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Last day, go to have a look. Special prices for you today, 90% off now, Top quality watches Build your Career in Healthcare, Data Science, Web Development, Business, Marketing & More. Learn from anywhere, anytime. Flexible, 100% online learning. Join & get 7-day free trial Hear from a real maven answers to this question and much more about the future Resurrection. Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzki. Acquiring Basics in Geula and Moshiach Part 1. Acquiring Basics in Geula and Moshiach Part 1 from Learn & Bring Moshiach on Vimeo. Play Learn & Bring Moshiach is a non-for-profit global network dedicated to empowering others with the spirit of Geula through extensive educational media and resources on the subject.. Live classes taught weekly in multiple locations by hired, quality teachers. Vast selection of audio and video classes categorized by both scholar and topic, viewed by thousands a year

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Learning & Values Essentials Moshiach 101 Moshiach: An Introduction Two of the most fundamental tenets of the Jewish faith - as listed by Maimonides among the Thirteen Principles of the Jewish Faith - are the belief in the ultimate redemption, an awaited era of world peace, prosperity and wisdom, and the belief that the dead will be. The force behind Moshiach's power to draw the entire world and bring it to its perfected state. Rabbi Sholom Zirkind. 26:40. As we approach Moshiach's arrival, we have merited to see the return of prophecy. Rabbi Sholom Zirkind. 31:36. Moshiach Will Judge Through Scent. Rabbi Sholom Zirkind. 31:10 Learn about Moshiach and the Beis Hamikdosh in a fun and entertaining way. Games, stories, videos, activities and more

Learn Moshiach. 544 likes · 1 talking about this. Global network of educational media and resources on the subject of Geula and Moshiach Moshiach (also known as messiah) is the long awaited Jewish leader who will usher in an era of world peace and G‑dly awareness.. The Jewish messiah is a human being, a descendant of King David, who will lead the Jewish people back to the Land of Israel, where they serve G‑d in peace, leading the nations of the world in attaining an understanding of the Creator The Messianic Redemption will be ushered in by a person, a human leader, a descendant of Kings David and Solomon, who will reinstate the Davidic royal dynasty.According to tradition, Moshiach will be wiser than Solomon, and a prophet around the level of Moses. Ever since the destruction of the Holy Temple, in every generation there is an individual, a scion of the House of David, who has the. The Jew is mandated to learn and be aware of the messianic redemption, and strengthen his or her faith in Moshiach's ultimate and imminent arrival. Charity is a catalyst for redemption. And every day in our prayers, we sincerely plead many times for the rebuilding of Jerusalem, the ingathering of the exiles and the return to Torah observance. GLOBAL CAMPAIGN TO BRING MOSHIACH NOW! Learn all you can about Welcoming Moshiach. Spread the word! The Rebbe pleaded with us to do all we can to bring Moshiach in a manner of the Lights of Tohu in vessels of Tikun

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  1. Again, if King David is the middle point between Adam and Moshiach and he became the King of Israel in the Hebrew year 2891, we double that year and we get 5782. The current Hebrew year, 5781, began on Rosh Hashana, September 18-19, 2020. The Hebrew year 5782, when, according to this calculation, Moshiach should arrive, begins on September 6-7.
  2. ent arrival, and what active steps you can take to make this a reality
  3. By Rabbi Immanuel Schochet Posted in Holidays. The prophet says, As in the days of your going out of Egypt, I will show [the people] wondrous things (Michah 7:15). This means that the exodus from Egypt is a paradigm for the future redemption by Moshiach. Based on this teaching, we can look to the
  4. JOIN A GLOBAL INITIATIVE OF 770 GROUPS UNITING TO LEARN ABOUT MOSHIACH IN PREPARATION FOR HIS ARRIVAL. Goal: 770. 103%. 795. GROUPS FORMED: 795. JOIN NOW. Learning in groups of 2+ is preferred, learning in groups of ten - ״מה טוב!״.
  5. Learn Moshiach. 530 likes. Global network of educational media and resources on the subject of Geula and Moshiach

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For those of you who wanted to learn how to line dance, but never got the opportunity. For those of you who wanted to learn how to line dance, but never got the opportunity Six weeks before Gimmel Tammuz, The Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 launched Project 'It's Time To Know', a campaign to learn the four Dvar Malchus Sichos. The inspiration that followed was palpable; the realization that learning about Moshiach in a clear and understandable way is completely achievable was eye opening The call of the hour: Learn about redemption and Moshiach. On this day, the 6th of Iyar 5751 (1991), the Rebbe called for every Jew to engage in the study of Torah in areas related to Moshiach and geulah as the most straight path to bring Moshiach: What is the straight path—the easiest and quickest method from all of the ways of Torah.

Lecture 22 Haman, Hitler, 50th Level of impurity and the war of thoughts - 4:22. Lecture 23 Moshiach is coming - You really don't want to miss out - 3:00. Lecture 24 Time is ripe for the coming of Moshiach - 6:24. Lecture 25 We operate better under pressure - 7:52. Lecture 26 Ahavat Israel will bring Mashiach - 14:30 Learn More About Blindsided by Messiah. While it may be unbelievable to many people that an ordinary mom from New Jersey could be Moshiach, Messiah, it is emphatically the truth. Hashem said, Be sunshine. Be joyful. Be loving. BE YOURSELF! and your success is assured. While I'm not what anyone expected, He says I am what everyone needs 3) Watch a recorded Moshiach Shiur class. 4) Learn it on your own (from a קובץ in simple לשון קודש). High school girls and up: 1) Participating classes will learn it with their teacher. 2) Join a daily live Moshiach Shiur on Zoom. 3) Watch a recorded Moshiach Shiur class. 4) Learn it on your own (in English) Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order The Chofeitz Chayim (Torah Ohr, chapter 12) says: If we were truly yearning for the Final Redemption and waiting each day for its arrival, then we would be preparing ourselves by learning the relevant halachos, for there are many halachos to be learned and they cannot all be covered in a short time

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  1. That will answer all your questions עג״מ is the best way to learn all about moshiach . September 11, 2017 9:30 pm at 9:30 pm #1361419. Lubavitcher. Participant
  2. g of the Messiah, Anava concluded by asserting that the.
  3. There's a terrifying Chatam Sofer, a frightening Chatam Sofer [commentary]. The Chatam Sofer said that this year, the year 5780 would be a satanic year, and that the year 5781 would be the year of the Moshiach, explained Rav Pinto. Rav Pinto continued: It's not just some Rav saying this, we're talking about the Chatam Sofer

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  1. Active Oldest Votes. 1. There is a teaching based upon Micah 7:15 that much of the final redemption, including the revelation of Moshiach, will follow the same pattern as the first redemption from Egypt. In the first redemption, Moshe Rabbeinu was 80 years old. So according to this tradition, you could expect something similar
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  3. Sometimes in the hard moments, we really do feel we want Moshiach now, but then, after the makkah settles, we forget about how much we need Moshiach, and get comfortable again. It's as if the Pharoh in us wants the pain and tragedies to go away.. but still doesn't want the Golus itself to go away - just that the Golus shouldn't be so hard
  4. There are some predictions in the Talmud for when Moshiach/Messiah will come. Avoda Zara 9b brings a Beraisa and Rabbi Chanina that say when Moshiach will come (the opinions are a few years apart), and it uses language that seems to say that there is no chance that he won't come by then. I can speculate that maybe they just use the wording as a demonstration of them being eager for Moshiach.
  5. For those of you who wanted to learn how to line dance, but never got the opportunit

Belief in the eventual coming of the mashiach is a basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism. It is part of Rambam's 13 Principles of Faith, the minimum requirements of Jewish belief.In the Shemoneh Esrei prayer, recited three times daily, we pray for all of the elements of the coming of the mashiach: ingathering of the exiles; restoration of the religious courts of justice; an end of. It makes a lot of logic. and if you will listen to him and learn inyonei moshiach ugeula you will also be brainwashed like him! 0. 0. Reply #51 October 12, 2009 9:02 pm a brainwashed tzfati that uses no logic at all. 0. 0. Reply. ל45 October 12, 2009 8:42 p

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New Weekly Moshiach Shiur Launched. Join Live at 9:30 PM ET: You can't yearn if didn't learn, you can't anticipate if you don't participate: The Rebbe taught us on several occasions to learn about the coming of Moshiach and the imminent Geula, join thousands live around the globe for a shiur on Moshiach given by Flatbush Shliach Rabbi Zalmen Liberow The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, promotes understanding between Jews and Christians to build broad support for Israel Learn the Sichos About the Siyum. In honor of the 40th Siyum Harambam on Gimmel Tammuz a sefer of four fundamental sichos on the last perokim of Rambam - Hilchos Moshiach has been released. Full Stor

The autistics put this message out, there is something we all need to learn from it, and some re-evaluation of ourselves that is now required. That's part of the birur process that will continue and intensify as we get closer to Moshiach being truly revealed 100% Be'er Miriam Torah Learning Center. Located in the heart of the old city of Tzfat in Israel, Be'er Miriam is a fountain of knowledge and depth of the teachings of the Torah. Exile Exodus Faith Genesis Gratitude Haftarah Halacha Inspiration Joshua Kabbalah Lashon Harah Likutei Moharan lying Marriage Mashiach Moshiach Mussar Parasha.

Doesn't learning about Moshiach diminish our learning in other areas of Torah? But by now the answer should be clear. The concept of Moshiach is an ikkar. An ikkar does not negate pratim (individual) concepts but instead enlivens and envitalizes them and is an essential part of each individual concept. Without it, chas v'sholom, one would. When Moshiach comes, we will all be able to learn Torah without having to worry about parnossah or antisemites throwing stuff at us on the streets. We won't be tempted to busy ourselves with politics or elections because we will have a tzaddik, Moshiach ben Dovid, as our king and he will ensure that we are free t

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Today The Radio is a powerful tool - When used for spreading the word that moshiach is here - and that one good deed can change the world - its is fulfillin.. Either you could learn from that Yerushalmi that Rabbi Akiva made a mistake, or you could learn a proof from there there is no problem with identifying a specific person as Moshiach, or pointing. Moshiach is almost here. Download the app that will prepare you for Moshiach. Learning about Moshiach will bring Moshiach Closer. Receive a daily lesson about the coming of Moshiach. Set a notification. - Did you know that there are 5 blessings that we say upon the arrival of Moshiach? - Moshiach is the Jewish meaning of the Messia

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1. The Yaabetz there points out that there were others who entered Gan Eden while alive but later were sent out, Adam and his sons and an Ammora רבא. We could say similarly that Moshiach is now in Gan Eden and will soon be sent out to reign in this world. Share. Improve this answer What's really stopping us from seeing the truth? I was discussing with my husband why so very many people, including 'big' rabbis, just don't seem to want to see what's right in front of their eyes at the moment, or to hear anything about geula being imminent, or to discuss any possible candidates for Moshiach

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  2. Isaiah. The bow of war shall be cut off and Moshiach shall speak peace unto the nations. Micah. The wolf shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie with the kid, and a calf with a lion's cub and a fatling together and a small child shall lead them
  3. Hashem's Presence will only rest on someone who is b'simcha — in a state of joy. Teshuva cannot happen in a state of sadness. The Chasam Sofer answers: משנכנס אב ממעטים בשמחה. One who enters Av reduces with simcha. The month of Av is a time to stop and reflect
  4. The Moshiach got dressed — And with a heart full of glee, Went down to earth and entered — the first Shtiebel he did see. I am the Moshiach! — Hashem has heard your plea! Your Geulah has come! — It's time to go free! They all stopped their learning; — This was quite a surprise
  5. Chabadinfo.com Exclusive: In the Sicha of Parshas Bolok 5751, the Rebbe explains why it is so important to learn inyoney Geulah u'Moshiach • Learn this week's Sicha with ChabadInfo.com's Weekly Shiur of the Dvar Malchus Sicha in English, presented by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Liier, Mashpia of Mesivta of Melbourne, Australia • Watc

Names of Moshiach. One of the more well-known appellations in תנך that describes משיח is צמח (Zach 3:8, 6:12; Isaiah 4:2; Jeremiah 23:6), with the English definition a variation of Branch (capitalized as refers to his name). Interestingly, there are quite a number of other descriptions in תנך that are highly related and nearly. Jewish Practice Learning & Values Inspiration & Entertainment Community & Family Weekly Magazine Specialty Sites Chabad.org Video The Jewish Woman Jewish News Moshiach 101 Jewish Kids Zone Kabbalah Online Israel - The Holy Land TheRebbe.or The same thing is true about the signs of Moshiach's imminent arrival. We know what they are because the Talmud and Midrash has told us them. The trouble we have is that when we experience them in real time, we wonder if this event is that sign. If yes, Moshiach is about to reveal himself. If not, then history is just droning on

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The Moshiach will be a very righteous man from the family of King David with a total commitment to the Torah. He will be anointed as king of the Jewish people. He will reestablish the dynasty of King David, rebuild the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and gather together all the Jews from throughout the world to the land of Israel directing all of. The Moshiach Shop is a project with the mission to bring awareness into your everyday life that moshiach is on its way. Having a physical reminder of your purpose for existence will help you live more mindfully towards this personal and universal goal. Let's prepare mentaly and physically for Moshiach The judges also spoke throughout the evening, inspiring the Bochurim about learning Geula U'Moshiach and Hiskashrus to the Rebbe. The M.C. of the evening was Rabbi Nissim Lagziel, Mashpia of Oholei Torah. The event was combined with a Siyum HoRambam, made by Rabbi M.M. Hendel, director of the Yeshiva in Queens..

Moshiach and the World Today. Jun 23, 2001 | by Rabbi Pinchas Winston. For millennia, Jews have eagerly anticipated the arrival of Moshiach. Today we need him more than ever. We are living in very turbulent times, to say the least. Whereas only two years ago the world and the people of Israel were optimistic about a peaceful solution to the. The inner positive aspects of Tisha B'Av, the birth of Moshiach, does not become revealed until the 15th of Av, which is when the moon is full, the moon being the aspect of Dovid Malka Mashicha. (This also hints at the Jewish people, when they reach full potential to receive the light (as the moon receives and reflects from the sun), reveal. The circles contain Moshiach ben Yosef's followers. The one who was sitting in the middle - he was leaning on his side - was moving his lips and all those around him were moving their lips after him. [This refers to teaching / learning Torah - this soul is the source of all the Torah explanations. Ten Minutes of Moshiach with Rabbi Mendel Scharf. Join Live Daily at 2:00 PM ET: In connection with the global campaign marking 30 years since Chof Ches Nissan 5751, a new shiur has been launched to learn Inyonei Geulah U'Moshiach for 10 minutes a day with Rabbi Mendel Scharf. Shabbos, Chof Ches Nissan 5781 marked 30 years since the Rebbe.

Netanyahu has been the prime minister of Israel since 2009, after serving an earlier term from 1996 to 1999. Altogether he has been in office for 15 years. On Sunday, June 13, 2021, Netanyahu was. King David's learning of Torah is legendary. In Tehillim 119:147 King David says I arose early in the evening and cried out; I placed my Hope in Your word. When Moshiach Ben Dovid. Messianism in Chabad, refers to the contested beliefs among members of the Chabad-Lubavitch community, a group within Hasidic Judaism, regarding the Jewish messiah. These beliefs typically involve the duty to actively raise awareness that the imminent arrival of the messiah. A fringe subset of the Chabad community believe that the leader of Chabad, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the seventh. Video lectures, lessons and presentations by world-class Torah scholars and experts in their fields

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Rabbi Schapiro is the regional director of JLI, the Jewish Learning Institute in Australia, and is on its editorial board. JLI offers courses based on Kabballah, Talmud and Jewish living in 320 cities throughout the world, including Chabad North Shore, Sydney Welcome Moshiach Campaign Welcome Moshiach Campaign Welcome Moshiach Campaign GLOBAL CAMPAIGN TO BRING MOSHIACH NOW! Click here to access a collection of Moshiach Learning Resources The Mivtzah continues till Tuesday 1 Tammuz. If you were participating in the Mivtzah as part of class and no school is over, you can continue learning the daily lesson by joining a Live Moshiach Shiur on Zoom or watching a recorded Moshiach Shiur class.. Elementary students can continue filling out the daily worksheet on the on the daily materials page by either downloading the.

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Test - Week #3 Raffle for test #3 will BEH take place Wednesday, 8:00pm (NY time).\u000BPlease take the test beforehand to be included in the raffle.\u000BIf you missed any day of learning, you can still go back and learn it (watch a video or learn on your own), and fill out the daily questions to ear Awakening the desire for the Redemption can only be accomplished through learning about it. The Rebbe details different aspects of the Redemption, the role of Moshiach, and how we can prepare ourselves for this new era. Anticipating the Redemption - Volume 2 Maamarim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, Concerning the Era of. Mashiach means that His majesty was anointed as a King, as a Prophet, and as a Priest. Further, we can substitute the word Mashiach every time we encounter the word Yeshua . The next concept is that: Yeshua = Mashiach = Torah. Yochanan (John) 1:1 alludes to this: Yochanan (John) 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with.

By The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute . Watch. The Future Factory By The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute . Watch. On the Bright Side By Rabbi Mendel Rubenfeld . Watch. Moshiach: Fantasy or Reality? By Mrs. Fruma Schapiro . Watch. Moshiach: It's Already in the News! By Rabbi Ari Shishler . Watch. Back to top. My Jewish Learning is a not-for-profit and relies on your help. Donate. The idea that a human being-the Messiah-will help usher in the redemption of the Jewish people has roots in the Bible. However, Jewish sources have not, as a general rule, focused attention on the specific personal qualities of the Messiah Moshiach is going to come both from chutz l'aretz, and also from Israel. There's also a discussion in the Gemara about whether Moshiach is a native of chutz l'aretz, or a native of Eretz Yisrael. In the Chabad newsletter 'Sichot HaShavua' number 1206, Rav Menachem Brod brings a number of sources for each view Sweetening the War of Gog and Magog. So much has happened in the 10 or so days since Rabbi Eliezer Berland, shlita, spoke about the need to sweeten the gezeirot (judgments) that were hanging over the nation.. Last Tuesday, there was a miraculously brief two day war in Israel, when around 450 rockets were shot into the Holy Land from Gaza In Sodom, referring to Moshiach son of David. When the angels come to save Lot and his family from Sodom, they used a strange expression: Take your wife and two daughters who are found here.. The word found ( nimzoas) is superfluous and cryptic. Explains the Midrash that found implies something lost

My Jewish Learning is a not-for-profit and relies on your help. Donate. As the Israelites traveled through the wilderness on their way to the promised land, Balak, the king of Moab, began to get anxious: Too many foreign people, too close to his territory, spelled trouble. Unable to force them to leave, Balak called on a professional prophet to. The world perfection by Moshiach is up too us, THE REBBE GAVE US A MISSION to bring Moshiach, we must learn ''Besuras Hageulah'' untill we konw what the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita wants of us and what are the opportunities we have to bring Moshiach/Messiah sooner, CLICK LINK FOR MORE ON BESURAS HAGEULAH/The call of the Redemptio Redemption Developments. A rift in the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu-led coalition will lead to new elections in Elul, leading some to worry, while for us it is a tremendeous development that has been predicted many times over as a precursor to the redemption. Over 40 years ago (1980) Harav Kaduri, zsk'l, has said..

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Moshiach and the Beis Hamikdash. As Rosh Chodesh Av approaches, we enter the 9 days and then Tisha B'Av. This is a really great time to explore the Beis Hamikdash and the idea of the coming of Moshiach, and I really need to thank my friend Sarah for inspiring me to write this post. Although learning about the Beis Hamikdash can seem far fetched. The Footsteps of the Moshiach. The three generations are the generations of Moshiach ben Yosef, Eliya the prophet, and the royal Moshiach, Moshiach ben David. The task of Eliya the prophet is to. The Saber Team is proud to roll out our latest app in the Jewish App Series, called the Moshiach Guide. This app, available in android and IOS, is a program aimed at learning more about Moshaich. Features of the Moshiach App. Download the App. Moshiach Channel (Auto Play Moshiach ben Yosef is a warrior (Moshiach ben Dovid would also appear to be) Moshiach ben Yosef will be killed in BATTLE[^15] and will be the first to be raised from the dead by Moshiach ben Dovid. The period of time from when Moshiach ben Yosef first comes into prominence until he is resurrected after the Moshiach ben Dovid comes to his throne. From this we can learn even more about the identity of Moshiach: First: He will be a human being. G-d put the whole world in the hands of man and Moshiach is no exception. Second: He will be Jewish. Jews are the only ones that really have the ability to feel and be attached to the Creator

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Where You Can Learn About The Prayer And The Torah Anytime From Any Where At No Charge. May Hashem Bless You And The World And We Want Moshiach Now . Hashem is The Only King And is The Master of The World And The King of All Kings. And The One And Only Judge Have A Blessed Day and Thank Your For Visiting Our Website. And We Thank You For Your Time And Support. Have a Nice Day Moshiach. Zoom. A new weekly curriculum has been launched for all ages to learn the Rebbe's Sichos about Moshiach. Every week, a booklet is published by the Bochurim in Mesivta Ateres Menachem Montreal with a Sicha of the Rebbe pertaining to the subject of Moshiach and Geulah • Full Story, Download Booklet By examining the Rebbe's sichos, we will find that we can learn from the earlier events of Gimmel Tammuz, and thus gain insight into our present situation and better understand how 3 Tammuz 5754 fits into the mandate of the 7th Generation: Bringing Moshiach in actuality! Read the rest of this entry It must be Moshiach Tzeiten, The Time of the Messiah. We learn that the Messiah will reinstate the Sanhedrin—which is the Supreme Court. In Isaiah 1:26, when referring to the. Full Farbrengen of 28 Nissan 5781. Enjoy a replay of all 56 speakers, spanning 24 hours, including videos of the Rebbe prepared specially for this Farbrengen. Have the authentic experience with a seamless flow facilitated by a panel of seven MCs

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LEARN ABOUT MOSHIACH & REDEMPTION: There are plenty of sources to help us know what we're aiming towards and how to implement and hasten the new era. FUNDAMENTALS: Make Judaism and Jewish practice more accessible (hafatza The date now [as the Jewish calendar days begin on the preceding night] is 28 Nissan, כח ניסן, the strength of the month of redemption. This week is parshas Shemini; the word shemini means eight, which is one higher than nature- 7, and is associated with Moshiach. This is the third week that we are studying this parsha [because of Pesach. For example learning the Sichos from Nun Alef and Nun Beis? Answer: See in the Sichos you mention - Sefer Hasichos Nun Alef chelek beis page 691 footnote 87 - that the restriction applies also to Hilchos Beis Habechirah (and the same is true regarding learning Moshiach and Geulah) Moshiach - The Jewish Messiah. Hope for Moshiach I believe with perfect faith in the coming of Moshiach (the messiah), and though he may tarry, nevertheless I await his coming every day. (In Hebrew: Ani ma'amin b'emunah shleimah beviat haMashiach, v'af al pi sheyitmameiha, im kol zeh achakeh lo b'chol yom sheyavo. According to the Lubavitch Rebbe SHLIT King Moshiach, this process has already begun in 1992, when the presidents of Russia and America made an unprecedented decision to reduce the production of weapons and end world wars, on mutual cooperation and the use of the proceeds from this for the benefit of humanity all over the world

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Living with Moshiach is a lively compendium of deep Torah insights from Chassidic sources and the Kabbalah, and detailed guides for the Jewish holidays and meaningful Jewish observance. Enlightenment for the Blind also hosts an extensive archive of Jewish resources on the weekly Torah portion, Jewish holiday guides, Chassidic stories, and books. This is Chidon Geulah U'Moshiach by Zikron Digital on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them The difficulty in grasping, understanding, and connecting the various parts can absolutely be a source of frustration and opposition. However, in contrast to learning how to play the violin, with the help of an appropriate learning approach, Gemara study can produce from the very outset a few tunes without too much squeaking The world is changing. Moshiach is almost here. Download the app that will prepare you for Moshiach. Learning about Moshiach will bring Moshiach Closer. Receive a daily lesson about the coming of Moshiach. Set a notification. Read the blessing that we say upon the coming of Moshiach. Invite your friends to enjoy the app Can The Rebbe Be Moshiach?: Proofs from Gemara, Midrash, and Rambam that the Rebbe zt l cannot be Moshiach [Student, Gil] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Can The Rebbe Be Moshiach?: Proofs from Gemara, Midrash, and Rambam that the Rebbe zt l cannot be Moshiach (If one wants to learn about Chabad, get a book about Chabad.