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  3. How to Repair Woodpecker Holes. Woodpeckers make holes in wood and other building materials on and around people's homes. Why? Biologists tell us they do it to attract mates, establish territory, find food, and make spots in which to live. Whatever the cause, woodpecker holes in your property are unsightly and can lead to more animal problems
  4. Contrary to their name, woodpeckers aren't just after trees. They can cause significant damage to the stucco exterior of your Phoenix, Arizona home. In this.

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Use Woodpecker Deterrent Paint An extremely effective method to get rid of woodpeckers on stucco is with the use of a woodpecker deterrent paint such as Beakguard. This particular paint produces a taste and odor that the woodpeckers find repulsive. The manufacturer of Beakguard states that the product has a 70% success rate Quickly Repair Woodpecker Holes in Stucco Just Like A Pro Comes With Everything You Need And It's Easy To Use The Woodpecker Stucco Repair Kit Each woodpecker stucco repair kit contains 6 compression plugs, 1 bottle of stucco repair mix, and 1 applicator brush In this video we are patching woodpecker holes by first filling the holes with sprayfoam . After the sprayfoam has dried, about a couple of hours, we cut the.. 5.0 Stucco Ltd specializes in woodpecker repair in the Calgary area. We utilize the best products on the market that offer 10 year manufacturer warranties against future woodpecker damage. The product yields better impact resistance to EIFS and assists in warding off woodpeckers by changing the surface characteristics of the wall It's a woodpecker for sure, we had so many big holes that the finches then decided to nest in them! The sound of pecking the styro foam mimics the sound of a dead tree with bugs in it, they are def looking for food. We tried filling the holes with the spray foam and tried owls, the mylar roll of ribbon, even a battery operated giant spider! LOL

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Woodpecker Repairs & Prevention. Woodpeckers can cause problems for homeowners. The loud pecking and ugly holes in exterior walls can be a nightmare for homeowners, building owners, and HOAs. We use an exclusive and effective product to repair damage done by woodpeckers and to help prevent future damage Stucco houses are such structures. If local birds notice the stucco has a hollow sound to it, they'll instinctively start pecking expecting to find a space behind it where they can nest. To stop the behavior, you can set out some Jumping Spiders or Bird Tape. These deterrents work well as explained in our Woodpecker Control article The DAP product is for repairing hard coat stucco, not EIFS. EIFS uses a layer of EPS foam to insulate your house, so we need the base coat to be able to stick to this foam. All of the EIFS manufacturers have base coats that are also adhesives. I would recommend using one of these base coats to hold the mesh into place EIFS Armour is an anti-woodpecker exterior wall system. As a stucco contractor, our founder found himself returning to the same buildings every year to repair the damage caused by woodpeckers and flickers

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  1. Once you spot woodpecker damage on traditional or EIFS stucco, you find that repairing the hole is not easy. Because holes let water and pests get in - it sometimes creates mold and crumbles the surface. Other times, it simply leaves small holes that eventually start to fall down and to open large ones
  2. woodpeckers try to place such a cavity in the side of a house, barn, utility pole, fence post, or other man-made structure. Like most birds, woodpeckers breed in the spring, but they roost in holes (one bird per cavity) each and every night of the year. When aggressive woodpeckers are a problem, all one has to do is provide
  3. This springtime ritual can create deep holes in your stucco, EIFS, wood siding, or eaves that you will need to repair before the next rain. The biggest problem with damaged siding is the potential for water penetration. The more quickly you can get rid of woodpeckers, the less damage they are able to create and the easier it will be to fix
  4. The birds peck at the EIFS for the sound, which is similar to that of a hollow tree. They do not nest in the holes they make-unfortunately, smaller birds will nest in woodpecker holes. Strategies to Prevent Woodpecker Damage. 1) Woodpecker Repellent There are many websites that offer bird and woodpecker repellent
  5. Repairing Woodpecker Holes in Stucco Woodpecker holes in stucco cost between $250 and $450 per hole to repair. Woodpeckers frequently go after stucco, particularly the traditional three-coat cement variety. They enjoy the noise and vibration that pecking at the stucco makes, and some may even try to nest in the hole they create
  6. EIFS Stucco Woodpecker Damage Repair Kit. Brand: EIFS Stucco Woodpecker Damage Repair Kit. Price: $49.95 & FREE Shipping. Woodpecker Hole Repair. Fix woodpecker nest. Complete Repair Kit for Bird Damage to Dryvit Stucco, STO, and more. Easy to use and looks great when finished. Saves hundreds of dollars over hiring a professional

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We currently have an EIFS stucco system which is being destroyed by woodpeckers and other birds. We are considering replacing with a hard coat stucco with the hopes of preventing this. We are also considering putting acrylic stucco over the existing stucco as one contractor indicated the woodpeckers would not be able to punch through this The stucco finish on your home sounds like a hollow tree to an investigating woodpecker. What did the bird look like which you saw exiting from the hole? Other birds will use woodpecker roosting holes (wrens, nuthatches). You should repair the holes as soon as possible. The presence of a hole is a visual attractant to woodpeckers The holes woodpeckers create searching for food are usually less than inch in diameter. A woodpecker will occasionally attempt to excavate out a round nesting hole in the wall, but it's rare and if the wood or surface is solid they usually they give up after a day or two. However, Woodpeckers seem to love foam insulation for a nesting site Use a hole saw to cut a circular hole over the damage. If the woodpecker hole is 2 inches (5.1 cm) or larger in diameter, it will require a bit more work. Cut a circular or square-shaped hole to make the repair work easier. Be sure to remove wood pieces and detritus from the hole you've just created before proceeding If you've discovered that your building has fallen victim to the peckings of a woodpecker or other damaging birds, you need to schedule a repair. It's important to repair stucco EIFS bird holes quickly once discovered. If the holes are deep enough, they may have penetrated through the stucco EIFS and can compromise the integrity of the.

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We as well, had woodpeckers opening 2 large holes in out stucco molding above the front enTrance, after they were gone, now we have 2 large black birds living on the holes and i just saw a woodPecker back and startinga. Third hole im Ordering the shiny tape right away - no more tenanTs in my house! Lo Woodpeckers can inflict serious property damage by pecking holes in a home's wood siding and trim. Some homes are at greater risk than others. For example, the birds tend to prefer redwood and cedar siding over other woods, and their activity is more frequently directed to stained wood than painted wood I woodpecker size hole in siding is approximately 2 inches around and leaves a void in the wall equal in depth to the size of your exterior framing, (3.5 inch for 2×4 or 5.5 inch deep if 2×6 framing etc). The instructions say to not use deeper than 1/8 inch at a time. If I must fill woodpecker size hole with some kind of plug first that will.

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Insecticides or wood preservatives may deter woodpeckers by killing the insects. Prompt repair of large holes may encourage the woodpecker to leave or discourage other woodpeckers because these holes may serve as visual attractants. Holes can be covered with aluminum flashing, tin can tops or metal sheathing, and painted to match the siding Local true woodpeckers include: the northern red-shafted flicker, hairy woodpecker and downy woodpecker. Several smaller birds, though not woodpeckers, can be a real nuisance enlarging knotholes in wood siding and making holes in styrofoam-backed stucco. These include several species of nuthatches and chickadees. Nuthatches are the small, slate.

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  1. Woodpeckers are a major headache for utility companies (they love to peck holes in poles) and the U.S. military, who have, along with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, sponsored or assisted scientific testing of bird deterrents in hopes of finding an effective solution to woodpecker problems
  2. First I have no insects in my cedar siding. The Downey woodpeckers Create holes do to communicating with other woodpeckers. The Siding acts as an amplifier. The best way to repair the holes is go buy yourself bondo car repair kit. It is durable easy to work with and the Woodpeckers will stop where the bondo is applied
  3. g sound, making them easy to identify. (Artwork by Sharon Davis
  4. The paint would not match even with it being the exact same paint. The stucco is much harder to match than that because it has been out in the elements getting weathered for years. On projects with extensive bird damage all over the house, it is recommended the house be painted after repairing the holes
  5. um flashing, tin can tops or metal sheathing, and paint them to match the siding. If damage occurs near areas that provide perch sites
  6. The Northern Flicker, a protected species of woodpecker, causes a lot of damage to EIFS systems every year in Alberta. These birds tend to bore holes in exterior walls and EIFS foam which make your home vulnerable to moisture damage. Weststar offers services to repair and also prevent woodpecker hammering

How to Repair Masonite Wood Siding. Masonite siding damage occurs when water penetrates through seams, joints and holes with improper caulk. If you can see black marks or streaks anywhere on your. Stucco Damage Repairs. We can accomplish any stucco repair needs, including repair of woodpecker and bird hole damages. As a fully licensed, certified and insured stucco contractor, we also can gladly work with your insurance on any claims for stucco damage that you may have, such as damage from collision, fire, smoke, hail, storm and water Kelowna man's woodpecker 'armour' million-dollar business plan. After seven years and $400,000 in repairs, Gary Weiss had finally hit his breaking point. Woodpeckers were ruining the stucco at his.

Daniel just finished my 2nd stucco repair for the last year. The first, a leaning 48 ft tall chimney, to include the installation of 2 commercial grade chimney caps and repair of holes added by the local woodpeckers. The chimney required the removal of one story worth of poorly constructed chimney From woodpecker holes to cracking stucco, our team can help determine the best option for repairs. We work with a wide variety of products and materials to ensure the perfect finish for your building's exteriors WOODPECKERS - As many of you already know very well, there are a few species of woodpeckers who regularly attack E.I.F.S. products. Repairing Woodpecker holes can, and often will, begin to be a problem, leaving the homeowner with an unsightly mess of patches, and or refacing the EIFS many times per year Woodpeckers destroy wood in their search for food. Where cedar that is not meticulously maintained and occasionally treated with an insecticide is a veritable shmorgasboard for wp's, fc provides no chance of insect infestation and will not be bothererd by woodpeckers. Wether they can damage it or not is irrelevant

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Thank You 5.0 Stucco for resolving the problems with the stucco on our home. Initially, we had problems trying to find a stucco company willing to help us address our stucco issues. The stucco on our home cracked so much on our custom built home it was falling off in pieces. Fortunately, a friend referred us to 5.0 Stucco Decorative Foam and Stone, Inc., is a leading foam molding repair company in southern Florida. Our team of experts provides the best woodpecker proofing services in the area. We started applying our woodpecker proof product in 2004. It is 15 years proven and guaranteed for 10 years. Check our references and the competitor's references ShieldIt from the stucco supplier Dryvit is an extremely durable and strong basecoat that makes it impossible for woodpeckers to peck and make holes into the stucco. Offering the same benefits as regular stucco, this product provides 175x point impact resistance and makes the walls extremely tough Three Reasons Why Woodpeckers Drill Holes on Houses: Drumming Holes Many siding types are potential instruments for woodpecker drumming behavior. These include houses with aluminum siding, as well as the trim boards and fascia boards of any wood, brick, and stucco homes. Also attractive to woodpeckers are metal downspouts, gutters, chimneys.

Comment: The stucco repair is due to damage caused to our chimney (on roof - exterior is Dryvit Stucco) by a Woodpecker Bird over the last 9-10 years, we've had it repaired, put up deterrents, etc., but the bird continues to cause damage. Now the damage has gone through the stucco and into the underlying layers of the chimney wall on top of our. Comment: Repair woodpecker holes to our chimney. cement skim-coat applied to uniform layer on wall and foundation. Apply mesh with cemente skim coat to strengthen bond. Color-matched finished to be applied. Two sides of chimney from top to base Get free shipping on qualified Stucco and Textured Surface Repair Patching & Repair or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Paint department Calgary Parging offers free estimates on any type of stucco repair job, irrespective of the size of the project. Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed they not only fix stucco damage caused by woodpeckers but also support the affected properties with permanent protection from the damage through professional parging services

Quality Stucco Repair, Along with Concrete carving , Sculpting and flat work . The Tipen Company is always working hard in its R&D Department to develop some of the finest products and processes you see used in the industry today. Weather it's a repair, a new detail process, wall sculpture, or a complete building make over Woodpecker Siding Damage Repair . A contractor will generally charge a minimum charge of $50 to $450 per hole to repair woodpecker siding damage. This is an extensive range due to the differences in repair costs in a variety of materials. Stucco is on the high end of costs. Woodpeckers enjoy boring holes in siding in search of bugs Morales Stucco & repair LLC. Stucco Contractor in Denver. 5102 scranton St, Denver, Colorado. Get Quote. Call (720) 380-2518 Get directions WhatsApp (720) 380-2518 Message (720) 380-2518 Contact Us Find Table View Menu Make Appointment Place Order Stucco Repair Services; - Texture & Color match - California Styled stucco repairs - Acrylic stucco repairs - stucco chimney repair - Woodpecker nest in stucco repairs - Water damage repairs - Crack & hole repairs. Masonry repair - brick repair - natural stone repair - cultured stone repairs all others types of Masonry. Including woodpecker holes, cracking & flaking, buckling & delaminating. 888-407-2609 in Southeast Michigan Call us for your EIFS Repair this spring. EIFS Repair Communit

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This is what we found when searching our set of stucco repair pros that serve zip codes in Surprise. Check out each one, ask them questions, and find the right stucco repair specialist for your job: All In One Contracting: Service Area Zip Code: 85252. TWC Painting & Drywall Inc: Service Area Zip Code: 85025 85070 Superior Stucco has completed more than 2400 home projects, in a wide range of architectures, on all types of stucco systems, from stucco repairs and upgrades to complete new stucco installations. No matter if it was for a home sale in progress or for finishing the dream home, we were dedicated to working and implementing a solution that met. FAQs about stucco wall covering method choices, methods, & comparisons. This article series discusses types of stucco building exterior wall materials and installation methods, including stucco recipes, three-coat stucco installations, stucco wall expansion joints, metal-lath stucco systems, how stucco is applied to walls, thin coat stucco systems, EIFS synthetic stucco wall systems, and the. 2. Scoop a dab of wood putty onto the putty knife -- approximately the amount needed to fill the hole. If there are multiple holes, use only enough putty to fill one at a time Repair woodpecker holes in stucco. Remove old stucco system. Commercial Stucco Contractor. Offices, retail stores, shopping centers, and other business establishments look stunning with finely installed stuccos. The team of Atlanta Stucco Partners is adept at offering detailed craftsmanship and high-quality commercial stucco repair Atlanta

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  1. Call today to have your EIFS Stucco repair and miss the big spring rush. Call 888-407-2609 for your free estimate in Southeast Michigan and Toledo Ohio. Book. Posted on Dec 9, 2020. Pretty easy to keep a little area warm even when it gets cold. The cold weather does not effect repairs like it does a full install
  2. Dr. Drywall & Stucco Repair LLC is a Drywall Installation and Drywall Contractor located in Wellington, FL specializing in Stucco Contractor, Drywall Services, Stucco Services, & more. Call (561) 260-7285 today
  3. CDP STUCCO frequently receives referrals from stucco inspectors, real estate agents, home inspectors, and insurance companies for EIFS repairs based on our expertise. We work with both residential and commercial clients to fix improper installations, normal wear and tear, moisture damage, hail damage, and other synthetic stucco repair issues
  4. To repair stucco, you can use any number of commercially sold products. While some are designed to remedy larger gouges and holes, others are meant specifically to fix cracks like the one you.

Repeated drumming from a woodpecker's bill can damage a variety of surfaces. They can drill holes in trees, wooden structures, and even stucco siding. Characteristic woodpecker damage often looks like a series of small, deep holes in a horizontal or vertical line. Alternatively, there may be larger nesting holes Joined Aug 30, 2011. ·. 29,898 Posts. #4 · Oct 25, 2016. I wouldn't use anything that is rapid set. Be sure to include some bonding agent on the sides or specifically follow the instruction. Rapid set applications just seem to be less likely to hold up or cure effectively, but that is entirely an opinion. P Without effective bird control measures to deter them, woodpeckers will peck holes in both your wood and stucco. Smaller birds will even nest in abandoned woodpecker holes. Swallows prefer to nest on vertical surfaces under eaves or overhangs, leaving unsightly and damaging mud nests on the sides of your home

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  1. g at buildings for many purposes. They will set up a nest inside these holes they have made to have their young
  2. 1 review of Stuc-O-Flex International Brian at Stuc-O-Flex in Redmond was extremely helpful when we found we needed to repair some woodpecker holes in our exterior. Brian advised us on how to do the repair and helped with product selection. Were lucky we live near Redmond, WA where the company is based. Thanks
  3. EIFS Repair - Small Holes, Impact or Hail Damage Repair Using RapidPatch™ DC003 . EIFS Repair - Impact Damage : DC004 . EIFS Repair - Corner Damage : DC005 . EIFS Repair - Cracks in Aesthetic Reveals : DC006 . EIFS Repair - Cracks : DC007 . EIFS Repair - Cracks at Corners of Doors, Windows, Air Conditioners, Etc. DC00
  4. Woodpecker Damage To House. There are woodpeckers in Arizona and they can do some major damage to your house rather quickly if not dealt with right away. Some of the top search queries pertaining to woodpecker damages are: Woodpecker damage to house; Woodpecker damage repair; Woodpecker damage to stucco; How to repair woodpecker damage to hous
  5. Woodpeckers feeding on homes can be very damaging. Woodpeckers will drill holes in wood (cedar, pine, etc) and synthetic stucco (dryvit) siding, eaves, soffits and decks. Common insects woodpeckers feed on are Carpenter Bees, Paper Wasps, Carpenter Ants, Argentine Ants, Ladybugs and other beetles

If the EIF system is punctured, we will repair it.* ShieldIt™ Program ShieldIt comprises a composite base coat system to ward off the potential damage from woodpeckers and similar pests,for new Dryvit Outsulation and existing EIFS, with a limited 10 year repair warranty available A basic stucco assembly over concrete or CMU, applied directly over approved water-resistive barrier and metal lath with a Dryvit finish. Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 2 CCP 2 is a traditional stucco assembly over wood or steel frame construction with a Dryvit approved sheathing and a Dryvit polymer finish Generally, woodpeckers will look for insects in dying tree trunks, but they won't hesitate to drill holes in man-made structures made of cedar, pine, and even synthetic stucco. These materials are softer than hardwoods like oak, making it easy for these birds to batter out nesting holes or hunt for their prey This time, there are a lot more holes to be repaired; the house is beginning to look like Swiss cheese. This do-it-yourself story isn't on stucco repair, but rather how to get rid of pesky.

Woodpecker Tips. The Gila Woodpecker and the Gilded Flicker drill the holes in the Saguaro cactus. These birds are protected by law. Woodpeckers have been nesting in Saguaros for centuries for nest sites. Normally their excavations do not cause any problems and the plant heals itself very quickly Steps for Repairing Stucco Step 1: Break Off Loose Stucco Photo by Reena Bammi. Whack it with a hammer, or a hammer and a cold chisel, taking care not to damage the underlying wood lath supports. Eye protection is a must. Step 2: Chip Away At The Edges Photo by Reena Bammi. Continue until you reach stucco that's firmly adhered to its lath Step 1 - Save Sawdust. When you fill woodpecker holes or blemishes in siding or other wood surfaces, the type of wood plays a factor. It decides how well the paint covers and how well the patch blends into the existing surface. If you make it a practice to save a small jar of sawdust from different types of lumber, you will possess an instant. Woodpeckers can annoy by drumming on houses and drilling holes in wood siding. The drumming starts in early spring and usually ends by the beginning of July. Drumming is most frequent in early morning and late afternoon. Woodpeckers drum to establish territory, locate a mate, search for insects or excavate a nest site The biggest concern with having to repair or replace stucco is allowing for the three coat stucco system to dry properly, and you also need to prevent the stucco from freezing.As stucco is a cement based product, you need to leave time for the three coats to cure properly before moving onto the next

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Termites have been known to munch on stucco, and squirrels are willing to eat away at your siding for the chance to create a nest in your walls. Woodpeckers are another big offender, known to often hammer away on stucco, leaving traces of little holes It is pretty hard to find someone that will come out and fix 3 woodpecker holes. There is just not enough money in it for them to waste that much time.Now, home owners with Synthetic Stucco clad homes can fix these small repairs themselves with a little time and work

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We fix cracks and woodpecker holes. Our team will repair your stucco. As it bakes in the sun, stucco can crack, warp, and change. As part of our prep work process, our painters will review the entire home and make any needed repairs to your stucco. We repair surface cracks; We repair holes Woodpeckers can be a real nuisance for many homeowners. The main problem with these birds is that they peck holes. The problem is not a big one if it is a tree - unless you want to protect that tree - but a very big one if woodpeckers are pecking on your wood house or the wood trim located on your home TERRY: We have a small woodpecker; it's about the size of a sparrow. It's dark gray or black with white speckles on its chest. And it actually pecks holes in the corners of my chimney, on the 1x4s. And then the guy next door actually redid his chimney with stuff that's similar to Sto stucco-type stuff. And they actually peck holes in that.

Repair woodpecker holes in stucco; Caulking details around windows, doors; Flashing details; Rain tech kickout flashing; Remove/replace stucco system ; Masonry. Our focus on residential masonry is for the construction of new homes and major renovations to existing homes. We have completed numerous beautiful residential projects of various. More Buying Choices. $9.93 (34 used & new offers) ARCSSAI Wall Repair Patch kit Ideal for patching Walls, Ceilings and Nail Holes. Small Holes, Cracks and Damaged Surfaces as Drywall, Plaster, Stucco and Wood. Drywall Repair Kit (Color Match) 4.3 out of 5 stars. 6

The first and most obvious problem woodpeckers can cause is holes in your siding and damage to your home. Nesting woodpeckers can excavate large holes in the wood, while hunting woodpeckers will excavate much smaller, but much more numerous holes. Even a woodpecker that's only drumming to attract a mate can still damage the wood Spray hole at night with carb. cleaner, and fill with steel wool. Carb cleaner, I understand, will kill the bee and the larvae. If the bee is not present at time of spray, it won't be able to get back in because of steel wool. Larvae, if alive, won't be able to get out. Next evening, fill the hole with caulk or wood putty once it is dry Three Reasons Why Woodpeckers Drill Holes on Houses Drumming Holes Many siding types are potential instruments for woodpecker drumming behavior. These include houses with aluminum siding, as well as the trim boards and fascia boards of any wood, brick, and stucco homes. Also attractive to woodpeckers are metal downspouts, gutters, chimneys, and.

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As many of you already know very well, there are a few species of woodpeckers who regularly attack EIFS Products. Repairing Woodpecker holes can, and often will, begin to be a problem, leaving the homeowner with an unslightly mess of patches, and or refacing the EIFS many times per year The Northern Flicker, a protected species of woodpecker, causes a lot of damage to EIFS systems every year in Alberta. These birds tend to bore holes in exterior walls and EIFS foam which make your home vulnerable to moisture damage - stucco chimney repair - Woodpecker nest in stucco repairs - Water damage repairs - Crack & hole repairs. Masonry repair - brick repair - natural stone repair - cultured stone repairs all other types of Masonry. Phone : (780) 977-6863 . Email: info@altaexterior.c Worldgate Plaster & Stucco did a very nice job with my stucco repair and replacement. The whole job went well from the beginning. I am pretty happy with the results and my house looks so much better. We had woodpecker holes, and they did a very nice job. I was surprised they matched it so well. Read More. 5 Stars. Sujani R. Great Falls, VA

Repair and maintenance of stucco or EIFS (synthetic stucco) should be done by a qualified stucco applicator. Often, piecemeal repairs can look worse than the original damage; a good example being woodpecker holes. Woodpecker damage wreaks havoc to Colorado real estate. There are products that can be applied over stucco and EIFS that will repair and prevent further damage caused by woodpeckers Hail Damage Siding Repair in Milwa ukee. While aluminum siding is excellent at resisting cracks and bending, it's also vulnerable to hail damage. Vinyl siding can also become punctured when hailstorms hit. Even if you don't see these small holes immediately, it's important to repair your siding before water seeps in, causing structural issues and mold growth We have served the stucco and pre-stucco needs of the neighboring countries and Georgia residential communities for almost a two decades now. We are experts in all phases of stucco and re-stucco. Our pride is satisfied customers as referral for residential stucco jobs has been the main marketing tool we used EIFS Repair and Installation. Office: (630) 917-3437. Mailing Address. Advanced EIFS Repair, Inc. 1244 W. Capitol Drive Unit A. Addison IL 60101. Chicago & Suburbs + Midwest Stucco repair season is quickly arriving! February 16, 2021. Spring is coming and we are starting to get out and look at peoples homes for stucco repair, stucco painting, and parging. Calls are coming in for woodpecker holes, snow shovel damages, parging repairs, and flaking paint. Is this something on your mind

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Services Offered . New Drywall insulation,Drywall Repairs, All type of Drywall ceiling textures,Plaster finish New or Old Plaster Repair,Cement Stucco insulation new or old, Color Stucco foundations walls,Cement Stucco Repair,Tudor Home wood trim replacement or repair Woodpecker Holes ,Water Damage ,Meter moisture testings water intrusion test before you get termites Promptly repair holes in Masonite hardboard to prevent moisture from further permeating the siding and compromising its structural integrity. Fortunately, you can repair Masonite hardboard siding with wood putty. Advertisement Step 1 Clean the hardboard with a stiff-bristle brush. Scrub the brush around the hole to dislodge dirt and debris

An issue that sometimes occurs with the EIFS stucco is that woodpeckers tend to love making holes in the trim areas around the house. The Stucco Process In Hobe Sound Florida One Coat Stucco - If you are looking for One Coat Stucco for your home or business in Hobe Sound, K-Boys can do the job

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