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Airtime transfers are free and instant You can send airtime from the comfort of your own home, using your smartphone, tablet or computer You can transfer from as little as 1 USD You can pay via your bank account, debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more

An airtime money transfer means avoiding inefficient financial regulation and monetary instability Airtime and data top-up credits are especially viable as cross-border remittances to countries that suffer from heavy currency volatility and that implement many controls

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To transfer airtime from your Glo sim to another Glo user is very simple. With your phone just dial *131*Receiver's phone no.*Amount*New Pin# For example, if the Receiver's (the person you're sending your airtime to) Phone Number is 09098765432 and remember your New Pin is 13579 then the amount you're sending is 500 Airtime Transfer lets you send airtime from your cellphone to any Vodacom Prepaid or Top Up customer. Airtime Transfer lets you send airtime from your cellphone to any Vodacom Prepaid or Top Up customer. Transfer Airtime To Friends & Family From Your Cellphone | Vodacom desktop-580-10-03-201

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  1. 1. Airtime Transfer enables Vodacom customers to share recharge airtime with other Vodacom Prepaid or Top Up / uChoose customers. 2. Customers will not be allowed to transfer cents
  2. imum of R2.00) from your phone to any Vodacom Prepaid or Top Up customer. The airtime you send will be deducted from your airtime balance. For Contract customers, the cost of the airtime will simply be added to your monthly bill
  3. Airtime is the amount of money added to your account for placing phone calls and using mobile data. Sometimes a person wishes to 'borrow' or 'gift' his or her airtime to another MTN line, you always can take the advantage of fast MTN airtime transfer service and share your airtime with others. It also has a second name
  4. Supposedly, you want to make a transfer of 500 Naira airtime to another MTN line with phone number 0803xxxxxx1. All you have to do is send; Transfer 0803xxxxxx1 500 9410 (where 9410 is your share n sell pin), to 777. Once this is completed, you will get a confirmation request from 777, to which all you would have to reply is YES
  5. The MTN airtime transfer is a package which allows those on the MTN network to transfer a portion of their airtime credit to their family and friends within the same network. Since the introduction of this service, it has been a saving grace at critical moments, especially when an MTN user get stranded

You can transfer the minutes and phone number into your new TracFone by going to the TracFone main page and clicking on the Activate tab. Then, select the option that you need (phone, SIM, or Bring Your Own Phone CDMA). You can also contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-867-7183 so that a representative can transfer that information for you Launch the app on your phone. Log in using your username and password. Once you gain access to the Vodacom app, select airtime transfer. Type in the phone number of the receiver you want to.. ● The leading Mobile Payment platform in Nigeria, with over 8 million users. ● Enjoy free 90 bank transfers monthly. ● Get cashback when you pay for Airtime, bills and more. ● Chat with friends for.. To use the Glo airtime transfer service, pick up your phone and dial *131*Recipient's Phone Number*AirtimeAmount*Glo Transfer code#. For example, if you want to transfer 100 airtime to a friend with the phone number 08155566458, dial *131*08155566458*100*12345#

To start transferring airtime to friends and family, Go to 'create message' on your phone; in this order, Type transfer, the phone number you are transferring the airtime to. type the amount. your 4-digit PIN (the default PIN set by MTN is 0000) then send to 777 and wait for a response from MTN, You can provide the details above in this format While airtime transfer is one of the Value Added Services (VAS) of Telkom, it is among the non-billed services. This means that it is one of the few things that you do not get charged for. Hence,..

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AirtimeFlip is a platform you can use to convert your excess airtime to money that can be withdrawn from a bank. The platform claims to use an automated system. So cash payments are made within minutes. AirtimeFlip app on Google Playstore has a rating of 4.0 The norm for airtime transfer is that the exchange can only be done between people who use the same network. However for Vodacom, all of their customers - Contract, Prepaid, and Top-up - can make use of this service and transfer to other networks, and this is at no cost How To Transfer Credit On Airtel Lines. Dial *432# on your phone. Select transfer airtime (Input 1 in the field provided and press SEND) Enter the Airtel number of the person you're transferring to and press SEND. Input the amount you wish to transfer and press SEND. Enter your PIN and press SEND Airtime allows you to access the network's service offerings, voice, mobile data, sms etc. When you add credit to a pre-paid phone, this is known as a 'Top up'. Topping up a phone will allow continued use of the telco's service until the credit has run out. Airtime top ups sent via WorldRemit are usually instant The Airtel credit transfer package is one of Airtel services that allows you to share a part of your airtime with other Airtel users, and even with those on other networks. On like other networks, Airtel gives you a unique sharing service called ME2U , which helps to simplify the processes to transfer credit on Airtel lines

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Airtime flip allows you to transfer airtime from any network to bank account with just 19% charges. To know more about their service charge across all networks. Presently, Airtimeflip is one of the fastest airtime converters in Nigeria with 99% automated transactions Easy steps on how to quickly convert airtime to cash. Go to Fund wallet select airtime option. Select Network , input Amount and Phone number you are transferring from. Transfer the airtime to the displayed number. And lastly, Confirm transfer. Your wallet will be credited in less than 5 minutes

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Help your loved ones stay in touch no matter the distance with International Airtime Transfer, a service that allows you to send prepaid airtime to anyone, on specified networks outside Botswana. Simply dial *199# and follow the prompts. International Airtime Transfer charges differ by country. The airtime amount the receiver gets will be. How to use Airtime transfers? SMS the amount you wish to transfer and cellphone number of the person who will receive the airtime to 13700 . Example: N$10 sent to 081xxxxxx would be 10#081xxxxxx SMSed to 13700 Airtime topup and data purchase are automated and get delivered to you almost instantly. You're Safe Your e-wallet is the safest means of transacting with your mobile airtime Airtime Transfer allows you to share airtime with someone who may not be able to get a recharge voucher. This ensures that the person receiving airtime from you is able to make calls and can get airtime easily without having to rely on traditional distribution channels International Airtime Transfer Solutions for the Cutting Edge ofTelecommunications. Get Started Today. Prepay Nation operates a global hub for cross-border purchase of prepaid mobile airtime

How to transfer airtime on MTN. This service is the same as MTN Share. So, for customers of this service provider who may be confused, the MTN Share service is not different from the airtime transfer service; the processes are the same. All MTN customers have access to this service. However, there are rules of this service that you must be. Transfer airtime on Glo. To use the Glo airtime transfer service, pick up your phone and dial *131*Recipient's Phone Number*AirtimeAmount*Glo Transfer code#. For example, if you want to transfer 100 airtime to a friend with the phone number 08155566458, dial *131*08155566458*100*12345# There are also two methods of Transferring airtime or credit on MTN. By sending an SMS: Transfer, Recipients Number, Amount and PIN to 777. Example: Transfer 08033092137 1000 1234 send to 777. After sending the message above you will receive an SMS notifying you to approve the credit/airtime transfer. Simply reply to the message with a YES Steps to Change Transfer Pin. Go to message on your phone. Send PIN1234NEWPIN example: if your new pin is 8855 write PIN12348855 and send it To 432. You will receive a confirmation message of PIN Change. USSD Code For Airtel Airtime Transfer. Here is the Ussd code you can use to instantly transfer airtime on your Airtel number To transfer airtime from glo to glo simply dial *131*Receiver's phone no.*Amount*New Pin#. Example if the Receiver's (the person you're sending your airtime to) Phone Number is 09098765432 and remember your New Pin is 13579 then Amount you're sending is 500. Then the code should go like this *131*09098765432*500*13579# once the transfer.

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How to use Cheetahpay App to convert your airtime to cash Download and install this app Launch the app, sign up; Deposit your airtime by selecting Pin Deposit (if you haven't loaded the airtime on the recharge card) or Airtime Transfer if the airtime is already loaded on your phone. Follow the direction on the app to complete the. Econet Zimbabwe. July 17, 2014 ·. **Airtime Transfer**. Transfer airtime to your buddie with Buddie Airtime Transfer service. It's that simple

What airtime can be used? iPayAirtime only processes MTN airtime at the moment. How do I convert airtime to cash? You only need to deposit or transfer the airtime to your wallet on iPayAirtime. How do I deposit or transfer airtime to my wallet? - Log in to your account on www.ipayairtime.com or create an account if you are a new user here Go to messages. Dial * 131*Recipient's Phone Number*AirtimeAmount*Glo Transfer Code# Here's an example, if you wish to send 100 airtime to the number 08155566458, dial *131*08155566458*100*12345#.But before transferring airtime it is advisable to change your default pin Transfer Airtime Using the Telkom Mobile App. Apart from the USSD code, one may also decide to make use of the Telkom mobile app to transfer airtime. While this process is also easy, many people prefer using the USSD code since it universal as you don't need a smartphone for that. However, if for any reason you choose to use the mobile app.

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Once MTN airtime transfer is successful you will get a success message with the amount transferred, number the MTN Credit was transferred to and your remaining balance. OR. You can also make of this method to send MTN credits. It is simple, it doesn't require one using the message box. It is free. To transfer the credits The Vodafone airtime transfer airtime is based on a USSD platform. The whole process is carried with a few steps. However, it's best practice to change your transfer PIN to a more secure PIN, because the default transfer PIN for all Vodafone users is 1234, the uniformity reduction makes the PIN-less secure Teleunique is a leading UK and Europe supplier of superior quality, Mobile accessories and gadgets. IAT - Online. IAT - is an online based Air Time Transfer Platform. Transfer Air Time any where in the world! The Post - Voucher. The Post is a Scratchcard, which you can purchase from any retail stores in France, Spain and Austria. TU Pay. Roshan, Afghanistan's leading telecommunications provider, and TransferTo, an Ingenico Company and the Global Airtime Remittance Hub, today announced a new strategic partnership to offer an international airtime transfer service.The service enables Afghans living overseas to transfer airtime to any of Roshan's more than 5.5 million customers across Afghanistan Airtime flip is another fast-growing and reliable online platform that allows you to convert airtime to cash or transfer airtime to your bank account in Nigeria. This money mobile apps allows you to convert any network airtime to cash with just 19% charges most especially on MTN. To know more about their service charge across all networks

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ABOUT OPay. The leading Mobile Payment platform in Nigeria, with over 8 million users. Enjoy free 90 bank transfers monthly. Get cashback when you pay for Airtime, bills and more. Chat with friends for free, and create group chats with your friends and family on OPay Converting Airtime to data is the oldest trick in the book, the oldest method to purchase airtime, and arguably the most convenient method of doing so. To do this you first have to have airtime on your phone. For the benefit of first-time users, let us describe that process first before going on to pour core subject Like the uba transfer code, the airtime recharge code also has direct and indirect codes. Indirectly, you just have to dial *919# >> reply with number for airtime recharge >> authenticate with PIN (if it is a third party recharge). Below is the direct code. Self Airtime Recharge. To purchase airtime for the number registered to your uba account Introduction to Airtime Transfer. On many mobile networks around the world, mobile phone users pay for SMS messages, voice calls, and data by purchasing airtime from their mobile network. On a large fraction January 17, 2020. Configuring Airtime Transfer. The Airtime Transfer module is typically disabled by default

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Tune Talk Airtime Credit Transfer can only be transferred where Transferor account status must be in Active status and for Transferee their account status needs to be in Active status. Transferor are required to be an active Tune Talk subscriber with a tenure of more than 60 days. Airtime Credit Transfer of RM3 will come with 1 day validity Your first Money Transfer in the App is FREE up to $300 Get Started All products and services for domestic and international mobile recharge (MTU) processed through Boss Revolution are subject to terms and conditions and will only recharge the airtime of an existing prepaid mobile phone of certain mobile operators in certain countries Lycamobile, the world's largest international mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), today announces its new airtime transfer service, which will allow customers to transfer credit to friends and family. This new Lycamobile service will allow customers to send a minimum of £1 credit to friends and family on any network instantly

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With prepaid airtime being so convenient, recharging is easy and so is the ability to do a Cell C airtime transfer. This process allows you to give airtime to someone else who is a Cell C customer so that they can immediately have airtime on their phone. The transfer process is easy: Dial *147# and select Airtime Share Use your Phone not your Number. With the tingtel app you can send airtime in full privacy and never share your number. No call backs or issues. Tingtel is the paypal of airtime! Contactless Airtime. The easy way to transfer airtime is contactless. Transfer to your friends, colleagues or vendors with airtime Airtime Transfer allows you to share airtime with someone who may not be able to get a recharge voucher. This ensures that the person receiving airtime from you is able to make calls and can get airtime easily without having to rely on traditional distribution channels. If you're a Contract customer, you can buy Prepaid airtime for someone. The airtime transfer can be done in three different ways: USSD shortcode; SIM Toolkit Menu; SMS; Method 1: Using USSD 1. Dial *140# with your Airtel line. 2. Enter the amount to transfer (10 - 1000). 3. Enter the Airtel number of the recipient. 4. You'll then get a message that your request has been received and is being processed. 5 For an airtime conversion app, airtimeflip has one of the highest ratings on Playstore - 4.1. AirtimeFlip makes it possible for you to convert airtime to money deposited into your bank account. It boasts as one of the fastest airtime converters in Nigeria with 99% automated transaction. They charge 19% fee on each MTN airtime transaction

Sending airtime to Ghana has never been easier. Stay close to your loved ones in Ghana by sending them the gift of mobile recharge. We work closely with Ghana's mobile networks to ensure their airtime top-ups are delivered within minutes. You can send little smiles in three easy steps Transfer airtime to your loved ones today by sending an SMS to 350 with the amount to be transferred and the cell phone number to which the airtime is to be sent. The minimum amount that can be transferred is $2 and the maximum is $300. Only pre-paid subscribers can use this service Manually transfer the airtime (For Airtime Transfer Mode) Recheck Cheetahpay balance after a few mins (2-5mins) Finally, Request for withdrawal; 3. Airtime Flip: Airtimeflip is one of the fastest ways to convert airtime or pins to cash. However, they charge 19% for MTN and 25% Airtel airtime you sell to them, 30% for 9Mobile and 35% Glo airtime.

airtime transfer service allows you share airtime to another 9mobile number. easy to use. secured with PIN. available to existing & new 9mobile subscribers on the prepaid & the hybrid packages. a minimum balance of ₦10 after initiating the transfer is required for succesful transaction. minimum of ₦10 airtime can be transferred at a go Reversal of airtime transfer I bought airtime using my Capitec mobile banking but unfortunately I typed in the wrong number.I have called the call centre the whole day and I have people telling me different things.When I call the number I sent the airtime it has been off the whole day meaning they have not received the airtime.Please help me. To transfer airtime/credit from one etisalat subscriber to another, dial *223*PIN*Amount*RecipientNumber#. For example, to transfer 500 airtime to 08090876422 with PIN as 0921, dial *223*0921*500*08090876422#. Make sure you will be left with 10 naira after subtracting the amount you want to transfer. There you have it folks on how to transfer. Easily transfer your mobile credit to friends & family with Lycamobile. Lycamobile's airtime transfer service allows you to securely transfer mobile credit from your Lycamobile account to another mobile operator in the world. It means that you can transfer credit to your friends and family abroad! How to use International Airtime Transfer

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Mobile networks in Nigeria have made it convenient for customers to transfer airtime from one mobile network to another.Especially fixing all phones credit transfer and mobile related issues. The most exciting is the MTN XtraBytes.. With this. beneficial option in place, you're surely at liberty of sharing your surplus airtime to friends, relatives and many other beneficiaries Buy airtime for Zimbabwe's mobile networks (NetOne, Telecel, Econet, and Africom). Pay with EcoCash and get it instantly Transfer Airtime Through SMS . Open Messaging app. Create New Message Or Click on the plus (+) icon. Type in 2U + Recipient Number + Amount + Your PIN. For example, 2U0801234567810004444. SMS to 432. Send the codes you type earlier to 432 to transfer airtime. Important Note: Be careful when typing the amount you want to transfer to.

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1. This offer is available only for Spain Lycamobile customers to send prepaid airtime credit to other Lycamobile customers within the Lycamobile footprint of countries and in addition, you can now transfer your account balance to more than 200 operators in any country in the world for their use to make calls, send text messages or use data Peniel Mobile is your reliable Virtual Top-Up (VTU) solution in Nigeria for Airtime, Data, International Topup, Bulk Recharge, CableTVs Payment, Electricity Payment, Money Transfer, WAEC Pin and NECO Result Token. Our VTU and Recharge services; MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9Mobile Airtime with discount. MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9Mobile data bundles with discoun Send credit using My Lycamobile: Option 3. Log into My Lycamobile, click International Airtime Transfer tab on the left, fill receiver's country, phone number and the amount you wish to send. Both of you will receive a text confirmation of the transaction. My Lycamobile. Terms & Conditions: International Transfers Lycamobile' s airtime transfer service allows you to securely transfer mobile credit from your Lycamobile account to another mobile operator in the world. It means that you can transfer credit to your friends and family abroad! How to use International Airtime Transfer. Send Credit using short code (USSD): Option

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Transfer fees for MTN share and sell. There are transfer fee applicable to the share and sell service. When you transfer ranging from N50 to N100, you will be charged a service fee of #3. For airtime value from N101 to N500, you will be charged #5 for service fee. N10 service charge is applicable to transfer of airtime between N501 to N1000 The 737 Airtime Advance is open to prequalified GTBank salary account holders who can borrow up to N5,000 airtime and pay at month end. How To: To request for airtime loan, simply dial *737*8*1# ,follow the prompt and authenticate with the last 4 digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCar To transfer airtime to another line, Text Transfer Recipient's Name Amount Pin to 777, Assuming you want to transfer N2000 to 07034847816, it should done as follows text Transfer 07034847816 2000 1414 to 7777, recall, 1414 is an assumed PIN, kindly replace it with your real PIN

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To transfer airtime to another GLO line, dial *131*Recipient Phone Number*Amount*Password#. Example: to transfer 1000 airtime to 08112233322 and your new pin is 55555, then dial *131*08112233322*1000*55555# After the transfer is successful, you will receive a text message showing the success of the transfer To transfer airtime from airtel to airtel is not rocket science, if you can follow this guide thoroughly, you'll see it's just a piece of cake. I don't know if you've heard anything like Transfer Pin before. A transfer pin is a short pin that grants you access to make airtime transfers

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You can transfer as little as R5 worth of Airtime (this is the minimum amount you can transfer) up to R100, in increments of R 1, per transfer. If you are a Prepaid or a Topup customer, you must have sufficient Airtime loaded on your account (over and above any inclusive airtime received) to cover the Airtime you are requesting to transfer How to transfer from money Airtel to Airtel using SMS. Fortunately, you can easily and quickly transfer airtime/credit on your Airtel SIM to another Airtel using the SMS option, follow the below step by steps guide to doing that: a. Open your message box. b. Open new message box and type in - 2u [Phone Number] [Amount] [PIN] to 432. That is it Me2U is airtime transfer service that is designed to enable subscribers share airtime (credit) on their airtel lines with their friends and families, also on airtel lines as frequently as they desire to do so, irrespective of location and time. Benefits. 24-hour availability: airtime can be sent anytime of the night or during the da How to transfer airtime from Glo SIM card to another Glo SIM card.Glo is one of the biggest telecommunication networks in Nigeria. It makes its customers to experience wonderful offers.Glo Nigeria provides eleven digits for its customers as their telephone number and also makes its customers to recharge their Glo SIMS with valid recharged car

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Select transfer airtime. Enter number of the person you're transferring credit to; Enter your PIN; Confirm your transaction by replying with option one (1). Alternatively, to transfer credit on Airtel using SMS: Send the a message containing 2u [Phone Number] [Amount] [PIN] to 432 Telerivet can also integrate with other airtime transfer APIs upon request, for an additional monthly fee. By integrating with another airtime transfer API, you may be able to send airtime on mobile networks that Telerivet doesn't natively support. Learn more ». The airtime transfer feature requires the Pro plan or a higher Custom plan How To Share Airtime On MTN. Follow the simple steps below to transfer credit to your preferred: Get Your Transfer PIN. Yes, before you can be allowed to transfer airtime with the mtn transfer code, you must create a pin to secure your transactions. Normally the MTN default PIN is 0000 How to reverse MTN airtime transfer. Apart from cash reversals, it is also possible to reverse airtime. Subscribers can purchase airtime using MTN cash. In the same way, they can reverse the MTN airtime transfer. This is through the mobile cash account that one uses to acquire airtime. To do this, go to the mobile money menu and select Top-up. How to transfer airtime on Airtel. There are different ways of transferring or sending airtime/credit from Airtel to Airtel. Using the Airtel me2u code, you can quickly transfer credit from your Airtel to another customer who is also on the Airtel network. Probably, it may be your other SIM card, friend, or family member. Using Dial-up action.