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Oddly enough, you can't disable your account from the Instagram app on iPhone or Android. You'll need to use the Instagram website instead. Start by opening the Instagram website on your desktop or smartphone browser, and log in with the account that you want to disable. RELATED: How to Use Instagram on the Web From Your Compute Blocking can seem a little extreme but it's the only way to hide followers on Instagram from certain people. Follow the steps below to hide followers on Instagram : Click on the profile of the person you want to block Click on the 3 dot on the top of their profile pag HIDE SOMEONE'S CHAT ON INSTAGRAM To hide a direct message on Instagram, go to your DMs list and swipe left on the selected message and click on Hide How to hide Instagram posts, Stories or both. To mute an Instagram account, do the following: 1) Open the mobile Instagram app on your iOS device. 2) Find a post or Story to unmute. 3) Tap in the corner of the post. 4) Select an option from the popup menu: Mute Posts: Filter out an account's post from your feed

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When you block someone from viewing your Instagram story from story settings Hide story from, user blocked won't be able to see your stories and nor the highlights, which means your story/account will not appear in their story scroll or bar. The red ring which appears around your profile picture will not appear for the user People usually just restrict themselves to watching exciting content and sharing them. But if required, you can even block people on your Insta and hide your pictures if needed. Here we are going to share with you some essential tips that people use to operate their Instagram account To hide likes on other people's posts, head to Settings, click Privacy, and tap the new Posts menu item. There, you can turn off all like counts in your feed, and choose to hide like counts on.. How to tell if someone is online on Instagram There are a few ways to see when someone's online or active: You'll see a green dot near their username and photo in your Direct inbox Now your Instagram account is in private mode. 2. Block Followers from Instagram. If you are wondering how to hide Instagram posts from certain followers, then the best way can be to block those followers. It may seem drastic, but that is the only way you can hide your Instagram posts from certain people. Here is how you can do it

Type in the name of the account you want to restrict and then select Restrict next to their name. Use the same process to Unrestrict them if you so choose. You can also access the restricting accounts feature through Direct messaging, comments, or through their own profile. But this way is probably the easiest 1. Open Instagram. 2. Tap the Profile icon. 3. Tap the upside-down chat bubble with the outline of a person inside it. 4. Tap the photo you wish to hide. 5. Tap the photo. 6. Tap your username. 7. Select Hide from My Profile. 8. Tap Done How to delete a comment on Instagram that you wrote on someone else's post. 1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android and log in to your account.. 2. Go to the post that you commented on How to hide on Instagram: If you're friends with people and the account who's photos you liked are public your friends can see that you liked the photo. mitu September 27, 2016 at 10:23 am - Reply. how to hide my pictures on the instagram without making it a private account

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When you're looking at who's watched your regular Instagram Story, tap the three dots next to their name, and then Hide Story From [Whoever]. Boom, done. OK, I have to ask Open Instagram. Tap on the search icon. Enter the name of the account you'd like to mute in the search bar and tap on their profile. Tap 'Following'. Tap 'Mute'. Toggle 'Posts' on Step 1: In the Instagram app, open the profile from which you want to hide your story. Step 2 : Tap on the three-dot icon at the top-right corner. Step 3: Select Hide Your Story from the menu How to hide or restrict Instagram stories from certain people. To begin with, open the Instagram app and tap on the Profile icon in the lower-right corner, then on the gear icon (Settings) at the top of the screen. Select 'Story Settings' in the Account section. You will see a list with all of your followers

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Step 3. Next to each user name you'll see Remove. Click and confirm your selection. This way the people who previously had access to the list of your Followers and Following lists no longer do. They can still find your profile on Instagram, but they'd have to send you another request to access your page again Ever since the Instagram Stories feature was launched, I have come up with a few tricks which will let you hide Instagram Story seen from another user's story. The way I mentioned above is only one of them. You can use these methods to view someone's Instagram story and without notifying them on the Instagram website, Android, and iPhone. How to hide Instagram comments from a person without blocking them. Instagram quietly rolled out a new feature in 2019 that allows users to hide comments from certain users without them even knowing. This is a way to protect yourself from cyberbullying but is also useful for hiding strange comments from well-meaning fans

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  1. Ask them specifically if they have any private, fake, extra accounts (called Finstas, explained below). Let them know what your rules are related to having multiple accounts. Create your own Instagram account to get familiar with the app. For brand new Instagram users, you might consider following their account, but this can be a big ding on trust
  2. In the Instagram app, tap on the search tool (the icon that looks like a magnifying glass). At the top, tap into the search bar. Once you're there, select any of the categories: Top, People, Tags.
  3. Stop someone seeing your stories in their Instagram feed. If you don't want to encourage the person to include you in their Instagram life story, you can elect to not have your own stories appear in their Instagram feed. Go to the person's profile and select the three dot menu icon. Select Hide Your Story. Confirm if required

One of the simplest solutions to view a private Instagram account without following it is based on geolocation.In case you know that the person to be spied is on vacation in a particular location, for example, you could use this detail in your favor.I state, however, that this trick is valid only for public accounts that have decided to hide some of their content from you to remain. Online bullying isn't a new phenomenon, and on an image-based platform like Instagram, it's not difficult to imagine a litany of scenarios where mean-spirited comments on someone's appearance, artwork, fashion choices, shared media, etc. can devolve into a waterfall of mean comments intended solely to make a person feel bad How to Unmute Someone on Instagram. Instagram allows users to unmute their muted ones with ease. It doesn't require any rocket science but an updated Instagram app. To unmute someone, their stories or posts: Go ahead and open Instagram. Tap your account icon available at the bottom right of the screen First, open your Instagram account and then press the menu button located in the upper right corner. You can see the 'Linked account' option there, just tap on it and choose Facebook. Next, c lick the checkmark next to Facebook in case you are using an Android device while those holding an iPhone need to click Facebook and then tap on Unlink To hide your story from specific people: This happens when someone follows a new account: Instagram will then display accounts it believes are similar, which you could be grouped into.

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FastSave for Instagram another similar extension with the identical performance as 1st one. This will allow you to view stories without , and most importantly, the stories will continue to appear as unseen, even if you have seen them all. 3. Open a new Instagram account. This trick is very simple and classic too Instagram has just introduced a new feature that lets you choose whether you want to hide your likes. Every month, Instagram introduces new features to keep its app new, exciting and safe for users

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  1. How to Hide Likes & Activity on Instagram. Not only likes and followers your followers can see comments too on which posts you've commented. If you want privacy from your followers and don't want to show your activities of Instagram to your followers then there are few guidelines which you should follow and it will prevent you from activities done on Instagram done by you
  2. To start your Instagram conversation, you can do the following -. Step 1 - Open the Instagram app and choose the Direct Message option. Step 2 - In NEXSPY, select the conversation you want to filter and give it a long press. Step 3 - You will see a pop-up screen next and click on the star icon
  3. Here's how: Go to your profile and then click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner. From here, click on Settings and then Account. At the bottom of the menu, click on Posts You've Liked.
  4. How to Mute Instagram Posts, Stories Or Both on iPhone Without Unfollowing Accounts. Step #1. Launch Instagram on your iPhone. Step #2. Next, scroll down/up to find the post/story you want to mute or hide. Step #3. Now tap on three horizontal dots () seen at the top right corner of the post. Step #4
  5. When you re-enable your account, their followers' count will automatically go up by one. Since users cannot find your account on the app, they cannot unfollow you. This is a major reason why users disable their accounts instead of leaving them idle. When you temporarily disable your account, Instagram backs up all your content to its server

Finding out if someone has hidden their Instagram stories from you is very simple. There are two ways you can check, from your own account and by creating a new Instagram account. To check using your current account, log into Instagram, go to search bar, and search the name of the user you suspect has blocked you Instagram. Users can now hide likes on other user's posts, disable likes on their own posts, or keep the original experience. By adding this level of flexibility, Instagram hopes to give users the option to lessen pressure when posting to the platform. Mosseri also shared that a similar experience for Facebook is being explored This is a great way to stay up-to-date with content, but if you're following a lot of accounts, or someone is oversharing, this can get in the way of your Instagram fun. If this is the case, you.

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To see someone's Instagram likes, comments, and who someone recently followed, select Capture Screenshot feature while the target user is using Instagram. This will send you a real-time screenshot. To see someone's conversation and activities on Intagram, select Instagram under Social apps How to View Public Instagram Stories Anonymously. If you want to look at the story of a person whose Instagram account is public, follow the steps below. Step #1. See and take note of that account's username. (Touch and hold on the person's story thumbnail. A pop-up from the bottom of the screen will appear. Here you can see the full username

Step 1: Just enter the URL of the Instagram account that you want to view private Instagram photos. Step 2: After that, you can copy and paste the URL of the Instagram account to InstaViewy. Click the View Profile button to enter the account of Instagram. Then you can click the View Private Pictures 7. Hide your story from specific accounts. If you don't want someone to see your Story (such as one of your business' competitors), head to Instagram settings. Choose Story Settings, then Hide Story From. On the next screen, you'll be able to choose the accounts that you want to block your Stories from Hiding your account will not prevent this. First, log in to your Instagram account. Switch to your profile by clicking on the profile icon in the upper-right corner. Select Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Similar Account Suggestions and uncheck this box

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You can hide your Instagram comments altogether. Can you hide a comment on your Instagram post? Yes. There are a couple of options for hiding comments on an Instagram post. The first thing you can do is set up your automatic filter. Turning this feature on will allow Instagram to hide any comments it deems inappropriate or offensive Giving People More Control on Instagram and Facebook. You may have noticed that we've been testing hiding like counts on Instagram for a while. Today, we're announcing that everyone on Instagram and Facebook will now have the option to hide their public like counts, so they can decide what works for them. We tested hiding like counts to see. While Instagram started as a simple photo-sharing app, it has grown to become a very flexible platform with a number of powerful, entertaining, and fun-to-use features. One such feature is the. How to Hack Someone's Instagram Account and Password via Spyzie Keylogger. Step 1: Go to spyzie.io or you can download the Spyzie iOS and Android apps. First, you need to create an account. Step 2: Enter all of the target user's phone information when prompted. Step 3: Install the Spyzie app into them

To delete your Instagram account on your phone or tablet, open Instagram and tap the profile icon at the bottom-right corner. Tap the menu at the top-right corner and select Settings. Tap Help in the menu, and then select Help Center. Tap Managing Your Account to open your account options, then tap Delete Your Account Getting verified on Instagram is actually quite a simple process: Go to your profile and tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner. Tap Settings. Tap Account. Tap Request Verification. Fill in the application form . Your legal name. Your known as or working name (if applicable) Select your category or industry (for example: blogger. Instagram isn't as link-friendly as other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Still, when you do find and open a link, whether it's for a petition or a product, you may want to find it again later. That's why Instagram keeps track of every link you've ever opened. That way, if you ever need to revisit a webpage, you don't have to find the original post or account from last time

See posts, photos and more on Facebook Instagram makes it easy to share feed posts to your stories. From any feed post—yours or someone else's—tap on the paper airplane icon on that post and choose Add Post to Your Story from the pop-up menu. When you share an Instagram feed post to your story, the original post image is imported into the story and the image is clickable.

When you post an Instagram Story, it's usually because you want people to see it. But sometimes there are things to post that you don't want certain people to see, like your parents, kids, ex, or that nosey neighbor down the street. Let's face it, that sandwich you had for lunch isn't meant for everyone's eyes So, if your account is public, but you don't fancy becoming Instagram famous, here's how to hide your Stories from strangers on the Explore page: Making your account privat

Take the following steps to ensure complete absolution: 1. Unlike the photo. 2. Delete your Instagram account. 3. Submerge your phone in a bowl of olive oil. 4. Force it down your throat and massage your neck and chest until you are sure it is in your stomach Making an account on Instagram is easy, but protecting it from cybercriminals is not. Here's what you need to know to Protect Your Instagram Account From Hacker Here's a step-by-step guide on how to hide your story from someone on Instagram: Find the person that you want to hide your story from on Instagram. Go to their profile and tap on the triple-dots icon on the top-right hand corner of their profile. Tap on Hide Story to hide your stories from them

How to hide your Instagram stories from a group of users. 1. While viewing your Instagram feed, tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. 2. Tap the menu icon in the upper. To hide or unhide like and view counts, log in to the Instagram app for Android and iPhone and follow the steps below. This setting isn't currently available to everyone. You can change whether you see the total number of likes and views on posts that appear in Feed Unfortunately, on Instagram itself, there is no option for users to hide their seen status on Instagram stories. Thanks to the technology, there are some other apps that you can sign in to your Instagram account there, and in this way, you can watch others stories privately

Finsta is a term teens have coined to describe a workaround to avoid the oversight of parents checking in on their Instagram accounts. In other words, Finsta is a secret Instagram account that teens have as a way to share their images to only a select group of people (i.e. definitely not their parents or guardians). Popular with those ages 12. Last Seen on Instagram. You can only see the last seen status on accounts of: If you don't meet these criteria, you won't be able to see when someone was last online. The active status will. Probably because someone has access to your password or has access to the email account linked with your Instagram account. So, without wasting any of your time, we will tell you how you can reclaim your hacked Instagram account. Reclaim Your Hacked Instagram account. When you know your account has been hacked, you need to act fast Add real photos to your fake Instagram account. You could also make your phony Instagram ID a private account, as well. If the private Instagram account you want to follow doesn't approve your request to follow them, send a DM to that person. Explain that you'd like to follow them on Instagram and your reasons Thankfully, Instagram lets you disable the feature altogether. With it turned off, fellow Instagram users won't be able to see when you last used an Instagram app, and you won't be able to see.

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Instagram is a great way to share photos with friends, family, and the rest of the world, but it could also open you up to privacy and security risks. Here are five ways to keep your account safe Just like people watch accounts, pictures, videos of other people on Twitter and Facebook you can do a similar thing here! It is nothing but a very simplified version of Facebook! You can access Instagram from your iOS or Android device and that too free of cost! Now let's move on to Instagram DM

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Instagram algorithms monitor your activity on Instagram, Facebook and also make use of the information that you have provided on these apps to bring you content it thinks you would like. Instagram's 'explore' or 'people you may know' make use of this algorithm and bring you content that suits your interest and preferences Similar Account Suggestions is an Instagram feature that gives you suggestions to follow other similar accounts based on the Instagram profile you followed. It is, of course, useful as it makes sure that you follow users that are relevant to your profile or interests. Moreover, you can get additional followers and reach as it suggests your profile on other users' profiles

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To stop someone from following you, block the account. Open their profile, tap the three dots in the top-right corner, then tap Block User to remove that account from your followers. (If the account holder is behaving inappropriately, consider reporting the account . On Instagram, in addition to recent search history, there is now a set of suggested searches that come up when you open the Search tab. When I learned that I could hide people from this list, I began hiding everyone who would show up on that list, because I simply thought it was a way to delete my search history

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Instagram lets you hide specific people from ever seeing your Story. You just need to go into Instagram's settings to make this adjustment. Tap the Profile icon on the bottom right, then the Settings icon (gear) at the top. Under Account, tap Story Settings. Here, you can adjust the privacy As of February 2016 you can add multiple accounts to your Instagram, meaning you no longer have to sign out every time you want to post a new picture on your dogs account. Woof woof! To add additional accounts, go to your profile page, click your username at the top, then click + Add Account How to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account. If your account has been hacked, Instagram does provide a workable system for recovering the account and regaining control. Recovery at the Point of Change. You may have caught the hack as it began by getting the email notification from Instagram that your email account has been changed