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Know what's coming with AccuWeather's extended daily forecasts for Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh, India. Up to 90 days of daily highs, lows, and precipitation chances Get the monthly weather forecast for Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh, India, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead Rohtang Pass weather: Temperature in the region during summer is between 20 & 32 degrees, while during winters the mercury drops down to -2 degrees with the maximum Rohtang Pass temperature going up to 18 degrees. The best season to visit Rohtang Pass is May to October.Rohtang pass best time to visit for bikers is the month of August, according to reliable sources

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Rohtang Pass (Rohtang , lit: རོ་ (Ro)- suvanch, ཐང་། (thang)- plain/field ) is named as such due to people working in bad weather trying to cross the pass) . It is a high mountain pass (elevation 3,980 m (13,058 ft)) on the eastern end of the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas around 51 km (32 mi) from Manali.It connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti Valleys of. The pass is closed at the end of October, although the pass may be inaccessible at other times of the year as well due to extreme weather and landslides. Weather in Rohtang Pass Summer : March to July and temperatures ranges between a maximum of 24 degrees and a minimum of 14 degrees

When is the Rohtang Pass open? The Rohtang Pass is only open from May to November due to changeable weather conditions. The government have even started a tunnel to cross underneath as an alternative to limit the number of accidents! The best time to visit the Rohtang Pass is from May - July during summer before the monsoon season We traveled to Rohtang Pass in November. It is one of the most scenic drives in India. It is one of the highest motorable pass of the world. We did a road-trip from Manali. We started at 11 am because this is during unlock five and Manali did not have many tourists. We needed a permit to visit Rohtang Pass

The pass is located at a massive height of 3978 metres on Manali- Keylong road. When planning a trip to Manali, a day off to the vista point of Rohtang Pass is the ultimate and almost essential attraction of the itinerary. Owing to its splendid natural beauty, Rohtang Pass is a favourite among the community of film directors Beyond Rohtang Pass. Congestion Fees/ Passes to visit Place Beyond Rohtang Pass for Tourism purpose. Manali Entry (Green Tax) Pay your Manali entry tax well in advance. Check Availabilty. Check availability of Permits for Rohtang Pass. Validate Permit. Validate Permit / Congestion Fees Slip The Rohtang Pass is usually open from May to November every year, and is known to be difficult due to its unpredictable weather. Travel Staff April 13, 2021, 5:39 pm IS

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The best time to visit Rohtang pass depends upon its weather, temperature and season. Rohtang Pass Valley Temperature: During the summer season the temperature is almost between 19 and 22 Degree Celsius and temperature during the winter season is almost -2 Degree Celsius. Rohtang Valley Weather: The temperature is going up to 19 Degree Celsius Live: Snowfall Status at Rohtang Pass and Manali in 2021. On this page, we shall keep you updated about snow and snowfall status at Rohtang pass, Solang Valley, Manali and other tourist places of Kullu-Manali in 2020. (If this page is not loading properly in your browser, click on the above image) Update on January 24, 2021 Snow to elude.

To visit Rohtang Pass in October is a popular route for travelers from Lahaul and Spiti Valley. The weather of Rohtang Pass is unpredictable as there are frequent thunderstorms and blizzards during the monsoon season, especially in July and August. Visit this place to enjoy pristine white snow till as far as the eyes can see and amazing views. ROHTANG PASS - Beautiful spot In Manali. This video tells about the road condition and snow level in summer season on ROHTANG PASS. April, May, June & July m.. Rohtang Pass in December 2021. Rohtang Pass is the favorite tourist spot in Himachal as it is the main snow spot in Manali. It is located 51 km from Manali and its altitude is 4111 meters on the Manali - Keylong highway. Due to its height, it is covered with snow almost throughout the year. It is closed on Tuesdays

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Rohtang Pass from Manali (Pass included hotel pick up) Bus Tours. from ₹ 6,098.29 per adult (price varies by group size) Complete Himachal Tour 8 Nights 9 Days Enjoy North India. Bus Tours. from ₹ 38,500.00 per adult. Manali to Leh (Khardung La) Cycling Tour. Private and Luxury. from ₹ 58,666.67 per adult Rohtang Pass in August 2021. Rohtang Pass located 51 km from Manali is the main snow point in Manali and the most visited place in Himachal Pradesh. It's altitude is 4111 meters and is located on the Manali-Keylong highway. The valleys around the pass is covered with snow almost throughout the year. During the month of August, the pass is. Rohtang Pass in October 2021. Rohtang Pass is the main snow point in Manali, Himachal Pradesh and is located 51 km from Manali. It's altitude is 4111 metres and lies on the Manali - Keylong highway. The Pass is closed on Tuesdays for tourists. In October, the snow fall starts in Rohtang Pass Rohtang La weather. Current weather - Here we've put together a glance at all the most important information about the current weather in Rohtang La (Himachal Pradesh, India). You can see where there are thunderstorms currently ongoing, as well as where thunderstorms have occurred in recent weeks and months with our lightning analysis tool

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Rohtang Pass Status 2019. The weather this year has definitely surprised everyone. The winter of 2017 - 18 saw very less snow across the entire Himalayan region. Even passes like Rohtang did not receive half of the snow they usually do. However, the trend this year is entirely different. Winter seems to have arrived early and caught everyone. Hi there In Manali Rohtang pass is one of the best & perfect place to see the snow in hot summer. Generally Rohtang pass will open between 15-20 May every year.

rohtang pass weather. जिला मुख्यालय केलांग की पहाड़ियों में ताजा बर्फबारी होने से तापमान में भारी गिरावट हो गई है, जिसके कारण लाहुल-स्पीति व कुल्लू जिला में लोगों. Rohtang La Kullu, Himachal Pradesh (India), elevation 3978 m Press to show information about this location. Forecast Forecast. Nearby Nearby. Map Map. Weather forecast for the next 9 days. Night Morning Day Afternoon Evening. Max/min temp. Wind Precip. Saturday 12 June. Night: fair. Morning: fair Rohtang pass , Weather ☁️, Activities , Nature at its best , Temperature #Rohtangpass#coldweather#Manali#tour While lower parts of Lahaul have received 30 to 45cm of snow, higher villages of the valley have received 60 to 90cm of snow in the last three days. Baralacha pass, Kunzum pass, Rohtang pass and Shinkula pass have received 100 to 150cm of fresh snow. More snowfall in store for Lahaul-Spiti. Updated on March 19, 202 Answer 1 of 92: What will be the temperature in Dec for Shimla,Manali,Rotang Pass? Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh Tourism Himachal Pradesh Hotels Himachal Pradesh Bed and Breakfast Himachal Pradesh Vacation Rentals Himachal Pradesh Vacation Packages Flights to Himachal Prades

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  1. Rohtang Pass also falls enroute to the Ladakh valley and can be reached either on hired bikes/cabs and also by Himachal Tourism buses which charge Rs 300 per person for a to and fro trip (contact center at the Mall Road).We started from Manali downtown at 7:30 AM and reached by 11:00 AM (stopping in between to shop for gear)
  2. Himachal Weather: The major tourist attraction of Rohtang Pass has now opened for tourists starting today. The pass was closed since December following winter snowfall. A huge crowd of tourists will be seen in Manali through June as the pass opens again
  3. If you are planning to visit Rohtang pass, do it between May and November, as the rest of the year the roads remain closed due to bad weather Snowfall Season . December - February . Winter is considered to be the best time to visit Manali, mainly because of the good amount of snowfall it receives

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Visitor Information. Famous for: Nature, Photography, Adventure. Tickets: Vehicle Needs Permission. Opening Timings: Closed on Tuesdays and from Nov to April due to weather conditions.Reopens Mid May. Duration: 3-4 hours. About Rohtang Pass. The high mountain pass of Rohtang lies at an altitude of 3,978 meters above sea level and located in the eastern hills of the Pir Panjal Range i am planning to come down to manali near 30th sep with my family.plz suggest me that what will be the weather condition & also planned to go to rohtang pass. some detail plz as 5-7 yrs of myh D & S will also with me The opening of Rohtang Pass entirely depends on the weather, and how fast BRO is able to clear the snow after the winter season has passed. Historically though, it is always the month of April when Rohtang Pass is declared open for the tourist community. Sometimes it can open sooner as well if the snow wasn't much, but Mid April is a safer. Get the best of Kullu-Manali packages at discounted rates. View More. ₹ 16,000 ₹ 15,300

Rohtang is not a cake walk. The adventure and thrill at Rohtang Pass is unparalleled, as are the risks. Adventurers and bikers reach the Pass by braving slippery roads, the dangerous curves, steep falls and sometimes very turbulent weather conditions. Keeping the rough weather in mind, the Rohtang Pass is closed for public for a major chunk of. Rohtang Pass New Rules 2019, RohtangLa, Rohtang pass 2019, Manali Snowfall 2019, #RohtangPass # rohtang pass opening date 2019, RohtangPassPermit #RohtangLa.

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  1. Staff is helpful and generous. He deserves a speical mention here. I did not have much experience of trekking in snow and all I could see was myself standing atop the ocean of snow staring straight at the Ghepan Goh (5870 meters). Service was Excellent. Excellent Service. The height of Rohtang Pass is 3978 meters from sea level. I did not have much experience of trekking in snow and all I.
  2. Snowflakes have fallen in the high hills along the Rohtang Pass since Wednesday morning. Whereas the weather has become cold due to rain in Lahaul Valley along with Kullu. Traffic is normal on Manali-Leh route along Atal Tunnel Rohtang. Sequence of rain is also continuing in Shimla, Solan, Mandi, Chamba, Kangra, Bilaspur and Una
  3. Atal Tunnel (also known as Rohtang Tunnel) is a highway tunnel built under the Rohtang Pass in the eastern Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas on the Leh-Manali Highway in Himachal Pradesh, India. At a length of 9.02 km, it is the longest tunnel above 10,000 feet (3,048 m) in the world and is named after former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  4. Rohtang pass, 51km from Manali, is the common spot to see snow in summer months. As road to Rohtang pass gets blocked with snow in winter months (December to mid-May), you can see snow at Solang valley, Gulaba, Kothi, even inside the Manali town or at the balcony of your hotel room from December to March
  5. The 9.02-km Atal Tunnel across the Rohtang Pass provides all-weather connectivity between Manali and Lahaul-Spiti districts in Himachal Pradesh. It took a decade for the tunnel to be completed.(HT.

Rohtang Pass in April 2021. Rohtang Pass, the snow point which is the most favourite destination of tourists to enjoy the snow, is 51 km from Manali. It is at an altitude of 4111 metres on the Manali-Keylong highway. Snow covered hills can be seen here almost throughout the year Hadimba Temple in Rohtang Pass: Get tour & weather information on Hadimba Temple. Also find out attractions, sightseeing, weather, maps, nightlife, festivals & photos at Travel.India.co

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  1. Rohtang Pass in June 2021. Rohtang Pass in Manali is 51 km from there and is the most attractive destination due to the snow covered hills all around the pass. It is at an altitude of 4111 metres on the Manali - Keylong highway. The pass is opened for the tourists in the month of June
  2. Rohtang Pass?what are the weather conditions at rohtang pass?Can we go there with my little child? So guys please confirm who have idea or recently visited. Thnks: gautam agarwal: 17-09-2011. hello friend rohtang is a ultimate place so he wonderful think: Pankaj: 19-09-2011. Hi Frinds
  3. The Rohtang Pass is usually open from May to November every year, and is known to be difficult due to its unpredictable weather. The pass is prone to sudden snowstorms that can be dangerous. This.

Tourists can enjoy a wide range of thrilling activities like snow scooter, skiing and mountain biking in Rohtang.The main attraction of Rohtang is that it s located in the lap of nature surrounded by beautiful glaciers, mountain peaks and snow capped hills. Rohtang pass is a gateway to Lahaul Spiti, Pangi and Leh valley A record number of 5,450 vehicles crossed the Atal Tunnel, an all-weather road beneath the 13,058-foot-high Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh, on Sunday, a senior police officer said For Rohtang Pass fee of Rs.550/- is applicable out of which Rs.500 is permit fee and Rs.50/- is congestion charges. This is applicable for all vehicles crossing Gulaba Bridge. This tax is paid on daily basis and is valid for one day only (To & Fro.. Rohtang Pass (Bhoti: Rohtang , lit: pile of corpses, due to people dying in bad weather trying to cross the pass) (altitude 3,978 m or 13,051 ft), is a high mountain pass on the eastern Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas around 51 km (32 mi) from Manali.It connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti Valleys of Himachal Pradesh, India.Manali-Leh Highway, a part of NH 21, transverses. The word 'Rohtang' means the land of corpses, it was named in such a way because many travelers died while crossing this pass during extreme weather conditions. For adventure travelers, Rohtang Pass is quite a challenging experience for people who are traveling to Leh and Ladakh on a motorcycle

Rohtang Pass is a high mountain pass on the eastern end of the Pir Panjal range of mountain, sits at an altitude of 13,050 ft. It connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul & Spiti valley of the Himachal Pradesh. The pass is named Rohtang La after the death of people working in bad weather and tried to cross the pass Rohtang pass trek : In summer season rohtang pass trek is one of the best trek in Kullu-Manali. Tips for tourists coming here: Travel to Kullu Manali from Delhi: HRTC Volvo buses are the best options for you if you are not carrying your own car or cab. The name Kullu derives from the word Kulant Peeth, meaning End of the habitable world Rohtang Tunnel. Manali and Lahaul valley are currently connected through Rohtang (meaning a pile of dead bodies in Persian) Pass on the Manali-Leh highway. The pass is 50km away from Manali, at an altitude of 3,978m (13,000ft). The route is closed for about six months from November to May every year due to severe weather conditions during. I would say yes it is totally safe to go Manali in December as Rohtang Pass has closed and you can only visit till Gulaba & Solang Valley as Manali is one of the best places in India you must visit and offers mesmerizing snowcapped mountains with.

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  1. Add on 2: ROHTANG PASS:Kothi, Gulaba, Rahla waterfall, Marhi are the places which can be covered during the journey to Rohtang. The place, Rohtang Pass - is known as the most beautiful visiting point of HIMACHAL Pradesh. Its towering snow-clad peaks offers a breathtaking view
  2. Rohtang Pass distance from major cities. From Manali: Rohtang is at a distance of 51 kilometers from Manali and it takes 3 to 4 hours easily to cover this distance depending upon your speed and.
  3. Named the 'Atal Tunnel', as a tribute to the late Vajpayee, it is reported to be the world's longest motorable tunnel, at an altitude of over 3,000 metres. Costing Rs, 3,200 crores, the 9.02 km-long tunnel passes under the Rohtang Pass in the eastern Pir Panjal range on the Leh-Manali highway
  4. Rohtang Pass - An Incredible Paradise. Imagine tall majestic Himalayan Mountains, beautiful winding roads, pristine white snow all around, small dhabas selling hot beverages in the freezing cold weather, honeymoon couples walking down the lane, people playing with snow balls, and much more; at an altitude of above 3900 meters above sea-level

Be well prepared for the fickle Rohtang Pass weather. Light woollens required for the cold Manali weather. Pack a synthetic down jacket to keep you warm in Manali. Do not fly to Manali. The drive to Manali is full of twisting turns and enchanting mountain views. Take the bus. The Volvo bus is very popular Heavy snow on Rohtang Pass cuts off Lahaul-Spiti from the rest of the world for at least six months during winter. Opening of the tunnel (now called Atal Tunnel) would change that Add on 2: Rohtang Pass: Kothi, Rahla waterfall, Gulaba, Marhi are the places that will be covered during the journey to Rohtang. The place Rohtang Pass is known as the most beautiful visiting point of Himachal Pradesh. Its towering snow-clad peaks offer a breathtaking view

Rohtang Pass, sitting at a height of 13050 ft and which serves as the gateway for Lahaul and Spiti Valley, will be opening for tourists from June 1. More on Times Travel Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the rohtang Flickr tag Rohtang Pass Kullu. This snow-covered pass is located on the highway to Leh, and is only open from June to October every year. It lies at a height of 3979 metres, and offers spectacular views of. Rohtang Tunnel acknowledged as Atal Tunnel is a highway tunnel constructed at an altitude of above 3,000 meters under the Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh. The tunnel is at a height of 3,100 meters (10,171 ft) whereas the Rohtang Pass is at an elevation of 3,978 meters (13,051 ft). The Atal Tunnel is 9.02 km long and named by the government.

UPDATED ON MAR 24, 2017 10:04 PM IST. Even as work on the strategic Rohtang tunnel progresses slowly, the defence ministry has decided to construct four more tunnels in order to effect all-weather. Akhil Prakash Photography. July 23, 2018 ·. All alone in the heaven ️. It was a life time moment for me to get lost in Rothang Pass. I was on my way back from keylong and road got blocked once I crossed it, before 3 to 4 km from Rothang Pass. Weather was really amazing like filled with fog evrywhere and it was drizzling Rohtang Pass is situated 4000 meters above sea level and makes an unforgettable experience when you drive through it with white snow on the two sides. It is located on the Pir Panjal Range and connects Kullu Valley with Lahaul Valley and Spiti Valley. The challenging terrain of the Rohtang Pass makes a great adventure ride for bikers Recent death of a Bengali tourist due to cold near Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh, when struck in an unusually heavy snowfall brought to my mind a chilling reminder of that day or perhaps night

Rohtang Pass Weather. 226 mm of rain lashes Una, more heavy rains forecast for Northern hills. Cloudburst and landslides likely. August 2, 2019. For accurate weather forecast and updates, download Skymet Weather ( Android App | iOS App) App The Rohtang pass is open for 6 to 7 months throughout the year, from April to October. It is the only time when you can visit Rohtang Pass. It is closed in winter due to heavy snowfall. And it will open when the snow starts melting & temperature becomes ideal to visit. The best time to visit Rohtang Pass is September to October when the pass. Upload your best active weather photos and videos or watch them in our new searchable gallery. India's Rohtang Pass. 4880 view

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The 13,050ft high Rohtang Pass, which normally opens for pedestrians by March 15 is still covered under thick blanket of snow. And according to Skymet Meteorology Division in India, there is another Western Disturbance coming up in Jammu and Kashmir on March 24, which could again give light to moderate snowfall in the region and further delay the opening of the pass Heavy rain in the past 3-4 days causes flood situations here in Kullu Valley also snow fall happens in Rohtang pass yesterday as well. But now after breaking the record of heavy rain fall and flood situation of 1995 now, the weather is better Rohtang-pass-temperature-today Travel Blog - Latest blogs, articles on Rohtang-pass-temperature-today. Also get travel related information, latest news on Rohtang-pass-temperature-today at Times. Vashist hot water springs and temples in Rohtang Pass: Get tour & weather information on Vashist hot water springs and temples. Also find out attractions, sightseeing, weather, maps, nightlife.

Back in the day, Rohtang meaning Ro- corpse, Thang - field, had a lot of deaths when people tried to cross the pass during bad weather. Up until 2017, the work on the pass was on in full swing making travel quite difficult and equally risky 3: Rohtang to Gramphu at 3,200 m (10,500 ft) elevation 15 km (9.3 mi). It is a steady descent. The right turn (towards east) at Gramphu leads to Spiti valley, Batal, Kunzum La and Kaza on a road along Chandra river that is unpaved upto Kunzum Pass and beyond. 4: Gramphu to Kokhsar, the first village north of Rohtang Pass 5 km (3.1 mi). Foreign. These are someplace on the way to Rohtang Pass Gulaba, Kothi, Rahla waterfall, Gulaba, Marhi, etc. Both the add ons will be on extra charge. Information: During snowfall, these sightseeing points will be covered if weather and road conditions are clear and if the vehicle can reach there. During this condition, sightseeing will be covered up to.

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The last 2 weeks of past weather data for Rohtang La are available for free evaluation here. Average temperatures and precipitation The mean daily maximum (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Rohtang La. Likewise, mean daily minimum (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature Weather Conditions. Rich with charming benevolence and cultural legacy the place is ill-famed for its unexpected blizzards and snowfalls. So, the safest way to ascend the Rohtang Pass whether by walk or by drive, is from May to November. From July to October, the snow melts away to give you a comparatively safe travel Nehru Kund in Rohtang Pass: Get tour & weather information on Nehru Kund. Also find out attractions, sightseeing, weather, maps, nightlife, festivals & photos at Travel.India.co I f you have been eagerly awaiting the completion of the 8.8km tunnel at Rohtang pass in Himachal Pradesh, giving wanderlust seekers all-weather access to the Lahaul-Spiti region, you are one step closer to your dream destination.. Proposed in 1983 and launched in 2010, this 8.8 km tunnel is deemed the country's longest. With only four metres left to be excavated in the middle of the tunnel. So welcome to the Land of Snow, in the lap of Himalayas,one of the the most beautiful places of India. At an elevation of 13058ft, Rohtang La is one of the places where Blue sky touches the mountains. With beautiful scenic sights of glaciers, rivers and peaks. The best time to visit the pass is between May/June and October/November

Rohtang Pass is a popular day trip from Manali, although heavy traffic can be an issue that makes it a challenge to reach. Situated a two-to-three-hour drive from Manali town, it connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh.. Due to its high elevation of around 4,000 meters (13,000 feet), it's often subject to bad weather Rohtang pass located over high of 13,000 feet. The height of Manali town is only 7000 feet. Rohtang pass is the main attraction of Manali. There are also many tourist attractions between Manali to Rohtang Pass. You can see Nehru Kund, Gulaba, Marhi, Kothi on the way to Rohtang Pass. Rohtang Pass remains closed in January The Rohtang Pass, at a height of 13058 ft, on the eastern Pir Panjal range remains shut every year between mid-November to May, i.e., for around six months due to heavy snowfall yes u will find great wall of snow in the path and rohtang u can also experience snowfall....because last year we were at rohtang pass on 15 June and we saw snowfall for 2 hours. Report inappropriate content. ishita_khanna14 Issuing a yellow weather warning for heavy snowfall in Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday, the MeT Department had forecast rain and snowfall in mid and high hills of the state from January 3 to 5 and on.

The Rohtang Tunnel has been planned and designed to provide all-weather route connectivity to Leh and Lahaul Spiti valleys in Himachal Pradesh. Geological Setup The area around the proposed tunnel is situated in higher Himalayas across the PirPanjal range and Rohtang ridge (striking NW-SE direction), which marks the divide between the drainage. Rohtang Pass remains open for visitors after April last week to 2 nd week of December. You can travel Rohtang pass in August. It takes one full day for an excursion to Rohtang Pass. Every vehicle going to Rohtang Pass need to report at Gulaba barrier. Gulaba is 20 km from Manali. You should start the journey to Rohtang Pass early in the morning

Mr Thakur said the government would set up rescue posts on both sides of Rohtang Pass by November 15. The weather at Rohtang Pass is harsh. A sudden drop in the temperature, even in summer, can. Eventourist can do snow activities over these glaciers around the year. The distancebetween Manali and Rohtang Pass is 51 km. You will also enjoy this journey toRohtang Pass with various tourist points on the way. Rohtang Pass stay closed in March. In this month it snows a lot in Rohtang Pass. Glaciers are too big. You can only see white snow. Rohtang Pass. Rohtang Pass also makes up for one of the most dangerous roads in India. Located on the eastern Pir Panjal range of Himalayas at a height of 3,979 meters above sea level, this road.

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Rohtang Pass remains banned to enter for tourism purpose in December month. You can travel up to Gulaba till 15 th of December but after it, this would also closed. Online permission portal of Rohtang Pass disabled to provide permits to Rohtang Pass. Border road organization sets two rescue posts one at Gulaba and 2 nd at Kokser. If some. Manali's elevation is 2050 metres or 6,398 feet. Because of Manali's altitude and rising Manali tourism, it is considered as the basecamp for treks like Hampta Pass trek, Chandrakhani Pass trek, Chandratal Lake trek, Beas Kund trek, and more. Manali weather is cool throughout the year which ensures Manali tourism can be explored any time When Prime Minister Narendra Modi opens the 9.2-km Atal Tunnel under the 13,050-ft Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh, on October 3, he will be paying tribute to a bond of friendship between ex-PM. The Rohtang Pass is usually open from May to November every year, and is known to be difficult due to its unpredictable weather. Published: April 13, 2021 5:39 PM IST By Travel Staff Email Edited.

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Already 100km of this road has been metalled with another 200km to be completed in the next three years along with a 4.5km tunnel under the over 16,000 feet high Shinku Pass PM Modi to Inaugurate Strategically Important All-weather Atal Tunnel at Rohtang on October 3 After the inauguration function, Modi will also attend public functions at Sissu and at Solang Valley. Atal Tunnel is the longest highway tunnel in the world, and the 9.02 km long tunnel connects Manali to Lahaul-Spiti valley throughout the year, the. The Rohtang Pass is located at a height of 13,050 feet, and a journey from Manali Valley to Lahaul and Spiti Valley, which normally takes around five hours to negotiate, would now be completed in little over ten minutes. While the tunnel will be a boon to the residents of the Lahaul and Spiti Valley who remain cut off from the rest of the.

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Record 5,000 Vehicles Cross Atal Rohtang Tunnel In A Single Day. A record number of 6,400 vehicles crossed the Atal Tunnel, an all-weather road beneath the 13,058-ft-high Rohtang Pass in Himachal. Weather Of Rohtang Pass . Today is a Clear Day in Rohtang Pass. Sun will rise at 01:36 AM GMT and Sunset will be at 11:47 AM GMT. Precipitation Intensity is going to be at an average of 0.0007. Maximum precipitation expected is going to be 0.0043 at 05:30 PM GMT. Temperature is going to vary between 12.57F and 34.26F UPDATED ON NOV 15, 2020 11:40 PM IST. The average temperature across the state dropped two-three notches as the tribal district of Lahaul-Spiti and Rohtang Pass experienced light snowfall on. Undeterred by the possibility of contracting coronavirus and harsh weather conditions, the Border Roads Organisation(BRO) on Saturday threw open the Rohtang pass at 13,500 feet near Manali.