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  1. The goals and techniques of wrist tendinosis surgery are similar to wrist tendonitis surgery. The average recovery time for wrist tendinosis surgery is 4 to 6 months. Studies show an estimated 70 to 85% of cases recover after a tendinosis surgery without complications. 1 Some degree of stiffness may be common after surgery
  2. g one's fingers. Using a splint will keep the end of the tendon that is healing from pulling out of place
  3. Orthopaedic and hand surgeons frequently treat disorders of the flexor and extensor tendon systems. Common conditions, such as trigger finger, de Quervain tenosynovitis, extensor tendon injury, and zone II flexor tendon injury, can be challenging to treat

The surgeon releases the extensor retinaculum by severing it, taking care not to damage the tendons underneath or nearby radial nerve. The surgical instruments are removed and the incision in closed with stitches. The surgical site is then bandaged. After a brief recovery period, the patient will be free to go home on the same day as the surgery Excision of extensor tendon sheath of the wrist (de Quervain's procedure) What the Anesthesiologist Should Know before the Operative Procedure De Quervain's procedure is a minor surgical.. The doctor made a cut, called an incision, in the skin on the side of your wrist near the base of your thumb. The surgery opens the tissue over the swollen part of the tendon. This allows the tendon to move freely without pain. Your wrist and thumb will be sore and swollen at first

Extensor carpi ulnaris tendinitis is an injury of the wrist where the extensor carpi ulnaris muscle becomes inflamed and irritated. This muscle extends from the outer portion of the forearm and attaches to the fifth metacarpal, functioning to extend the wrist towards the pinky. Continual repetitive movements that places stress on the tendon of. The now broader tendon canal will let the extensor tendons of the thumb slide unhindered. The surgical effort is finalized after hemostasis by skin sutures and dressing of the wound. Some surgeons also apply a cast splint to stay on during the first days after surgery, as it will help reduce the pain Generally, during tendon repair a surgeon will: make one or more small incisions (cuts) in the skin over the damaged tendon sew the torn ends of the tendon together check the surrounding tissue to.. Someone who has surgery to repair extensor tendonitis may have a longer recovery period and may require rehabilitation or physical therapy in order to regain full function. As with any surgery,..

The wrist extensor tendons are the key to balanced hand function and the success of rehabilitation after injury. Positional grip depends on the selective stabilizing forces of the three wrist extensor tendons. The digital extensor tendons, in the absence of the wrist extensor tendons, can secondarily induce wrist extension Introduction. De Quervain's tenosynovitis is inflammation of the tendons within the first extensor compartment of the wrist, resulting in wrist pain and swelling.. It is most common in women between the ages of 30-50, especially in those with occupations or hobbies involving repetitive movements of the wrist.. In this article, we shall look at the pathophysiology, clinical features and. Surgery will be required in order to repair the damaged tendon. A small incision is made to locate the ends of the tendon and they are then stitched back together. Because extensor tendons are easy to reach they are relatively easy to repair. Depending on the injury, it is possible to have this procedure performed under a local anesthetic Common conditions involving the tendons of the hand and wrist include trigger finger, tenosynovitis of the first through sixth dorsal extensor compartments, and flexor carpi radialis tendonitis. Management strategies include nonsurgical treatments, such as splinting, injection, or therapy, and surgical techniques such as tendon release


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An extensor tendon repair surgery can be performed under either regional or general anesthesia. The goal of any extensor tendon repair surgery is to re-establish the integrity and durability of the damaged tendon, thereby renewing as much of the previous function as possible The multiple accessory tendons of extensor pollicis brevis are one of the tendons in the back of the wrist which helps the muscles put your hand and wrist in the halt, position. Fingers pointed up. The extensor carpi ulnaris tendon and the extensor pollicis brevis tendon both control muscle movement on the pinky side of the hand Intersection syndrome is a condition of tendon inflammation of the tendons over the back of the forearm and wrist.   The pain of intersection syndrome is located about 4 cm above the back of the wrist joint where two major tendons that move (straighten) the fingers cross over each other. Intersection syndrome is a type of wrist tendonitis Interventional pain therapies for wrist joint pain are divided in following two groups. Cortisone Injection Therapy - Chronic pain such as wrist joint tendonitis is treated with corticosteroid injection. Joint or tendon injection is performed in surgical center

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  1. The question of Wrist Tendonitis vs Carpal Tunnel Syndrome needs to be answered as accurate diagnosis is crucial to appropriate treatment. Tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendon. There are a large number of tendons in the wrist that can be divided into groups based upon their action: Flexor and Extensor tendons
  2. Functional Anatomy. There are 12 extrinsic extensors of the wrist and digits, all of which are innervated by the radial nerve. The muscles that give rise to these tendons originate in the forearm and elbow ().The extrinsic extensor tendons reach the hand and digits by passing through a fibroosseous tendon sheath (retinaculum) located at the dorsal surface of the wrist
  3. Tendon repair surgery Tendon repair may involve a surgeon making a cut (incision) in your wrist, hand or finger so they can locate the ends of the divided tendon and stitch them together. Extensor tendons are easier to reach, so repairing them is relatively straightforward
  4. The extensor tendons at the wrist level are strained and tendon sheaths become inflamed. In contrast, planting a winter garden may involve more forceful wrist flexion as small spades are repeatedly drawn toward the body. This strains the wrist flexor tendons which may become painful with wrist motion, tender to direct pressure and possibly swollen

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  1. Extensor tendonitis in your hand causes pain and stiffness in the top of your hand, often around the wrist. You may also feel numbness or tingling in this area. Cause
  2. New Medical Devices Designed to Treat Your Wrist Extensor Tendon At Home. Doctors and professional athletes choose these products first for their personal us
  3. Extensor pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus are two tendons located on the thumb side of the wrist. What is DeQuervain's Tendonitis? Inflammation and swelling of the tendon sheath(s) may cause pain on the thumb side of the wrist. Strain on these tendons can cause swelling and irritation, and lead to a condition called DeQuervain's.
  4. cause extensor repair rupture with standard dynamic splinting, it does point to a peril peculiar to extensor tendon repair.6-8 Many assump-tions based on flexor tendon repair, but without substantiation for extensor tendon repair, have been made in the past. These are now being consistently challenged with laboratory and outcomes analysis
  5. | Extensor Tendon Injuries. Extensor Tendon Injuries. Extensor tendons are thin cordlike structures which arise from muscles, which originate at the lateral aspect of the elbow and insert over the back of the wrist and top of the digits. When the extensor muscle contracts, the extensor tendons pull backwards extending the fingers and wrist
  6. the tendons in the tight tunnel as they move the thumb. It most commonly occurs in weightlifters and in post-partum women as they repeatedly lift their new baby. Treatment starts with thumb and wrist splinting, steroid injections and occasionally surgery. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Extensor Tendon
  7. Extensor Tendon Rehabilitation... (surgery, insurance, fingers, wrist) User Name: Remember Me: Password The only thing I can't do with my hand right now is extend my wrist back with the fingers fully extended as if you were going to push on a flat surface. The hand WILL go into that position but not on its own. Had a tendon repair.

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An extensor tendon repair is a surgery that repairs a lacerated or torn extensor tendon, which is performed under either regional or general anesthesia. The goal of extensor tendon repair surgery is to re-establish the integrity and durability of the damaged tendon and renew as much of the previous function as possible A chronic rupture requires a difficult, drastic surgery - often times there may be a tendon transfer needed to complete the surgery and a lengthy recovery period. As with any surgery there are risks to every procedure depending on a lot of factors, including your age, the severity of your injury and your level of health going into the procedure A broad spectrum of pathology involving the extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU) tendon has been described, including stenosing tenosynovitis, tendinosis and fraying, bony erosion of the floor of the sixth compartment, tendon subluxation, and even rupture.42, 43, 44 Athletes who use a club or racquet seem to have a particular predilection to develop. Extensor Tendon Injuries. Extensor tendons, located on the back of the hand, allow you to straighten your fingers and thumb. These tendons are attached to muscles in the forearm. As the tendons continue into the fingers, they become flat and thin. In the fingers, these tendons are joined by smaller tendons from the muscles in the hand The extensor apparatus is a complex muscle-tendon system that requires integrity or optimal reconstruction to preserve hand function. Anatomical knowledge and the understanding of physiopathology of extensor tendons are essential for an accurate diagnosis of extensor tendon injuries (ETIs) of the hand and wrist, because these lesions are complex and commonly observed in clinical practice

The extensor tendon is a strong, smooth cord that connects finger bones to muscles in the hand. Extensor tendons are located just under the skin, directly on the bone, on the back of the hand and fingers. They allow you to open your hands and move or straighten your wrist, fingers, and thumb. Extensor tendon injury is a partial or complete. Surgery to free scar tissue may sometimes be helpful in serious cases of motion loss. Your physician will explain the risks and side effects of the various treatments for extensor tendon injuries. Figure 1: Extensor tendons, located on the back of the hand and fingers, allow you to straighten your fingers and thumb

Extensor tendinitis can be caused from overuse of the wrist during an activity. For example, if a person undertakes a massive spring cleaning, the wrist is usually held in a hyperextended position as the palm exerts the pressure. The extensor tendons at the wrist level are strained and tendon sheaths become inflamed Tendon Injury of the Wrist/Hand. Extensor tendons connect muscles in the forearm to the finger bones at the top of the wrist over the back of the hands. The muscles pull on the tendons which cause the hand and fingers to extend. The tendons run through a series of rings, or pulleys, that form tunnels along the fingers and thumb Extensor tendons are on the back of the wrist, hand, and fingers and are often very close to the skin surface. They help you to straighten (or extend) the wrist, hand and finger joints. Due to the close position of the tendons to the skin surface, even minor cuts can cause damage to the extensor tendons Other treatment for an extensor tendon injury may include stitches (for cuts in the tendon). Also, a pin may need to be placed through the bone across the joint as an internal splint. Surgery to free scar tissue is sometimes helpful in cases of severe motion loss. After treatment, hand therapy may be necessary to improve motion. Consult your. Tenosynovitis of the hand and wrist are a group of entities with a common pathology involving the extrinsic tendons of the hand and wrist and their corresponding retinacular sheaths. They usually start as tendon irritation manifesting as pain, and can progress to catching and locking when tendon gliding fails

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De Quervain Tenosynovitis is a stenosing tenosynovitis of the abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis tendons at the 1st dorsal compartment of the wrist. It was first described by Fritz de Quervain in 1895. Women are affected more frequently than men. Mostly in middle-aged group ZONE VII: over wrist Goal: Protect extensor zones IV - VII with 0̊ MCP extension while limiting adhesions. Precautions: ICAM orthosis cannot be used when all of EDC, EIP and EDM tendons repaired. Full fisting may place increased force on repair. No active wrist extension or resistive activity with the hand. No resistance for 6 to 8 weeks Extensor Tendon Injuries. Extensor tendons, located on the back of the hand and fingers, allow you to straighten your fingers and thumb (see Figure 1). These tendons are attached to muscles in the forearm. As the tendons continue into the fingers, they become flat and thin. In the fingers, smaller tendons from small muscles in the hand join. The extensor tendons are just under the skin and are easily injured by any cut across the back of the wrist hand or fingers. The tendons are especially vulnerable where the cut is over the back of the joints of the fingers. The tendons can also be torn by closed injuries such as stubbing the finger, usually at the end joint (mallet finger) or. 15.1 Anatomy. The extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU) runs within the sixth dorsal compartment of the wrist. The sixth compartment is created by the extensor retinaculum and is unique, in that there is a separate subsheath beneath the retinaculum through which the ECU tendon runs. The tendon itself lies within a bony groove along the dorsal, distal ulna

In a subsequent report, [] Vaughan-Jackson described the process of attritional rupture of the digital extensor tendons in the rheumatoid hand, with which his name has become associated. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most common underlying etiology of tendon rupture in the hand and wrist and is the usual clinical setting in which the term Vaughan-Jackson syndrome is employed Jane E Carreiro DO, in An Osteopathic Approach to Children (Second Edition), 2009. Extensor tendonitis, tennis elbow and lateral epicondylitis. These conditions are similar in that they all involve the common extensor tendons or the wrist. They typically result from overuse due to overtraining, poor training practices, incorrect equipment, or poor form

First dorsal compartment tendonitis, more commonly known as de Quervain's tendonitis or de Quervain's tenosynovitis after the Swiss surgeon Fritz de Quervain, is a condition brought on by irritation or inflammation of the wrist tendons at the base of the thumb (see Figure 1, 1A). The inflammation causes the compartment (a tunnel or a sheath) around the tendon to swell and enlarge, making. Extensor tendon compartments of the wrist are anatomical tunnels on the back of the wrist that contain tendons of muscles that extend (as opposed to flex) the wrist and the digits (fingers and thumb).. The extensor tendons are held in place by the extensor retinaculum.As the tendons travel over the posterior (back) aspect of the wrist they are enclosed within synovial tendon sheaths To diagnose extensor tendonitis, a foot and ankle or hand and wrist orthopedic specialist performs a physical examination of the patient. Patients should always see an experienced physician. Following the physical exam, the doctor uses diagnostic testing. For diagnostic testing, a doctor often starts with an X-Ray of the effected area The extensor tendons connect the bones of your toes to the muscles on the front part of your leg that cross over the ankle joint as tendons. The extensor tendons are what allows you to move your toes. The suffix -itis, in medical jargon, means inflammation or an inflammatory process is present. Extensor tendonitis involves inflammation of.

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Tendonosis is different and more serious than tendonitis.Tendonitis is acute (short-term) inflammation in the tendons. It may go away in just a few days with rest and physical therapy Extensor Tendon Injuries are traumatic injuries to the extensor tendons that can be caused by laceration, trauma, or overuse. Diagnosis is made clinically by physical examination and performing various provocative tests depending on the location of the injury Nawijin et al. report one post-operative extensor tendon rupture in a series of 66 hemi-resection interpositional technique arthroplasties of the DRUJ while Wada et al. identified one extensor tendon rupture due to entrapment of the tendon between the repaired extensor retinaculum and distal ulna stump after a Sauvé-Kapandji procedure [6,17. Procedure: 1. Debridement, right extensor carpi ulnaris tendon tear 2. Right extensor carpi ulnaris stabilization with a retinacular flap Indications: The patient has a long history of the above complaints. Description of Procedure: The arm was prepped and draped in a normal sterile fashion. The arm was exsanguinated and the tourniquet was. MRI of the wrist is commonly performed to evaluate individuals with wrist pain, allowing detailed anatomic evaluation and accurate characterization of wrist abnormalities, including those involving the dorsal extensor wrist tendons. Nine major extensor tendons are located at the dorsal aspect of the wrist

Extensor carpi ulnaris tendinitis is an injury of the wrist where the extensor carpi ulnaris muscle becomes inflamed and irritated. ECU tendinitis is an inflammation of the extensor carpi ulnaris tendon, found on the pinky side of the hand. Symptoms include wrist pain and loss of grip strength de Quervain disease, or stenosing tenosynovitis of the first dorsal compartment of the wrist, is a common wrist pathology. Pain results from resisted gliding of the abductor pollicis longus and the extensor pollicis brevis tendons in the fibro-osseus canal. de Quervain tenosynovitis of the wrist is more common in women than men Tendinitis is inflammation or irritation of a tendon — the thick fibrous cords that attach muscle to bone. The condition causes pain and tenderness just outside a joint. While tendinitis can occur in any of your tendons, it's most common around your shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and heels. Some common names for various tendinitis problems.

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Surgery for wrist tendonitis is often performed in an outpatient setting. If hospitalization is required, the stay rarely exceeds one day. The procedure can be done under local, regional, or general anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision over the affected tendons. Damaged or scarred tissue is surgically removed, allowing more room for the. Possible Substitutions: Substitutions include extensor digiti minimi, extensor digitorum communis, extensor carpi radialis, other finger extensor muscles, and flexor carpi ulnaris. To prevent these substitutions, palpate the tendon correctly with resistance against wrist extension and slight ulnar deviation Tenosynovectomy is used to remove the inflamed synovial lining of the extensor tendons (the tendon that helps the fingers extend). Inflammation of the synovial lining results in swelling over the back of the hand and the wrist. If this inflammation and swelling continues, it can eventually lead to rupture of tendons. 1

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Extensor Carpi Ulnaris (ECU) Tenosynovitis. Extensor Carpi Ulnaris Tenosynovitis is a common cause of wrist pain and swelling on the top of the wrist.The Extensor Carpi Ulnaris (ECU) tendon is located on the pinky side of the wrist and can become stressed and inflamed with certain activities or injuries Surgery Step 1 When cases of extensor tendonitis don't heal with rest, nonconservative measures might be needed. The most common involves a steroid injection into the tendon sheath. While this can alleviate swelling, according to Ramamurti's Orthopaedics in Primary Care, caution is necessary to avoid causing tendon rupture Tenosynovitis shares some of the dynamic of Tendonitis, but with Tenosynovitis, the Pain Causing Dynamic that is at work in the entire area also has a laser-like focus on the sheath that the tendon slides through. Repetitive and strained motion of the tendon through the tendon sheath can irritate the tendon sheath Extensor tendon injuries in the hand are usually treated by an orthopedic surgeon or hand specialist. The treatment plan depends on which tendon was cut and at what location. When an extensor tendon is completely lacerated, the muscle belly in the forearm pulls the two ends apart. This gap prevents the tendon ends from joining back together and.

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Tendons can also rupture due to jamming injuries or sudden loading. Nonsurgical Treatment. When evaluated early, certain cases of extensor tendon laceration without a wound may be treated with prolonged splinting. Surgery. If surgical treatment is required, it may include wound debridement, early tendon repair, and protected/guided therapy The extrinsic muscles are attached to finger bones through long tendons that extend from the forearm through the wrist. Tendons located on the palm side help in bending the fingers and are called flexor tendons, while tendons on top of the hand help in straightening the fingers, and are called extensor tendons Tendon repair surgery. Tendon repair may involve the surgeon making an incision in your wrist, hand or finger so they can locate the ends of the divided tendon and stitch them together. Extensor tendons are easier to reach, so repairing them is relatively straightforward Ligamentous (and Tendon) Injuries of the Hand & Wrist Adam Bakker, M.D. Twin Cities Orthpedics May, 6th, 2016 abakker@tcomn.com (952) 456-700 The University of Michigan hand surgery team is fellowship trained and specializes in the treatment of extensor tendon and mallet finger injuries, from simple to complex. Our goal is to restore mobility and function of the wrist and fingers as soon as possible with minimal impact on the patient's quality of life

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  1. Extensor tendonitis, also known as extensor tendonitis or tendinopathy, is inflammation of the extensor tendons along the top of the foot or hand. Commonly found in runners or those who spend long periods of time on their feet, it can be caused by anything from running to typing too often
  2. Wrist; New Surgery for Extensor Pollicis Longus Tendon Rupture. This study presents the results of 11 patients treated with a tendon transfer for rupture of the extensor pollicis longus (EPL). The EPL is a tendon that extends (straightens) the thumb. The rupture was caused by a wrist fracture
  3. Lacerations or cuts on the back of the hand that go through the extensor tendons cause difficulty in straightening the finger at the large joint where the fingers join the hand. These injuries are usually treated by stitching the tendon ends together. Splinting for a tendon injury in this area may include the wrist and part of the finger

The extensor tendon compartments of the wrist are six tunnels which transmit the long extensor tendons from the forearm into the hand. They are located on the posterior aspect of the wrist. Each tunnel is lined internally by a synovial sheath and separated from one another by fibrous septa.. In this article, we shall look at the anatomy of the extensor compartments of the wrist - their. The tendon sheaths constitute an uncommon target of extra-articular tuberculosis. We present a rare case of tuberculous tenosynovitis of the wrist involving the extensor tendon with rupture of the extensor pollicis longus tendon in a 55-year-old Indian man. Prompt surgical debridement and tissue diagnosis are essential for the diagnosis and treatment of this type of infection The extensor tendons on top of the hand are used to straighten the fingers. The flexor tendons on the palm side of the hand are used to bend the fingers. Description. A deep cut in the palm side of your hand, fingers, wrist or forearm is likely to damage or even sever the flexor tendons, which are quite close to the surface of the skin

extensor tendons, which open your fingers up. Sometimes these tendons can tear or snap, which is called tendon rupture. Tendon rupture in your hand and wrist isn't common, and when it occurs it's usually as a result of rheumatoid arthritis or other types of inflammatory arthritis. You'll need early treatment if surgery is to be successful. wrist and that the extensor tendons of the wrist could not be palpated during extension (Fig. 1).Wrist ultrasonography and MRI showed confusing disruption of the dorsal radial wrist extensor tendon structures, suggestive of multiple extensor tendon rupture. Surgery was performed under brachial plexus block or lifting until at least eight weeks following your surgery. Your tendon will take up to 12 weeks to completely heal and it is important to follow all advice to avoid rupturing your tendon. Advice and exercises following your extensor tendon repair Patient information Clinical and diagnostic services centre - Hand Therapy Extensor tendons. Extensor pollicis brevis (EPB) tendon. The EPB tendon, along with the APL, also takes the thumb away from the hand. The EPB tendon is in the forearm and then runs along the radial side of the wrist. This tendon also travels in the first compartment of the band that holds the tendons in position at the wrist Extensor Tendon Injuries. Extensor tendons are just under the skin. They lie next to the bone on the back of the hands and fingers and straighten the wrist, fingers and thumb. They can be injured by a minor cut or jamming a finger, which may cause the thin tendons to rip from their attachment to bone

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  1. No spontaneous extensor tendon rupture occurred following the surgery. Conclusions . Risk factors of spontaneous extensor tendon rupture included disease duration longer than 8 years, persistent tenosynovitis longer than 1 year, and wrist Larsen grade greater than 4. Dislocation of the distal end of the ulna, carpal collapse, and the scallop.
  2. Extensor tendonitis is inflammation of the extensor tendons which run along the top of the foot. It is an overuse injury which is common in runners, especially if your shoes do not fit properly, or are laced too tight. Here we explain the symptoms, causes, and treatment of extensor tendonitis and tendinopathy
  3. 2. Extensor Tendon Repairs - Zone 1/2 7 3. Extensor Tendon Repairs - Zone 3 8 4. Extensor Tendon Repairs - Zone 4-8 9 5. Extensor Tendon Repairs - Thumb 10 6. Extensor Tendon Repairs -Wrist 11 7. Flexor Tendon Repairs - Fingers (CAM Regime) 12 8
  4. dons to an intact radial tendon in concert with ulnar head resection, extensor tenosynovectomies, dorsal radial wrist sensory neurectomy, and translocation of the radially based extensor retinaculum beneath the tendons attached to a dorsally repositioned ex-tensor carpi ulnaris tendon, along with bone anchor attachment of the ulnar shaft to the.
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One group on the back side of the wrist extends or straightens the wrist and fingers. The other set, on the palm side, flexes (or bends) the wrist and fingers. Injury and pain on the back side (extensor side) are more common. These tendons run through tight tunnels called tendon sheaths, and can get trapped and irritated with repetitive strain. The long extensor tendon to the thumb is called the Extensor Pollicis Longus (EPL). This tendon straightens the end joint of the thumb and also helps pull the thumb in towards the index finger. The tendon runs around a bony prominence on the back of the wrist called Lister's tubercle. In this area it is confined to a tight tunnel Tendon Rupture After Wrist Fracture. Wrist fractures involving the radius bone of the forearm has a well-known complication associated with it. And that is rupture of the extensor pollicis longus (EPL) tendon of the thumb. This tendon helps move both the tip of the thumb and the wrist, so damage to it can impair function of the hand

PRIMARY EXTENSOR TENDON REPAIR PROTOCOL (EDC, EIP, EDQ, EPL, ECRL, ECRB, ECU) The intent of this protocol is to provide the clinician with a guideline for the post-operative rehabilitation course of a patient that has undergone an extensor tendon repair. It is by no means Wrist splint 20-25 degrees of wrist extension 2 These tendons lie on the ulnar aspect of the corresponding finger. • Extensor digitorum communis and extensor indicis proprius are located in the forth dorsal/extensor compartment. Extensor digiti minimi is located in the fifth extensor compartment. (Note: extensor indicis proprius has the most distal muscle belly of the extensors) DeQuervain's stenosing tenovaginitis is a common condition. Nonsurgical treatment by corticosteroid injection has significantly improved the management of this disease. The authors describe a case of subcutaneous rupture of the extensor pollicis longus tendon at the wrist, three months after two corticosteroid injections for DeQuervain's stenosing tenovaginitis Rupture of the extensor tendons of the fingers is a common and disabling complication of rheumatoid arthritis. It results from tenosynovial invasion of tendons or, more commonly, from their attrition on the ulnar head [].Tenosynovectomy, with or without ulnar head surgery, is highly effective in preventing tendon rupture [], whereas reconstruction of ruptured tendons often fails to restore.

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First dorsal wrist compartment. The first osseofibrous tunnel is located on the radial side of the wrist (a).It contains two tendons, the abductor pollicis longus (Abd l) and the extensor pollicis brevis (Est b), both of which originate deep in the ulnar side of the forearm, from the dorsal aspects (middle third) of the ulna, radius, and interosseous membrane (b) Retinacular sling reconstruction is an option for patients with extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU) tendon subluxation when conservative treatment is unsuccessful. Some experts advocate for deepening the ECU groove during the procedure, but this concept remains controversial

Wrist Tendonitis | Florida Orthopaedic InstituteExtensor Tendon Injury Hand TherapyExtensor Compartments of Wrist - Anatomy - Medbullets Step 1Thumb-Sided Wrist Pain in Climbers: A Case for De QuervainExtensor pollicis longus tendon rupture was identifiedLigaments - Well Practiced Pitching Motion
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