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jim shockey's official store conserve protect hunt Starting on November 12 until November 26, 2016, visit our store on Represent.com to get your original Conserve Protect Hunt gear by Jim Shockey Jim Shockey's Store. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection

Jim Shockey's Essential Gear. Every once in a long while, a product comes along that revolutionizes the process of hunting - the compound bow, in-line muzzleloader, trail cameras and now the Havalon family of knives. I can vividly remember the first time I handled each of these revolutionary hunting products (each was more of an epiphany than. Celebrating 30 Years With Leupold. Jim Shockey is a Canadian outdoor writer, a professional big game outfitter, a television producer, and the host for many hunting shows, including Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures and Jim Shockey's Uncharted on Outdoor channel. He is an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and serves the rank of Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of the 4th Canadian. BLACKS CREEK GUIDE GEAR JIM SHOCKEY GAITERS. - Posted on May 29, 2010. First Hunting Deal Today: BLACKS CREEK GUIDE GEAR JIM SHOCKEY GAITERS. Regular Retail Price: $46.99. Camofire Price: $19.49 -59% OFF. Description: Walking through thick brush with nasty stickers and who knows what else can put a damper on any day in the mountains Jim Shockey's Favorite Center-Fire Bullets. Jim Shockey is a TV host and Canadian guide who has carried hundreds of hunters in his bear camps and on other adventures. You can bet that the best bullet to use on his hunts is a common topic of discussion. Shockey speaks strongly to the subject and recommends Nosler Partition bullets, a. Jim Shockey has two TV shows on the Outdoor Channel - Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures that has been running for 13 years, and his new show Uncharted. Also, he's been an outfitter in Canada, Saskatchewan, the Yukon and British Columbia for 25 years

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  1. d behind a hunting outdoor television show that's about hunting, but also is designed to appeal to the non-hunting community as well as the.
  2. Jim Shockey, the star of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures and Uncharted, recently announced that his family home near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was burglarized.Several items, including his father.
  3. New Bowtech bow. New Muzzy fishing gear rigged up by Angie at Delta Outfitters here in Mississippi! And about to head out after gar with my good friend Kevin Keen!! And brand new Costa Polarized sunglasses!!!!! #readyforaction. A post shared by Jim Shockey (@jimshockeyofficial) on May 21, 2018 at 1:45pm PD
  4. Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures - 18 DVD Box Set **OVER 98 HOURS OF CONTENT** Regular price $79.00 Sale price $79.00 Regular price $250.00 Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Jim Shockey's Uncharted - Season DVD Pack. Jim Shockey's Uncharted - Season DVD Pack. Regular price $69.00 Sale price $69.00 Regular pric
  5. The Heater Body Suit is the ultimate piece of cold weather hunting gear. Whether you're hunting the cold winters of Wisconsin, or chasing monster bucks up in Canada, the Heater Body Suit will keep you warm and alert throughout the duration of your hunt
  6. Jim Shockey Explains Why He's Joined the Mossy Oak Family. Editor's Note: Mossy Oak's national Pro Staffer, Jim Shockey ( www.jimshockey.com ), officially began hunting when he was 2-years old. I started off hunting bugs and collecting them, Shockey says. Next he graduated to hunting mice, gophers, rabbits, squirrels and then coyotes
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Jim Shockey, a legendary Canadian outfitter, on the grim reality of how the border closure has rocked the guiding industry—and created major losses for American hunters. Canadian outfitters are in a bind after the COVID-19 border shutdown between the USA and Canada. John Hafner. The Canadian border will likely open in the next few weeks, but. Brown anodized hardware, a Jim Shockey medallion and Fiberlok shelf pad round out the package. Editor's Note: Our standardized High Grade testing includes the use of the same equipment and test methods. All bows are tested with a draw length of 29 inches and a draw weight of 65 pounds Outdoor Gear Reviews; The Jim Shockey Interview. Kevin Paulson Feb 19, 2014. 55 3 minutes read. What motivated you to begin filming hunts so many years ago? I was unemployable and needed a career. I also felt I could bring people along with me on the adventures I was able to experience Many call Jim Shockey the most experienced, decorated, and recognized hunter in the world, which might still be an understatement. A legendary outdoor writer, professional big game outfitter, as well as the producer and host of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, Jim Shockey's Uncharted, and Jim Shockey's The Professionals, the man is an icon

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  1. In other words, if a hunt with Jim Shockey as your outfitter was on your bucket list, you might want to get used to the idea that it ain't gonna happen. The trip earned the highest winning bid of the evening (by far), and the unknown bidder will now set a 2018 date for the end of Jim Shockey's professional guiding career
  2. Jim Shockey Net Worth. The net worth of Jim Shockey is $2 million as of June 2021. The writer earns his net worth through hosting and producing television shows, writing, and hunting activate. Shockey is known for producing his shows on the Outdoor channel. The Host has launched his compound bow named Jim Shockey Signature Series Yukon Bow
  3. Primos Hunting Products. Primos Hunting is the leader in the design and manufacturing of game calls for elk, deer, turkey, predator, and waterfowl. Our commitment in game calls also extends to our other great products including our blinds, shooting sticks & accessories, attractants & supplements, clothes, and other hunting accessories
  4. To win the Weatherby Award, Jim Shockey had to hunt the most species in the most destinations. As we told you in the our first segment of our interview with Jim Shockey, his love of hunting and his lifetime pursuit of that simply has been a way of life for him without consideration for awards. Jim Shockey has taken a whopping 367 of the species recognized by Weatherby Foundation International
  5. Jim Shockey is an outdoor writer, a professional big game outfitter and television producer and host for many hunting shows. Shockey is the producer and host of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures and Jim Shockey's Uncharted on Outdoor Channel and Jim Shockey's The Professionals on Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel.He is an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), serving the.
  6. BLACKS CREEK GUIDE GEAR JIM SHOCKEY GAITERS. - Posted on August 26, 2010. First Hunting Deal Today: BLACKS CREEK GUIDE GEAR JIM SHOCKEY GAITERS. Regular Retail Price: $46.99. Camofire Price: $19.49 -59% OFF. Description: Walking through thick brush with nasty stickers and who knows what else can put a damper on any day in the mountains
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Outdoor Life. 2 mins ·. Jim Shockey, a legendary Canadian Outfitter, on the grim reality of how the border closure has rocked the guiding industry—and created major losses for American hunters... Canadian outfitters, who rely on American clients, have suffered devastating blows due to the unprecedented border closure due to COVID-19. Eva Shockey is an employee of the Jim Shockey TV shows. Too, Eva may be the person you don't see in many of Jim Shockey's TV shows, because she's behind the camera filming her dad. She crawls through the mud, she climbs the mountains, and she carries the equipment By Michael R. Shea April 14, 2014. Hunting. F&S sits down with the cohost of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, women's advocate and rising star Eva Shockey, to discuss hunting's future. F&S. Jim Shockey, the epitome of outdoor enthusiasts loves riding QuietKat electric mountain bikes. Jim has been an award-winning outdoor writer, photographer, videographer and wilderness guide for over 30 years. His job requires him to take on all types of terrain and to guide clients successfully on the route by his side for the entire journey

Jim Shockey's influence on the world of hunting has been two-fold. First, and most important, he's made adventure hunting in far-off places for exotic species palatable (and at times even inspirational) to average outdoorsmen and women. Second, he's been a prodigious promotor of brands and products Jim Shockey Sets The Haters Straight. Jim Shockey is a popular target for anti-hunters, being one of the most prominent hunters in the USA. This week he shared a response to one of the many hateful messages that he receives. Jim Shockey facebook page. This will be a long one Obviously I'm a little biased (since half of these products are my own Eva Shockey signature items) but I worked hard with these companies to come up with archery gear that wasn't available on the market and fit my personal archery needs. All of these products are available at your local Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops (or online) other. Celebrated hunter and conservationist Jim Shockey spoke with us on a number of subjects, ranging from Trump's elephant trophy ban decision to meat hunting. Recently Jim Shockey, the man Outdoor Life magazine referred to as modern hunting's most influential celebrity, spoke with me over an hour-long, wide-ranging interview Hunting ambassador Jim Shockey and his cameraman were victims of a cougar attack on Vancouver Island. In early June 2018, veteran hunter and hunting ambassador Jim Shockey and his cameraman Taylor Smith were hunting black bears on Canada's famed Vancouver Island when an emaciated cougar jumped them.. Upon returning from their hunt, the two actually saw the big cat cross the trail in front of them

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Jim Shockey Tall Tri Pod With just one hand and the pull of a trigger, you can adjust the Primos Trigger Stick to your desired height. The Trigger Stick is a lightweight height-adjustable gun rest and optical gear mount, perfect for kneeling or standing. It comes equipped with a detachable V yoke I've seen way worse than Jim Shockey televised hunts. At least he maintains a healthy sense of humor. Reply. Y. yobuck Well-Known Member. Joined Aug 23, 2008 Messages 1,704 Location east central fl. /n.c. pa. Sep 23, 2016 #6 Ive never watched many outdoor shows, and none at all for at least 20 years The Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 Series Tall Tripod is a rock-solid shooting support. This Primos Trigger Stick tripod offers easy one-handed height adjustment, plus has a unique Leg Angle Lock for extra stability on a variety of terrain Part Thoreau, part Indiana Jones and pure hunter Jim Shockey is without question one of, if not the most exemplary ambassadors the hunting industry has known for decades. Few hunters in history have been to as many countries and hunted as many species with such success yet such humility as Jim Shockey

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There's a new version of it out now, the Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 Series Jim Shockey Tall Tripod (essentially the same tripod with a new locking leg angle feature and Jim Shockey's name on it); but this review will be focused on the original version, which I actually prefer because it's smaller (and I'm pretty small) Shockey recalls a similar adventure with McBride four years ago that didn't end well and hopes the past won't repeat itself. Tune in to Jim Shockey's UNCHARTED exclusively on Outdoor Channel. LAS VEGAS-- Buck Knives and Cabela's, working with popular outdoor personality Jim Shockey, have created the new Jim Shockey Signature Series line of knives, all made in the USA. The six innovative designs, ranging from a handy caping knife to a full-tang fixed blade hunting knife, will be available in Spring 2010, exclusively from Cabela's The versatile Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen 3 Jim Shockey Tall Tripod works for standing, sitting or kneeling in all kinds of terrain.Primos Hunting designed these Tripods with adjustable legs that lock in place for more stability and clearer target acquisition with a gun, optic device, or camera.With smoother panning action, the Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen 3 Tall Tripod makes aiming.

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Introducing the double-folding Jim Shockey Signature Series - Havalon Titan. Featuring Havalon's revolutionary Quik-Change blade system on one end and a Cryo hardened AUS8 blade on the other. This combination gives you the unmatched sharpness of a Havalon blade and the strength of a traditional fixed blade all in one tool 18 Hunts from Our Ultimate African Safari's Literally Safari translates from Swahili to English as journey, but literal translations, especially from tribal languages to English fail to explain fully the native meaning, the deeper inner meaning. Safari is a journey, yes, but a journey to a place inside just as much as it is a journey to a place outside. Now you can safari alongside the. Jim Shockey on the Real Trouble With the Border Closure: Here's Why It's Not So Easy to Roll Over Your Outfitted Canadian Hunt Jim Shockey, a legendary Canadian outfitter, on the grim reality of how the border closure has rocked the guiding industry—and created major losses for American hunter The Benjamin® Jim Shockey Steel Eagle Break Barrel Air Rifle is powered by Nitro Piston 2 technology, that combines a quiet, powerful shot with reduced cocking force, and superb accuracy. Using a nitrogen-filled gas piston instead of the traditional coiled steel spring, the Golden Eagle cranks .22 caliber alloy pellets out at speeds of up to. Produced by the American Pioneer Powder Company, this premium grade black powder substitute is as clean, as consistent and just as dependable as their house powder. Its performance is trusted so much that well-known outdoor writer and hunter Jim Shockey put his name on it. Plus, clean-up is a breeze since it only requires the use of tap water

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Eva Shockey is co-host of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures on the Outdoor Channel, as well as the 2015 National Hunting and Fishing Day co-chair Jim Shockey celebrates winning the 2018 Weatherby Award with his family. Below, Craig Boddington does the same at the 2017 event. February 12, 2019 By Lynn Burkhead. There's little doubt that Jim Shockey and Craig Boddington are two of the most influential hunters and wildlife conservationists to walk the planet in modern times Jim Shockey's GOLD™ STICKS™ is a compressed charge of PREMIUM grade powder that was designed and created to be a sulfurless black powder replacement. The powder delivers fast and complete ignition plus superior performance, accuracy, and dependability Stoney Wolf Jim Shockey's Rogue River Moose DVD. by Stoney Wolf. ID 1447183. |. MPN SW9267. Be the first to write a review. | Ask a question. $14.99. Stoney Wolf Jim Shockey's Rogue River Moose DVD -Imagine yourself hunkered in the gloom of a low hanging fog in the remote September mountains of the Yukon step by step the enormous bull. The Wired To Hunt Podcast - Episode #19: Hunting Northern Whitetails w/Jim Shockey. Today on The Wired To Hunt Podcast we're joined by Jim Shockey, the renowned big game outfitter and legendary outdoor TV host. And in this episode, given Jim's extensive experience hunting and filming in Canada, we're chatting about hunting big Northern.


This past July, Jim Shockey, hunting television show host and outfitter, was named the 2018 winner of the Weatherby Award, given annually by Weatherby Foundation International.Coveted among dedicated international hunters, the Weatherby Award is known as a recognition for those who have hunted the most species in the most places around the world under the most demanding conditions Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures - Season 15 Jim travels to the land of the midnight sun, the Yukon. Jim will be going after one of the largest big game animals on the planet, the Alaska Yukon Moose. Watch with MyOutdoorTV. 2. A Family Bear Hunt Watch as Jim Shockey and his team of hunting guides take clients from around the globe on the adventure of a lifetime. Season 1 - Episode 8: Jim and his team are desperate to guide there group of hunters to get an elusive moose before the weather sets in. If the inhospitable mountains don't cooperate the team will never catch there prey Eva Shockey-Brent. Hunter/Host. As the daughter of Professional Hunter and outdoor television producer, Jim Shockey, Eva has been part of the outdoor industry since birth. And though her childhood dreams revolved around competitive dance, she traded in her tutu for camo when she was 21 and never looked back. Today, Eva combines her passion for.

Jim Shockey is an internationally renowned award-winning outdoor writer, wildlife photographer, videographer, naturalist, wilderness guide, and outfitter with decades of experience WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 2, 2020) - Safari Club International (SCI) is excited to announce a multi-year partnership with Shock Therapy, a new series hosted by legendary outdoorsman, hunter and outfitter, Jim Shockey. Shock Therapy with Jim Shockey joins the award-winning producer, author, naturalist and outfitter as he pulls back the curtain on his 25-year archive of what is some of the. Jim Shockey. 609,962 likes · 28,236 talking about this. Naturalist, Outfitter, TV Producer and Host of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures and UNCHARTED on Outdoor Channel During an opening-bell interview at the 2017 ATA Show, Jim Shockey seemed to be a man in full command of things. Serving as an early-morning host for an Outdoor Channel live streaming appearance on Facebook, Shockey held court about several different subjects, all while appearing to be at total ease as he guided online viewers and answered questions, often withhis trademark smile and good humor With the Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Jim Shockey Tall Tripod you can adjust to your desired height with the pull of a trigger using just one hand. The Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Jim Shockey Tall Tripod w/ Trigger Lock is a lightweight, height-adjustable gun rest and optical gear mount, perfect for kneeling or standing. The Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Jim Shockey Tall Tripod w/ Removable V.

Jim Shockey's GOLD™ is a loose, granular PREMIUM grade pf powder that was designed and created to be a sulfurless black powder replacement. The powder delivers fast and complete ignition plus superior performance, accuracy, and dependability. Jim Shockey's Gold™ is available in two granule sizes (FFG and FFFG) Q&A with Eva Shockey on Babies and Bows. Eva Shockey has the gift of being able to communicate to women hunters around the world - and not only about her travels and hunts with her famous father, Jim Shockey, but also about her everyday lifestyle and how it centers on a healthy lifestyle that includes hunting Outdoor Channel's Eva Shockey, who co-hosts alongside her legendary father in Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures on the network, stars in a new reality television show launching on Monday, November 18 at 8 p.m. ET - My Outdoor Family.The six-episode series provides a behind-the-scenes look into Eva's life as a wife, mother, outdoor lifestyle influencer, author, TV host, entrepreneur and. Jim Shockey's crew flies to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska as he goes after the largest antlered compared to body size' big game animals in the world, the stunning and huge Alaskan reindeer. One of the most remote corners of the earth! Watch with MyOutdoorTV. 13. Adventures in Romania. March 26, 2015. 21min Looking For Jim Shockey? We Have Almost Everything On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Jim Shockey On eBay

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JIM SHOCKEY. Pro Hunter, Outfitter, Hunting Consultant, TV Host, Executive Producer. Jim is the winner of SCI's prestigious CJ McElroy Award and North American Professional Hunter of the Year Award. His personal hunting experiences include travel to the remotest, wildest and most beautiful reaches of the world The Primos Jim Shockey Edition Tripod Trigger Stick gives you the stability you need to make difficult shots on trophies while in the field. Featuring a lightweight 7075 aluminum construction, you can carry this shooting stick anywhere comfortably. The 360 degree rotating V yoke allows you to make last second adjustments and is removable The Eva Shockey Signature Series Gen II is SO smooth, scary accurate, and an answer to prayer for people who WANT to love to shoot a bow. Eva Shockey - Jim Shockey Hunting Adventures DeadLock makes it easy to tune your bow

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JIM. SHOCKEY. Why are you a Christensen Arms enthusiast? I've had my eye on Christensen Arms for many years now. When they started building carbon fiber barreled rifles for hunters, it really piqued my interest and showed that this company cared about a lot of the same things that are important to me. They understood how critical light weight. Professional hunter Jim Shockey explains the dire situation being faced by outfitters and the importance of hunters and outfitters to work together, to Share The Impact, to save hunting. SCI News Unique current events featuring SCI members, chapters, social media highlights in an easy-to-read weekly email digest Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures - The Hunt of a Lifetime. By HuntingNet on January 1, 2005 British Columbia. Jim has hunted the world over in search of the finest big game adventures available in the most spectacular wild lands on earth. A few of these most amazing regions have so impressed Jim that he purchased the exclusive guiding. The Jim Shockey Classic March 27-28, 2022. Jim Shockey Classic 2022. March 27-28, 2022 | Wild Dunes Resort | Isle of Palms, SC. The Jim Shockey Classic Military Tribute event is centered around honoring our nation's military heroes and their families while enjoying the comradery of others that love the outdoors. Register Now

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If you've never had to sort out a wounded, 400-pound black bear in the dark, near-impenetrable recesses of Vancouver Island's rainforest jungle, you have no idea what intimidating means. I learned that the nerve-rattling way the first time I hunted on the island—along with the fact its huge bears are not to be trifled with. I was there at the invitation of Jim Shockey, years before he. The most basic gear is a bow, arrows, a target, a range finder, and a release. There are tons of options out there-but if you want to see my favorites, check them out here. I personally shoot the Eva Shockey Signature Series Bow, which is a compound bow from Bowtech. A few years ago, I was doing a LOT of archery and I realized that there.

Jim Shockey's Family Ranch Robbed. It's a horrible feeling to find out that your possessions have been tampered with. And I can't imagine how the family feels having their late father and grandfather's invaluable heirlooms taken from them. The Shockey family is offering a reward for the return of the firearms Christensen Arms Laser Engraved Cryo Hunting Knife. $ 49.95. $ 49.95 Read more Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures (JSHA) is from Victoria, Canada, and joined Guidefitter 9 years ago. Join Guidefitter to connect with Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures (JSHA) and be part of a growing community of sportspeople and hunting outfitters who share your love of the hunt

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Outdoor Channel's Jim Shockey is at remarkable ease in nearly any job description presented to him, from being a social media live-streaming host to traveling to dangerous corners of the world to hunt big game to the prospect of being a doting grandpa. Jim Shockey's ground-breaking show, UNCHARTED, has taken him and a sizable television. Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures - Season 17. It's time for our favorite show of the year, a retrospective of all the best of, the worst of, and the footage we just couldn't show you the first time around Veteran hunting guide Jim Shockey blasted Canada officials for lack of action about a growing grizzly problem following the mauling death of a woman and her baby daughter. Shockey has cabins on Einarson Lake, about 400 kilometers northeast of Whitehorse and near the border of Yukon and Northwest Territories. He has trapped, hunted, guided and.

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- Jim Shockey Ripcord continues to be the leading rescue travel insurance program in the hunting and adventure travel markets. We look forward accomplishing great things with Jim and his team The footage shows Jim Shockey harvesting a buffalo with the interesting hybrid device. According to Crosman , the Airbow can be filled to 3000 PSI and it fires full-sized arrows From: Jim Shockey. Fourth incredible day here in Newfoundland. Weather was calling for ugly hurricane force wind, 80 miles per hour and rain for afternoon so we went out early. We hiked into the timber because we figured with the weather to be in the timber. Sat down on a perfect spot in the timer Boasting the ability to take pictures up to 8.0 megapixels, the Stealth Cam Jim Shockey Sniper Pro Digital Game Camera is the most powerful game camera in the Stealth Cam lineup. The camera features a 50 foot flash range for great night photos, and each photo is stamped with time, date moon phase and temperature The Eagle vs Trail NP2 Both the Benjamin Jim Shockey Steel Eagle Air Rifle and the Golden Eagle (which is really just the .177 cal version of the Steel Eagle) have the same internal powerplant, shrouded barrel and trigger as the Trail NP2. But what sets the two guns apart is the stocks

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