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God Abandoned My Town by u/CzarCarcosa. The Penance Field by u/Cymoril_Melnibone. The Town That Ate People by u/I_enjoy_cake. And maybe some of these series: I was a sheriff in Goody, Maine by u/charismodo. A little town called Redtail by u/flard. Hunger, Massachusetts by u/EZmisery This Tiny Town In Nevada's Desert Is Amazingly Weird And You Have To Visit. Nevada certainly has its fair share of bizarre towns. Gerlach, Nevada is a tiny town located right in the middle of desert. This place may be small, but it definitely marches to the beat of its own drum

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Internet Monopolies in Nevada. In Nevada, many residents have trouble finding affordable internet. Especially in rural areas, there are either no internet service providers (ISPs) or there is only one option for the internet. This allows that specific internet provider to charge higher prices as the residents there have no choice These 11 Towns In Nevada Have The Strangest Names You'll Ever See. Some of America's strangest town names are found right here in Nevada. Many of these towns are unincorporated, some are large and thriving, and a few of them aren't even listed on a map. Let's take a look at 11 Nevada towns with some of the strangest names you'll ever see 7. Tom Kelly's Bottle House - Rhyolite, Nevada. flickr/Ken Lund. Tom Kelly's Bottle House, built in 1905-1906, was the largest bottle house of three built in the small ghost town of Rhyolite. This unique house was constructed mostly from beer bottles and it was eventually raffled off. 8 Caliente. Located in southeastern Nevada, Caliente is a picturesque town with its roots firmly planted in the railroad industry. What might be considered the centerpiece of the town is the 1923 Caliente Railroad Depot. A beautiful mission-style building, the depot of today houses city offices along with an art gallery and a library Hey Reddit, what are some of your small town WTF stories? I'll start. A few years ago a friend of mine unsuccessfully (thank goodness) tried to kill himself by overdosing on pain pills. He was taken to a small hospital in Millen GA. I was living in Atlanta at the time so some friends as I drove down to check on him

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Nevada one of many states with weird town names. The U.S. is home to many towns and cities. Each state is also home to many towns with weird and out-of-the-blue names. Fearnowville, Hopeulikit. These 14 Very Strange Things In Nevada Will Make You Stop And Look Twice - At Least!!! There are some very strange things in Nevada. (There's no doubt about that! )There is absolutely no telling what you'll find here. Let's take a look at 14 very strange things that can be found right here in Nevada Home to Area 51 and Vegas casinos, Nevada is one wild ride in the desert and most definitely a go-to place for Sci-Fi and extraterrestrial enthusiasts. It is a playground for the weird, but what makes it wonderful is the acclaimed US-95 freeway that stretches northwest from Vegas. In order to make the most of your time, take a road trip down the seemingly ghostly freeway and stop by the. Nevada can be weird, but locals know that's half its charm. Browse through the best of the weirdest weird Nevada landmarks, attractions, haunts, dives, museums, artifacts, and even entire towns. No matter your penchant, there's something weird enough for everyone in #WeirdNevada Here are the top weird things we saw in Nevada on our road trip in 2011: 1. A sign telling us to report shooting from the highway. Shortly after leaving the small town of Ely, Nevada, heading south on Highway 50, we passed a sign with an 800 number telling us to report any shooting from the highway

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Let the Travel Nevada team show you 35 ways to get down in some Weird Nevada. Try something weird in Nevada like; haunted houses, the forest of cars, fireworks museum, Republic of Molossia, seven magic mountains, singing sand dunes and so much more. We know you think Nevada is a little weird, now find out how our quirks are our perks The town started as a depot for the building of Scotty's Castle, a millionaire's mansion now part of Death Valley National Park. Interestingly, Scotty was not the millionaire. Instead, he was a prospector, con man, and major-league character that the millionaire - Chicago insurance magnet Albert Johnson - took to in a very big way Spooky, strange unusual town on a remote side road not far past Area 51 way out in the Nevada Desert. Almost ghost town status! Kinda like a spooky Halloween.. Driving North from Las Vegas we encounter the Area 51 Circle as I call it.... way out in the Nevada Desert. A vast area of odd UFO sightings, Military base.. I decided to finally take a remote back-road trick route I'd always wanted to try bypassing Tonopah on the way up from Las Vegas to Reno, Nevada. Wow, what..

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  1. Enter your email below to receive product features and specials in your inbox! Funny Town Names in the USA, Ireland, UK, more... > Funny Towns in Nevada (NV) Carp, Nevada (NV) Duckwater, Nevada (NV) Pahrump, Nevada (NV) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - This 30-Day Guarantee gives you plenty of time to check items for color, high-quality, and size.
  2. ing boom towns, Eureka offers fresh air, mountain views, historic sites and more. While it has a population of just over 600, most of it can be found in the Eureka Historic District which is home to an 1880 opera.
  3. So, where is Elko, Nevada? Sitting just above 5,000 feet, this thriving Nevada city is nestled in the northeastern corner of the state. As the largest town in the region, Elko is a confluence of Western cultures and a gateway to both the Ruby Mountains and some of Nevada's most surprising and untamed wilderness. With so much to explore around here (we recommend taking the Cowboy Corridor to.
  4. es, Coaldale didn't have much of a rise and its fall was semi-recent
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  1. Nevada Silver Trails is a fascinating window to the past, but a few towns are also looking intently to the future. Pahrump is a thriving city just a short drive from Las Vegas, complete with large casinos and resorts and one of the state's first wineries. Nevada Silver Trails consists of Alamo, Amargosa Valley, Beatty, Caliente, Gabbs.
  2. Beatty, Nevada. See All. aoc-arrow-forward. Founded in 1904 and dead by 1916, Rhyolite was one of several short lived boom-towns from the late Gold Rush era. People were drawn to the desert on the.
  3. er's graveyard, and a forest of cars TravelNevada June 28, 201

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The United States has dozens of abandoned towns that are filled with oddities, but nothing quite compares to a group of statues in a ghost town in the West.. In a viral TikTok video, user Jason Cline shared what he told Insider was one of the most unusual spots he's seen — located in Rhyolite, an abandoned mining town in Nevada.The TikTok video, which Cline posted on May 17, has 18 million. Jason Cline posted the video of himself swiping over to Nevada, USA, before zooming in, and in, and in. Until he reaches a ghost town type of place. The area he got to is called Rhyolite which is. 18 Small Towns with Strange Claims to Fame This country is filled with inspiring sights, record-breaking happenings, and talented DIYers who do amazing (okay, occasionally weird!) things to put.

Three town residents must attest in writing that the animal is loose, and its owner must fail to reclaim or confine the beast after notice is given, according to Missouri State Legislature The 50 Weirdest Town Names in America. Burns Down! Bacon Level! Buttzville! (And that's just B.) The United States is known as the land of the free. But honestly, the land of the weirdly named might be more accurate. Across the 50 states, more than anywhere else in the world, cities and townships have some of the strangest names you'll find The community of 20 sits on the edge of Mojave National Preserve, a few miles from Nevada, and for $5 million it can be yours. Roxanne Lang, Nipton's owner, is looking to sell. You'll get the. In addition to being the location of the famous top-secret Air Force base called Area 51, the Nevada desert also carries even deeper secrets, especially when it comes to missing planes. In fact, it is estimated that around 2,000 planes have gone missing just in the last 60 years. This area is called the Nevada Triangle and it is also known as the graveyard for planes Nevada Fun Facts & Trivia. Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada. Shrimp consumption in Las Vegas is more than 60,000 pounds a day — higher than the rest of the country combined! In Nyala, Nevada a man is forbidden from buying drinks for more than three people other than himself at any one period during the day. It would take 288 years for one person.

4. Belmont, Nevada. A rusting car in Belmont, Nevada. NessieNoodle. At 260 miles outside of Las Vegas, Belmont is a slightly longer drive than some other ghost towns on this list, but it's well worth it. Located just north of Tonopah (Fun fact: The pah is a Paiute word that means water, and you'll notice it used often in Nevada. Nevada state law expressly prohibits any county, city, or town from making public drunkenness an offense or crime. - Source. 8. Over 80% of Nevada land is owned by the U.S. Federal Government. - Source. 9. In the State of Nevada, it is illegal to willingly collect and harvest Rainwater. - Source. 10 So, I did some research with some maps and came up with plenty of weird names for cities, bodies of water, and mountains. The more interesting results are below. Just keep in mind that these are in fact -real- places in the world, although, not all of them are cities. Some of the places are meeting areas, regions, or unincorporated tracts of land

Keeler End of the Line. From Mount House, Nevada, narrow gauge rails of the Carson & Colorado reached this site in 1883. As Cerro Gordo and other mines faltered, the rail line fell on hard times, so plans to extend the line to Mojave were abandoned, leaving Keeler as End of the Line © copyright Weird NJ inc : WeirdUSMail@gmail.co

Share Tweet Reddit Cities like Portland, Oakland, Austin and scores of other places urge their constituents to keep the city weird. In Florida there's no need Carrara's heyday was only from 1915 to 1916, with production halted by the end of 1917. The town was largely abandoned by 1924. It turned out the marble just wasn't of very good quality. Driving between Las Vegas and Reno Nevada on Hwy 95, you come across the strange little semi - abandoned town of Goldfield. I often wonder what people do for.. Flaming Praying Mantis. Las Vegas, Nevada. 40-foot-long steel Praying Mantis shoots fire from its antennae outside a shopping mall built of shipping containers. Brilliant! Las Vegas Neon Sign Show. Las Vegas, Nevada. Brilliant! is a special music and light show mapped onto a canyon of old signs retired from casinos, lounges, motels and other.

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Aptly named, Goldfield was swarming with miners hopeful for gold in the late 1800s, but was dried up by 1898. The area was inhabited and renamed Youngsberg in 1921, but was abandoned once again in 1926. In 1988, the defunct city took the route of a few other ghost towns and became a tourist attraction with a handful of activities including a zipline, a reptile exhibit, and horseback rides Weirdcore is an aesthetic based on the look and feel of early 2000s internet images. It is supposed to capture the amateur look of the era, which is often achieved by combining amateur photography with virtual visuals, such as text and other elements (shadows, censored areas, etc.). (Please keep..

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Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas, Nevada The bright lights of Sin City still shine at this unique cemetery. Part of the Neon Museum, the Neon Boneyard is a resting place for some of Vegas' retired signs Weird text is a great way to be able to use fonts that are away from the monotony and add a touch of uniqueness to whatever a person is trying to convey via texts or social media posts, etc. The weird text generator has several different text styles and fonts that one can put to us for a wide variety of purposes and platforms **PLEASE NOTE** Nelson Ghost Town is its official name. It was abandoned for some time before being purchased by the present owners. Now it's used for movie..

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WEIRD NEWS 08/21/2019 12:15 pm ET Updated Aug 21, 2019 Nevada Town Near Area 51 Braces Itself For Hordes Of Alien Hunters. More than 2 million Facebook users have said they plan to storm Area 51 on Sept. 20 and business owners in nearby Rachel, Nevada, are scrambling to find enough portable toilets Weird: Las Vegas and Nevada is an extremely fun travel guide for Nevada natives or people looking for things to do on vacation in the Silver State. The book is divided into sections for ghosts and ghost-towns, famous people, mysteries and legends, weird entertainment, and countless other oddities December 9 2017, USA - Residents in Pasco, Hillsborough and Polk counties report a mysterious, reverberating boom that shook homes around 1:45 p.m. - TampaBay. December 7 2017, USA - MYSTERIOUS booms that have been shaking US cities may be caused by supersonic aircraft on secret missions Nevada is essentially made up of three industries: mining, gambling and nuclear weapons testing (in that order). The first settlements were created on the back of silver strikes in the north, and when those dried up the inherent gambling scene of the mining towns evolved into Las Vegas and Reno. The US government liked the barren desert of Nevada for testing their new atomic bombs throughout.

Yes, Florida has some really strange town names around and you'll find them when you travel off the beaten path. So, for your enjoyment, here are 27 weird and funny town names in Florida: Bagdad (northeast of Pensacola) Bohemia (northeast of Pensacola) Christmas (east of Orlando) Couch (near Cocoa) Doctor's Inlet (southwest of Jacksonville Cities with the lowest amount of estimated shaking are either located away from sedimentary basins or are further to the east. Topping this list are Olympia, Everett and Sammamish, all of which are estimated to experience a peak ground velocity around 0.7 miles per hour (0.3 meters/second)

Weird U.S. Promote Your Page Too . It's called the Empire State for a reason, for as all New Yorkers know, our state is the one all others are measured by. We have the Yankees, the Mets, the Giants, and the Jets, even if they are, for some weird reason, in New Jersey. We have trout, lots of cows, the Catskills, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and. That's just the beginning of the weird—and fun—side of the state, the side you won't hear about in most guidebooks. Below you will find links to some of the weirdest stories from Arizona, but remember, the tales on this website are only the tip of the iceberg. To get the full weirdness we recommend you buy Weird Arizona the book.. Weird & Amazing. Sleep beneath the Northern Lights, track down a fake Taj Mahal or paddle in a bubblegum-pink lake. What It Was Like Visiting Family in The Gambia as a Black Bisexual Woman. The Best LGBTQ+ Hidden Gem in Every State

There is a whole lot of weird going on in our state. Washington is home to some of the weirdest travel destinations, scariest legends, and most colorful folks in the United States. Because there are so many odd and unusual tales, cemeteries, beasts, and people here, it took two authors to traverse the state to document it all Article 1, Section 12 of the Nevada state constitution is almost a word for word reproduction of the 3rd Amendment to the US constitution. chris goodwin July.7.2013 at 4:37 a Purdue Pharma LP won the support of more than a dozen states that had opposed its $4.5 billion bankruptcy plan after members of the Sackler family that own it agreed to pay more money and. Nevada was not just a boom town, but a boom state for mining during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with towns sprouting up all over. But many disappeared within a few decades, leaving only traces of what once was. The very nature of ghost towns makes them rather impermanent attractions. The stunning glamour of decay photo op of.

With all this in mind, and a few other factors that get frequently overlooked, we have created a comprehensive list of the 15 best places to live in Nevada; 1. Reno. Source: Legacy Images / shutterstock. Reno. 'The Biggest Little City in the World' is the adopted slogan of our best place to live in Nevada, Reno Nevada's Route State 375 has just been officially designated as the Extraterrestrial Highway, and Rachel, the small town in the middle of it (population 1000 people and few dogs) has become the UFO capital of America. For many years, people have been coming to the region round Rachel to look for Unified Flying Objects and watch the flying. Over the course of five years, McAndrews made regular trips to Nevada's legal brothels, staying anywhere from a week to a month each time. He stayed in bedrooms in the houses, shared bathrooms. Nevada is a state located in the Western United States.According to the 2010 United States Census, it is the 36th most populous state, with 2,700,691 inhabitants, but the 7th largest by land area spanning 109,781.18 square miles (284,332.0 km 2). Nevada is divided into 17 counties and contains 19 incorporated municipalities. Nevada's incorporated municipalities cover only 1% of the state's.

At approximately 9 PM that evening, Patrick was pulled over going westbound on I-80 near the town of Wells, Nevada, by a highway patrol officer after failing to change lanes when he passed the officer's parked cruiser, which had been stopped in order to pull over a big rig truck and trailer BY Kyla Cathey. August 10, 2016. Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain. The old Wild West is the stuff of legends: Gunslingers robbing banks and trains. Cowboys on long cattle drives. Gold and silver.

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This 'Stranger Things' theory suggests show's setting is actually based off East Tennessee. String up your Christmas lights, grab your Eggos and put on your tin foil caps, folks. This Stranger. [Image credit: Reddit] This creepy face in between my great grandparent's heads - Gdorf2. Related: 15 Eerie True Life Ghost Photographs to Give you the Shivers 4. The Stealth Cam Sighting [Image credit: Reddit] My friend had his stealth cam set up on a deer trail on his property in NC. This girl popped up on 1 of the frames The Spanish word nevada translates to snow-capped, a seemingly peculiar name for a state famous for its deserts and arid climate. The state was most likely named after the Sierra. Austin - The International Hotel - The International is said to be haunted by a ghost called Tommy, a former owner or employee.Apparently, Tommy is seen or felt at the end of the bar, and heard clunking around upstairs in the old (closed) hotel. Battle Mountain - Donna's Diner - Donna's Diner is said to be haunted by the lady in blue, who was killed by a drunk.The lady in blue has been known.

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If you're looking at areas in Nevada with the best economic situations, where there's lower than average crime, and a lot to do, this is an accurate list. Henderson made a strong showing to take in the overall number one spot for the best place to live in Nevada for 2021. Best Towns To Live In Nevada. Mogul (Pop. 1,683) East Valley (Pop. 1,467 Pahrump (/ p ə ˈ r ʌ m p / pə-RUMP) is an unincorporated town located at the southernmost tip of Nye County, Nevada, United States, about 62 miles (100 km) west of Las Vegas, Nevada. Pahrump lies adjacent to the Nevada-California border and the area had a 2018 population of 36,174

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A mysterious metal monolith planted in the sand has been discovered by wildlife officials in the Utah desert. The Utah DPS helicopter was assisting the Utah DWR in counting bighorn sheep in remote southern Utah Wednesday when the crew encountered something entirely 'out of this world Along Highway 95 in the eastern part of Esmeralda County is a town made famous by the Earp brothers, Wyatt and Virgil, following their famous gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. Wyatt was already in Goldfield and wrote Virgil, who was living in California at the time, to move to Goldfield where money was following like wine. Gilroy shooter lived quietly, almost unnoticed, in small Nevada town. WALKER LAKE, Nevada — To neighbors, he was the young man who occasionally said hello as he walked down to the lake in. In November 2019, we started receiving queries about a Travel Channel television documentary called Helltown that supposedly showed the strange goings-on in an abandoned town in Ohio Official state symbols, emblems, and icons of Nevada - places to see in Nevada - landmarks, parks, historic markers, cities and towns - learn the culture and history of Nevada

Near Battle Mountain Nevada, Galena has a long history as a mining town. Mining began in 1863 when the first miners made claims. The town grew steadily and blossomed through the 1880's, complete with a cemetery, city park, and more than 300 residence living there. Mining dwindled in the 1880's, and people moved on There are stories of weird noises, strange lights, and full body apparitions at the Old Cemetery. You can even visit the graves of Bina Verrault and George Devil Davis! You can read more about their stories and get a map to their graves by picking up an Old Cemetery Walking Tour Brochure at our local hotels, museums, and the Town Office

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Laughlin / ˈ l ɔː f. l ɪ n / is an unincorporated resort town and census-designated place in Clark County, Nevada, United States. It is located on the Colorado River, directly across from the much larger Bullhead City, Arizona.Laughlin lies 90 miles (140 km) south of Las Vegas, in the far southern tip of Nevada, and is known for its gaming and water recreation A TikTok user has found some creepy men in a deserted ghost town while browsing Google Earth. Jason Cline said he noticed some white-cloaked figures in the city of Rhyolite in Nevada. In a video.

May 2 The Hermit of Erving Castle, part 2. Strange Familiars. Apr 29. Apr 29 The Hermit of Erving Castle, part 1. Strange Familiars. podcast episodes. Apr 29. Apr 29 The Ripper, the Wendigo, and the End of the World. Strange Familiars FIPS code. 32-24100. GNIS feature ID. 0840412. Website. www .cityoffallon .com. Fallon is a city in Churchill County in the U.S. state of Nevada. The population was 8,606 at time of the 2010 census. Fallon is the county seat of Churchill County and is located in the Lahontan Valley While both casinos and gambling are synonymous with Nevada, so are a multitude of other adventures: national parks and wide, open spaces, waterfalls, historic towns and sites, arts and entertainment, top-notch restaurants, and communal events like Burning Man.Or if you're into motoring, consider taking in Nevada's spectacular scenery, attending the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Las. Things to Do in Nevada, United States: See Tripadvisor's 3,128,077 traveler reviews and photos of Nevada tourist attractions. Find what to do today or anytime in July. We have reviews of the best places to see in Nevada. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions Nevada is bordered by Oregon and Idaho in the north, Utah and Arizona in the east, and California in the west, and California and Arizona in the south. It's the most mountainous state in the United States and also the driest.. The state's land can be divided into three different regions. The Columbia Plateau formed over hardened lava in Nevada's northeastern corner

Strange Sounds is a well-curated collection of bizarre, amazing and mysterious phenomena happening around the world. Be curious! Sign in. Vicious hailstorm buries Mexican cities in feet of hail - Streets turn into raging rivers (videos and pictures) Strange Sounds-Jul 6, 2021 2 One Case of a Rare Eye Cancer Was Weird. When 4 More Appeared, the Town Knew Something Wasn't Right. This cluster is just too coincidental to be a coincidence A scientific look at strange news from around the world. Featuring articles about unexplained mysteries, oddities and weird discoveries Yeah, Ohio has traditional roadside attractions like weird museums, giant robots, and the Goodyear gosh-darn blimp. But if you want to get a genuinely weird experience, look no further than the.