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Hahahaha, I apreciate the question. Here's my opinion: 1. In the alternate world where Superman is flying around, he doesn't need respiration to produce energy. He uses sun's energy directly. 2. The air is much thinner in space compared to troposp.. Superman, flying high above Metropolis.. Superman flying at Super Speed.. Flight refers to the ability in Kryptonians and Daxamites to defy gravity and fly at will through planetary atmospheres and through open space. This ability is gained through the Photonucleic Effect.. Some Kryptonians, before they develop the ability to fly, can jump and leap incredible heights and distances due to their.

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  1. Back then, Superman was only able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. He couldn't stay suspended in mid-air or shoot off into space; no matter how high he jumped, he'd eventually have to come down. However, Superman was given the ability to fly a few years later... though the reason behind the change was a logistical one
  2. ute, which is about 747,000 miles per hour or roughly Mach 980. For reference, the Space Shuttle tops out at about Mach 23 for reentry into atmosphere and the fastest theoretical ballistic missile we can build today would be Mach 5. The speed would tear up anything he tried to carry
  3. Tactile-telekinesis has been used as an explanation but I believe there is a separate explanation in DC for his abilities. Tactile-telekinesis is just a simplified explanation for what is actually going on. Source of powers: Kyrptonian Biomatrix T..
  4. Dreadnaught said: Superman doesn't breathe in space, he doesn't need to breathe at all. Now I would not go as far as saying that. Before they really came up with the whole holding his breath bit.
  5. Thats why when you see him in comics flying through space there is a red/white streak behind him, that is the light particles he is using as propulsion, and since he would be absorbing sunlight at.

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  1. In Superman: Exile, it also appears that he can't breath in space without the aid of an apparatus, and that's very much against the norm for the character. The animated series is generally very consistently underpowered compared to the comics. I'd go as far as to say all adaptations of comic books are less powerful than their source material
  2. If Superman's draws his powers from stars, somehow metabolizing that energy and storing it in a form he can psychically access within his body, enhancing him to be able to survive without food or water, survive the vacuum of space, ignore and absorb radiations, become nearly invulnerable, lift the weight of the entire Earth, and fly faster than.
  3. Subject: How Superman's Powers Work. Date: 1998/09/18 Newsgroups: rec.arts.comics.dc.universe,alt.comics.superman Here's how Superman does the things that Superman does: Flight - His brain emits waves which selectively cancel the local gravity waves. Thus the speed with which he can fly is associated with the local gravitational field

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  1. So, no, Superman can't breathe in space, because the term is meaningless in the conditions being described, but he can survive for a long, long time without taking a breath. Couple that with durability, super speed, and flight, and Clark Kent rarely has to worry about running out of breath
  2. Superman does not have Super-hearing; he is subconsciously psychic. Superman can hear things on Earth from outer space. Space is a vacuum and thus it is impossible for sound to travel through space. I am very aware that nothing Superman does is possible to beginning with but roll with me here. When Superman does hear something from miles and.
  3. In the limited comic series Superman/Aliens, Superman battles a colony of chest-burster Xenomorphs from the Alien film and comic series. Most of the action takes place in deep space without the benefit of direct sunlight and Superman's power fades the longer he stays away from the sun
  4. Here, Superman traveled from Pluto to Earth in mere seconds, faster than the Outlaws could teleport back to Earth. Superman impressively traveled 4.67 billion miles in seconds. Perhaps this feat demonstrates how flying is quite different for Superman than running. On foot, The Man of Steel may fear the damage he will cause with his speed
  5. How far does .22 travel? A high-velocity .22 LR fired at a 30-degree angle from a rifle will travel approximately a mile or so, maximum range listed is at 1 1/2 miles. How does a gun work in space? Ever thought of this?? well firing a bullet in space is not different than what it is on the Earth
  6. Superman was born on Krytpon but was launched toward Earth as an infant by his father, Jor-El, just before the planet's destruction. After touching down in Kansas, Superman was raised as Clark.
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Satyrquaze says: speed says: didnt superman fly to saturn in 4 min when he was pissed because lex became president and it takes light 17 min. I think you and I discussed this at length and. Superman can also swim at speeds approaching Aquaman's speed as well as run at speeds similar to that of the Flash. Superman is unable to beat Flash in a race. Invulnerability: By the 1970s, Superman became able to withstand an atomic explosion and even fly through the core of a star. He was also immune to non-Kryptonian diseases and all.

Have you ever wondered how high a commercial airliner really can fly? In today's video, we're going to answer that question!For those of you wondering, this. Unfortunately, it would take over 6 months experts say to reach the planet with standard jet propulsion; reaching speeds in excess of 24,000 miles per hour or more. It is simply not viable for interstellar travel. Sadly, the science-fiction shows of worm holes and light-speed travel are also currently beyond mankind's means of traveling between. In fact, the comics have put Superman's strength at a point where he's able to lift around 2 billion tons! To put that into perspective, the Empire State Building is only 365,000 tons Superman can indeed fly in space, in the same sense that Sherlock Holmes can solve crimes. They have the characteristics that are given to them by their creators/owners. He flew in space several. Subscribe for more Sup Sci: http://tinyurl.com/khwu8ejEveryone in Metropolis looks up in the sky. Sometimes we see him, sometimes we don't. But we always kn..

Superman can use his heat vision to cause some major damage if he wanted to, and he did so in 2001's Action Comics #775 against the ruthless antihero Manchester Black. Written by Joe Kelly, and pencilled by Doug Mahnke and Lee Bermejo, Superman encountered Manchester Black as the leader of a vigilante group known as the Elites Large planes can only fly as high as about 7.5 miles. The air is too thin above that height. It would not hold the plane up. Some kinds of planes can fly much higher. One special NASA plane, Helios, flew to about 19 miles. This is far higher than any other plane has gone. At that height, the air is about 100 times thinner than at sea level Jeff Bezos can have anything. He could circle the globe in a private jet or sail it forever in a fleet of megayachts. He could afford to buy a the whole NFL; he could buy an archipelago for his. So Superman uses air pressure and negative mass to fly around planets with atmosphere. This shouldn't work in space, except for the fact that tiny particles are constantly popping in and out of. Superman can no longer travel through time unaided, but in the Silver Age he could easily fly through the time barrier, whatever that means, and arrive when and where he chose. And of course, he infamously reversed time in the 1978 Christopher Reeve movie by flying around the Earth so fast he caused it to spin backwards

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Watch this! Superman is supposed to fly based on powers that we don't understand. So the answer is, first, yes, we can fly like jetman, as linked above, and we could fly like superman if we discovered some means of flight that we don't currently recognize, but that allows flight like superman, but in the end it would just be another version of jetman - it would be based on some sort of technology 4 In Space, No-one Can Hear a publicised with the tag-line 'You'll believe a man can fly' comes loaded with the usual superhuman feats that comic book readers had witnessed the Man of. In addition to this, gyrocopters don't require as much space to be able to take off or land as aeroplanes or helicopters do. Most gyrocopters nowadays only require around 15ft of runway to go up in the sky and around 20ft for landing. That means they can be flown from practically everywhere. All you need is a garden big enough, and you're away LYRICS: Superman can fly up in the sky and Batman has a genius brain, Wonder Woman, the amazon, has got a invisible magic plane. The Flash runs quick as a comet, Green Lantern's got a glowing ring, they all bring great power, but what does Aquaman bring

In the New 52 it was shown that Heat Vision is a precursor to an even more devastating power: Solar Flare. Superman is able to release ALL the energy in his cells at once in a powerful solar flare that can decimate anything within a 10 mile radius. It first manifested when he pushed his heat vision to the breaking point The Margin Why over 80,000 people want Jeff Bezos to stay in space Last Updated: June 21, 2021 at 6:22 p.m. ET First Published: June 21, 2021 at 12:18 p.m. E Superman returns to Earth after spending five years in space examining his homeworld Krypton. But he finds things have changed while he was gone, and he must once again prove himself important to the world. Director: Bryan Singer | Stars: Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, James Marsden. Votes: 273,843 | Gross: $200.08

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An incredibly furious Superman seems ready to destroy Lex with his heat vision, but the latter says that if Superman attempts to kill him or flies away, Martha will be burned alive, and the only way for Superman to save her, is to fly to Gotham City, fight and kill Batman in a vicious duel to the death, and subsequently bring the vigilante's. Superman Coloring pages. Select from 35919 printable Coloring pages of cartoons, animals, nature, Bible and many more. Superman is flying in the space. Superman Is Flying with Lois Lane. Superman could hear sound at almost any... Superman is faster than a train. Superman is ready to save the world The Kryptonians are a critically endangered humanoid species from the now destroyed planet Krypton. Superman and Supergirl are the last of the Kryptonians. They are the natural enemies of the Dheronian species as every 20 years they were at war for each other's treasures.1 1 Appearance 2 Powers & Abilities 2.1 Yellow Sun Abilities 2.2 Pulsar & Quasar Abilities 2.3 Earth-3 3 Weaknesses 3.1. You do not have to be superman or superwoman to fly in space. Many men and women, from many different countries, have become astronauts. ESA, for example, now has 14 astronauts from eight different countries This page contains online games about Superman, the most courageous of all men in the world. Play and administer justice for free and without registration

Jor-El, originally known as Jor-L, is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, Jor-El first appeared in a newspaper comic strip in 1939 with Superman.. Jor-El is Superman's biological father, the husband of Lara, and a leading scientist on the planet Krypton before its destruction You can get surprisingly close. The sun is about 93 million miles away from Earth, and if we think of that distance as a football field, a person starting at one end zone could get about 95 yards. There's no superhero more iconic than Superman and in his long run of movies dating back to the 70's, there's been a lot of ups and downs. Here is all the Superman movies, ranked

So, to simplify it into layman's terms, Superman can fly because he has mental and bodily control over a limited amount of ZERO POINT energy. Wiki User 2012-10-09 00:19:1 Kryptonians were a highly advanced and sophisticated humanoid alien race originating from Krypton, a planet that was located 27.1 light years away from Earth. They are a race all but extinct, having a handful of survivors after their planets destruction, most notably Kal-El who was sent away by his father Jor-El to Earth, as well as several Sword of Rao Kryptonian warriors, who are currently.

We all know how small a plane can look in the sky. Now, see how it looks from outer space. An incredible photo taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station — and just released by NASA — shows the fuzzy image of a plane flying over Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas. The darker blue strands are the tidal channels weaving. Space Ghost's sidekicks Jan, Jace and Blip can also breathe in space with no problems. So can most of the alien opponents they encounter. Used frequently in Super Friends. Actually, usually only Superman went into space without breathing equipment. Nonetheless, the other Super-Friends were able to survive with just fishbowl helmets In a mostly silent scene, Leia then flies through space back to her ship like some majestic Peter Pan figure. She somehow has the strength to get inside the ship and be put on a stretcher to lie comatose for a stretch of the film before coming to in the third act. If you were left flabbergasted by what transpired on screen, you're not alone Question 8. SURVEY. 30 seconds. Q. According to this magazine piece excerpted in To Fly, what would be the main effect of building a space station? In the hands of the West, a space station, permanently established beyond the atmosphere, would be the greatest hope for peace the world has ever known The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) outlines how, when, and where recreational flyers can fly their drones in accordance with Section 349 of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 . Among other rules, the FAA has mandated that recreational users may not fly in controlled airspace (around and above many airports) in most cases

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Then it is moved far away from the astronauts. The wet trash is closed up tight. It is then connected to a hose. The hose helps move bad smells away from the astronauts. Astronauts must use a vacuum cleaner in space. The vacuum has a normal hose. It also has extra parts. These parts can clean areas that may be hard to reach Space squishes together in the direction you are traveling- so to you, you did not travel as far as stationary observers saw you travel. Entire galaxies won't be light years across to you

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  1. Sorry if this is stupid, but i can't seem to leave the atmosphere of this planet i'm on. I keep trying to fly a ship up into space, but I can't seem to do it. i just lose all speed and crash. Thanks to anyone helping. And for the record, i did all of the tutorials save for the last one
  2. We just met and I just fucked you. But I do know one thing though. Bitches, they come they go. Saturday through Sunday, Monday. Monday through Sunday yo. Maybe I'll love you one day. Maybe we'll someday grow. 'Til then just sit your drunk ass on that fuckin' runway ho. 'Cause I can't be your Superman
  3. A never-ending detonation could be the key to hypersonic flight and space planes that can seamlessly fly from Earth into orbit. And now, researchers have recreated the explosive phenomenon in the.

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  1. Superman has x-ray and heat vision, freezing breath and an impenetrable field that surrounds his body and his clothing. He can move at tremendous speeds, and he can fly. The Death Star has 10,000 turbolaser batteries, 2,500 laser cannons, 2,500 ion cannons and 768 tractor beam projectors. It also has a Superlaser, which focuses the energy from the station's hypermatter reactor into a beam.
  2. em] They call me Superman. Leap.
  3. Superman also has many other enemies, including superheroes, who think that his power is too dangerous and uncontrollable. One of them is Batman. In the fight against him, you have to be very careful, because he has a weapon of kryptonite that can kill Superman
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Terry D, June 2019 I came here for my 54th birthday for the first time. I loved being able to fly like my favorite hero, Superman! Thank you, Lucas, and the other great folks at iFLY. You made my birthday super fun and special, and my daughter and niece also had a blast 1 History 1.1 Origin 2 Notes 3 Trivia 4 In Other Media 5 Links Engraved with the signature L of the Legion of Super-Heroes, this ring enables its wearer the ability to fly in both atmospheric environments and outer space. Legion Flight Rings are composed of the compound known as Valorium. Valorium is derived from Thanagarian Nth Metal, which possesses similar anti-gravity capabilities.

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SPEED: Superman is capable of faster-than-light travel and can bend space-time around himself to go even faster. He can go so fast, he can leave our universe if he unleashes all of his barriers The space helicopter weighs 4 pounds, sits about 19 inches tall, and its rotor system spans about 4 feet. We feel pretty confident that we can fly, says Tim Canham, senior software engineer.

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Even in conventional space travel, though, there is a scenario in which a ship needs to constantly burn fuel, and that's when it's trying to fly along a non-ballistic trajectory. For example, to move in a straight line inside a solar system would typically be a non-ballistic path; you have to use thrusters to counteract gravitational effects. DJI Mini 2 has significantly improved its wind resistance during flight and can be reliably flown in up to 29-38kph winds. It can also hover stably when wind speeds are as high as 8.5-10.5 m/s. 9. How high can DJI Mini 2 fly? The maximum flight altitude is 500 m and the max takeoff altitude is 4000 m, but this can vary by country and region due to local laws Directions for Making Straw Rockets. 1. Print out the free rocket template. Color the rockets and cut them out. 2. Cut the bottom off a plastic pipette and attach it to the back of a rocket using tape or glue dots. (We love having a stash of plastic pipettes at home. They're so fun to use with painting and often come in handy for various. Superman Returns is a video game based on the film of the same name, It was developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts in conjunction with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics.. In the game, Superman combats Bizarro, as well as other classic villains (including Metallo, Mongul, and Riot) as well as being able to play as Bizarro in one of the minigames Solo Science Flying at 65,000 Feet. by Ellen Gray / WALVIS BAY, NAMIBIA /. Stu Broce loves flying high. The view is incredible. You can see 300 miles away, he said from the cockpit of NASA's high-altitude ER-2 research aircraft. You can see the curvature of the Earth. If you look up, the sky is very dark blue.

See live orbital position of Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster and the Starman. This interactive simulation displays Tesla's location in space in real-time using the latest data from JPL Horizon system. Roadster's current distance: about 116927712 km from Earth and roughly 342350071 km from Mar We can't just run out there with a ruler! To measure distances in the universe, we will need to construct what is commonly referred to as a cosmic distance ladder. In other words, astronomers use different methods to determine the distances to objects; the specific method which is used depends on how far away the object is Note that the atmosphere still exists beyond the Karman line; in fact, tiny particles of the exosphere (the outermost layer of the atmosphere) can be found 10,000 kilometers above the surface of Earth! From that perspective, the International Space Station, which orbits at only 330-435 kilometers above the Earth, isn't even worthy of its name Regardless, sound in space, and flying through space like Superman, are two entirely different things. Suspension of disbelief can be maintained when treated to sound in space. Suspension of disbelief can be maintained, even when flying through space suitless, when depicted in a genuinely invulnerable superhero like Superman

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In contrast, light waves can travel through a vacuum, and do not require a medium. In empty space, the wave does not dissipate (grow smaller) no matter how far it travels, because the wave is not interacting with anything else. This is why light from distant stars can travel through space for billions of light-years and still reach us on earth It's flying through space very fast, maybe 15,000 mph or 17,000 mph [24,140 or 27,360 km/h], Coyle said. It's taking advantage of the fact that there's no air resistance out there The private spaceflight company is working with Space Adventures, which has helped manage trips to the International Space Station. The tourists will fly in SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule, but. Unmanned geostationary satellites, therefore, stay in the high-Earth orbit so they don't need periodic re-boosts. In LEO, satellites have to make regular course corrections in order to stay there. So, in answer to the original question, the lowest you could orbit around Earth without falling back to the ground is 160 kilometers

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I can't buy the Hulk simply because Superman could toss the guy into space and call it a day. Yeah, more of a technical win for Superman, largely because although both are alive and well, Hulk no longer has access to pizza, whereas Superman does. For my choice of low end heroes with a chance, I'd go with Magik For one, it's only been 13.8 billion years since the Big Bang, and so we can only see the amount of space that 13.8 billion years of light traveling through the Universe and winding up where we. The maximum recommended altitude for a airliner or jet in Microsoft Flight Simulator is about 45,000 feet. That's pretty high up there, but not even halfway to space. With the views that players are sharing, we can't really blame you for wanting to get a view from way up there, particularly on a cloudy day NASA's Space Launch System (artist concept), which won't begin testing until 2017, and full-scale testing in the 2020s. Actually getting humans to Mars isn't all that difficult

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And Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic has sold 650 tickets to space (at about $250,000 a pop) with its first more than tantalizingly close, according to Branson. But gaming titan Richard. Travel Fly me to the moon - holidaying in space. On July 20, it will be 50 years since Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. Soon others could follow — even tourists These and many other questions are answered in How Things Fly, a gallery devoted to explaining the basic principles that allow aircraft and spacecraft to fly. The emphasis here is hands-on. Dozens of exhibits invite you to push, pull, press, lift, slide, handle, touch, twist, turn, spin, bend, and balance. Here you can discover for yourself.

Not quite as far from the Sun as Stardust, NASA's experimental spacecraft Deep Space 1 recently tested a solar concentrator -- 720 lenses that focused sunlight onto 3600 solar cells. Deep Space 1 was the first solar-powered probe to rely entirely on triple-junction multibandgap cells This really depends on what you mean by into space. If you just want to get into orbit around the Earth, you need to reach speeds of at least 4.9 miles per second, or about 17,600 miles per hour. If you want to completely escape Earth's gravity and travel to another moon or planet, though, you need to be going even faster - at a speed of at.

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Hawkes has already built a stubby-winged submersible called the Super Falcon that can fly down to 300 metres, about 10 times deeper than a scuba diver. Redesigned with aero engines and. DJI's tiniest drone, the Mavic Mini 2, can now fly up to six miles. The premiere drone maker has added its proprietary wireless network, OcuSync, to its low-cost, ultra-portable drone, so it can.

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Find the speed at which Superman (mass=78.0 kg) must fly into a train (mass = 17863 kg) traveling at 75.0 km/hr to stop it. Running into the train at that speed would severely damage both train and passengers. Calculate the minimum time Superman must take to stop the train, if the passengers experience an average horizontal force of 0.580 their. 1. How can the Hubble Spacecraft photograph so many new bodies in space? Is it accurate? Where are all these data stored?The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is actually not that big of a telescope. Its mirror is only 2.4 meters (less than 8 feet) in diameter. On Kitt Peak, astronomers regularly use the small 2.1 meter telescope. The largest telescopes are now 8 to 10 meters i The International Space Station also orbits in this layer, between 320 and 380 km (200 and 240 mi), and needs to be constantly boosted because friction with the atmosphere still occurs. The. In the News On April 19, an asteroid named 2014 JO25 will safely fly by Earth, passing at a distance of about 1.1 million miles (1.8 million kilometers) of the planet. This asteroid poses no threat to Earth and, in fact, asteroids safely fly by Earth quite regularly. What makes the upcoming close approach of asteroid 2014 JO25 unique is that it is a rather large asteroid, measuring about 2,000.

Hence, he can survive flying into outer space and diving underwater. He ferociously battled with Superman without ever needing to slow down and catch his breath. Regenerative healing factor : General Zod, in the rare instances, when he is hurt, is capable of healing at superhuman speeds, especially in direct sunlight fly. Phorid flies are approximately 1/8 inch in length, including the wings. The most prominent feature of this fly is the rounded, elevated shape of its thorax. The high arch of the thorax gives it the common nickname of humpbacked fly. The adults exhibit a characteristically short and erratic flight. The most easily recognized behavior of th How far away in space could you view Earth with the eye alone? Considering only brightness, the answer is about 9 billion miles (14 billion km) away, about the distance of Neptune or Pluto