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308 PMC Headstamp Brass. Our 308 PMC Headstamp once fired brass is a great starting point for your handloads. The brass originates from a civilian indoor range; no machine gun brass. Also, our .308 PMC Headstamp brass is truly once fired, with original primers still intact. All this brass is boxer primed and does not contain any Berdan Primers AMERICA'S COMPANY AMERICA'S AMMUNITION. DISTRIBUTORS | 2021 Catalog. PMC Ammo.mp4 - Google Drive Headstamp Codes. Codes are listed by number codes, then in alphabetical order from A to Z, followed by a list of suspect codes at the end. *Note 1- Headstamps often contain multiple pieces of information. The maker is almost always identified I believe the PMC folks are right. I have some myself and some of the M's look like an A. A nice site I found is: Headstamp Codes on Small Arms Ammunition The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing Edmund Burke (12 January 1729 - 9 July 1797 2021 PMC Product Catalog - PMC Ammunition. We remain true to our customers and the values that form the foundation of our company. With a deep commitment to service and dependability, we will continue to bring our customers ammunition that exceeds their expectations

A headstamp is the markings on the bottom of a cartridge case designed for a firearm. It usually tells who manufactured the case. Military headstamps usually have only the year of manufacture . The left cartridge's headstamp says FC 223 REM which means that it was made by Federal Cartridge Co. and it is in the caliber .223 Remington The Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners (AFTE) is the international professional organization for practitioners of Firearm and/or Tool Mark Identification and has been dedicated to the exchange of information, methods and best practices, and the furtherance of research since its creation in 1969 To view the PMC Ammo we've currently got in-stock, click here: See What We Currently Have In Stock. PMC Ammo Information: PMC ammunition is manufactured in South Korea by the Poongsan Corporation (ISO certified) which produces cartridges ranging from small arms ammunition to large howitzer rounds for the South Korean military. The Poongsan Corporation dates back to 1968 and since its founding. Most domestic brass is OK except for the PMC, that has to be about the worse to work with. Keep in mind I don't use them as 5.56 but I convert them into other things like 300 Blackout, 222 Rem, 221 Fireball, and 7mm TCU, so what I do with them is slightly different but the quality of the brass has to be pretty much the same A demonstration why PMC bronze ammo sucks and how it can cause a malfunction in a firearm easily because of their poor quality control

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  1. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 7, 2013. As I'm going thru the shells I just got for 9mm. I'm seeing a lot of different Headstamps. I got winchester, FC, PMC, PPU, Blazer, Speer, SRP, GFL, WCC. Now out of those I got so far is there a big quality difference between them or are they the same. I wanted to sort the brass and keep the better brass.
  2. The first clue, of course was the PMC headstamp which told me the manufacturer. The second clue was the rounded profile shiny copper of the bullet itself, which revealed it to be standard ball ammunition. The third clue was the large pistol primer in the head of the cartridge
  3. PMC ammo has been a good buy for a long time. I remember getting some around 1982 for the first time and have never seen anything from them since of less than first quality. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
  4. : TZZ headstamp ammo (Israeli) was and still is issued to U.S. troops mostly: what I have seen is .45 ammo though. I haven't seen any of the TZZ .45 ball being issued for several years now. Current GI stuff I've used has been WCC xx Olin-Winchester. Never seen any TZZ 5.56mm or 7.62mm; late production ammunition I've been issued was WCC or LC.-
  5. PSD (PMC military brass) is well crimped as if they were not intended to ever be deprimed but I have done maybe 700+ without problems. using an RCBS small base die. I do not remove the crimp on many brass cases like LC, FC and IMI but man these have crimps like nothing else and require some serious brass removal

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The headstamp is the stamped markings on the head of the cartridge. Information that can be obtained from the headstamp is extremely varied and depends on the intended purpose or use of the cartridge and who manufactured it. Headstamps consist of one or more parts or information elements. Cartridges intended for sporting or civilian use usually. Found some once fired .223 brass and worked to clean it up for some reloads. Unfamiliar with the headstamp of GFL (Guilio-Fiocchi-Lecco) but I didn't research it right away. After cleaning it all up and reaming the primer pockets I noticed that the flash holes in some of the brass were off center; like waaaaay off center headstamps with a date stamped upside down in relation to the factory code 21 Mátravidéki Fémmüvek Sirok, Hungary. Normally found on cartridge headstamps with a date stamped rightside up in relation to the factory code 21 Plant 21, Uzinale Metalugica Di Copsa Mica Si Cugir, Romania. Normally found o Find your best price for PMC .45 ACP/Auto Ammo handgun | Bulk PMC .45 ACP/Auto Ammunition handgun - AmmoSeek.com Search Engine 202 This genuine Surplus M2 ball 30-06 ammunition was manufactured under Korean Military contract by Poongsan Metal Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (PMC). The PS headstamp denotes these cartridges as non-corrosive, military crimped, boxer primed in reloadable brass cases

The Koreans make some fine ammo. Have been very satisfied training with PMC ball in both 7.62X51 as well .357 and .45ACP. I'll admit though that my warshot rounds (ie,carry ammo) are all U.S. premium brands. Reloading that PMC brass though has been a non-issue Quick Draw This box displays the importer Pan Metal Corporation and Made in Republic of Korea on the bottom. The brass casings display the PMC headstamp and have a few specks of tarnish present. (file photos) Date of Manufacture: This style box was introduced in 1986 and was produced until 1988. Note: This box is the Huegel # PMC-1 LR-3 variation. ‹ 12-10-14, 19:45. Ok I sorted out what have. FC - 3/4 of a gallon ice cream pail. RP - 2/3 of a pail. Winchester - 2/3 of a pail. Hornady/Hornady 308 Match - 1/2 of a pail. There weren't enough of any one nato headstamp to worry about so I left them in with the to sell bunch

105 Posts. #2 · 11 mo ago. I've reloaded for 30 years but only about a year or so for 9 mm. My brass has been Fiocchi and Speer and both work very well. The biggest change for me, because I shoot the 9 in Glock, Sig, and 1911 is finding the bullet profile and length that work in all guns The white box is a commercial brass (no primer crimp) this is the same with the Remington UMC. I have 2,000 PMC. with a. PMC 223head stamp and no crimp. I also have PMC 5.56 that is a NATO round and has a crimp. When I bought brass the past, I only buy Rem UMC, Winchester from the white box or PMC commercial since these don't have a primer crimp

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  1. gton specification. PMC X-TAC appears to be marketed as a M193 clone via the XP193 designator. Pulling the bullet yields a copper full metal jacket, cannelured 55.4gr bullet (weighed on scale) with an concave exposed base. Note that the bullet has a distinct boat tail
  2. You are bidding on 166 pcs. .45 Colt Brass once fired PMC headstamp. Buyer pays shipping, which includes carrier fees, insurance, packaging & handling. Payment can be Money Order, Cashier's Check, Personal or company checks. We withhold shipment for 10 days after receipt of personal or company checks to allow time for check to clear
  3. Make: PMC. Caliber: 5.56mm. Headstamp/Markings: PMD 14. Quantity: 1000x. Bullet Core: The bullets do not respond to a magnet and are lead/copper/non-steel core. Condition: The ammo is in very good condition. Please see our detailed photos for a better understanding of the condition. CA Legal or CA Private Party Transferable: This is Loaded ammo.
  4. More Information. Have up to 600 cases of once fired 300 blackout brass, all with PMC headstamp. Ready to load. $0.30 per case. Tweet This. Flag Ad. This Ad has been viewed 21 times

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Roughly, PMC Korea set up what is now PMC (USA)/Eldorado, which is now a seperate corporation, but owned or controlled by the daughter of the guy who owns PMC Korea. PMC USA loads their own 9mm ammo, but also buys ammo from other sources with the PMC headstamp including Mexico, South Africa and the Philippines Posts: 4. PMC .30 carbine ammo headstamp PS. I have come into some .30 carbine ammo that appears to be commercial PMC. It is headstamped PS at 12 o'clock and 80 at 6 o'clock. It is in tan 50-round boxes. I've seen some web comments (can't find any on CMP forum) that it is Poong San arsenal production and non-corrosive Visual Headstamp Guide for the .303 British Service Cartridge PMC. Precision Made Cartridge - Eldorado Cartridge Corporation (was Patton and Morgan Corp., and Pan Metal Corp.) PO Box 62508, Boulder City, NV 89006. The PMC head stamped Ammunition for ECC has been made in Korea, the Philippines, Mexico and the Republic of South Africa Description. ONE LIVE 38 SPECIAL +P TUBULAR ROUND. UNHIT PRIMER NICKEL CASE. ULTRA MAGNUM LOAD. HEADSTAMP PMC 38 SPL. EXTRA PROJECTILE FOR DISPLAY ONLY. 66 gr. COPPER Projectile. Additional information. Weight. 6.4 oz

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All had the PMC headstamp with the outside legs of the M parallel to one another, just like the font on this forum. There is a separate company not related to the old Eldorado PMC. This is the Poongsan Metal Manufacturing Company (or some say Poongsang Munitions Company) which can be distinguished from the Eldo headstamp because Poongsan uses. < P M C > , PMC , & PMC with what looks like an upside down W for the M. These are all good. The head-stamp to avoid is a small bold PMC it is the heaviest .223/5.56 brass I have ever weighed. 105-108 grains whereas Lake City and most commercial brass weighs 94-95 grains. A mild load in LC brass is overpressure in the small bold PMC case. I.

PMC (old headstamp) - 0.015 PMP - 0.015 PPU - 0.014/0.015 [Note 3] RORG - 0.015 RWS - 0.014-0.015 S&B - 0.015/0.017 Wolf Brass .223 - 0.014 General notes: There's no consistent difference between 5.56 and 223 when it comes to brass. Many manufacturers may use different sources for casings at different times. This means that even. Tags 223 Remington Federal Brass Hornady Brass Lake City Brass Lapua Brass Once Fired Brass PMC Brass Reloading Supplies Remington Brass Winchester Brass About Cal Cal Zant is the shooter/author behind PrecisionRifleBlog.com. Cal is a life-long learner, and loves to help others get into this sport he's so passionate about

Buy .357 Magnum Brass, All PMC Headstamp: GunBroker is the largest seller of Reloading Supplies Ammunition Reloading All: 89801840 Joined Sep 7, 2007. ·. 42,079 Posts. #2 · Jul 18, 2010 (Edited) GFL is the headstamp from Guilio Fiocchi, Lecco, Italy. They manufacture some pretty good ammunition so I would venture to say that the brass is fine to reload. EDIT: Their newer stuff just has FIOCCHI as the headstamp 100 - PMC Headstamp (Poongsan Metal Manufacturing Company Ltd. - Korea) I took if out of its packaging just to double check the count. Twice Fired Nickle Plated (57 Total) 27 - F-C Headstamp 18 - W-W Super Headstamp 6 - R-P Headstamp 1 - Speer Headstamp If you are interested message me or text Evan at (303) 960-304 PMC (headstamp PMC; Remington brass is softer than the other major U.S. brands. Fiocchi has several idiosyncrasies, such as shorter than normal case length. Once-fired PMC brass can require chamfering. These are all good cases for reloading purposes, but not quite as desirable as the previous eleven

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PMC AMMUNITION. PMC 5.56, M855 with steel core Green Tip, Brass Cased and fully reloadable. Primers and bullets are sealed per mil-spec. All cases show a 2012 headstamp. Designed and manufactured as if your life depends on it. PMC's exacting adherence to the precise specifications of military organizations, assure that X-TAC ammunition will. ACP (the headstamp had .45 Auto on one side and A C P on the other, not sure if it just identified the round or what)? TZZ? Δ 93 And the known brass, Speer, PMC, RP (Remington?), S&B, Federal, & Winchester . Feb 23, 2010 #2 Texas42 TGT Addict. Nov 21, 2008 4,606 63 Texas

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That caused me to look closer at all of the headstamps, and in a box of 50, I had 11 different headstamps, as follows: Speer, TZZ 89, Winchester, Perfecta, PMC, R-P, PPU, AP, Starline, MaXXTech, and Fiocchi. Just thought I'd mention it, because it surprised even me with the variety of headstamps that end up going home with me Sep 5, 2008. #3/13. I believe FC is the headstamp used for military brass. I just bought a bunch of it and it works great. I have heard complaints about the Federal civilan 223 brass. This headstamp would be Federal with the caliber .223. Military brass should have the initials of the manufacturer (FC) and the year of manufacture with no caliber Bullet Diameter (inches)- 0.322. Case - Brass. Headstamp - 1949/ FS / 7.9 / T (star over crescent moon) C. Primer - Berdan, Corrosive. Powder - nk. Test Gun -Yugo 48. Average Muzzle Velocity 2850 fps. Std Dev Muzzle Velocity 38.2 fps. Decent quality ammunition with few misfires 2 Small Arms Survey Working Paper 18 N.R. Jenzen-Jones Following the Headstamp Trail 3 The Small Arms Survey The Small Arms Survey is an independent research project located at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva

PMC 30 Carbine Surplus KM1 Ammunition PMC30CAN 110 Grain Full Metal Jacket CAN 1080 Rounds Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best Typical headstamp: LM 2 CC 58 7. Fluted case dummy cartridge with no headstamp 8. Cartridges with red or orange tips and headstamps: B^E 9MM 42, KYNOCH 9MM.P, 9 MM 45, PMC 9mm LUGER, PEC 9M38 64, FMMAPSF 1947 9. Blue plastic shortrange with a truncated ogive bullet. Typical headstamp: GD 64 10 80x .300 Win. Mag. Ammunition Fed, PMC, CorBon 180 JHP & 150 Grain JSP Bullets .300 Winchester Magnum Ammo Ammo For Sale - Rifle - Item# 17149972 This Auction has Ende 550x .357 SIG Ammunition Win, Fed, PMC, Ultramax 124 & 125 Grain FMJ-FP Bullets .357 SIG Ammo Ammo For Sale - Pistol / Revolver - Item# 17149937 This Auction has Ende

I have 37 pieces of 300 Weatherby Mag. brass I'd like to sell. Mixed headstamps, $20 TYD Ammo box not included. Picture kinda makes it look nickel but it's regular brass. Just found the PMC and Frontier so it's not in the picture. R-P Headstamp - 23 pcs Hornady Headstamp - 7 pcs PMC Headstamp - 3pcs Frontier Headstamp - 3 pcs Norma Headstamp - 1 p All brass is fired ,unprocessed, mixed headstamp and may include, but not limited to Lake City, Federal, PMC, Winchester, hornady, and Prvi headstamps. Sourced from local private and law enforcement ranges. All brass is tumbled in a nut mill cleaning process that polishes the cases and removes dirt, sand or other foreign matter I ran into this USA brass in a recent batch of range pickup a friend gave me. The flash holes have some pretty severe burrs, and aren't completely centered. I have had several of them stop my 650 dead because the decapping pin didn't go into the flash hole. Edited May 2, 2020 by chevrofreak It depends entirely on what you're doing. For AR range fodder (2-4MOA), I wouldn't separate anything. For precision, when your achieving 0.75MOA and reaching for 0.5MOA, I do sort. And BTW, iso-year LC brass is the most consistent I've found outside of Norma or Lapua; PMC is the toughest

Factory New, NATO Spec, 5.56 SS109 / GP21 62 Grain Penetrator Ammo - Brass Case - Boxer Primed - Non-Corrosive - 50/Box - 1,000 / Factory Sealed M2A1 Can Manufactured by GG&G (Lithuania) NATO Headstamp - NATO Packing - US Army Contract Over Run Hornady 5.56 NATO 75 gr BTHP Superformance Match 20/Box. $39.99 ($2.00 / round) Notify Me When Available. Brand: Hornady. Item Number: 81264. Type: Match. Quantity: 20 Rounds

PMC. Eldorado Cartridge Corpo= ration (previously Patton and Morgan Corp., and Pan Metal Corp. ) PO Box 62508, Boulder City, NV 89006. The PMC headstamped ammunition for ECC has been m= ade in Korea, the Philippines, Mexico and the Repuclic of South Africa.<= /o> 1 PMP. Pretoria Metal Pressings= Ltd., Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. 1 pm South Korea: PMC 2012 FMJ Precision Made Cartridges (PMC), Poongsan Corporation, 147 gr, FMJ boat tail, Brass casing , Boxer primed, headstamp PMC 308WIN lot 308B-0212. Labeled as, 308 Winchester (7.62 NATO) 308B 147 Grs Lake XM855 5.56 62gr, LC Headstamp with NATO cross. 1,000rds loose packed to a case. Made in the U.S.A, American Eagle is high quality ammunition also used in the U.S military. This American Eagle 5.56mm ammo is equipped with a full metal jacket with a steel core. Ideal for any target shooting or marksmanship practice IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE HEADSTAMP ON THIS BRASS: Due to limited supplies of brass, Buffalo Bore has begun loading +P and +P+ ammunition in brass that may not be indicated as such on the headstamp. Example: 9mm Luger +P+ ammunition may be designated as 9mm Luger +P or simply 9mm Luger on the headstamp

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  1. Well then, this is news! Up until now, the special ball was only known with the 31 90 headstamp. Yugo steel core was made in 1965, 1966 and 1967. It has a deep violet/purple primer seal AND case mouth seal. The case mouth seal was dropped with the introduction of the M-67 lead core projectile
  2. Joined: Sep 2006. Posts: 17,547. Gone To Texas. I spent the afternoon sorting through several boxes of once-fired range brass (PD range). Most brass was Lake City, Winchester, and various mil-spec, but I have a couple thousand cases of a brand I can't identify. The headstamp says PSD across the upper aspect, and 0 3 on the lower aspect
  3. Signature. Ammo, Inc. precision engineering and manufacturing ensures exceptional long-range accuracy and consistency for a wide range of applications. Learn More. @ammoincusa. What classics are you pushing your AMMO, Inc throu. STREAK do not generate heat so they are safe to us
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Ammo .45 ACP PMC Bronze 230 Grain FMJ 50 Round Box 830 fps - $27.29 The Bronze family of products offers reliable performace at an affordable price. The Lead core is enclosed by a strong metal jacket on this non-expanding, deep penetrating bullet. Provides smooth, reliable feeding in all types of. 3. UPC: 741569070225 PMC 51.8 S&B 54.6 WW '06 (UF) 52.7 Load #1 200 gr Nosler Partition C.O.L. 3,07 Norma 203-B Case: Headstamp; Winchester 8x57 Headstamp. Case weight 160.1 grains Primer: WLR 46.0 2395fps 47.0 2442fps 48.0 2508fps 49.0 2557fps (no pressure signs.) Load #2 (Note that a different case was used .22-250 Federal Headstamp (Qty. 139) $55 shipped.22-250 PMC Headstamp (Qty. 40) $18 shipped Looking for:.270 Win (Winchester Headstamp).308 (Winchester Headstamp).243 (Any Headstamp) If you have other HS let me know..300 RUM (RP Headstamp) If you have other HS let me know. Will trade this 5 for 1

PMC (Precision-Made Cartridges), a division of Poongsan Metal Mfg. Co. Ltd. - Seoul, Republic of Korea. Manufactures commercial cartridges. Note: The M in the headstamp looks like an upside-down W. Spain (33 # of .45ACP ctgs. Nickel;-plated case ,headstamp: E L D 45 # AUTO ? # , # # Good-sized bullet (prob 165 gr or better), JHP, w/fairly wide opening # in JHP nose, bullet-profile just forward of case mouth has short,sharp # radius to straight-sided, truncated cone style, jacket again sharply # radiused over at mouth of hollow point Bronze is PMC's line of range ammo for recreation, target shooting, and competition. Tested accuracy was good, with an excellent best group of 1.19 MOA, though average group size was middle-of-the-pack. As we've seen before with PMC's .223 loads, muzzle velocity was low, the second slowest of the 122- and 123-grain rounds

PMC .308 Win 147-Gr. FMJ-BT 20rds - $14.99 PMC Ammunition's popular Bronze Line provides high-performance velocity and accuracy in a cost-effective cartridge. The affordability of the Bronze Line makes it ideal for any situation involving high-volume shooting without compromising downrange results. 1 Brownells is your source for Handgun Ammo,Ammunition at Brownells parts and accessories. Shop our vast selection and save Shop TulAmmo, Bear Ammo, Winchester , PMC Bronze, Federal and more. Whether you're looking for hollow point loads for self-defense, FMJ loads for plinking or target loads for long-range shooting, we've got you covered with the best ammunition on the market. Take a look at our selection of .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO ammo today and stock up for. My first reloads were made using new Remington Brass for the .380 and new Winchester brass for the 9mm. All functioned with no problem and the accuracy was just fine. Now, my inventory of loaded ammo is low and it's time to reload. Most, if not all, of my used 9mm brass is Rem Win., PMC, Speer, and Fiocchi 1000 pieces of Mixed headstamps indoor range pickup .223/5.56 brass. This is not processed brass, it is raw brass still with primers in. Will contain a mix of both commercial and military brass such as LC, PMC, RP, IMI, FC, WIN USA, etc. Picture is an example of what it will look like after you corn tumble it clean. It will come uncleaned. Item.

PMC Reloading Brass. Vertical integration philosophy allows for very reliable quality control of every PMC component . Blazer Reloading Brass Cartridge Cases. Blazer Reloading Brass Brings shooters the reliability and quality built to SAAMI standards, PPU Prvi Partizan Reloading Brass This time, 9mm ammo, sold by the pound. I bought 11 pounds of bulk 9mm ammo, with no other warranty than it was good ammo with reloadable brass cases. The price was $72.00. Fair enough. The ammo came in this week, so I commenced to sorting it by headstamp. Lots of 9mm ammo, and the manufacturer came out as follows. PMC - 101. Blazer Brass - 205

Winchester is proud to offer Lake City M80 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition. Manufactured at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant with LC Headstamps, this 149 grain full metal jacket 7.62x51mm ammunition has a muzzle velocity of 2790 feet per second. This ammunition is great for target shooting, range use and plinking Once Fired .223/5.56 Brass. Capital Cartridge stocks an extensive supply of .223 and 5.56 platform cartridges to suit the needs of every reloader. We offer once fired 223 brass with mixed headstamps in both brass and nickel. We offer lot sizes from 250 to 2000 pieces to suit the customer's needs. Capital Cartridge even offers ready-to-load. Had a few .380 cases and maxxtech cases to sort out. Blazer, PMC, Win, and FC seemed to be the most common headstamps in this batch. Had quite a few GBW cases (about 10%), which were a pain due to crimped primers. These cases along with a few WCC and S&B needed to be swaged before going in the press. Otherwise, brass is clean and runs fine in.

A: Hello Matthew, The 147gr. FMJBT rounds by PMC are .308 Win. The difference between .308 and 7.62 is that 7.62 is loaded to a lower chamber pressure than .308. It is safe to shoot in a firearm chambered in .308. You will see slightly lower velocity and muzzle energy than .308 Win rounds Capital offers .357 Magnum range brass in mixed headstamp lots of 2,000 all-brass casings. Forget the hassle of getting your bulk .357 Magnum ammo empties from multiple sources that dry up when you can least afford it. Buy bulk .357 Mag ammo from Capital Cartridge. Repackage these empties in smaller lots for resale to local reloaders or process. 223 ammunition is the #1 ammunition rifle round used by the us government and police agencies. commonly used in the ar-15, m4, and m16 rifles, this versatile yet powerful round is paired with a 55 grain full metal jacket projectile. this ammunition is loaded with mixed headstamp commercial and militar Our company was established in 2001 and carries a complete line of brass from Remington, Winchester, and Nosler custom brass. If you are interested in purchasing our once fired brass, we offer 100ct and 250ct quantities, and all brass is tumbled, polished, and ready to reload. Brass is provided for popular rifle and pistol calibers

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  1. Starline Brass. Across the parking lot from Sierra Bullets, lies Starline Brass, the name in pistol brass. Head out to any range, any competition shoot, and you're going to see the star and bars of a Starline Brass headstamp
  2. Headstamp was legible and easy to read. Loading them into the CMI 20 round mag was flawless. I proceeded to fire 5 rounds at the target in slow succession. The first round hit about 1.5 high and 1 left, second and third hit 2 high and .75 left, fourth was a flinch/stringer hitting 1.5 high and .5 right and the last hit within.
  3. This is very uniform in appearance and the headstamps are all very uniform in layout. 50% is a very wide assortment of LC headstamps. I think I have every era of their headstamps represented, including the most recent that show the nato circle/cross designation. 5% is a mixed bag of TW, RA, RP, PMC, FC etc
  4. The Best .45 ACP Reloading Brass. Since the early 20th Century, the .45 ACP has reigned supreme. John Moses Browning's famous model of 1911 is still going strong, and is a favorite of elite military units, law enforcement and for personal protection. As with all old school ammo, the .45 has, with modern bullet materials and propellents.
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Hornady has done an excellent job of honoring the roots of the Hornady ammunition product line with the reintroduction of the Frontier brand. This new Frontier ammo carries on the brand's legacy of high-­quality, trouble-­free performance, and good accuracy at a very attractive price Shop BVAC .223 Rem. Ammunition 500 Bulk Rounds Reloaded FMJ 55 Grains R22355VP500 and more from Cheaper Than Dirt 7.62x39mm Ammo. Originating in the Soviet Union, the 7.62x39mm rifle round was designed in World War II first being used by the RPD. While originally used in the SKS and AK-47-like rifles, the 7.62x39mm eventually led to the development of the immensely popular AK-47 itself because of the rounds popularity with military and civilian masses