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  1. Tenniel Rock specializes in anti-oppression training for organizations, boards and committees, change consultation, and anti-racism organizational consultation. She is an accomplished speaker, facilitator and private practice therapist
  2. Rania El Mugammar is a Sudanese artist, anti-oppression consultant, and liberation educator based in Toronto. Rania's artistic and community work is deeply rooted in Black Liberation, Rania is a published writer, award winning organizer, speaker, arts educator, and multidisciplinary performer. Andrea Werhun is a writer, performer, and sex worker
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Pride: Anti-Oppression Training at Online - Toronto Events / LGBTQ. Event Details. Join these lunch and learn style anti-oppression and anti-racism workshops. Audience: All Ages. Price: Free. Time (Friday) 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM. Recurring Event Dates. Add to Calendar. Calendar. CANCELLED: Advanced Anti-Racism/ Anti-Oppression. Toronto Hostels Training Centre (THTC) 65 Wellesley Street East, Suite 501 - Toronto. Events. 43.6653631 -79.38116819999999. Date/Time. Date (s) - 01/23/2020. 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Location Get in touch with us at info@rainbowhealthontario.ca. This tool is designed to help trainers use an integrated anti- oppression framework in sexual and gender diversity training. It is geared toward education for health and social service workers and advocates. The Training for Change Framework is based on discussions among social justice. A good reflection piece to read before undertaking any group work on anti-oppression. Resources on Indigenous culture Ojibiikaan Indigenous Cultural Network is an Indigenous-led nonprofit operating land, food and culture based programming in Toronto and the surrounding region Training for Facilitators. We offer rigorous training for emerging anti-oppression facilitators inside organizations and movements. With more highly skilled facilitators, the ground is more fertile for skilled, principled, and courageous action

the anti-oppression network. Leave a comment. this is a response to recent trans misogynist and trans antagonist flyers posted in the West End along Davie Street in Vancouver, BC and in parts of New Westminster, BC. this misguided campaign is financially supported by Paul Dirks and the New West Community Church A few responses from TFC's Training Associates: Judith Jones, PhD, writes: Daniel, I truly appreciated your post about pushing back when asked to do anti oppression work under severe time limitations. I was recently approached by Haddington Friends to do a workshop on communication with a focus on race and class differences We will provide anti-oppression training for all staff, contractors, board members, and ward group captains as a prerequisite for representing Cycle Toronto in a public-facing capacity. We will offer anti-oppression training to outreach volunteers. We will confront and work to resolve any oppressive behaviour from a volunteer, in accordance. Anti-oppression framework is a way to understand and respond to the complexity of the experience of oppression. It identifies the systematic ways that individuals may (1) lack access to important public services, social roles, or social spaces on the basis of their group-identities, or the ways they may be (2) vulnerable to mistreatment and.

-02/07/2018 5:00pm 02/07/2018 7:00pm Anti-Oppression Workshop with Rania El Mugammar Join us for a free workshop with Rania El Mugammar, a Sudanese Canadian NPO Director, Artist, Arts Educator, Equity and Anti-oppression Educator & Consultant, performer, speaker and published writer 07/29/2020 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm - This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the basic principles of Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression. Participants will have an opportunity to consider how oppression occurs and is maintained in society and within the organization. Participants will be challenged to consider the ways they can act, individually and collectively to address oppression. ANTI-OPPRESSION & ANTI RACISM 101: INTRO TO SOCIAL JUSTICE & LIBERATION. This foundational workshop introduces participants to the power dynamics of racial and colonial oppression situated within a Canadian and global context. Learners of all walks discover the language of social justice, and explore models to create more equitable communities Anti-Oppression and Equity Training. Urban Alliance on Race Relations. Tools for Change- Activism Training. Harmony Movement. Indigenous Cultural Competency Training. Children's Peace Theatre Anti-O Training and Workshops. Anti-Oppression, Inclusion, and Equity Education (Rania El Mugammar) Rainbow Health Ontario- LGBTQ+ Health-Based Training Anti-Oppression Training. Posted on July 6, 2008 by Laura. A few weeks ago I took an anti-racism and anti-oppression training from the Toronto Hostels Training Centre. I enjoyed training in a participant group as culturally diverse as Toronto itself, and exchanging viewpoints with participants who work in various social service agencies.

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In addition to cultural inclusion training, for the past 10 years the association has provided free anti-racism pledge cards to businesses, schools and community groups on P.E.I. The idea is that. Anti Racism and Anti Oppression Training is available to mental health service providers * Participants must register for the five modules * participants receive a certificate at the end of the training

Leaders in Changing People, Systems And Cultural Outcomes. KOJO Institute is a leading consultancy that partners with organizations to unlock their potential by navigating the challenges connected to equity, bias, diversity, inclusion anti-oppression and anti-racism. For over 20 years, KOJO Institute has designed scalable transformation. Anti- Oppression Workshops An Important First Start to Allyship. November 10/2020. by Françoise Makanda, Communications Officer at DLSPH. A recent anti-oppression training session offered an important start to conversations on equity for first-year DLSPH health promotion students, according to study leads and DLSPH alumnae Gifty Djulus and Natasha Yasmin Sheikhan

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  1. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May Lui Consulting provides professional training and education about anti-oppression, intersectionality, diversity, equity.
  2. Training & Workshops. The Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office offers professional development courses to increase faculty and staff's understanding of their roles/responsibilities and key strategies to advancing racial equity, diversity and inclusion at U of T. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all training sessions will be.
  3. Anti-Oppression Framework Refresher. Learning Objectives- At the end of this module, you will be able to: Illustrate an understanding of what Anti-Oppression Framework is. Understand the different types of oppression (race, gender, class etc.) and how they interconnect. The following definitions are from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation
  4. The Children's Aid Society of Toronto is committed to accountability and continually improving our services using data and analysis. We are pleased to release our latest Performance Indicators, the annual measurement of CASs established by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services

The groups want a mandated anti oppression training for all levels of the college, including faculty and administration, for each semester. Also, they want the college to take actions to defend students from tenured professors that make prejudiced comments against people based on gender expression, orientation, race, etc Anti-Oppression training for council and senior staff was completed in 2020; The Respect on Set course was reviewed from an anti-oppression lens, and updated accordingly. The ACTRA Toronto Council and Diversity and Inclusion Committee are working together to develop an Anti-Black Racism work plan. We are committed to working within our. Contribute to OIFN. june, 2017. 29jun. 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm. Anti-Oppression Training. Event Details. Anti-Oppression Training Hosted by Facilitation Wellington Dufferin Facilitated by Malissa Bryan, this interactive workshop will focus on practical ways to apply an anti-oppressive framework through an intersectional lens in our everyday lives

This two day, 6 hour training is designed for theatre artists, educators, and leaders interested in deepening their understanding of Anti-Racism and 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion. Makram Ayache is a Lebanese-Canadian community-engaged playwright, director, actor, producer and educator who splits his time between Edmonton and Toronto • Proactively engaging in anti-racism anti-oppression training for our Board, employees, management, volunteers and members to foster anti-racism anti-oppression values, attitudes, behaviours and practices. 1.2. Purpose of the Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Policy Ontario provincial and Toronto municipal anti The Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Policy provides a list of guidelines to ensure that policies, procedures, practices and programs of the Toronto Hostels Training Centre are consistent with anti-racism and anti-oppression principles. It could serve as a useful example to those of you considering an anti-oppression policy

Anti-Oppression. Board-approved Feb 2007, Revised Sept 2008, Revised Aug 2014, Revised April 2018. The Board of Directors of the Alliance for Healthier Communities is committed to embedding anti-oppression in all aspects of its governance policies, processes and practices. Increase access, participation, equity, inclusiveness and social justice. Anti-Oppression Training. This segues into our second bulwark, anti-oppression training. Anti-oppression training is intended to bring these considerations to the attention of officers, and periodically refresh the lesson. Learning what causes have conspired to hold certain groups of people in poverty, and how their past experiences with police. This training is an intensive, and includes a variety of approaches including video, audio, other media; Pre-Training Learning Module, and GroupTraining . What it isn't: A public relations exercise. The purpose of the training is to put change into practice and action unique to your space. A certification - this work is on-going Friday June 4th 2021: 1-2pm: Anti-Oppression Training, Anti-Asian Racism and Oppression Workshop hosted by Alliance for South Asian Aids Prevention (ASAAP) on Zoom.; 4pm: Sipz and Snax, a Youtube and IG Live where a LGBTQIA2S+ mixologist or chef walk you through a drink and snack pairing. This week, it will be Jenn of Quench Bar. Friday June 11th 2021

The three sessions include Applying Anti-Oppression in Communities, held on May 5 from 7-9 p.m. Understanding equity in practice - engaging in conversations around common language and terms. A Toronto educator is on home assignment and under investigation in Ontario after sharing anti-hate, decolonial and anti-oppression materials with teachers through an opt-in mailing list What We Do. Training and Development - including human rights, cultural competence, anti-oppression, conflict resolution and one on one coaching. Systems Development & Review - including policies & procedures, service delivery audits and customized meeting or training. Conflict Management - including facilitation, mediation and investigation.. Who we work wit Two letters were sent to the TDSB on June 28, 2018 by ESA alumni. The first called for Aitchison to complete and provide proof of Equity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression and Respect in the Workplace training before the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, should we not hear of her resignation before that time All potential participants had been identified by others within the feminist service community in Toronto as experts in the area of implementing antioppression practice and were primarily recruited through the use of community networks.The final sample consisted of 26 women. ensured that anti-oppression training had to remain focused at a.

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Anti-Oppression & Child Welfare the expansion of the anti-oppression curriculum and training to address relationships with agency staff as well as with service users; and, Seven agencies (Toronto, Toronto Catholic, Hamilton, Wellington, Waterloo, Ottawa and Peel) underwrote the costs of the development of the anti-oppression curriculum. He runs his own consultation and training organization, Shajara, which works with organizations and individuals to make meaningful change towards equity and anti-oppression. Makram has worked with arts organizations such as Soulpepper Theatre Company, Shaw Festival, and the Canadian Theatre Critics Association to create meaningful and much.

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This framework integrates mental, physical, social, economic, cultural, spiritual and linguistic supports to combat the impact of racism and inequality on mental health. The Across Boundaries team focused solely on assisting immigrants and people from racialized groups, with Toronto North Support Services fulfilling other ICM needs, and. About Us. The CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals is a charity dedicated to addressing economic and social barriers affecting black youth ages 14 and over. Our activities are focused on youth workforce development, education, and advocacy to influence systems and policy. We are committed to ensuring that we achieve our vision of a society. Workshops — Bakau Consulting. Scroll. WORKSHOP. Engaging, thought-provoking sessions with our knowledgeable facilitators who are not afraid of a challenge. Workshops are our bread and butter. Our diversity and inclusion training is invaluable for a team like yours, looking to apply transformative teachings in the workplace and beyond Toronto, Ontario, Canada 412 connections. Anti-Oppression Training -Foundations of Life Skills Coaching - Interpreting Training Certification Manager, Training Programs at Ve'ahavta Toronto, ON. Elena Davydova. Elena Davydova Corporate Trainer Toronto, ON. A Safe Space. Across Boundaries has a holistic approach to mental health care includes many of the same services offered by other mental health agencies, but is also anchored in an anti-racist, anti-Black racism and anti-oppression framework.. SEE HOW WE CAN HELP YOU. We speak your language. Across Boundaries currently provides services in various languages

anti-racism - anti-oppression training & education Building Connections - An Anti-Oppression Dialogue Building connections is a participatory anti-oppression training designed to generate authentic comprehensive change in order to enhance the knowledge and awareness of how oppression impacts the workplace and the community Giselle is a lactation counsellor with clinical training (Newman Clinic). They continue to provide in person & virtual care for families through perinatal education, evidence based information, and an attentive ear-free of judgement. Their full spectrum practice is rooted in reproductive justice and anti-oppression. Trainings & experience include Anti-racism and anti-oppression training have often been a one-and-done endeavour. This rarely enacts real change within organizations. MESH takes a systematized approach to address the need for ongoing anti-oppression work in your organization. We create an immediate impact but are also focused on improving the culture over time. This opens in. Children's Peace Theatre uses the arts and artistic creativity as critical tools for personal and social transformation. Our mandate is to co-create a culture of peace using an arts based, intergenerational and holistic approach that cultivates ecological, social and spiritual resilience with the individual and the community

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  1. The City of Vancouver, in tune with ongoing Canada and America-wide protests against systemic racism, recently put forward a dizzying spread of anti-racism measures
  2. Your Story Matters is a training in radical communication strategies for individuals and organizations to advance positive change. My name is Pavla Uppal, founder and learning consultant @ Your Story Matters. I create a learning environment for your active participation in a dialogue that leads to a shift in understanding and to transformation
  3. g a psychotherapist, I was involved in counselling, frontline community work and organizing work in Toronto and Montreal around issues related to sexual health, HIV/AIDS, intersectional fe
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  1. She has served as a mentor of the University of Toronto Women's Association, led community advocacy campaigns for equitable healthcare in Toronto's immigrant communities, facilitated anti-racism, anti-oppression training, and helped establish the first social-worker led family counselling centre in southern China
  2. Volunteer Training Anti-Oppression Training Smart Serve. Experience John Howard Society of Toronto 2 years 7 months PAR Referral Counsellor John Howard Society of Toronto Sep 2017 - Nov 2018 1 year 3 months. PAR Court Referral Counsellor John Howard Society of Toronto.
  3. University of Toronto Campus Police- Recruit Training, Re-certification Training, Coach Officer Training, Workshops on Anti-Oppression,Micro Aggression Training, Cannabis the New Reality Training, and University Mobile Crisis Intervention Training. Consult and Police review for the University
  4. ToolsforChange, Toronto, ON. 1,790 likes · 1 talking about this. We help Toronto change-makers champion social, economic, and environmental justice through skill building workshops. Join us to learn..


Watch on. 0:00. 0:00. 0:00 / 2:31. Live. •. Shakespeare in the Ruff is a professional outdoor theatre company that breathes life and magic into Shakespeare's works for Toronto's diverse and contemporary audience. Our work lies at the intersection of Outdoor Theatre, Education, and Community Building Despite Great Progress in the Last Decade. Biphobia, homophobia and transphobia still exist in the workplace and remain under-represented in diversity and inclusion conversations. Only 59% of organizations communicate strong leadership message on the importance of LGBTQ2+ inclusion in the workplace to all employees My course included a session on privilege, anti-oppression, anti-racism and allyship (taught by Stephanie Nixon at the University of Toronto). This early session was impactful and set the tone for. ClimateFast, Toronto - Climate Crisis: The Struggle to Act on Climate Change, 2018 - read the blog post here. St. Stephen's Community House, Toronto - Communication Training for Mediators: Body Language and Power Dynamics, 2017. Interchange for Peace, Toronto - Inter-active Workshop for Peace-makers, 201 In identifying a clear pathway towards equity and inclusion at the Gardiner, we pinpointed immediate (comprehensive, ongoing anti-oppression training for all staff), mid-term (the formation of a.

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  1. online training and resource development, we also educate and help non-profit organizations and community groups run successful volunteer programs. Volunteer Toronto is committed to reducing barriers to inclusive and accessible volunteer engagement to influence and support the creation of more diverse and equitable systems
  2. ist origins, where women who were more marginalized than white fe
  3. Anti-Oppression Training. Hosted by Facilitation Wellington Dufferin. Facilitated by Malissa Bryan, this interactive workshop will focus on practical ways to apply an anti-oppressive framework through an intersectional lens in our everyday lives
  4. g arts . As recommended, Nightwood implemented a budget line specifically for AOAR activities in our 2020-21 budget and will continue to.
  5. In a 2018 CBC News investigation focusing on the period of 2000-2017, it was found that Black people comprised 36.5 per cent of deaths involving Toronto police while only making up 8.3 per cent of city's population (Deadly Force: Fatal Encounters with the police in Canada: 2000-2017, Jacques Marcoux and Katie Nicholson)
  6. ANTI-OPPRESSION PSYCHOTHERAPY TRAINING TORONTO-FALL 2010 Facilitated by: Roberta K. Timothy, Ph.D., and Mercedes Umana, M.Ed., Ph.D. Candidate. Module 1:Oct. 16th and 17th Module 2 : Oct. 30th and 31st Location: Sherbourne Health Centre, 333 Sherbourne Street, Toronto SPECIAL REDUCED RATES Early Bird: $625+HST by Sept. 16th After Sept.16th.
  7. istrators and anyone else involved in contributing to arts spaces and programs in the city

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LAMP Community Health Centre; About Us; Anti-Oppression Policy; Issue Date: March 2012 Effective Date: April 2016 Approved By: Board of Directors Next Review Date: April 2017 By: Anti-Oppression Committee LAMP recognizes that oppressions based on race, ethnicity, creed, class, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status, country of origin, religion, mental health status. Cooking and anti-oppression workshops. Fusing a cooking class and an anti-oppression training, these unique virtual workshops led by local nonprofit FoodShare bring coworkers together to prepare a meal and consider their own role in the food system. With fresh ingredients delivered straight to each team member's door, colleagues receive step. Provide or offer AOAR training to staff, Board, artists, and artsworkers engaged by Nightwood. Using an AOAR lens, create a collective living contract of care among staff, Board, artists, and artsworkers engaged by Nightwood. Hire an Anti-Oppression consultant to take the Board and staff through a strategic plan with an AOAR lens

With over 20 years of human resources and consulting experience, Liz brings a wealth of experience, training, and passion to the work she does in the areas of diversity and inclusion, intercultural competency and Indigenous engagement. She got her MD at the University of Toronto in 2009, completed her core internal medicine residency at the. Come to North Borden and explore, draft, read and print your way through three floors of media and literature based activities. With a focus on centering voices often left out of the conversation, OPIRG Toronto, First Nations House - University of Toronto, Indigenous Waves, Centre for Women and Trans People at the University of Toronto, APUS - Association of Part-Time Undergraduate. Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Workshop. This workshop takes a systemic and structural approach to understanding anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, and other forms of oppression in the workplace. Themes: anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, anti-oppression, anti-racist, diversity audits, inclusion, belonging, equity, bias. Implementing mandatory education on anti-Black racism, anti-oppression, and decolonization training for all our staff. Creating accessible and culturally competent mental health services. Developing community engagement opportunities in health care and engagement practices and methods that reflect the diversity of our communities As many people focus on continued efforts toward demonstrations, resource sharing on social media and signing petitions to call for justice and racial equality following George Floyd's death, some may have heard about anti-oppression and cultural inclusion training and wonder what they are and where they fall within allyship. Anti-oppression is really about thinking about the power that.

Some shelters do train their staff on LGBTQ issues, but are not obligated to do so. Mandatory anti-oppression training for shelter managers contains little information on combating homophobia, according to Alex Abramovich, who recently completed a PhD on Toronto's homeless sexual minorities Join this workshop, hosted by the Canadian Theatre Critics Association, with playwright, performer, educator and activist Makram Ayache of Shajara Anti-Oppression and Equity Consulting. This training will introduce participants to a survey of anti-oppressive concepts informed by community conversations, academic research, and Makram's. Toronto-based consulting and workshops. Leading conversations about equity, inclusion and anti-oppression: motivating these changes into action

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The Toronto District School Board is committed to equity and community engagement, and by providing this tool, we are making our information more accessible to families whose first language is not English. to understand trends and patterns and most effectively implement anti-racism and anti-oppression principles to our discipline policies. Anti-Racism & Anti- Oppression (ARAO) Steering the Course - You and the Agency- Volunteering as a PHA or affected by HIV; If you are a program partner, you can sign in here to access further program materials. If you are not a program partner and interested in learning more about the program and training modules, please contact Murray Jose. Source: Wong, H. and Yee, J. Y. (2010),An Anti-Oppression Framework for Child Welfare in Ontario, Toronto, Canada, Anti-Oppression Roundtable for Child Welfare in Ontario, Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies Dr. Ritika Goel, the social justice, anti-oppression and advocacy theme lead for the doctor of medicine and postgraduate training programs at the University of Toronto, is the target of an. The anti-oppression training motion is a direct result of the Black Lives Matter movement and a subsequent report submitted by Regina's Black-African Canadian Community to the RPSB last September

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Rachael Lolua recently underwent two-day anti-bias/anti-oppression training and found the experience very valuable. of training for a new position in social services in Toronto where she will. Community Commitments Commitment to Community Health We are all responsible for self-monitoring and doing our part to ensure the safety and well being of others around us. If you are experiencing symptoms of illness of any kind, please do not come to the studio in person. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave [ This organization offers training resources on harassment in the workplace. The 519 training. This organization provides tools and training for creating environments that are LGBTQ2S-inclusive, respectful, and welcoming. The Red Tent. Winnipeg based organization providing education & training about safer spaces, respect and anti-oppression.

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Being a trans and non-binary artist and entrepreneur, Ramos had worked at various Toronto non-profits for queer and trans youth but kept encountering misgendering and workplace discrimination from colleagues. to deliver anti-oppression training to community organizations Transforming Settlement Work: From a Traditional to a Critical Anti-oppression Approach with Newcomer Youth in Secondary Schools By Jennifer Clarke, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Ryerson University, Eric Palin Hall, Room 239, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2K Yamikani has been featured in Macleans Magazine, The Walrus, Chatelaine Magazine, NOW Toronto and CBC National for hir work. In 2015, Yami founded UBUNTU Consulting, which focuses on equity, anti-oppression, and inclusion training and organizational development for grassroots organizations and non-profit agencies builds capacity via strategic planning, anti-oppression training, and support developing governance structures; offers financial management services (track and monitor grant installments, process payroll, etc) shares resources (vehicles, workspace, insurance, event support) Current partnerships: Thorncliffe Park Women's Committe

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Anti-Black racism is a public health crisis that manifests in many different forms, including police violence in Ontario, across the country and around the world. Black people are routinely denied access to health-care services that are a basic human right. Black children are given lower levels of pain management than white children Pilot Anti- Oppression Panel for Public Health Students Explore Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. October 1/2018 We all have power and privilege, said Haran Vijayanathan to more than 30 second-year MPH students on a late Thursday night for the School's pilot anti-oppression training workshop

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IST provides the longest-standing interpreter training program in Toronto. Our intensive training process equips immigrant and refugee women with the skill, certification, confidence and independence to become professional Language Interpreters and vital members of the community. Working closely with our non-profit counterpart, the Schlifer. jamilah malika abu-bakare is a senior teacher, mentor lead and anti-oppression teacher trainer with New Leaf Foundation since 2014, as well as teaching faculty for Kathryn Bruni Young's 2020 Mindful Strength Teacher Immersions and Brown Girls Yoga collective member since 2011.. as the studio manager of a Kula Yoga Annex (2010-15,) she initiated immeasurable change in the downtown Toronto. Toronto Arts Foundation is a charitable organization that cultivates a rich engagement between artists and audiences and encourages private sector support. As part of its regular orientation process for new staff, the Foundation provides mandatory equity and anti-oppression training covering such topics as anti-racism, anti-homophobia. Anti-Oppression Training In August 2009, the membership approved an Anti-Oppression Training protocol that ensures committee members and Stewards' have access to annual anti-oppression training. See our Anti-Oppression Training Page for more information 01/19/2021 . Job Alert: Full-time Policy Analyst - Closing Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021 at 5pm Location: Toronto, ON Salary range: $55,000 to $65,000 a year with health benefits and a pension plan

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He also runs his own consultation and training organization, Shajara, which works with organizations and individuals to make meaningful change towards equity and anti-oppression. He has synthesized anti-oppression education with theatre education through the Queer and Trans Youth Theatre Project hosted by Soulpepper Theatre and the 519 In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested user Welcome tofrontline partnersw/ youth network. We are a co-creative community and network of people working directly with youth across various sectors in the Greater Toronto Area. Our mission is to connect frontline workers to resources that help them to heal, learn and work for change. FPYN ensures that frontline workers, as community healers. Implement anti-racism & anti-oppression training for faculty and staff and information sessions for students in collaboration with the Dean's Office. Promote to faculty, staff, and students the various offices (within the Faculty of Music and external to it) where appropriate resources, supports, and complaint mechanisms exist Engaging a third party to facilitate anti-oppression training; That all SIA staff and Board members - including future new members - receive this training; That new Board members from the Weston community be actively recruited with the goal of achieving a minimum of 50% representation on the Board from members from the Weston community

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EDUCATION & TRAINING. Masters of Social Work, University of Toronto, 2013 Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care, Ryerson University, 2009 Diploma in Child and Youth Work, George Brown College, 2007 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Level I, June 2021 Love, Trauma and Healing with Thomas Hubl and Terry Real, May 2021 Principles of Healing Collective Trauma with Thomas. The Access Point is an Intake Service that provides coordinated access for Case Management Services in Toronto. Adult Mental Health Case Management Services Our adult case management services provide community based mental health support for racialized adults from the age of 18 and older • All staff went through anti-racism and anti-oppression training over the past year and this has now been made a requirement for all new staff at Planned Parenthood Toronto • The centre has policies on diversity, cultural competence, anti-oppression, anti-racism, human rights, anti-harassment, accommodation, and accessibility Challenge

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Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies 75 Front Street East, Suite 308, Toronto, O ntario, Canada M5E 1V9 Tel. (416) 987-7725 1-800-718-1797 Fax (416) 366-8317 www.oacas.org Job Posting # 2019-09 Title: Reimagined Child Welfare Pathway to Authorization Facilitator Type: Sessional Contract and/or Agency Based Trainers Location: Toronto, O