w/LS Engine Swap. 3 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust. Parts designed to be used with LS Engine Swap with RPM Extreme (or similar) LS Swap Kit. Due to the custom nature of this part, other parts may be required for proper fitment. Kooks Headers and Exhaust has been the leader in the High Performance Exhaust.

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While a Small Block V8 is a great engine, there are sometimes better choices for smaller Jeeps, such as Buick and Chevrolet V6's, Ford 2000cc and 2300cc's, GM Iron Duke Fours and the like. Big Block V8's and heavy old I6's should hardly be considered in short wheelbase Jeeps! When planning a conversion into a CJ2A up through the CJ5's. Trans Dapt Engine Swap Motor Mount Kit Small Block Chevy/Big Block Chevy V8 or 4.3L V6 into 1987-95 Jeep YJ Wrangler $269.99 Estimated to ship directly from the manufacturer on 07/15/2 Engine Swap Depot. Toggle Navigation. Toggle Navigation Wrangler with a Viper V10. March 19, 2007 October 9, 2020; Wrangler; If you have every wondered if someone has put a Viper engine into a Jeep before? Well someone did. Burnsville Offroad started the project in Read More » Jeep Wrangler with a Viper V10. Goodguys 2007 Event Schedule.

Furthermore, they use CNC precision-machining to shape the high-grade stainless steel for excellent fit and performance.Application. The Kooks 3 in. Green Catted Y-Pipe is designed to fit 2007 to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK models with LS Engine Swap Engine swap. BARON. MEMBER. 1993 JEEP WRANGLER. 4 CYL. 4WD. MANUAL. I have a 1993 Jeep Wrangler with a 2.5L 4 cylinder engine and a manual tranmission. I need to replace the engine ExtremeTerrain no longer carries the Kooks 1-7/8-Inch Long Tube Headers (07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK w/ LS Engine Swap). Please check out 2018-2021 Jeep JL Headers | Wrangler for an updated selection

2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK w/LS Engine Swap 1-7/8 x 3 Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers w/ O2 Bungs and Torca SwivelSeal Style Connection. 304 Stainless Steel Construction Headers are one of the top performance parts added to vehicles. Kooks Headers improves your vehicles exhaust performance instantly The 2.8L VM Motori CRD was discontinued due to stricter 2007 United States diesel emission standards. Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, and California had already banned sale of the vehicle due to their rigid state emissions regulations. The 50-state legal 3.0L Mercedes-Benz OM642 engine was used in the Jeep Grand Cherokee from 2005-2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with Dana 44 Series Axle 2007, Front Ring and Pinion Gear Set by Revolution Gear & Axle®. Made from top quality 8620 Steel and are precision heat treated to OEM specifications, making for the best aftermarket gears.. 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 4-Door w/LS Engine Swap. 3 Stainless Steel Catted Y-Pipe. 304 Stainless Steel Construction Headers are one of the top performance parts added to vehicles. Kooks Headers improves your vehicles exhaust performance instantly

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I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler X with the 3.8L Engine. It started running rough over a week ago with a misfire in cylinder 2. I replaced all spark plugs, spark plug wires and the ignition coil. Then I unplugged the negative terminal on my battery for about thirty minutes before hooking it up and starting the jeep If you are looking to make your Wrangler fast, you have the wrong idea and the wrong vehicle. Jeeps are not fast, however they make up for it by being able to go just about anywhere. Modern Jeep Wranglers come equipped with a 3.6 liter six-cylinder engine that produces 285 hp and 260ft-lb. of torque Jeep TJ Wrangler 1997-2004 LSx Package *These packages are only designed for the LS, GEN 3 & GEN 4 GM Engines. The installation of the bellhousings in these kits will require the transmission to be moved forward 2 to 2.5 so drive shaft modifications, 1 body lift, and 4 suspension lift required Best Warranty in The Industry. Purchase from us and get an industry leading warranty on used engines and transmissions. Our used engines, transmissions, Rear Axle, Transfer Case Assembly, and Suspension Cross Member K Frame are covered under a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, included for free 4.0L Jeep engine is a good swap. Stroke it out and you get twice the power and torque from it. Plus it will blt into a Jeep with no problem. Again this swap can run into the thousands of dollars according to how much you can do

If you are vision-impaired or have some other impairment covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act or a similar law, and you wish to discuss potential accommodations related to using this website, please contact us at 877-553-5337 and/or email [email protected]. Jeep®, Wrangler®, Rubicon®, CJ®, Mopar®, Renegade®, Scrambler®, Commando®, Sahara®, SRT® and the Jeep® Grille Design. 2007 - 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK HEMI Conversion by MMX4x4.com! Here at MMX4x4, we have been installing Gen3 HEMI's in different vehicles for nearly two decades. If you checkout a hot rod site ( www.modernmusclextreme.com) you will find that we literally have hundreds of HEMI builds under our belts, including very famous builds like AZN's.

The 2007 Jeep wrangler has changed every thing about it,the frame is longer and the body is wider.Its a nice change for the wrangler.I own a 07 wrangler x model 4x4 and i cant complain at all.I have made some mod. to it THE MOST POWERFUL FORCED INDUCTION SYSTEM ON THE MARKET FOR 2007-2011 JEEP WRANGLER JK 3.8's! SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE THE WHEEL HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE OUTPUT OF YOUR JEEP. With more power than any HEMI or LS V8 swap, this Stage 2 system from Prodigy Performance gives you the boost you need for your 2007-2011 3.8 JK Wrangler Jeep Wrangler PCM, ECM, and TCMs. With our 100% plug-and-play engine computers, you don't need to spend your time (and money!) visiting the dealer. When you purchase from us, you receive a pre-programmed Wrangler engine computer module designed to match your VIN

Identifying Your GM PCM. GM Generation 3+ PCM's come in three major styles as follows: The early Generation III PCM, 1997 to 1998. The late Generation III PCM, 1999 to mid-2007. The Generation IV PCM w/transmission controller, 2005-present. Make sure your PCM and harness are compatible, if they were not pulled from the same vehicle We carry parts for the 3.6 l Pentastar V6 as well as the 3.8 V6 engine. We did not produce these kits to turn your Jeep into a race Jeep it was carefully constructed and tuned to perfection, to give you the ultimate driving experience on the road, highway, off road trails, and daily driving situations that all can benefit from Quick look into the past since 1986 Jeep has offered 4 different motors for the Wrangler: 1. The legendary 4.0L In-Line Six Engine (1986 to 2006) 2. The 2.4L In-Line 4 Cylinder Engine (1984 to 2002) 3. The 3.8L V6 202 hp and 237 lb-ft of torque (2007 to 2012) 4. The 3.6L Pentastar V6 285 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque (2012 To Present) 5 Exhaust, intake, and electronic engine mapping upgrades make the Jeep 3.6- and 3.8-liter V-6 engines much more potent. This book also includes how to swap GM LS and new Hemi engines into the JK for vastly improved performance. Since its release in 2007, the JK has become wildly popular and nearly 1 million units have been sold in North America 2006-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK (All) w/ Gen3 HEMI Engine Swap. 1-3/4 x 2-1/2 Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers w/ O2 Bungs and Torca Swivel Seal Style Connection. Due to the custom nature of this part, other parts may be required for proper fitment. Please contact Kooks Headers and Exhaust before ordering. Headers are one of the top performance parts added to vehicles


2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK w/LS Engine Swap 1-3/4 x 3 Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers w/ O2 Bungs and Torca SwivelSeal Style Connection. 304 Stainless Steel Construction Headers are one of the top performance parts added to vehicles. Kooks Headers improves your vehicles exhaust performance instantly Check if this fits your 2008 Jeep Wrangler. Location: Engine. Notes: Long block, IMPORTANT: See Warranty Information Bulletin. The VIN# is required to ensure that the correct part is shipped. Call Tri Star at 1-855-459-6671 for customer service, availability and technical assistance. PRICE: 2682.99. Part: 2131 Test drive Used 2007 Jeep Wrangler at home from the top dealers in your area. Search from 322 Used Jeep Wrangler cars for sale, including a 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Rubicon, a 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Rubicon w/ Dual Top Group, and a 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Unlimited Rubicon Jeep Wrangler 3.8L 2007, Premium Oxygen Sensor by Bosch®. A worn-out oxygen sensor can cause engine performance problems and shorten the life of the catalytic converter. Tune-up your vehicle with an Oxygen Sensor from Bosch that is... OE Identical Connector Compact Design. $17.80 - $28.40

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Detailed specs and features for the Used 2007 Jeep Wrangler including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more If you've recently completed an engine swap in your 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler, then you're going to want this Smittybilt H.E.M.I. Vented Hood, which gives an extra 4 of clearance for several different types of swaps. This vented hood will greatly help the cooling and heat dissipation. Features & Benefits: - Fits 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler J for sale a engine removed from a 20017 jeep wrangler this engine is a 3.6 engine is in perfect working shape we ship anywhere in canada and usa for any questions call us 514-562-8344 or toll-free 1888-494-4275 www.directauto-parts.com we have many 6.7 engines and transmissions in stock all years direct auto part Engine Motor 3.8L VIN 1 8th Digit OEM 2007 07 Wrangler Jeep OEM V6 Mopar (Fits: Jeep Wrangler) $2,107.00. Was: $2,633.75. Free shipping. or Best Offer

RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Easy to use parts catalog 3.6L Pentastar engine VIN G .?.. 2014-2018 Town & Country. 2014-2018 Dodge Caravan, Challenger, Charger & Journey. 2014-2018 Jeep Wrangler 888-842-0023. CLICK TO CALL NOW. Jeep Wrangler Engines. We Are The Nation's Leading Supplier of Engines, Transmissions, Differentials, and Transfer Cases Get a Free, No Obligation Price-Quote Today! YEAR *. MAKE *. MODEL *. TYPE * Engines Transmissions Differentials Transfer Cases Used Engines

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2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK w/LS Engine Swap 3 Stainless Steel Non-Catted Y-Pipe Must be used with Kooks Headers. Kooks Headers and Exhaust has been the leader in the High Performance Exhaust Industry for over 50 Years! Since 1962, Kooks takes pride in offering the best Headers and complete exhaust systems for your street, race and off-road. Note: These engine / motor mounts are commonly used with Jeep YJ Wrangler and Jeep CJ Models!-3AN Male/Male 7/16 X 24 Inv, -3AN Male to Male 7/16 X 24 Inv. This is a fitting that has a 7/16 inverted flare on one end, and on the other a -3AN. Note: This fitting fits Jeep CJ5 / CJ7 / CJ8 hydraulic master and slave cylinders Get the best deals on JDM Exterior Mouldings & Trims for 2007 Jeep Wrangler when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices

Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2016 Jeep Wrangler 19. Failure Date: 02/10/2021. The oil filter housing is made of plastics and it cracks and oil leaks on to exhaust which could cause a fire and also environmental issuer due to oil leaking on ground. This is a big problem with the Jeep pentastar 3. 6 v6 engine Power. 202 @ 5200 rpm. Drivetrain. four-wheel. Smart Buy Program is powered by. 4.5 out of 5 ( 30. Owner. Reviews) Review the 2007 Wrangler. See the value of your car and get a cash offer in minutes

Navos OE-Style Touchscreen Navigation Unit with Smartphone Link. (07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK) $ 724.99. FREE 3 -Day delivery. (100+) Raxiom Auto-Dimming 3.50-Inch Rearview Mirror with Backup Camera. (07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK) $ 569.99. FREE 3 -Day delivery Just like our other Wrangler JK products, this radiator is a direct fit and accommodates the stock JK radiator fan, A/C condenser, and transmission cooler. As with all our products, this 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK HEMI Conversion Performance Aluminum Radiator is backed by Mishimoto's Lifetime Warranty for unparalleled peace of mind Find Jeep Wrangler at the best price. We have 14 cars for sale for hemi jeep wrangler conversion, from just $12,100. 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 27858, Greenville, Pitt County, NC . This is our new project! We did a HEMI Swap on it. We also installed a heavy duty 6 speed manual transmission. The Conversion Kit is installed.. The RIPP Performance Coil Pack is specifically designed for the 3.8l V6 found in your Jeep Wrangler from 2007 to 2011. It will deliver more energy and a hotter spark across the entire engine RPM range when compared to the factory coil pack 45 Jeep Wrangler from $32,000. Find the best deals for used jeep wrangler v8 hemi. This 2008 jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon was purchased new by the seller in california and subsequently modified with a 5.7-liter hemi v8 paired with a replacement. Exterior color: granite crystal metallic clearcoat

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We currently carry 1 Alternator products to choose from for your 2007 Jeep Wrangler, and our inventory prices range from as little as $169.99 up to $169.99. On top of low prices, Advance Auto Parts offers 1 different trusted brands of Alternator products for the 2007 Jeep Wrangler Jeep 4.2 258 engine 1987 only,wrangler,cherokee,commanche Our Price: $2,950.00 jeep engine 4.0 L6,242,87-9 NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. PURCHASE OR PAYMENT DOES NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. The Northridge 4x4 Gladiator Jeep Giveaway is open only to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia who has reached the age of majority Direct-fit Flex-A-Lite® Extruded Core performance aluminum radiator for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK a HEMI engine swap. Learn More | Find a Local Retailer; Find an Online Retailer; Flex-A-Lite Extruded Core Radiator 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK LS Engine. Part Number: 113735. Will a 3.7 engine out of 2011 Jeep Liberty fit in to a 2002 Jeep liberty. 9 people found this helpful. Yes, the 3.7 L engine will fit and bolt up to the transmission, but the timing reluctor ring will need to be changed on the crankshaft in the crankcase, and the tone wheel will need to be changed on the cam in the passenger side head Coolant Overflow Recovery Tank Reservoir w/Cap & Hose for 97-06 Jeep Wrangler. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 1. $31.92. $31. . 92. FREE Shipping. Only 9 left in stock - order soon