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The Penrith CBD Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan is now complete and was adopted by Council on 23 March 2020, after public exhibition of the draft. The Penrith CBD Catchment Study Area is located on the southern side of the railway line and is generally bounded by The Northern Road to the east, Jamison Road to the south and Mulgoa Road. Penrith City Local Flood Plan vi GLOSSARY Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP). The chance of a flood of a given or larger size occurring in any one year, usually expressed as a percentage. For example, if a peak flood level (height) has an AEP of 5%, there is a 5% chance (that is, a one-in-20 chance) of such 4.2.1 Hawkesbury Nepean Flood Plan 28 4.2.2 Penrith Local Flood Plan (2012) 29 4.3 Flood Response 29 4.3.1 NSW SES Position 29 5 COMMUNITY AND STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT 32 5.1 General 32 5.2 Preliminary Consultation Program 32 5.3 Phase 1: Informing the COmmunity 32 5.3.1 Community Consultation 3 These maps have been withdrawn from publication and should not be used for decisions on purchases of land or for indications of current flood standards or floodplain mapping. Please contact your local council for the most recent information and maps on flood risk

Penrith, Australia Flood Map may be useful to some extent for flood risk assessment or in flood management, flood control etc. Penrith, Australia Flood Map may help to provide flood alert/flood warning if flood water level at certain point is rising. Penrith, Australia Flood Map can help to locate places at higher levels to escape from floods. the SES has issued the SES Penrith City Local Flood Plan. This plan covers the preparedness measures, the conduct of response operations and the co-ordination of immediate recovery measures for all levels of flooding on the Nepean River within the boundaries of the Penrith City

• Penrith City Local Flood Plan 2012 • The Hills Shire Local Flood Plan 2010 • Gosford Local Flood Plan 2014 and Wyong Local Flood Plan 2013) 1.9 Maintaining the plan 1.9.1 The NSW SES Commissioner will keep this plan current by: a. ensuring that all emergency service organisations, functional areas and officers include Penrith Flood Map. Map of Penrith (Cumbria) postcodes and their flood risks. Each postcode is assigned a risk of high, medium, low, or very low, and then plotted on a Penrith flood map. Most Penrith postcodes are low flood risk, with some high, and medium flood risk postcodes. IMPORTANT: We have taken a single point within a Penrith postcode. In recognition of the major flood risk in the valley, the NSW SES has prepared the Hawkesbury-Nepean Flood Plan to help manage and respond to floods in the region. The plan makes clear how agencies and organisations are to prepare, respond to, and recovery from floods. This plan is reviewed regularly New modelling for the Hawkesbury Nepean river system shows a worst-case flood would affect 100,000 residents and see 12,000 homes going underwater. Suburbs including Richmond, Windsor and Penrith are among those most at risk, which are all located within the state's worst floodplain. Watch the video abov Flood Management Plan 53 GAO - Government Architect's Office OoS - Office of Sport OPL - Office of Penrith Lakes PLDC - Penrith Lakes Development Corporation SIRC - Sydney International Regatta Centre PWS - Penrith Whitewater Stadium the Plan - the Penrith Lakes Parkland Vision Plan the Deed - the Deed of Agreement the Parkland - Penrith.

Camden, Penrith - Report on the 1867 Flood. Completed. Publication date: 01/01/1985. This report presents an estimate 16,600 cubic metres per second for the peak flow rate in the Warragamba Gorge during the flood on or around the 22nd of June 1867 __Introduction__ Molino Stewart has been commissioned to prepare the Penrith CBD Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan (FRMS&P) on behalf of Penrith City Council (Council) and overseen by the Penrith City Floodplain Management Committee. The Committee includes representatives from the local community, Councilors, Council Staff, NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE. Online Versions: National Library of Australia digitised item; Scale: 1:10,000 (E 150°30ʹ00ʺ--E 150°35ʹ00ʺ/S 33°45ʹ00ʺ--S 33°50ʹ00ʺ). Descriptio The 1 in 100 year flood level used by Penrith Council is 26.1m AHD (Australian Height Datum) at Victoria Bridge, Nepean River, Penrith. Flood mitigation is a management issue that arose in the 1950's when there was a change from a drought-dominated regime to a flood-dominated regime in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment

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And we have sedimentary evidence from the gorge upstream of Penrith that there's been at least one, if not more floods as large as or larger than a one-in-500 flood in this valley, he said Releasing the plan this week Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayers said the information, covering the main flood plains of Wallacia, Penrith/Emu Plains and Richmond/Windsor, is a vital step in reducing flood risk for people living and working in the valley Support for people adversely affected by the floods in New South Wales in March 2021 There were 1485 requests for assistance made in the 24 hours to Monday night and 125 flood rescues, including 70 in the Sydney area. Parts of western Sydney, including Penrith and Jamisontown. Cumbria flood action plan Keswick community action table The purpose of this action table is to highlight the flood management that is currently in place and the specific actions that are happening or proposed within Cumbria flood action plan for this community

  1. The Penrith Road area of Keswick previously formed one of the greatest areas of surface water flood risk in the county in terms of scale, frequency and impact on the local community. The Penrith Road area has been subject to significant flood events over the last 15 years, most recently during Storm Desmond in December 2015
  2. Penrith North Sector Emu Pläins Sector Penrith Sector PenrithGouth Sector Wkllacia Secto'r Legend Roads Railway Rivers & Creeks 1 per cent AEP flood 1867 Flood Extent Eastern CK B Sector South CK B Flood Plan Created Date: 7/11/2018 2:54:49 PM.
  3. Hawkesbury/Nepean Flood Emergency Sub Plan, 2005. Hawkesbury/Nepean Flood Emergency Sub Plan, NSW State Disaster Plan (State DISPLAN). Local Councils plan their development around the 1 in 100 year flood level they - use a depth of 17.3m at Windsor, and 26.1m at Penrith.Below this leve l, development controls are put in place
  4. 6 Environment Agency Eden Catchment Flood Management Plan Current and future flood risk Overview of the current flood risk areas of Carlisle. It is likely that the flooding was caused by hydraulic overload of the sewer system. In January 2005, foul and surface water sewers became locked by the high level of the Eden and prevented dischargin
  5. 1.2.3 During 'major' flood events (above 12.2m at the Windsor Gauge / and above 10.4m (24.5m AHD) at the Penrith Gauge) additional bridges may also be closed due to flooding including some that are on Regional and Sector Evacuation Routes. These include: a. Richmond Road Bridge over South Creek on the Blacktown - Richmond Road Evacuation Route
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of floodplain. It falls mainly within four fast growing local government areas in Western Sydney: Penrith City, Hawkesbury City, The Hills Shire and Blacktown City. It includes Penrith, Richmond, Windsor and many surrounding suburbs. The valley is prone to rapid and deep flooding, with a long history of damaging and sometimes disastrous floods We used the latest available flood risk information to screen 93 sites. These primarily residential sites came from two sources: allocated residential and employment sites within the Eden Local Plan 2014-2032; and; Penrith Strategic Masterplan (PSM) Penrith Strategic Masterplan has no relevance in current decisions and plan making Flood warnings for England on GOV.UK. 5-day flood risk for England and Wales day forecast on GOV.UK. River and sea levels in England on GOV.UK. Alternatively, you can telephone the Floodline Service on 0345 988 1188, 24 hours a day, and listen to recorded flood warning information, or speak to an operator for general information and advice

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(b) if a flood planning level is not adopted by a local environmental plan applying to the lot, the flood planning level adopted in a development control plan by the relevant council for the lot. Floodplain Development Manual means the Floodplain Development Manual (ISBN 0 7347 5476 0) published by the NSW Government in April 2005 The Flood Policy 2020 includes a Schedule of Flood Related Development Controls, which provides up-to-date, relevant, and best practice controls to meet the requirements of Clause 6.3 - Flood planning of Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan 2012, and to clearly express how a proposed development's suitability is assessed in relation to the. Heartless thieves have targeted flood-ravaged homes in western Sydney, stealing tradies' tools and other valuable belongings. Four residents from the South Penrith and Kingswood area said anything. The plan has been delayed. Local government areas in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley include Penrith, Hawkesbury City, the Hills Shire and Blacktown. he said flood mitigation dams tended to.

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Flood Study. Council may require a flood report for a new development in flood-affected area. BMB engineers have extensive experiences in preparing the different types of flood reports to meet the council requirements for a development application process. We also prepare the overland flow study report The current river level at Penrith is now higher than the 1961 flood event, long considered one of the region's worst ever floods. Those who have been evacuated are being urged to spend the night with family or friends if possible. Alternatively, an evacuation centre has been established at Castle Hill RSL Floodplain Risk Management The NSW Government's Flood Prone Land Policy aims to reduce the impact of flooding and flood liability on individual owners and occupiers of flood prone land, recognising the benefits from the use, occupation and development of flood prone land. A merit-base

The document singled out the Penrith Lakes Development Corporation's plan to rezone land for 5000 dwellings, a project Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres described in a 2015 news report as. Table D.1. Flood risk management actions covering the whole of Cumbria 3 Table D.2. Actions/measures that will be undertaken by the LLFA and other RMAs to reduce flood risk locally4 Table D.3. Cumbria LLFA schemes on the Environment Agency Medium Term Plan, March 2015 23 Table D.4. Flood 'Hotspots' and priorities by area as at March 2015 2 Molino Stewart was engaged by Penrith City Council to lead the preparation of the new Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan for Penrith CBD Catchment. The catchment covers the Penrith CBD bounded by the Main Western Railway Line to the north, the Northern Road / Parker Street to the east, Jamison Road to the south and Mulgoa Road to the west The flood mark was 47.174 metres at Wallacia, Sydney Water Board's The Report on the 1867 Flood said. The Nepean River during the 1978 floods. Source: Memories of Penrith and surrounding suburbs. 2012), equivalent to about a 1 in 1,000 chance per year flood. Table 1 lists flood levels at Penrith and Windsor for a number of historical floods in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley and compares them with design flood levels. Table 1 shows that the most recent flood greater than a 1 in 20 chance per year flood occurre

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  1. The Penrith Development Control Plan 2014 will serve as a guide, where relevant. Other Penrith City Council design guidelines and engineering standards will continue to apply, where relevant. 1.8.3 Penrith Lakes Flood Response Guideline The Penrith Lakes Flood Response Guideline (in preparation) will outline the requirements for non
  2. Flooding: The latest 1 in 100-year flood extent data from Penrith City Council's 2019 Draft South Creek Floodplain Risk Management Plan and Study (dated August 2019) is recommended to be used to revise the boundary of the Wianamatta-South Creek Precinct and Environment and Recreation Zone, in accordance wit
  3. Residents in Jamisontown, Regentville and 'western parts of Penrith have evacuated their homes, as low-lying areas surrounding the Nepean River in the Penrith valley brace for inundation by.
  4. d, you'll need to prevent mold after a flood occurs
  5. A very wet Museum of Fire (March 2021) As everyone no doubt knows, Penrith; where the Museum is located, faced a flood warning, the likes of which had not been seen in over fifty years. The last time Penrith saw the waters rise like this was in November 1961 when half of the area's average annual rainfall fell in just two days
  6. For information on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the delivery of the flood scheme, download this document: Covid-19 and impacts to delivery of Flood Risk Management Schemes (June 2020). This BBC Sounds episode looks at the flooding in Kendal, Cumbria in February 2020 and discusses flood defences, natural flood management and other solutions - Costing the Earth: Flooding Britain

Dear Councillor, In pursuance of the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1993 and the Regulations thereunder, notice is hereby given that an ORDINARY MEETING of Penrith City Council is to be held in the Council Chambers, Civic Centre, 601 High Street, Penrith on Monday 23 March 2020 at 7:00PM.. Attention is directed to the statement accompanying this notice of the business proposed to be. Bureau of Meteorology says flooding at Penrith to eclipse 1961 flood. A 'record rainfall event' is continuing to smash NSW but Premier Gladys Berejiklian brushed off suggestions a dam should.

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  1. Penrith Civic Centre 8.30am - 4pm weekdays (excluding public holidays) 601 High St, Penrith NSW 2750; St Marys Business Office 9am -12:30pm and 1:30pm -4pm weekdays (excluding public holidays) 207-209 Queen St, St Marys NSW 2760 ; Christmas and New Year Period: Closed from midday 24 December 2020 to reopen 4 January 2021
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  3. As part of its city wide Floodplain Risk Management program, Molino Stewart was engaged by Penrith City Council to prepare the Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan for Penrith CBD. Read the report as displayed for public exhibition here. Phone number +61 (02) 9354 0300 . Email Button. or Email Us. Address
  4. Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 002002002002002002 001001001001001001 008008008008008008008008008 007007007007 Flood planning land map - sheet FLD_013 Flooding Flood planning area Cadastre Cadastre 12/05/2010 Penrith City Council PENRITH CITY COUNCIL our . Title: Layout Author: p10112
  5. Floodplain management plans for the City of Sydney local area have been developed and adopted by Council. The plans include flood mitigation measures and what can be done to help affected areas. Under the NSW Government's flood prone land policy the City is required to manage flooding issues and put plans into place to safeguard flood-prone.
  6. These include the Penrith Panthers, Penrith Lakes, Marsden Park North and Vineyard development proposals. The SEPP for a number of these areas allows for development below the 1:100 year flood planning level [iii]. International best practice dictates that floodplain development should not occur below the 1:500 year level [ix]
  7. The 1867 flood was by far the most devastating in Penrith's history. The Sydney Morning Herald reported a telegraph message for Thursday 20 June, 'The river is up bank high, and rising rapidly. A great flood is expected. The South Creek is also over the banks. There has been 24 hours incessant rain'

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  1. Over the years, quarry production from the Penrith Lakes Scheme peaked with volumes between 7 to 8 million tonnes per annum and continues to supply over 50% of the Sydney sand and gravel market. The Penrith Lakes Scheme occupies 1935 hectares of floodplain adjoining the Blue Mountains World Heritag
  2. istrative centre of the local government area of the City of Penrith
  3. Newton Rigg Ltd has today launched NR Training - a new land-based training provider set to deliver a growing range of courses from September, with the first wave of courses in horticulture and advanced dairy management now open to applicants. Pivotal to the launch is a collaboration with Lowther Estate that will see the expert-led NR Training.
  4. The NRL have scheduled two more double-headers for round 19 as they continue their south-east Queensland hubs
  5. Our hydrological expertise alongside our fluvial and coastal modelling and forecasting information is used in decision making for flood and coast risk management including new and improved flood defences, land use planning (to avoid inappropriate development in the floodplain) and incident management, including emergency planning, response and.
  6. We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land and pay respect to Elders, past, present and emerging

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The Floodplain Development Manual and the Flood Prone Land Policy guide local government in managing flood risk in their communities. Floodplain Risk Management Guidelines The risk management guidelines provide extra support for councils to prepare and implement floodplain risk management plans Flood risk awareness. The Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley is the most flood exposed area in NSW. The floodplain covers a large area from Bents Basin near Wallacia to the Brooklyn Bridge. The floodplain falls mainly within the Penrith, Hawkesbury, Blacktown and The Hills local government areas In response to the flood event, this Sec 19 Flood Investigation Report has been completed by the Environment Agency as a key Risk Management Authority (RMA) working in partnership with Cumbria County Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority, under the duties as set out in Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 The warning comes as Sydney's CBD area is expected to cop 85-150mm of rain on Monday and Tuesday, with Penrith and Campbelltown also expecting similar totals. READ MOR

The Penrith Lakes Scheme comprises an area of almost 2,000ha. It is located immediately east of the Nepean River and is less than 3kms north of Penrith City Centre. The size and regional context of the Penrith Lakes Scheme is depicted in . Figure 1. In 1980, three companies (Boral, Holcim and Hanson) with quarry operations at Penrith Lakes forme The NSW flood crisis has had its first impact on the NRL, with Penrith Panthers coach Ivan Cleary forced to move in with son Nathan as the Nepean River continues to rise. The Panthers coach has. Product IDN36609 is not available. Warnings Information. Total Fire Ban and Current Fire Danger Map; Tropical Cyclone Warnings and Informatio

The Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Regional Flood Study for Infrastructure NSW (dated July 2019) estimated flood extents of the river including within the Penrith CBD area. A 1% AEP river flood event does not inundate the site (noting an estimated peak flood level of about 26.0 mAHD). In a PMF event, a peak leve The draft region plan provides 10 directions to guide the vision and growth, including the direction to create the conditions for a stronger economy. The parts of the plan most relevant to Penrith Lakes are discussed below. Memorandum . To . Dani Robinson - Penrith Lakes Development Corporation . Page 9 CC Subject Mem Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 001001001001001001 Flood Planning LandFlood Planning LandFlood Planning LandFlood Planning LandFlood Planning LandFlood Planning LandFlood Planning LandFlood Planning Land PLS SEPP (Penrith Lakes Scheme) 1989. Title: Layout Created Date Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 2010 No 540 Part 1 Preliminary 1.1 Name of Plan This Plan is Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010. 1.1AA Commencement This Plan commences on the day on which it is published on the NSW legislation website. 1.2 Aims of Plan (1) This Plan aims to make.

Senthilvasan Mylvaganam | Penrith, New South Wales, Australia | Floodplain Engineering Coordinator at Penrith City Council | Experienced Engineering Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the local government industry. | 495 connections | View Senthilvasan's homepage, profile, activity, article I/I ICCA IDF Files IDF chart IDF charts IDF table IDF_CC Tool In Our Backyard Infrastructure Canada Investing in Canada's Future: The Cost of Climate Adaptation JBA Journalistic Integrity Journalistic Standards July 13 2013 Justin Trudeau LCC LID BMP Lake Ontario water level Leaside MRAT Mac Montgomery Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan Mammoliti.

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Penrith and other towns and suburbs along the Nepean were ordered to evacuate on Sunday as NSW battles devastating floods following almost a week of severe rain. 70 of which were flood rescues Upper South Creek - Current Works. Council adopted the recently completed Upper South Creek Floodplain Risk Management Plan on 12 th March 2019, which will inform floodplain management options for future development within the catchment. The floodplain risk management process in NSW requires continual review of existing studies to ensure they are up-to-date for There are currently no flood warnings or alerts in force at this location Greta Street and Penrith Road at Keswick. Hide Show other warnings and alerts. You're missing out. A map should be visible here. after and during a flood: How to plan ahead for flooding What to do in a flood How to recover after a flood

I'm not from Penrith area (the inside joke I have with my bother in law who works out that way is it isn't a part of Sydney as the phone number starts with a 4 where as the rest of Sydney begins with 9) but if anyone knows of organisations that post for volunteers for debris clean up, please let me know Flood event proves Dam wall should be raised. The September 13, 2019 edition of the Western Weekender carries with it an advertising wraparound with a stark message: It has flooded in Penrith before. It will happen again. It is a message that was repeated with further print advertising and billboards across the Penrith Local Government. 2012 flood storage basin constructed to enable a flood warning on the rapidly responding catchment. Flood Warning area being formally created. Action plan enabled by EA. FCERM GiA bid made in March 2014 EA - Cumbria Highways, Innovia P1, P2, P4, P5 Millhouse A floodbank protects 9 properties from the River Caldew at Millhouse but ther

A. A. Reset. Ullswater. People are invited to have their say on a five-point plan for the future of the Lake District National Park. Twenty-five organisations, working together for the future of the national park and World Heritage Site are inviting people to comment on their new, five-year plan tackling five major challenges mr flood - flood restoration action plan We have an efficient and proven process for emergency carpet cleaning, carpet restoration, and flood damage remediation. This process allows us to get you back up and running in the quickest time possible, while preserving the integrity of your building, living space, and carpets Due to to the flood crisis, the scheduled in-person business networking breakfast meeting has been replaced with a FREE online version. About this event Welcome to the Local Area Marketing & Networking Group - Penrith - the Business Networking Group that Puts People First Resilience NSW has been created to lead whole-of-government disaster and emergency efforts from prevention right through to recovery. Led by Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons, our work gives confidence to communities to live, work and invest in NSW

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Last month's flood in the Hawkesbury-Nepean River region of western Sydney peaked at a staggering 12.9 metres, with water engulfing road signs and reaching the tops of many houses.. There hasn. Penrith Flood Damage Repair. 24/7 Storm and Flood Damage Restoration, Emergency Response Vehicle - equipped water damage drying equipment around Penrith. Standing By To Help You Repair Carpet Damage & Remove Stains, Odours & Bubbles. We cover all Sydney suburbs , all Western Sydney area and all the surrounding area to Penrith Management_for Residential Development in the Penrith City Centre — to manage the flood risk and prepare for flood events on flood-affected areas in the Penrith City Centre. The guideline was released on 28 June 2019. Holding lines with MO on the guideline The Flood Study Review documents can be found on Council's website in addition to other related flood planning questions. You can contract our Strategic Planning Team on 02 6354 9999 or via email if you have enquiries. The questionnaire for the Lithgow Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan will remain available until the 28 th August 202 Sandbags: how to use them properly for flood protection Ref: LIT 3833 PDF , 941KB , 10 pages This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology

Penrith (/ p ɛ n ˈ r ɪ θ / pen-RITH) is a market town and civil parish in the county of Cumbria, England, less than 3 miles (5 km) outside the Lake District National Park.It had a population of 15,181 at the 2011 Census. Historically in Cumberland, Penrith's local authority is currently Eden District Council, which is based in the town, as were the defunct Penrith Urban and Rural District. PENRITH LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL PLAN 2010 - Made under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 - As at 11 June 2020 - Reg 540 of 2010 TABLE OF PROVISIONS PART 1 - PRELIMINARY 1.1.Name of Plan 1.1AA.Commencement 1.2.Aims of Plan 1.3.Land to which Plan applies 1.4.Definitions 1.5.Notes 1.6.Consent authority 1.7.Maps 1.8.Repeal of planning instruments applying to land 1.8A We offer following Carpet Flood Water Damage Recovery Services. Carpet Flood and Water Damage Penrith - Call Mark's Carpet Cleaning on 0488 851 277 for the same day Carpet Flood and Water Damage service. If your carpet damaged because of the following, please immediately call Mark and we can repair water damage arising fro

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Flood insurance is designed to protect your home from a sudden deluge of water that happens unexpectedly. That said, the definition of a flood varies from policy to policy and you aren't. 0:00. 0:00. 0:00 / 0:33. Live. •. For superior cleaning services in Penrith, Glenmore Park, Emu Plains, Blue Mountains, Windsor, Richmond, Kingswood and Orchard Hills, call in the professionals at Powakleen Carpet Cleaning. Whether you want to keep your tiles and upholstery spotless, or need expert help with carpet cleaning at your home or. A plan is being developed to ask the people of Penrith and the surrounding area what they believe would be good for the town in the future. The idea of such a survey emerged at an online meeting of the Evolve Penrith group, which was set up by town councillor and businessman Jonathan Davies with the aim of developing a community plan for Penrith covering issues including housing provision, job. Penrith Inclusion Plan : people with disability 2009-2013 by Penrith (N.S.W.) ( Book ) Penrith Valley Community Safety Plan by Penrith (N.S.W.) Peach Tree Creek flood study ( Book ) 1 edition published. Penrith Council uses up to 18 million litres of our recycled water a year to water nearby sportsfields. Environmental discharge. We send the remainder to the St Marys Advanced Water Recycling Plant for advanced treatment. The water is returned to Penrith and released into Boundary Creek. It flows to the Nepean River

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New South Wales Warnings Summary. This page provides a summary of the valid weather warnings issued in this state. This page automatically refreshes whenever a warning is issued. Click on the warning link for more information. Moderate Flood Warning for the Macintyre River and Flood Warning for the Weir River South Penrith Flood Damage Repair. 24/7 Storm and Flood Damage Restoration, Emergency Response Vehicle - equipped water damage drying equipment around South Penrith. Standing By To Help You Repair Carpet Damage & Remove Stains, Odours & Bubbles. We cover all Sydney suburbs , all Western Sydney area and all the surrounding area to South Penrith At Cleaning Mate Services we are the undisputed leading experts in the field of Carpet Flood Water Damage Penrith South.Our exemplary flood damage services are fully backed by a wonderful team of highly dedicated staffs holding a total experience of forty years handling Carpet Flood Water Damage Penrith South services all over Penrith South and its environs

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NSW Flood Strategy | Daily TelegraphCouncil given $100,000 grant to plan ahead for possible1867 Great Flood anniversary | Gold Coast BulletinPenrith residents evacuate flood waters | Daily TelegraphNSW’s vision for the future dependent on flood modelling